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                                                                                                 April 2011

                                     towns to be inhabited, and the            only days old, already there is the
                                     waste places shall be rebuilt.            hint of Easter. I cannot help but
                                     34The land that was desolate shall        think of the Japanese as Ezekiel’s
                                     be tilled, instead of being the           words speak of God’s promises. It
                                     desolation that it was in the sight       is our Creator who makes order
   It is the feast of St. Patrick as of all who passed by. 35And they          out of chaos; who causes desolate
I pen these words. We are still      will say, “This land that was             places to become like the garden
besieged with news from Japan        desolate has become like the              of Eden — like Well Watered
as we travel the Lenten path. It garden of Eden; and the waste                 Gardens. Let our prayers for
is difficult to hear the news, let   and desolate and ruined towns             Japan be like a river whose
alone watch the heart–wrenching are now inhabited and fortified.”              streams make glad the city of God
                                     36Then the nations that are left          (Psalm 46:5). Let our almsgiving
pictures from the region.
                                     all around you shall know that I,         be generous for surely God has
Mississippians have been all too the LORD, have rebuilt the ruined             given us much. Let our fasting be
familiar with Mother Nature’s        places, and replanted that which          transforming as we contemplate
destructive powers. Yet, most of was desolate; I, the LORD, have               Jesus’ words “remember, I am
us have never witnessed anything spoken, and I will do it. 37Thus              with you always, to the end of the
to this magnitude. Please            says the Lord GOD: I will also let        age.”
continue to pray for Japan and       the house of Israel ask me to do
her people.                          this for them: to increase their
   One of the readings for the       population like a flock. 38Like the               Faithfully,
feast of St. Patrick came as a gift flock for sacrifices, like the flock at            Mother Ann +
in Morning Prayer. It is from the Jerusalem during her appointed
prophet Ezekiel. Here are the        festivals, so shall the ruined
words from Ezekiel 36:33-38:         towns be filled with flocks of
   33Thus says the Lord GOD: On
                                     people. Then they shall know that
                                     I am the LORD.
the day that I cleanse you from all
your iniquities, I will cause the       Although our Lenten journey is

                                   MISSION              STATEMENT
As a congregation named for our Creator, we believe we are children of the Living God, brothers, sisters and seek-
ers of the Lord Jesus Christ, friends to all, expressing our Faith through worship, fellowship, selfless giving, edu-
                                             cation and artistic ministry.
From the


 I write this after a hot bath in Epsom salts trying to ease my sore muscles. Muscles that are sore because I fail to
use them as often as I should. Not yesterday.
  Yesterday was another day at the Habitat build on Neal Street. I wasn’t scheduled to volunteer yesterday but
after my first day of work last Friday, I had a yearning to be back there, working with the other volunteers, doing
something so very important. Clearly, some of you felt the same way. Each day of the build has seen volunteers
from Creator who were scheduled to be there and volunteers from Creator who, like I, just showed up because we
wanted to be there. Upon arriving home in the afternoon, I removed my muddy boots by the back door, shed my
muddy clothes by the washer, and crawled into a hot bathtub. I felt so satisfied, albeit sore.
  The progress being made at the house is remarkable. Friday morning there was only a foundation with
subflooring. By Friday afternoon the walls and roof trusses were up. By Saturday afternoon the wall panels were
up, as was the roof with tar paper. By Monday, the electrical wiring, plumbing, bathtub, heating and air were in,
and the outside walls were being covered. In the afternoon, thunderstorms and rain came in torrents and stopped
the work. Neal Street was flowing like a river!
  Last night I looked at pictures of the work done so far and saw one of the “river” that was Neal Street with the
Habitat house in the background. I thought, “streams of living water.” It occurred to me that, indeed, that was
just what it was. The outpouring of love by all of the volunteers -- those hammering, sawing, carrying, caulking,
cooking, and just visiting -- has been one of the streams of living water for me this past week. It is a river of
compassion and love for others. It is a river that gives each of us life.
  Even though this Habitat build is not over yet, I’ve already started thinking about the next one. It takes lots of
volunteers; I know we can handle that. It also takes a lot of money. Hmmm. With God’s help, I know we can
handle that, too. But today, I’m taking the day off soaking my weary bones. I can’t wait to go back.
Deacon Bill

                                Spring Clean-up Day!
                                             Saturday, April 16

                           Easter is almost upon us.      This is a great way to get to
                         In preparation for                        know other people in
                         Holy Week, I have                         our church family as
                         designated Saturday,                      we work together pre-
                         April 16 as our                           paring our building
                         annual “Spring                            and grounds for Easter
                         Clean-up Day”.                            and beyond.
                           Please mark your                         We will gather at
                         calendars and plan on                    9:00 am and should be
                         bringing your work                       finished by 2:00 pm.
                         gloves, tools and cleaning
                                                                 Submitted by,
                         supplies as we gather together
                         for our annual Spring                   Mike Milone, Junior Warden


  Hello Creator Family! April 16, 2011 is the Belk Charity Sale. The hours are from 6 to 10 a.m. If
you don’t feel like getting up that early, I understand. You can buy items at the pre-sale which begins
the week before, starting on April 10th. Belk’s tickets are good at any Belk’s store in the United States.
  Tickets are $5 and you will get that back with your first purchase. All the ticket sales money from us
will go directly to benefit the Mississippi Youth Symphony Orchestra. Please let me know how many
tickets you would like.
Deborah and Sarah Runyan

                                      CALLING ALL CRAFTERS!!

                                       Mark the date: October 22, 2011

  We have set the date for our Church of the Creator "Fall Festival" for October 22, 2011. We need
your help so we can have 'bunches and bunches' of crafts to sell that day! If you donated to the Fall
Festival in 2010, can we count on you in 2011 also? If you were out of town and could not donate,
please, please begin working on your items so we will have a wonderful presentation this year!
 Please Email Pat Martz with your items that you will be donating. This will help us know what we
will have before October.
Email for Pat is:
 We really need everyone to pitch in and make items as well as help on the day of the Fall Festival!
Again, put this date on your calendar: OCTOBER 22, 2011 FROM 9 until 3!
More information will be coming monthly. Let me hear from you!

Submitted by Pat Martz

                         Schedule for Holy Week
              April 17             Palm Sunday

              April 20             Wednesday in Holy Week
                                   5:30 p.m. WOW & Lenten Supper
                                   6:00 p.m. Lenten Speaker: The Rev. Dr. Bryan Owen
                                   6:15 p.m. Children’s Choir
                                   7:00 p.m. Adult Choir

              April 21             Maundy Thursday
                                   6:30 p.m. Liturgy with foot-washing

              April 22             Good Friday
                                   12:05 p.m. Stations of the Cross
                                   6:30 p.m. Good Friday Liturgy

              April 23             The Great Vigil of Easter
                                   Begins at sunset (about 7:30 p.m.)

              April 24             The Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ
                                   8:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist
                                   10:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist

MILLION THANK YOU'S A million thank you's to each of you for your prayers and help during Fr. Mike's
illness and death. Barb Dobrosky
Choir Notes
        By Dr. Ed Dacus

  Anthems chosen for our continuation in Lent, then on through Holy Week and into Easter, reflect themes in those
liturgical observations as well as reflections on readings from the lectionary for each service. As April 3 is the
“Good Shepherd” Sunday of Lent, the anthem will be a setting of the twenty-third Psalm by John Rutter, excerpted
from his Requiem. The anthem includes an oboe obbligato, and is one of the gems of Rutter’s prolific compositional
output. For April 10, the anthem is also a setting of the psalm text for that day, Psalm 130, “Out of the depths” by
K. Lee Scott.
  For Palm Sunday, the choir will chant a portion of Psalm 118 during the procession of palms from outdoors and
into the nave. The offertory anthem for Palm Sunday is the contemplative “Lamb of God,” a harmonization by F.
Melius Christiansen, of a sixteenth-century Lutheran chorale melody. On Good Friday the choir will sing the
ethereal setting of John 3 16 by Bob Chilcott, renowned British composer. In addition, the Anthems of the Cross
will be sung by soloists positioned in various areas of the nave.
  The five readings for the first segment of the Easter Vigil will all be followed by congregational hymns that
complement each reading. At the point in the service in which Christ’s resurrection is proclaimed, the congrega-
tion and choir will sing the Festival Canticle “Christ our Passover” (Pascha nostrum), a setting by Jeffrey Rickard
of that ancient assemblage of texts from Corinthians I and Romans, with the refrain used as the fraction anthem
during the season of Easter. Rickard’s setting was written especially for that moment in the Easter Vigil liturgy.
  For Easter Sunday, we will have a brass sextet provide accompaniment to hymns and anthems to enhance this
festive Eucharist. The service will begin with a joyous choral introit, “Joy is come” by Andrew Carter, followed by
the singing of “Jesus Christ is risen today.” The anthem will be a setting of “Come, ye faithful, raise the strain,” by
R. S. Thatcher. During communion, Sam Brantley will sing Ralph Vaughan Williams’ setting of “Love bade me
welcome,” with text by the seventeenth-century British poet/priest George Herbert. Additional service music for
the Easter season will be settings by William Matthias.

Account Balances:
Regions       23,756.86 (includes 15K from M&F)
M&F           55,795.83
TD            40,284.70
Rec. Discr.   190.34

        Prayer Shawl Ministry                                                    Mother Ann’s Schedule
                                                                           (Emergency Call - 24 hours a day cell number
                      Knitting Hearts                                      601-397-9439)
  "Knitting Hearts", Creator's       If you would like to make a
                                                                                   Worship at 8 AM and 10 AM;
Prayer Shawl Ministry, will meet   contribution, please designate on
Sunday, April 3, at 1:30 pm,       your check to Church of the                     9 AM Adult Sunday School
following the 10:30 Mass and lunch Creator, "KNITTING HEARTS".             Mondays:
at Newk's. We meet in the Activity                                                 Administrative duties
                                                  Come and enjoy our
Room of Trace Pointe Retirement
                                                      time together! If            Spiritual Direction
Center on Northside Drive.
                                                       you know of
                                                                                   Appointments in the office
  Those attending the March                           someone in need
meeting were Sarah                                    of a prayer          Tuesdays:
Waldbauer, Haley                                      shawl, please                Staff Meetings
Zetterholm, Susan                                     contact:
                                                                                   Spiritual Direction appointments
Butler, Nancy
                                                      Mother Ann or        Wednesdays:
Schmid, Mary Page,
                                                      Pat Martz
Brook Brown, Noah                                                                  Office hours beginning at 10 AM
                                                      at 601-842-7629.
Brown, Pat Martz,                                                                  Healing Service 12:05 PM
and Rev. Ann Whitaker.
  You are invited to come and             Submitted by Pat Martz
                                                                                   Office hours 8:30-12:00 Noon
share in the fellowship! Come and
learn to knit or crochet.                                                          Afternoon - sermon preparation
                                                                           Friday: Sabbath Day

                      VESTRY DIGEST                                        Saturday: By appointment only

At its meeting of February 21, the vestry of Creator:

    •   Adopted a substantial deficit budget, with the commitment to
        revisit the budget in June 2011. (Please note: the budget was
                                                                                                Women of
        presented to the Parish on March 13 at the 10:30 service.
        Copies are obtainable in the office.)
                                                                                                the Bible
    •   Heard reports from those members who attended Council and
        also those who attended the Vestry Conference for those
                                                                           Creator's "Women of the Bible" Study
        newly elected to Vestry.
                                                                           group will NOT meet in April due to
    •   Continued conversation around the Fall Festival. Chair,
                                                                           scheduling conflicts.
        Mike Milone shared that response to the project has been
        favorable.                                                         Our next scheduled meeting will be on
    •   Elected these persons to attend Annual Diocesan Council in         May 14 at 9:00 am in the Parish Hall.
        2012 (as required by Canon Law): Delegates: John Lanford,
                                                                           Invite a friend and bring your favorite
        Jim Green and Collin Johnson; Alternates: Wayne Brown,
                                                                           breakfast dish as we study and discuss:
        Pat Martz and Chuck Runyan.
    •   Approved the Annual Parochial; mailed to the Diocese before        •   The Woman Who Lived a Sinful Life
        the March 1 deadline.                                                  (page 316)
    •   Set time for Annual Vestry Retreat
                                                                           •   The Woman with the Issue of Blood
                                                                               (page 324)
Minutes of vestry meetings may be found on the bulletin board outside
                                                                           •   Herodias (page 332)
the administrator’s office following their approval and correction if
needed. If you would like a copy, please call the office and a copy will   Come and join us! Open discussion is
be provided to you via email.                                              appreciated and encouraged!

                                                                           Submitted by Pat Martz
    *** Remember the Church in your will ***

 EYC Notes
   Thanks to Mr. Sam Brantley and            In April EYC will continue to        evenings. You would only need to
 EYC we were able to paint the EYC        study the Gospel each Sunday            prepare enough for ten people.
 room and it only took one night. If      morning. In the evenings we take a      If you are interested in providing
 you have a chance, come by and take      closer look into other religions such   dinner please contact me to make
 a look at it. I believe everyone will    as Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and         arrangements. Thank all of you for
 agree the room has a more comfort-       Mormon. We will concentrate on          your support of Creator’s children it
 able and inviting feel about it. We      learning more about their beliefs,      is deeply appreciated.
 are still in need of coffee table, end   ceremonies, ethical guidelines and
 tables and pictures. If you have any     life philosophies. During this time
 of these items and would like to         we will also look deeper into                         Patti Smith
 donate them it would be greatly          Christianity to view the similarities
 appreciated. This room is not only       and differences it holds with other
 for the EYC but for anyone who           religions.
 would like a cozy place to sit and          We are also in need of volunteers
 meet.                                    to provide dinner on Sunday

                                   Prime Timers’ Luncheon
                               Wednesday, April 6th at 12:30 p.m.
                                      Hosts: Jane Kany & Marti Williams
                       Tara Lytal from Main Street Clinton will be our featured speaker.

                                                    Continuing Stewardship

 Atrium News
                                           As we go through these 'dry and parched' desert days of Lent,
                                           continuing toward our goal of being "like well watered gardens", I have
                                           been pondering what part our Stewardship plays in this process. We
                                           give because we have received. The Scriptures say and imply that all
                                           we have comes from God.
In the atria this month the children
will continue their study on Moses         "For all things come of thee, and of thine own have we given thee."
while exploring the Lenten                 (1 Chronicles 29:14)
works. We will end the month with
discussions on Holy Week and con-          When we give, it is done in celebration of what we have received,
ducting a child friendly Seder which       whether it is a king's ransom or a widow's mite. We should offer our
leads us to our Liturgy of Light           resources with a mindset of abundance and NOT of scarcity, believing
Celebration and un-burying the             that it is an honor to give to God, and that in giving to God we are not
Alleluias. Thank you for sharing           "giving away". When we give to the church, we give so that God's work
your children with us while we await       can be done in the world. We are charged to be good Stewards of these
for the Easter Season.                     gifts!
                                           On March 11, Japan was hit with an earthquake and Tsunami that has
Creator’s Catechists                       completely destroyed the world as the Japanese people know it. This is
                                           not the first time that their world has been destroyed. In this
                                           devastation, we see how our gifts for the work of God's kingdom are
                                           needed. No longer can we be focused on ourselves, but now we need to
                                           be open to giving for the greater good.
                                           So as we continue on our journey through this Stewardship year and
                                           this Lenten Season, we, as children many times ask, "Are we there
                                           yet?" No, we have a long road ahead, but we can pray that when we
                                           DO reach our destination, we will be a 'transformed' church where we
                                           are clear about our identity and our priorities. With God's help, we will
                                           succeed in this process. Submitted by Pat Martz

                                      CREATOR April                                               Calendar
       Sunday                     Monday             Tuesday               Wednesday                   Thursday                Friday                 Saturday

                                                                                                                          1                       2
                                                                                                                          6:30 pm: Stations of    Warden / Treasure
                                                                                                                          the Cross               Conference

                                                                                                                          Rector’s Sabbath        5 pm: AA / Al-Anon

3                            4                    5                   6                            7                      8                       9
8 am: Mass                   6 pm: Catholic       8:30 am: Staff      12:05 pm: Healing Service    8:30 am Morning        Rector’s Sabbath        5 pm: AA / Al-Anon
                             Rosary & Eucharist   Meeting                                          Prayer                                         Meeting
9:00 am: Sunday School                                                12:30 pm: Prime Timers
10:30 am: Mass                                    12 pm: AA Meeting   5:30 pm: Lenten Supper       12:00 pm: AA Meeting
1:30 pm: Knitting Hearts
                                                                      6:00 Speaker
5:30 pm: EYC                                                          6:15 pm: Children's Choir
                                                                      7 pm: Adult Choir

10                           11                   12                  13                           14                     15                      16
8 am: Mass                   6 pm: Catholic       12 pm: AA Meeting   12:05 pm: Healing Service    8:30 am Morning        6:30 pm: Stations of    5 pm: AA / Al-Anon
                             Rosary & Eucharist                                                    Prayer                 the Cross               Meeting
9:00 am: Sunday School                                                5:30 pm: Lenten Supper
                                                                      &WOW                         12:00 pm: AA Meeting Rector’s Sabbath          9:00 am: WORK DAY ,
10:30 am: Mass                                                                                                                                    (Clean up grounds for
                                                                      6:00 Speaker                                                                Easter)
5:30 pm: EYC
                                                                      6:15 pm: Children's Choir
                                                                      7 pm: Adult Choir

17                           18                   19                  20                           21                     22                      23
    PALM SUNDAY              6 pm: Evening        12 pm: AA Meeting   12:05 pm: Healing Service         MAUNDY            GOOD FRIDAY              EASTER VIGIL
                             Prayer & Anglican                                                         THURSDAY                                      Liturgy begins at
8 am: Mass                   Rosary                                   5:30 pm: Lenten Supper                              12:05 pm: Stations of   sunset (about 7:30 pm)
                                                                      &WOW                         8:30 am Morning        the Cross
9:00 am: Sunday School       6:30 pm: Vestry                                                                                                      5 pm: AA / Al-Anon
                                                                      6:00 Speaker                 Prayer
                                                                                                                          6:30 pm Liturgy         Meeting
10:30 am: Mass
                                                                      6:15 pm: Children's Choir    12:00 pm: AA Meeting
5:30 pm: EYC                                                          7 pm: Adult Choir
                                                                                                   6:30 pm Liturgy with

24                           25                   26                  27                           28                     29                      30
  EASTER SUNDAY              6 pm: Evening        12 pm: AA Meeting   12:05 pm: Healing Service    12:00 pm: AA Meeting Rector’s Sabbath          5 pm: AA / Al-Anon
                             Prayer & Anglican                                                                                                    Meeting
8:00 am. Mass                Rosary
10:00 am: Easter Egg Hunt
10:30 am: Mass
 ( Flowering of the Cross)
Pot-luck luncheon follows
the 10:30 Mass                                                              NO WOW,
                              Office Closed Office Closed               Children’s or Adult        Mother Ann Out Mother Ann Out                   Mother Ann Out 9
April Servers
                          3              10                17               21                 22               23                24
                                                       Palm Sunday        Maundy         Good Friday        Easter Vigil         Easter
Chalice              Jackie Tyer     Jolyne Shirley    Chuck Runyan       Pat Martz       Jackie Tyer       Jolyne Shirley   Chuck Runyan

                      Alice Read      Mike Milone        Bob White      Jerry Whitaker    Alice Read         Mike Milone       Bob White

Lectors             Collin Johnson    Fred Shirley    Deborah Runyan    Wendy Brantley    Alice Read         Viola Dacus       Bill Schmid

                    Jerry Whitaker   Sarah Shirley    Mary Hulsebosch   Morgan Philley   Chuck Runyan        Janie Fields     John Lanford

Prayers             Chuck Runyan      Janie Fields      Fred Shirley    Collin Johnson   Sarah Shirley      Jerry Whitaker   Deborah Runyan

Acolytes            Melissa White    Sarah Brantley        TBA               TBA               TBA              TBA               TBA

                    Darby Donaho     John Richard

Ushers               Jim Brantley      Tom Kany        Charlie Dieth      Tom Kany       Charlie Dieth        Tom Kany        John Lanford

                     Charlie Dieth     Dick Read       John Lanford      Jim Brantley     Dick Read         Jim Brantley       Dick Read

Altar                Joyce White     Debbie Upton      Beverly Wilder    Peggy Wilder                        Joyce White      Kathy Milone

Nursery              Becky Wright    Jerry Whitaker     Patti Smith                                                           Beverly Wilder

Home                 Mother Ann                         Mary Page
                    Nancy Schmid                        Jackie Tyer

Vestry Person       Chuck Runyan       Jim Green       John Lanford       Pat Martz       Mike Milone        Mother Ann       Wayne Brown
of the Day

                        Birthdays & Anniversaries

                Birthdays                                                                                Anniversaries
1            Sidney Wilson                     13      Kathy Milone                        4             Scott & Linda Waldbauer
3            Jolyne Shirley                    15      Jim Sharp                           9             Chuck & Deborah Runyan
             Pamela Wilder                     21      Wayne Brown
6            Jim Green                         28      Mary Hulsebosch
7            Max Lanford                       29      Courtney Randall
10           Nickie Carre                      30      Charles Williams
             Chris Hill
             Gale Nelson
             Beverly Wilder
             Spud Williams

Episcopal Church of the
             Phone: 601-924-2261                 Church Office Hours: 8:30 am—1 pm, Monday—Thursday

              Fax: 601-924-5416                  Pastoral Emergencies

                            The Reverend Ann Whitaker: Cell: 601-397-9439, Home: 601-925-8346

         Email:                      Mike Milone, Cell: 601-473-6305, Home: 601-925-6009

     Sunday Eucharist: 8:00 and 10:30 am                    Polly Marshall, Cell: 601-953-2980, Home: 601-857-8959

            Sunday School: 9:00 am               Administrator

                                                            Beth Braley, Office: 601-924-2261, Home: 601-924-7889
    Wednesday Eucharist / Healing Service:
                   12:05 pm
                                                            Mike Milone, Cell: 601-473-6305, Home: 601-925-6009
               Presiding Bishop
                                                 Adult Christian Education
The Most Reverend Katherine Jefferts-Schori
                                                            Polly Marshall, Cell: 601-953-2980, Home: 601-857-8959
                                                 Altar Guild
  The Right Reverend Duncan M. Gray, III
                                                            Peggy Wilder, Home: 601-926-1075
                                                 Adult / Youth Choirs
        The Reverend Ann Whitaker
                                                            Dr. Edward Dacus, Home: 601-924-2261
                                                 Children’s Christian Education
                                                            Linda Waldbauer, Home: 601-924-0710, Work: 601-960-7274
                 Beth Braley
                                                            Debbie Runyan, Home: 601-925-0829
           Choir Director / Organist
                                                            Wendy Brantley, Home: 601-924-1695
             Dr. Edward Dacus
                                                            Martha Bigelow, Home: 601-924-2822
              Minister of the Arts
               Jolyne Shirley
                                                            Jennifer Wilson, Home: 601-925-6045
                                                            Rhonda Brown, Home: 601-924-4810
          Director of Youth Ministries
                                                 Flower Guild
          Patti Smith, 601-813-4121
                                                            Becky Wright, Home: 601-924-3897, Cell: 601-940-4861
                Senior Warden
                                                 Funeral Guild
  Chuck Runyan, 601-925-0829, 601-668-5362
                                                            Jackie Tyer, 601-946-3297
                Junior Warden
                                                            Mary Page, 601-924-1828
         Mike Milone, 601-925-6009
                                                 Minister of the Arts
                                                            Jolyne Shirley, Home: 601-924-3085
       Jennifer Wilson, 601-925-6045
                                                            The Reverend Deacon Bill Hanna, 601-605-8523
                Wayne Brown,
                                                 Parish Lunches & Special Events
       601-924-4810 (h), 601-720-4687 (c)
                                                            Janie Fields, Home: 601-922-2759, Cell: 601-624-8614
          Jim Green, 601-924-8202
        Collin Johnson, 601-954-2123
                                                            Kelly Harvey, 601-894-1158
         John Lanford, 601-966-3441
                                                 Utilities & Property Maintenance
 Pat Martz, 601-924-2560 (h), 601-842-7629 (c)
                                                            Mike Milone, Home: 601-925-6009, Cell: 601-473-6305

        Episcopal Church of the Creator
        1445 Clinton-Raymond Rd.
        Clinton, MS 39056

   We are part of the Worldwide Anglican Communion and in communion with the
                            Archbishop of Canterbury.
Creator strives to be a safe and inclusive house of worship that welcomes everyone as
   Children of God and values everyone’s ministry in the Church and in the world.


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