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									                                    Washer Repair

Often when your washing machine simply will not turn on there is a problem with the power.
Check that your machine is actually receiving power from the mains. Take a look at the cord,
the outlet and the plug. I had a similar problem once when my machine was not turning on, and
it turned out that the power outlet was malfunctioning. In this case your machine is not broken
at all and you have to repair the outlet. Check that no fuses have blown as well. Often there is a
simple problem that needs to be fixed, rather than hefty repairs.

Check that the door is shutting properly and that the control knob is properly working. Make
sure that there are no kinds in the water pipes. By doing these simple checks you might be able
to save yourself a lot of work and possibly a new purchase. washer repair is not something that
needs to be difficult. You can learn some things about appliance repair to make things easier for

You do not always have to call a repairman, even if you know little about repair. I have some
experience with washer repair and general appliance repair, so you can actually be open to
take a few lessons from what I suggest.

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