Parkway Street Location Business Name Items Sold P 1e_ P 3e_ P 5e by pengtt


									Parkway Street

Location           Business Name                      Items Sold
P 1e, P 3e, P 5e   M&R Concessions                    Engraved Jewelry, Sand Art
                   Jake Pruett Memorial Scholarship
P2                 Fund                               Cookbook
                                                      Gemstone jewelry, beaded crosses,
P6                 Epps and McNutt                    bookmarks, serving pieces
                                                      Hand-painted wine bottles, stained
P 7e               The Lighted Vine                   glass, etc
                                                      Wire Crosses, Lamps, Trees,
P8                 Lead You Home Originals            Containers, Silverware
                                                      High School & College Jewelry and
P 9e               Trendee Galz, LLC                  Accessories
P10e, 12e, 14e,
16e, 18e           Weld all Metal Art                 Metal Sculptures and Garden Art
P 11e, 13e         Key West Island Wear, LLC          Ladies Dresses and tops
P 20e              Fashion and Fame                   Women and Men's Clothing
P 21e, 23e         Rhinestone Rebel                   Ladies Rhinestone apparel
P 22               B. Jaxx Handbag Outlet             Luggage, Purses, other mixed items
P 24               Cavender's Creations               Hand-made Jewelry
                                                      Men, Women, Children Clothing &
P 25e, 27e         Body Designs Boutique              Accessories
P 28e              Mary Scroggin Designs              Jewelry
                   T&T Hairclips/ African Butterfly
P 29e              Hairclips                          Hairclips
                                                      Frames, Home & Garden Décor,
P 30e              Central AR Cheer Booster Club      Paintings, College Décor, Etc
P 31e, 33e         Chennault Boutique                 Tops, Dresses, Flip Flops
P 32e              The Swalty Kernel, LLC             Original Swalty Kettle corn
                                                      Soups, Skillet Dinners, Chicken
P 34               Simple Sassy Suppers               Salads, Cheese ball and Dip Mixes
P 35e              Leslie Turner Designs              Fused Glass Jewelry and Sculptures
P 36               Juanita's Candy Kitchen            Peanut, Pecan and Cashew Brittles
                                                      Beaded Trees, Glitter sticks, Suns,
P 37e, 39, 41      Royal Images                       Moons, Birdhouses, etc
P 38               T's Beads - Jennifer Rusher        Pandora-Style Bracelets
                                                      Decorative Wood Signs, Tiles,
P 40               Simply Signs                       Shelves
                                                      Tutus and sports paraphernalia for
P 42, 44e          Pediatrics Plus Therapy Services   kids
                                                      Heat press Vinyl & Rhinestone t-
P 43               Standout Tees, LLC                 shirts, hoodies, etc
P 45               A Name Frame                       Alphabet Photography
P 46e, 48e         D-Patt Fine Wood Products          Wood Products
                   Castaway Treasures Antiques and
 P 47              Glass                                 Stained Glass
 P 49              Soaking Stone Coasters                Car Coasters, Coasters trivets
                                                         Wooden Swings, gliders, etc - Metal
 P51, 53, 55, 57   J&L Swings and Things                 signs, hooks, hangers, etc

Oak Street

 Location          Business Name                         Items Sold
 O1                Ben's Leather                         Belts, Wallets, Belt Buckles
 O 2, O 4          Creative Garden & Gifts               Metal work
 O6                Abby's Special Dips                   Prepackage Dip and Chili Mix
                                                         Children's Clothing, monogrammed
 O7                Teresa Gray                           items, hair bows, candles
 O9                Sun Enterprises                       Polarized Sunglasses
 O 12              Going Green Lanterns                  Hand painted glass bottle lanterns
 O 14              Endless Possibilities                 Beaded Jewelry and Beads
 O 16              Ellison Wooden Toys                   Stick Horses, etc
 O 17e, 19e        European Body Art by Desilva          Temporary Airbrush Tattoos
                   Cadron Creek Natural Bath Products,
 O 18              LLC                                   Cadron Creek Milk bath
 O 20              Illustrated Sportswear                Clothing
                                                         Electric candle warmers, wax, room
 O 21e             Scentsy                               spray, wickless candles
 O 22e             BOWutifully Unique                    Bows, TuTus, Headbands
 O 23e, O 25e      Dan Trice Partnership                 Jewelry
 O 24e             Awesome Tie Dye                       Very Bright Tie Dye Clothing
 O 27e             Urtrends                              Jewelry
                                                         Chocolate-covered strawberries,
 O 28e             Sweet Sensations                      dips, fudge
 O 29e             Hands Unlimited                       Castings and Sculptures
                                                         Custom cut Red Oak Mattes and
 O 30e, O32e       Texacana Designs                      Picture Frames
 O 31e             The Cartoon Guy!                      Caricatures and Drawings
 O 33e             Pet Peddler                           All Pet related Items
 O 34e, 36e, 38e   Kirby Crafts                          Puppets, wooden roses
                                                         Harley Davidson Merchandise and
 O 40, O42, O44    Toad Suck Harley                      Motorcycles

Locust Street

 Location          Business Name                         Items Sold
 L7                Tabby Cat Creations                   Children’s clothing
 L 10           Kozette Walker                  Handmade Hair Bows
                                                Wooden crosses, ornaments,
 L 11           Cedar View Gifts                jewelry, etc
                                                Goat milk Soaps, lotions, bath
 L 12           Ever After Soap and Fiber       products
 L 14           Have a Heart                    Purses, diaper bags, wallets, etc
 L16, L18       Delmor                          BBQ Sauce, Hot Sauce, Dip Mix
                                                Personalized License plates, flags,
 L 17e, 19e     Personally Yours                decals, etc
 L 21e          Magnetic Jewelry by NED         magnetic jewelry
 L 23e, L 25e   Oxford Learning                 Assessments
                                                Handcrafted Jewelry and TY Beanie
 L 26           Specialty Gift Outlet           Babies
                                                Christian apparel, T-shirts, gifts,
 L 27e          Ting's Christian Apparel        magnets
                                                Purses, wallets, Belts, Sunshades,
 L 29e, 31e     Sandra Booker                   Caps
 L 32           Rings-N-Things                  Sterling Silver Jewelry
                                                Children's clothing, bows, toys, etc
 L 33e          MeMe's Creations, M&K Designs   and Doll Clothes
 L 34           Todd and Lee Turzak             Adult and Kids Sunglasses
                                                Paracord bracelets and duck
 L 35e          Enduracord                      lanyards
 L 37           Blood Sweat Clothing            Shirts, signature and name brand
 L 38e          Just Me Music                   Children's Personalized Music cds
                                                Fur pets from hides, Handmade
 L 40e          The Family                      rings
 L 42e          Sweet & Sour USA                Sweet and Sour Candy
                Whitney McCracken and Cindy
 L 44e          McCracken Conley                Handmade Bracelets
 L 46e, 48e     Up North Photos                 Old Time Photos

Main Street

 Location       Business Name                   Items Sold
 M2             Pawprint Clothing Company       Pet Apparel, leashes, toys, etc
 M4             Main St Ts                      Clothing
 M6             Tillie Carpenter                Handmade gel Candles
 M7             Caricatures by Dorinda, LLC     Caricatures Drawn Live
 M 8, M 10      J&S Enterprises                 Sunglass and Home & Garden Décor
 M9             Waxed Roses                     Real Roses in Wax
                                                Baby blankets, adult purses, infant
 M14, M 16      Gifts with Personality          clothing, Checkbook Covers
 M 15e          Not Just Another Candle         Soy Candles, Melting Pots,
                                             Homemade Soap
M 17e, 19e   C&C Enterprise                  T-Shirts, Ladies accessories
                                             Wood Roses, Lucky Bamboo, Crystal
M20, 22e     Zydoo                           Pearls
M 21e        West Coast Design Studios       Rainbow Windsocks and Mobiles
M 23e        Rust Sales                      Halos, Bubble Wands, Puppets
M 25e, 27e   ATL Wireless                    Cell Phone Accessories
M 28e        Cartoon of You                  Caricature Drawings
                                             Bottle Cap Necklaces, Hair bows,
M 29e        Crafted From The Heart          Headbands
M 30e, 32e   Scarves Galore and More         Girls/Ladies accessories
M 34e        Ace Beading                     Beaded Bracelets, Jewelry
             Heifer Dog Temporary Airbrush
M 38e        Tattoos                         Airbrush tattoos
M 40e        Big Dogs                        Books and hand painted items
                                             Fused Glass Sun catchers,
                                             ornaments, wind chimes, and
M 42e        Handmade by Rebecca             jewelry
                                             Waxed Hands and Waxed Fresh
M 44e        Waxed Hands & Roses             Roses
M 46e        Pieces of Amber                 Earring, Necklaces, bracelets
                                             Wickless candles, Air fresheners, oil,
M 48e        Turkey Creek Candle Co.         and oil warmers

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