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Physics is the fundamental             Admission                            In addition, three scholarships—
science: the study of matter and       When you choose to study             the Schenk, the Knight, and the
energy and of their interactions.      physics, you will be admitted to     Unruh—are awarded yearly to
Physics is the basis for all science   the Fairmount College of Liberal     the three most outstanding
and for all applied science and        Arts and Sciences. The physics       upper-division physics majors.
engineering. Physicists study          department undergraduate
everything from elementary             adviser will help you develop        Related Programs
particles to galaxies, from            your program of study, and all of    The physics department offers
semiconductors to chaos.               our faculty will be available to     the Bachelor of Arts and the
    Because physics is the basic       advise you and help you at any       Bachelor of Science degrees in
underpinning for all science and       point in your studies.               physics. If you’re interested in
technology, physics majors have            If you are still deciding on a   teaching physics, you may earn a
many career alternatives. Many         major when you begin taking          Bachelor of Arts in Education.
continue their education at            classes at WSU, the Liberal Arts         In addition to these
graduate and professional              and Sciences Advising Center         programs, we also offer students
schools—in physics or in               can help you explore career and      the opportunity to select a special
chemistry, biology, geology,           major options.                       option within the physics major.
engineering, medicine, law, or                                              With the chemical physics
business. Those who enter the          Related Opportunities                option, a student interested in
job market directly find their         As a physics major, you may          molecular physics or biophysics
knowledge and technical skills,        participate in the Student Physics   can substitute upper-division
particularly in problem solving,       Society, an informal social          courses in chemistry for physics
modeling, computers and                organization. If eligible, you may   electives. With the engineering
electronics to be strong selling       be selected for the physics honor    physics option, a student
points.                                society, Sigma Pi Sigma, and for     interested in applications of
    The physics department at          University academic honor            physics can substitute upper-
Wichita State University affords       societies such as Omicron Delta      division engineering courses.
close personal interaction among       Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, and            Other options, in mathematics,
undergraduate students, graduate       Mortar Board.                        geology, computer science,
students and professors. Many              Each semester, every physics     biology, or business, are also
students take advantage of the         major maintaining a B average        possible on an individual basis.
opportunities for individual           earns an Academic Achievement
studies and research.                  Award.
                        REQUIREMENTS                                                            Major Requirements*
      The General Education Program is an integral component                                    Requirements for the BA or BS in physics:
of every degree at Wichita State University. These courses make                                  General College Physics I and II or
up about one third of any degree. The goals of the General                                       University Physics I and II and
Education program are:                                                                           University Physics Lab I and II                                         10
       To study and apply mathematical principles;                                              Topics in Modern Physics                                                3
       To study and apply principles of written and oral                                        Quantum Mechanics                                                       3
          communication;                                                                         Elementary Mechanics                                                    3
       To study and apply basic library research skills                                         Electricity and Magnetism                                               3
          including basic assessment of various kinds of                                         Thermophysics                                                           3
          sources;                                                                               Chemistry                                                               5
       To study the natural sciences, social and                                                Differential Equations I                                                3
          behavioral sciences, humanities and fine arts in                                       Integration Techniques and
          order to understand how scholars in those fields                                         Applications or Advanced
          work;                                                                                    Calculus I or Partial Differential
       To study human diversity and its implications for                                          Equations for Engineers or
          society on a global basis.                                                               Linear Algebra                                                        3
      Successful completion of the General Education Program
                                                                                                Additional requirements for the BA degree:
and LAS College requirements provides knowledge and skills
                                                                                                 Advanced Physics Laboratory or
leading to life-long learning in an ever-changing global world.
                                                                                                   Electronics Laboratory or
      Descriptions of the General Education Program and of the
                                                                                                   Computational Physics Laboratory                                      2
courses that are included in it are available both in the University
                                                                                                   Upper-division physics electives                                      6
Catalog and in the Schedule of Courses. These documents are
available both in hard copy form and online at the WSU Web                                      Additional requirements for the BS degree:
site: Click on “Browse A-Z” and use C for the                                    Advanced Physics Laboratory and/or
Catalog and S for the Schedule of Courses menu option, and then                                   Electronics Laboratory and/or                                          6
select “General Education.”                                                                       Computational Physics Laboratory
      When you enter the university, you will work with an                                        Upper-division physics electives                                       8
academic advisor to select general education courses for your                                     Chemistry                                                              5
major and your degree choice.
                                                                                                Additional requirements for the chemical
                                                                                                physics option (with the BA or BS degree in physics):
For More Information                                                                              Upper-division chemistry courses
To receive more information or to arrange a campus visit,                                         (as physics electives)                              9
Office of Admissions                                                                            Additional requirements for the engineering
Wichita State University                                                                        physics option (with the BA or BS degree in physics):
1845 Fairmount St.                                                                                Upper-division engineering courses
Wichita, Kansas 67260-0124                                                                        (as physics electives)                              9
Telephone (316) 978-3085
Toll-free (800) 362-2594                                                                        There are additional requirements to earn certification to teach                                                                      physics. Consult the College of Education or request the
                                                                                                “Secondary Education: Sciences” information sheet.

                                                                                                *Some of the courses listed in Major Requirements will count
                                                                                                toward the General Education Requirements.

The University reserves the right to revise or change rules, charges, fees, schedules, courses, requirements for degrees, and any other regulations affecting students whenever
considered necessary or desirable.

Notice of Nondiscrimination
Wichita State University does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, Wichita State University does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion,
color, national origin, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, status as a Vietnam-era veteran, or disability. Any person having inquiries concerning this may contact the
Office of Equal Employment Opportunity, Wichita State University, 1845 Fairmount St., Wichita, Kansas 67260-0145; telephone (316) 978-3001.