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Philosophy is many things––a         different directions, so it is not    of study and who will outline
reasoned pursuit of fundamental      necessary to follow a single          specific requirements.
truths, a quest for a deeper         structured sequence of courses.           If you are still deciding on a
understanding of life, a study of    As a philosophy major at Wichita      major when you start at Wichita
principles of conduct. It seeks to   State University, you design an       State, the Liberal Arts and
establish standards of evidence,     individual course of study in         Sciences Advising Center can
to provide rational methods of       close consultation with your          help you explore career and
resolving conflicts, and to create   department faculty adviser.           major options.
techniques for evaluating ideas           The study of philosophy
and arguments.                       requires the close reading of         Related Opportunities
     Philosophy pursues questions    texts, critical thinking, attention   Wichita State’s philosophy
in every dimension of human          to detailed argument and              department sponsors the
life, and its techniques apply to    articulate expression of ideas. It    Philosophy Society, open to any
problems in any field of study or    provides, therefore, excellent        University student who is
endeavor. Philosophical inquiry      preparation for a wide range of       interested in philosophy. If
develops the capacity to see the     endeavors in which such skills        eligible, you may join the national
world from the perspective of        are necessary. Philosophy             philosophy honorary society, Phi
other individuals and other          graduates pursue many careers,        Sigma Tau.
cultures, it enhances our ability    including teaching, law, medicine,         If eligible, you may be
to perceive the relationships        city management, news reporting       selected for University academic
among the various fields of          and business.                         honor societies such as Omicron
study, and it deepens our sense           WSU’s philosophy                 Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi and
of the meaning and varieties of      department reflects the scope         Mortar Board.
human experience.                    and diversity of the philosophical
     Philosophy focuses on a wide    enterprise both in the wide           Related Programs
range of topics of significant       variety of courses it offers and in   If you are in a preprofessional
human interest. It teaches us to     the interests of its faculty.         program such as prelaw or
probe more deeply into                                                     premedicine, you are encouraged
fundamental questions and to         Admission                             to major or minor in philosophy.
develop reasoned responses           When you choose to study              Also, if you have a professional
to them. The study of philosophy     philosophy, you’ll be admitted to     major such as computer science
is relevant to all aspects of life   the Fairmount College of Liberal      or business, it can be enhanced
and can be pursued productively      Arts and Sciences. You will be        by acquiring a broad humanities
at many levels.                      assigned a faculty adviser in the     background through a second
     Philosophy’s breadth allows     philosophy department who will        major in philosophy.
you to approach it from many         help you develop your program
            GENERAL EDUCATION PROGRAM                                                           Telephone (316) 978-3085
                        REQUIREMENTS                                                            Toll-free (800) 362-2594
      The General Education Program is an integral component
of every degree at Wichita State University. These courses make
up about one third of any degree. The goals of the General                                      Major Requirements*
Education program are:                                                                          Philosophy majors, in consultation with a faculty adviser,
       To study and apply mathematical principles;                                             develop an individualized course of study consisting of at least
       To study and apply principles of written and oral                                       27 hours. Two sample plans are given; many others are possible.
       To study and apply basic library research skills                                        For a student wanting a broad education in humanities:
          including basic assessment of various kinds of                                                 The Meaning of Philosophy                     3
          sources;                                                                                       Introductory Logic                            3
       To study the natural sciences, social and                                                        Moral Issues or Ethical Theory                3
          behavioral sciences, humanities and fine arts in                                               History of philosophy courses
          order to understand how scholars in those fields                                               (ancient Greek, early modern, later
          work;                                                                                                   modern, nineteenth century)          6-12
       To study human diversity and its implications for                                                Science and the Modern World or
          society on a global basis.                                                                              Philosophy of Science or Theory of
      Successful completion of the General Education Program                                                      Knowledge                            3
and LAS College requirements provides knowledge and skills                                               Philosophy electives                          3-9
leading to life-long learning in an ever-changing global world.
      Descriptions of the General Education Program and of the                                  For a student in prelaw:
courses that are included in it are available both in the University                                     Introductory Logic                                             3
Catalog and in the Schedule of Courses. These documents are                                              Moral Issues or Ethical Theory or
available both in hard copy form and online at the WSU Web                                                         Philosophy of Health Care 3
site: Click on “Browse A-Z” and use C for the                                           Political Philosophy or Philosophy of
Catalog and S for the Schedule of Courses menu option, and then                                                    Feminism                                             3
select “General Education.”                                                                              Philosophy of Law                                              3
      When you enter the university, you will work with an                                               Ancient Greek Philosophy             3
academic advisor to select general education courses for your                                            Early Modern Philosophy              3
major and your degree choice.                                                                            Science and the Modern World or
                                                                                                                   Philosophy of Science or Theory of
                                                                                                                   Knowledge                                            3
For More Information                                                                                     Philosophy electives                                           6
To receive more information or to arrange a campus visit,
contact:                                                                                        *Some of the courses listed in Major Requirements count toward
Office of Admissions                                                                            the General Education Requirements.
Wichita State University
1845 Fairmount
Wichita, Kansas 67260-0124

The University reserves the right to revise or change rules, charges, fees, schedules, courses, requirements for degrees, and any other regulations affecting students whenever
considered necessary or desirable.

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1845 Fairmount, Wichita, Kansas 67260-0145; telephone (316) 978-3001.


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