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Fall 2001                              The Great Swamp Watershed Association                                              Vol. 21 No. 3

          GALA 20TH ANNIVERSARY                                                                 SINCE THE LAST ISSUE
                                                                                                     WE HAVE...
                                                                                                •   Mailed information on best manage-
             FOR NOVEMBER 16                                                                        ment practices to over 250 property
                                                                                                    owners in Harding, Bernards,
       This year, in honor of the Watershed
                                                                                                    Bernardsville, Mendham Township, and
Association’s 20th anniversary the Annual
                                                                                                    Mendham Borough who own property
Dinner will have a new flavor.
                                                                                                    adjacent to the Upper Passaic river or
        The Roaring 20 will be the theme
                                                                                                    Primrose Brook in an effort to reduce
for the evening, which will include din-
                                                                                                    nonpoint source pollution and preserve
ner, dancing, honoring special guests, and
                                                                                                    the high quality of those waters.
a silent auction. The celebration will be
held at the Westin Hotel in Morristown.                                                         •   Installed a virtual walkthrough of our
       In keeping with the evening’s theme,                                                         Education and Conservation area in
swing dancing will be provided by Harvey                                                            Harding Township on our website,
Kaiser and the Kansas City Sound. Spe-                                                              which highlights various physical and
cial guests to be honored include the Hon-                                                          biological features of the property.
orable Richard Bagger, Joanne Casadeval,       Abigail Fair, of Green Village, is one of the
                                               special guests to be honored at the 20th
                                                                                                •   Made presentations of our Enviroscape
Sally Dudley, Abigail Fair, Helen Fenske,
                                               Anniversary Dinner. She is one of the founding       model demonstrating nonpoint source
the Honorable Rodney Frelinghuysen,
                                               members of GSWA.                                     pollution to over 750 students in area
Michael Henderson, Penny Hinkle, Will-
                                                                                                    schools. We also trained the staff at the
iam Koch, Sarah Dean Link, and the Hon-              Cost of the dinner is $100 per per-
                                                                                                    Somerset County Environmental Edu-
orable Robert Martin. Corporate sponsor-       son and invitations were sent to watershed
                                                                                                    cation Center in the use of the model.
ship is being provided by American Home        association members. Help celebrate this
Products, AT&T, Briarpatch, Integrated         historic (and fun) occasion by attending         •   Increased our email address file for
Communications, King’s Super Markets,          the annual dinner. If you did not receive            members to 500.
Novartis, PSE&G, Recorder Community            an invitation, or need more information,         •   Gratefully noted that this year s en-
Newspapers, Schering-Plough, and               call the Watershed Association at                    dowment contributions exceeded
Thonet Associates.                             973.966.1900.                                        $85,000.

                GSWA Spearheads Landmark Purchase
                   of 58 Acres in Morris Township
       This June, the Great Swamp Water-       GSWA, the increased stormwater runof f           purchase included the Ten Towns Great
shed Association (GSWA) and Morris             would have dramatically increased pollut-        Swamp Watershed Management Commit-
Township took title to a 58-acre parcel of     ant levels, downstream flooding, erosion,        tee, Great Swamp National Wildlife Ref-
land known as Jockey Hollow Top VI.            and siltation.                                   uge, the National Park Service, Harding
The $1.7 million purchase culminates an              This steeply sloped property lies just     Township, and the Morris Land Conser-
eight-year GSWA campaign to preserve           above the headwaters of Great Brook, one         vancy.
this property.                                 of the five principal streams in the water-            According to Somers, This pur -
       The property lies on the western side   shed. This landmark purchase was funded          chase has not only protected an environ-
of Route 202 in the southern part of Mor-      by a Green Acres Grant from the NJDEP            mentally valuable property, but also en-
ris Township and development was origi-        and Morris Township’s Open SpaceTrust.           courages the members of the Great Swamp
nally proposed for this site. Had devel-       Somers also said that this is one of the         Watershed Association that their work has
opment on the property been permitted by       most critical land acquisitions to be made       value. She continues, Though preser -
the Morris Township Planning Board,            in the Great Swamp watershed. In addi-           vation of this tract was truly a team effort,
says Julia Somers, Executive Director of       tion to GSWA, other supporters of the            we’ve been working on it for eight years.
                                                                                                           - 1
          TRANSCO PIPELINE UPDATE                                                            Across the Watershed is a quarterly
                                  By Beth Romero                                             publication of the Great Swamp
                                                                                             Watershed Association. GSWA
       After being hoodwinked for three       torney general to file a lawsuit in federal
                                                                                             works to protect the ecological, his-
years by Williams/Transco, the Federal        court to stop this project.
                                                                                             toric, and cultural integrity of the
Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)                  The forcefulness and effectiveness
                                                                                             Great Swamp and its watershed. The
finally realized what the people of New       of New Jersey’s opposition was due in
                                                                                             Association promotes the conservation
Jersey had been saying all along there        great part to its non-partisan nature and
                                                                                             and restoration of the watershed’s natu-
was no market need for the MarketLink         the active participation of local, state and
                                                                                             ral resources and encourages land use
Expansion Project. On April 26, 2001, the     federal representatives. From my experi-
                                                                                             that is compatible with these goals.
Commission issued an order denying per-       ence with a national pipeline safety coali-
mission for Transco to proceed with
"Phase III" of the project which included
                                              tion, I can say without hesitation that this
                                              was truly a unique situation. Rarely do
                                                                                             Board of Trustees
construction through the Great Swamp.         politicians beyond the local level oppose      Officers
                                                                                             David A. Budd, Chairman
(That "phases" in the project even existed    the oil industry and certainly not across      Robert E. Blanchard, Vice Chair
testifies to the manipulation and control     party lines. We were fortunate to have the     Linda Wilson, C.F.A., Treasurer
of this federal agency by the industry it     active support of our representatives at all   George Cassa, Secretary
purports to regulate.)                        levels of government and from both sides
       In May 1998, Transco filed an ap-      of the aisle.
                                                                                             William A. Aiello, Ph.D.
plication with the FERC to construct and             Without this concerted effort, many     Marshall P. Bartlett
operate about 155 miles of pipeline loop      of us would now be looking out our win-        Paul C. Becker
between Leidy, Pennsylvania and Bergen        dows at construction crews and piles of        Michele E. Blanchard
County to create 700,000 decatherms per       42" pipeline.                                  Richard C. Clew
day of new capacity. Over 90 miles of the            Unfortunately, the current situation    Laurence B. Chase
new pipeline was to be built in New Jer-      is just a temporary respite. In denying        Nancy P. Conger
sey through Hunterdon, Somerset, Mor-         Transco’s request to subdivide Phase III,      Nancy S. Foster
                                                                                             Eugene R. Fox
ris and Passaic Counties. Locally, the        the FERC left open the option of a new         Daniel D. Harding
route, known as the Stirling Loop, was to     application. To no one’s surprise, Transco     Pamela Harding
pass through the townships of Bernards,       filed an application for the "Leidy East"      Christine Hepburn, Ph.D.
Long Hill and Chatham. Almost immedi-         project in June. While it contemplates less    Julie A. Keenan
ately, the Great Swamp Watershed Asso-        than 10 miles of new pipeline in New Jer-      Edward G. Kirby, Ph.D.
ciation and local residents became in-        sey as opposed to the original 90 miles, it    Judith A. Kroll
volved in what eventually became a state-     will be no less devastating to the             John A. Malay, Jr.
                                                                                             Nancy Miller-Rich
wide movement opposing this pipeline          homeowners whose property is on the            Dorothea Stillinger
project.                                      route. The argument that there is no mar-
       From the outset, the opposition was    ket need is no less valid for Leidy East       Staff
based on the argument that there was no       than it was for MarketLink. But on such a      Lisa Butera, Financial Director
                                                                                             Bonnie Gannon, Development Director
market need for this new pipeline. This       downsized project, there are now very few
                                                                                             Jan Malay, Land Steward
position was factually supported by data      people interested in making the point.         Karen Patterson, GIS Analyst
and statistics compiled by national orga-            My advice to you if you were going      Missy Small, Communications Di-
nizations as well as by calculations by the   to be affected by MarketLink put your          rector
New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. So      house up for sale now and move far away.       Gina Snell, Membership Director
convincing was the evidence that the State    "Divide and Conquer" has worked for a          Julia M. Somers, Executive Director
of New Jersey formally entered the FERC       thousand years and Transco is making the
proceedings and fought the project at ev-     best of it. Leidy North, Leidy West, Leidy     Across the Watershed
ery level. Gov. Whitman authorized the at-    Chatham, Leidy Nutley are coming soon.         Editor:
                                                                                             Missy Small
               Association Welcomes                                                          Contributing Writer:
                                                                                             Beth Romero
           New NJ Watershed Ambassador                                                       Layout:
       Recent Roger Williams University graduate Michelle Burke joined GSWA this             Don Hinkle
fall as part of the state-sponsored W atershed Ambassador s program aimed at edu-
cating the public about the importance of local water quality.
       In this, our second year of participation in the program, which is funded by the
federal AmeriCorps program, Michelle will spend nine months at Watershed Associa-
tion Headquarters in Madison. She will educate the public on watershed management
issues, train volunteers on how to monitor the health of their local streams, and en-
courage people to attend public planning and zoning meetings. As one of 17 statewide
participants in this program, Burke will put in 1,700 hours of service with GSWA.
2 -
       Nancy Miller-Rich, a 15-year resi-
dent of Morris County, with the last eight
in Mendham Township, has been elected
to a three-year term as trustee, according
to David A. Budd, Chairman of the Board
of the Great Swamp Watershed Associa-
       Miller-Rich has been involved as
a volunteer at the Watershed Association
and lent her expertise to a variety of
projects including the recent Do The
Swamp Thing promotion. Nancy
Miller-Rich s appointment will add to the
diversity of the board because she brings
with her more than 20 years of consumer      (From left): Honorees Frank Stillinger, Joan Kirsten, Mayor Susan Hoag, Kathy Abbott, and
marketing experience in the pharmaceu-       GSWA President David Budd at the recent Great Swamp Watershed Association bi-annual
tical industry and a true love of environ-   volunteer recognition celebration.
mental issues, Budd said.
       Ms. Miller-Rich is Vice President
of Business Development at Schering-
Plough HealthCare Products, where she
                                                 GREAT SWAMP WATERSHED
has worked for 11 years. Her career en-       ASSOCIATION HONORS VOLUNTEERS
compasses 20 years in the pharmaceuti-
cal industry and she has held a wide va-            Julia Somers, Executive Director of Great Swamp Watershed Association (GSWA)
riety of positions in sales, marketing and   announced that four volunteers were honored at their bi-annual Volunteer Recognition
business development. Budd continued,        Party this spring. In addition, the Honorable Susan Hoag, Mayor of Chatham Town-
 W e re looking forward to her participa-    ship, was the recipient of GSWA’s 2001 Abbie Fair Good Government Award.
tion on the development committee and               According to Somers, the Abbie Fair Good Government Award is given to an
the board. Her appointment brings the        elected official who has high ideals and puts "good government" into action.
number of Watershed Association board               The Honorable Abigail Fair, a founding trustee of GSWA, former Chatham Town-
members to 22.                               ship Mayor and current Chatham Township Committeewoman says: "Sue Hoag is ex-
                                             tremely hardworking, yet always cheerful. She’s volunteered her time to keep her
                                             town residents informed by editing the local newsletter. She reached out to the volun-
  CONTRIBUTIONS                              teer firefighters and worked with them to bolster membership and obtain some retire-
                                             ment benefits. She rolled up her sleeves and wrote the town’s valuable open space
         Generous contributions were         plan and is leading its acquisition efforts. Hoag is a genuine public servant, epitomiz-
  made in memory of:                         ing good government in action and truly deserves this award."
         - William E. Austin by Mrs.                Somers also said that Frank Stillinger of Chatham Township, Kathy Abbott of
  Lee Nordholm;                              Chatham Township, Joan Kirsten of Chatham Township, and Angelina Monti of Madi-
         - Cary Cassa by Bruce and                                                                               A.
                                             son were the recipients of this years’ volunteer awards from GSW Selected from a
  Kathryn Galton;                            group of nearly 100 volunteers, they were chosen because they have worked extremely
         - Shane Padraig Mulvey by           hard and are indispensable to the Watershed Association in many ways.
  Jim Mulvey;                                       "Frank Stillinger has worked tirelessly on GSWA’s ConservationArea at LaBarre.
         - Marie Kelly Roberts by            He has done everything from designing and building bridges to physical labor as we
  AT&T Wireless Services, Betsy              restore the property. Kathy Abbott is editor of Swamp Watch, GSWA’s bulletin on
  Austin, Brian Boden, Daisy                 local issues and is Vice Chair of the Local Issues Committee. She puts in countless
  Bolden, Direct Marketers on Call,          hours working to ensure that the information printed in our newsletter and posted on
  Ann Marie Gibbons, Robert                  our website is accurate, informative, complete and fair. Joan Kirsten has volunteered
  Giangrande, Karin C. Mason, Rod            in GSWA’s office since we moved to 36 Main Street in 1998. We are extremely lucky
  and Alida McRae, Quinn Fable Ad-           to be the recipient of her organizational skills and help. Angelina Monti is one of our
  vertising, and Dr. J. and S. Sanborn.      guardian angels and has worked many, many hours for more than six years and has
         Thanks also to the Ferriero         never declined to help with a project." Somers continued, "We are indebted to all of
  family for their generous donation         our volunteers for their dedication. It is through their generosity that we’re able to
  in honor of Danny Ferriero.                provide diverse and high quality programs."

                                                                                                     - 3
                                                                                                      Swamp Watch:
Bernards Township
                                                Editor s note: Swamp Watch cov-                 to sell the 1.7-acre portion of Young’s
 Update on Bernards Deer                        ers important land-development is-              Road to Eckert, but was unable to prove
                                                sues in each of the ten towns of the            ownership of the road. The borough’s case
Control Proposal and Counter                    watershed: Bernardsville, Bernards,             was not considered to be strong enough
          Proposal                              Chatham Township, Harding, Long                 to go to Court to prove ownership. By
       Results were released in mid-June        Hill, Madison, Mendham Borough                  vacating the property, the borough relin-
of a town-wide aerial survey of the town-       and Township, Morris Township and               quishes the public’s right to use Young’s
ship deer population. The survey showed         Morristown. If you do not see your              Road, enabling Eckert to claim title.
1,376 deer in the township, or 56 per           town included below, it s because we                                     - Ann Parsekian
square mile. The survey was conducted in        do not have someone to cover that
March, prior to fawning season, when the        town, not because there are no devel-           Chatham
herd can increase by as much as 40 per-         opment issues occurring. If you are
cent. Township officials would like to get      interested in covering your town for               Chatham Tries to Preserve
the herd population down to a post-fawn-        Across the Watershed, please phone                      Side Yard Size
ing population of 495 deer by 2004 by           Julia Somers at 973.966.1900.                         In April, the Chatham Township
combining sports hunting and sharpshoot-         Swamp Watch is edited by Kathy                 Committee had introduced an amendment
ing efforts. Last year sports hunting killed    Abbott.                                         to preserve current yard sizes. The need
about 270 deer. Sharpshooters would have                                                        for such an amendment arose from the
to kill about 500 deer in order to achieve                                                      current trend to redevelop existing lots to
                                               Avenue. The property, known as the
the first year goal of 770 of the deer re-                                                      the maximum building envelope allowed
                                                Crane Farm" will cost $515,000, which
duction program proposed by the Bernards                                                        by current building ordinances. The
                                               will be appropriated from the township’s
Township Deer Study Task Force. Ber-                                                            amendment proposed to increase side yard
                                               Open Space Trust Fund. The property,
nards Citizens for Rational Deer Manage-                                                        setbacks in the predominant half-acre R-
                                               which is adjacent to the county-owned
ment members released a 68-page coun-                                                           3 zoning areas to a combined 40 feet, in-
                                               Lord Stirling Stables, includes a house and
terproposal, which supports pursuing con-                                                       stead of the current 30 feet. The amend-
                                               a farm stand. Township officials have not
traception, roadside reflectors, and public                                                     ment did not pass, because of concerns that
                                               yet finalized plans for utilization of the
education as components of a non-lethal                                                         it would put too many existing homes out
                                               property, which had been identified by the
deer management program. The group                                                              of conformance.
                                               Open Space Committee in their acquisi-
questions the accuracy of the recent aerial                                                           The Planning Board then decided to
                                               tion plan. - Ann Parsekian
survey and the scientific basis for the task                                                    review the legislation in order to reintro-
force study.                                                                                    duce it in a more palatable form. Such an
                                                                                                amendment is designed to preserve
 Train Station Cell Tower Plan                        Bernardsville Settles                     Chatham s ability to absorb its storm wa-
       Omnipoint Communications is
seeking a use variance to erect a 100-foot
                                                         Tree Dispute                           ter and recharge its aquifers, as well as
                                                      In July, Bernardsville settled its dis-   preserve the rural aesthetic character of
high tower at the Basking Ridge train sta-
                                               pute with property owner Alfred C. Eckert        Chatham.
tion, in place of an existing 60-foot high
NJ Transit tower. The residentially zoned      III, over the borough’s tree-cutting ordi-
                                               nance. Eckert agreed to donate two trees         Toxic Cleanup in Ground Water
train station is located in a neighborhood,
which includes a number of historic            to the borough and both parties agreed to           Continues at Kessler Site
homes. Residents object that the tower will    dismiss all litigation. Last year Eckert was           The New Jersey Department of En-
impact the character of the community and      charged with violation of the borough’s          vironmental Protection (NJDEP) reported
township officials hoped to persuade           tree protection ordinance after a contrac-       in May that, since it began site remediation
Omnipoint to become a tenant of a new          tor failed to obtain a permit prior to re-       in March 2000, it has recovered an esti-
tower proposed by Sprint Spectrum for the      moving a substantial number of trees from        mated 2,588 gallons of free phase hydro-
municipal complex. However Omnipoint           Eckert’s estate. Eckert then filed suit in       carbons that were floating on the ground
claims that the municipal site would not       State Superior Court challenging the con-        water under the site of the former Hickory
cover a transmission gap along Interstate      stitutionality of the law. Eckert claims that    Tree Garage. The layer of floating petro-
287. The Board of Adjustment will continue     he has already planted hundreds of trees         chemicals has been up to one foot thick at
hearing the application in September.          on his property and intends to plant 200         some of the monitoring wells, according
                                               more.                                            to data taken from monitoring wells since
    Township Committee to                             The day before the settlement was         1995. The carcinogenic chemicals found
                                               announced, the borough council voted to          to violate the NJDEP Groundwater Qual-
  Purchase Open Space Tract                    vacate a portion of Young’s Road to help         ity Standards are Methyl Tertiary Butyl
      In late July, the Bernards Township
                                               preserve the privacy at the rear of Eckert’s     Ether (MTBE), benzene, toluene,
Committee passed an ordinance to acquire
                                               38-acre estate. The Borough had intended         ethylbenzene and xylenes (BTEX), and
4.68 acres of property off South Maple
4 -
Local Environmental “Hot SPOTS”
Tertiary Butyl Alcohol (TBA).                  of $578,500, to the township for only          ant Plains Road, bordered on two sides by
       The DEP reported in July that the       $300,000. Since the state Green Acres          the Great Swamp National Wildlife Ref-
floating free product was removed by a         Grant pays up to 50 percent of the assessed    uge. Mrs. Bayne was very involved in lo-
vapor extraction system, and that only a       value, or about $290,000, all that Chatham     cal efforts to establish a new national wild-
"sheen" was left. The next step is ground      would have to pay from its own budget          life refuge in Great Swamp and it was the
water extraction, which Hickory Tree ex-       would be about $10,000, plus the costs the     intent of the Baynes that their gift form
pected to begin in August, after replace-      Foundation incurred from holding the           part of the nascent Refuge. Wildlife Pre-
ment of a burned out motor. The ground         property. - Kathy Abbott                       serves, Inc. has held onto the property ever
water is to be cleaned by a low profile air                                                   since and managed it as a sanctuary with
stripper and liquid phase granular acti-       Harding Township                               no hunting permitted.
vated carbon, and then discharged back                There is a common theme to each                On August 16, Woodmont Builders
into the aquifer on the Kessler property.      of the Harding matters reported on in this     LLC appeared before the Board of Adjust-
       To detect the extent of the contami-    issue: each is now or was before the Board ment seeking a use variance from present
nant plume, Hickory Tree Garage recently       of Adjustment seeking, among other zoning to construct a large house plus an-
installed a new monitoring well behind the     things, a use variance. Such a variance cillary structures on part of the property.
Chatham Hill apartments at the intersec-       requires the applicant to prove both the Present zoning is farmland, recreation
tion of Hickory Place and Green Village        affirmative and negative criteria, establish- and conservation. The property has been
Road, which is approximately 500 feet          ing why such a variance from today s zon- tax exempt for many years. While the
from the site. A ground water sampling         ing is warranted (i.e., proof the applica- property is subdividable, subdivision has
from this new well on March 30th, 2001         tion is an improvement over the existing not been proposed at this time. Woodmont
indicated no ground water contaminants         zoning consistent with the goals of the has a contract with Wildlife Preserves to
had traveled to the well.                      Master Plan and the property is particu- purchase the property.
       Yet MTBE has been detected at high      larly suited for the proposed use — af    fir-        Letters have been received by the
levels at a closer monitoring well behind      mative; and negative — proof the applica-      Board of Adjustment from members of the
the apartment complex, and is therefore        tion is not a detriment to the public good Bayne family stating that it was the do-
flowing under the apartments. The DEP          and does not impair the intent and purpose nors intent the property become part of
says, however, that the MTBE "does not         of the Zoning Plan.) Zoning is based on the Refuge. This application has had its
pose an immediate human health risk,           best achieving a community s Master Plan first hearing and there will be more to re-
since the contaminant level is too low to      goals. Eight of Harding s eleven Master port in the future. It will be closely fol-
pose a vapor threat to the area and there is   Plan goals focus on protecting the envi- lowed by GSWA.
no ground water use within this area."         ronment.
       The DEP also stated, "the Great                                                                     Darcy School
Swamp is not at risk from the discharges                Morris Animal Inn                            Also on August 16, the Darcy
at the former Hickory Tree Garage site."              In June, the BoA approved the ap-       School s founder, Kristen Mullens, was
This is in part due to the intervention of     plication of the Morris Animal Inn to          invited to begin the school s application
Chatham Township in 1997. The Town-            double in size. This non-conforming use        to Harding Township, which seeks to con-
ship did not approve of the original DEP       is situated in a residential zone. Reasons     struct a new school on the site on Sand
plan to discharge the treated ground wa-       cited by Board members for approving the       Spring Road. A number of variances from
ter into the storm sewer.                      use variance included the fact that the        town land use ordinances (including a use
                                               Animal Inn has a history of employing          variance) are needed for this application.
    State Green Acres Grant                    teenagers and the Township has a history              The school would accept 192-200
     Approved for Chatham                      of hosting dog shows. The Board did not        students Pre-Kindergarten through 6th
      On Monday June 4, the NJ State           find the commercial application to violate     Grade. The 24-acre site would be subdi-
Senate approved a Green Acres funding          the goals of the Master Plan. The decision     vided into two 6-acre residential sites
bill that grants Chatham Township              has been appealed to the Harding Town-         served by a separate road, and a 12-acre
$500,000. The township expects to use          ship Committee by a group of neighbors         site for the school with its own driveway
some of its Green Acres funds by the end       and is expected to be heard some time in       off Sand Spring Road. One of the existing
of this year to acquire three lots totaling    the late fall.                                 homes that sits close to the road would
35 acres off Green Village Road. The New                                                      remain on the new school property.
Jersey Conservation Foundation has held             Wildlife Preserves, Inc.                         Ms. Mullens explained the school s
this open space for nearly a decade, with           On December 27, 1957, the late            philosophy and why she believes it is a
the purpose of eventually selling it to        Howard Bayne and Louise vanBeuren              special place for its students. A meeting
Chatham. The transaction will be a "bar-       Bayne gave a 62-acre piece of land to          dedicated to this issue was scheduled for
gain sale," in which the foundation sells      Wildlife Preserves, Inc. It is located on      September 12. - Julia Somers
the land, which has a total assessed value     Long Hill Road opposite the end of Pleas-
                                                                                                                    continued on page 15
                                                                                                         - 5
                   July 1, 2000-June 30, 2001

                     LOOKING BACK; LOOKING FORWARD
                                 By David A. Budd, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

      As we proceed through our 20th Anniversary year,         both directly and indirectly. On June 20, the Watershed
I've spent some time looking back to our humble begin-         Association participated in a closing on the 58-acre Jockey
nings as well as looking ahead to our goals for the future.    Hollow Top 6 property in Morris Township. This $1.7 mil-
While we are proud that progress has been made, we know        lion purchase culminated an eight-year GSWA campaign
that much work remains to be done.                             to help to preserve this property. The property is steeply
      Incorporated on March 31, 1981, the Watershed As-        sloped and lies just above the headwaters of Great Brook,
sociation has from the beginning been concerned with alert-    one of the five principal streams in the watershed. A Green
ing its members, and the residents of local communities to     Acres Grant from the NJDEP and Morris Township's Open
the impact of poorly conceived development on the              Space Trust funded this landmark purchase.
watershed's fragile ecosystem and consequently on Great               Our Streamways preservation project was launched
Swamp itself. While the objective has remained constant,       this spring and is already achieving some success. We have
what has changed is how we have grown, in terms of so-         recently learned that we will receive, by bequest, an eco-
phistication and effectiveness. For the first ten years, the   logically important 15-acre property in Bernardsville bor-
work of the organization was carried on solely by volun-       dering headwaters of a stream that ultimately enters Great
teers. In 1991, Lisa Butera, now the Association's Finance     Swamp. Direct and indirect preservation of the land bor-
Director, became a Project Director and our very first paid    dering streams, lakes, ponds and wetlands is a priority for
employee. At the time, there were fewer than 500 associa-      GSWA.
tion members and an annual operating budget of about                  Also new this year is a conservation easement do-
$5,000.00. Today we are fortunate to have six full time        nated to Great Swamp Watershed Association by Benjamin
equivalent paid staff members, 65 wonderful volunteers,        and Lois Wolkowitz on 1.35 acres of their Madison prop-
22 Trustees and nearly 2,500 regular members. Our annual       erty. Although a relatively small piece, this is an important
budget has grown a bit as well and now is approaching          milestone for the borough of Madison and the surrounding
$450,000.00 (an 89 fold increase), funded entirely through     watershed because it serves to protect a critically impor-
your generous charitable contributions, membership dues,       tant glacial kettle hole that might otherwise have been eli-
foundation grants and income from our endowment. We            gible for subdivision. Since a conservation easement is re-
sincerely thank you for your continuing support!               corded by deed and becomes part of the property, the land
      At our Annual Dinner on November 16, 2001 we will        will be permanently protected from development and sub-
reflect (briefly) on some of the milestones and major ac-      division. We encourage all members to consider the ben-
complishments of the last 20 years. I hope you will make       efits and merits of granting conservation easements and/or
plans to attend this celebration, which will include recog-    contributing sensitive lands to the Association. We will be
nition of deserving individuals, a silent auction (to assist   happy to discuss the tax benefits that can accrue to donors
in balancing that budget) and dancing to an excellent swing    as well as the enormous value such conservation perma-
band. Some of you will be happy to learn that this year we     nently offers to the community at large.
will not feature a speaker.                                           Our acquisitions, of which the above are a part, bring
             Land Acquisitions Growing                         our cumulative direct land ownership to 45.59 acres and
     The most significant news of 2000/2001 is that we         our cumulative conservation easements to 3.85 acres. While
have continued to increase our land acquisition program        these diminutive figures validate that we've made some
6 -                                                                          2000-2001 Annual Report
initial progress in directly protecting our watershed, I would         streams. This same watershed model has been demonstrated
like to see the watershed association continue to acquire              to a number of officials of towns within the watershed and
land and conservation easements and I would like us to                 it is gratifying to see the light of comprehension glow as
continue to actively assist other conservation entities in the         individuals understand for the first time what a watershed
acquisition of sensitive lands and easements. The remain-              actually is. We will have the watershed model on display
ing amount of critically important open space in the water-            at the annual meeting so that our members and their guests
shed is steadily being improved through development                    can take turns farming, polluting or being a thunderstorm.
and as we all know, the amount of remaining open space is              You will be able to see first hand how a watershed works
a fast disappearing finite quantity.                                   and you will understand why uncontrolled development
                  Ecological Restoration                               represents a threat.
       Under the direction of biologist Blaine Rothauser and                  Thanks to the technical expertise of Project Director
other volunteers, our ecological restoration at the 23-acre            Karen Patterson, we have created the maps for Madison
GSWA Conservation and Education Area in Harding Town- Borough’s Environmental Resource Inventory (ERI) up-
ship (on Tiger Lily                                                                                          date and sent data about
Lane) is going strong.                                                                                       our Geographic Infor-
Our volunteers have                                                                                          mation System (GIS)
spent countless hours                                                                                        data to the NJDEP as
studying the topogra-                                                                                        part of a federal grant to
phy, biology, and                                                                                            New Jersey to improve
unique characteristics                                                                                       the quality of, and ac-
of the site. Based on                                                                                        cess to, GIS data
such studies a plan was                                                                                      throughout the state. We
evolved to clean up the                                                                                      are also nearing
site, remove invasive                                                                                        completion of our com-
plants, clear trails and                                                                                     prehensive buildout
install nesting boxes.                                                                                       analysis of the Great
Our volunteers have                                                                                          Swamp Watershed and
erected deer exclosures                                                                                      will be unveiling the re-
and also planted over a                                                                                      sults of this analysis at
thousand native plants        (From left): Katey Erck, Olivia Shelton, teacher Lisbeth Decotiis, and Griffin our anniversary celebra-
representing 35 species.      Gannon modeling their Great Swamp Watershed Association Swamp thing            tion in November.
We estimate that regu-
                              t-shirts during a watershed model presentation at the Harding Township Public        A review of the
                              School this spring.                                                            year would be incom-
lar watershed associa-
tion volunteers, along                                                                                       plete without mention-
with corporate, civic and religious groups, collectively spent                                               ing the historic Do the
1,500 man-hours to accomplish the project. This spring, in             Swamp Thing promotion. Numerous local environmen-
celebration of the progress we ve made on the Conserva- tal organizations worked together to celebrate earth month.
tion and Education Area, we updated our website (http:// The Great Swamp Watershed Association took a leader- to include a virtual tour of the site. ship role by coordinating sponsors like Recorder Newspa-
It includes an interactive map on which you click on dif- pers and Kings Super Markets and published and distrib-
ferent areas of the site and (in effect) walk a swampy part uted widely a consolidated calendar of events. It was a
of the watershed without actually getting your feet wet. If major undertaking that brought politicians, environmental
you own a computer and have Internet access, please visit. organizations, and the public together to celebrate and en-
If you don’t mind wet feet or own some decent boots, please joy the treasure that is the Great Swamp Watershed.
visit the site in person.                                                     As usual it has been a fascinating year at the Water-
       As another way to bring learning to life, from Sep-             shed Association and we’re looking forward to meeting the
tember 2000 through June 2001, the Watershed Associa- challenges of the coming year. Our 20th anniversary is a
tion made presentations demonstrating nonpoint source time of celebration and reflection and I sincerely hope that
pollution to more than 750 students in towns in and around you’ll join us at this year’sAnnual Dinner. Please put it on
the watershed. The classroom presentations focus on a your calendar right now: November 16th 2001-The Great
three-dimensional tabletop watershed model, which is an Swamp Watershed Association 20th Anniversary Celebra-
interactive educational tool that vividly illustrates how hu- tion. We think that it will be the hot ticket of the week.
man actions affect the water quality of lakes, rivers and Bring your dancing shoes and prepare to have some fun.

2000-2001 Annual Report                                                                               - 7
               Financial Report for the Year ended June 30, 2001
     ORGANIZATIONAL REVENUE                                                      EXPENSES
     Contributions                          $228,394                             Programs
      Grants                                                                       Projects                                  $125,727
        Restricted                           101,151                               Local Issues                               102,953
        Unrestricted                          56,500                               Education                                   57,851
      Interest Income                         10,728                               Land Conservation
      Miscellaneous                           13,519                                 and Restoration                           54,542
     TOTAL ORGANIZATIONAL                                                        Total Program Expense                       $341,073
     REVENUE                                $410,292
                                                                                 Management and General                        48,322
     ENDOWMENT REPORT                                                            Development                                   46,108
     Contributions                           $85,639                             TOTAL EXPENSES                              $435,503
     Market Value at 6/30/01                $444,460
                                                                                 NET LOSS                                   ($25,211)

                                       Unaudited statements. Audited statements available upon request.

                            GSWA Supporters for 2001
                                                                                                          Ms. Katherine Harper
                               Mr. Louis Ares, Jr.                   Mr. Robert A. Cramp
 BERKELEY HEIGHTS              Mr. Edward Atwater                    Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Dankosky
                                                                                                          Mr. Michael Hartwig
Mr. Leonard Berkowitz                                                                                     Art Havighorst & Barbara Meserole
                               Ms. Adrienne Petite Auerbach          Mr. Mike Davitt
Bruce & Eve Biegel                                                                                        Mr. Jacob Hays
                               Mr. Jerry Ballanco                    Ms. Anne L. DeAngelis
Mr. Walter L. Brown                                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. William H. Heald
                               Mr. Giorgio Balzer                    Mr. Lewis T. Decker
Mr. Jeffrey Burnett                                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Helland
                               Mr. Ronald Barkley                    Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dee
Mr. Frank Ferrando                                                                                        Barbara & Bill Herkner
                               Basking Ridge Animal Hospital         Ms. Ruth Degutis
Ms. Sue Ficken                                                                                            Ms. Renee Herman
                               Mr. Paul Becker                       Ms. Elizabeth H. Dillon
Dan & Kathy Geary                                                                                         Mr. Ivan Herzog
                               Mr. & Mrs. Alex Bedrosian             Ms. Laura E. Doeringer
Ms. Margaret L. Guyton                                                                                    Mrs. Frank Hesse
                               Elllie & Greg Bedrosian               Klaus & Lydia Dorfi
Mrs. Phoebe Hahn                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Walter Hines
                               Ms. Patricia Beltrani                 Ms. Carole Dowling
Ms. Virginia T. Hale                                                                                      Kim & Doug Hiscano
                               Robert & Margaret C. Beringer         Mr. Ronald Dreesen
Mr. James N. Horne                                                                                        The Horner Family
                               Ms. Jean Bettler                      Charlotte & James Drinkwater
Mr. John Ingato                                                                                           Mr. & Mrs. William F. Hough
                               Mr. & Mrs. Harold Bieber              Mr. Jeffrey N. Edwards
Mrs. Alice L. Johnson                                                                                     Mr. Robert M. Huggins
                               George & Rose Bienenstock             Mr. William V. Engel
Will & Mary Leland                                                                                        Mr. John Hughes
                               Mr. Robert Bischoff                   Mrs. June P. Enyingi
C.W. Lonnquist                                                                                            Mr. Robert W. Hull
                               Mr. Richard Blake                     Ms. Linda L. Fagerstrom
Ms. Audrey Lord                                                                                           Ms. Jane Husk
                               Mr. Carl L. Blesch                    Mr. & Mrs. Robert Falzon
Ms. Dottie Montouri                                                                                       Robert & Anne Ingal
                               Ms. Colleen Bondy                     Eileen & Jim Farley
Mr. Paul L. Noble                                                                                         Caren L. Cadra & Ed Janos
                               Sally & Jon Booth                     The Hon. Hugh H. Fenwick
Mr. John Ream                                                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Jaye
                               Neil & Cathy Borman                   Ms. Elizabeth Fernekess
Mr. Nigel Roden                                                                                           Ms. Diana C. Jecas
                               Mr. Jeff Bowne                        Mr. Finkel
Mr. & Mrs. T.D. Roth, Jr.                                                                                 Ms. Marie D. Johnson
                               Mr. Wesley Boyce                      Ms. Karen Fleshman
Mr. John M. Rowell                                                                                        Mr. Douglas Jones
                               Mrs. Lewis D. Brounell                Preston & Judith Flower
Marc & Ilene Schneider                                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Fred Kamps
                               Ms. Mary Beth Bubert                  Edward & Anna Forzani
Mr. Art Seif                                                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Rich Kane
                               Ms. Vera Burkardt                     Elizabeth & William Fraser
Mr. George Skorinko                                                                                       Ms. Mary E. Kemmerer
                               Mr. Matthew Burns                     Mr. James Furst
Mr. Peter W. Traub                                                                                        Mr. Glenn Kendall
                               R. Cameron & Karen I. Witt            Steve & Libby Galpin
Allan & Nancy Tubbs                                                                                       Mr. J. Christopher Kersey
                               Ms. Evelyn Caprio                     Dr. Christine Ganitsch
Mrs. Edith Weiss                                                                                          Dr. Edward Kirby
                               Ms. Elisabeth Carducci-Staehle        Mr. David Gaus
Ms. Norrie Zaret                                                                                          Mr. John Kissane
                               Stella K. Casnocha                    Ms. A. Gibson
                                                                                                          Ms. Dee Klikier
                               Ms. Pat Cauldwell                     Mr. & Mrs. James Gibson
BERNARDS TWP. AND              Mrs. Cam Cavanaugh                    Mr. Louis Gonzalez
                                                                                                          Ms. Virlea W. Klingenburg
                                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Donald Knudsen
  BERNARDSVILLE                Ms. Kerry Chappelear                  Mr. James A. Gregoire
                                                                                                          Mr. William Koonz
Ms. Jeanette M. Abbott         Andrea & Louis Chiafullo              Mr. Kenneth D. Gursky
                                                                                                          Miriam Kotsonis & family
Mr. & Mrs. J. J. Adamczyk      Kate & Ben Ciravolo                   Ms. Jean A. Haley
                                                                                                          Ms. K.A. Kuna
Mr. Chris Allen                Ms. Dorothy Clair                     Eleanor & Robert Hallstrom
                                                                                                          Mr. Robert Kurz
Ms. Randy Allen                Ms. Elizabeth L. Clark                Mr. Richard Halperin
                                                                                                          Ms. Edna M. La Vecka
Ms. Jodi Lee Alper             Mr. Jim Cleary                        Mr. & Mrs. William G. Halsey
                                                                                                          Fred & Donna Lackland
Ms. Barbara Glynn Alves        Dr. & Mrs. Bayard Coggeshall          Mr. & Mrs. James Hamerschlag
                                                                                                          Ms. Linda S. Lancaster
Ms. Ilona Ansons               Mr. & Mrs. Forrest F. Collier         Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Harding
                                                                                                          Bertram Levinstone, MD
Ms. Barbara Arell              Barbara & Nicholas Conca              Miss Tory Harding
                                                                                                          Mr. Eugene J. Lewandowski

8 -                                                                                      2000-2001 Annual Report
Sheila & Gary Lobel                Edward A. Schroeder, IV                 John & Ann Bennett                Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Franklin
Ms. Janice Logg                    Mr. Robert G. Schulz                    Wendy & Jeff Benton               Ms. Cecilia Fuentes
Mr. Thomas A. Loughlin, Jr.        Ms. Christina Mantey Schwartz           Mr. Robert Bergmann               Ms. Cordelia O. Fuller
Dr. Donald Louria                  Ms. Lynn Scolarice                      Rick & Carol Berg                 Mr. Bob Garbowitz
Mr. Allan Luisi                    Mr. Al Sferra                           Theresa & Thomas Berry            Jerry D. Gardner, M.D.
Laurie & Michael Lutz              Ms. Murali Sharma                       Mr. Duncan T. Bethune             Mr. John Geddes
Ms. Alison J. Mahan                Ms. Ava Shypula                         Mr. Samuel T. Blandino            Mr. Stephen Geiger
Mrs. Louis Malavarca               Susan & Lawrence W. Siebl               Mr. Eugene I. Blount              Mr. Frank A. Ghiselli
Mr. & Mrs. John Malay              Mr. Gary W. Skarka                      Nick Boon                         Mrs. Jack Gill
Mr. Fred R. Marder                 Eileen & Barry Smith                    Mr. & Mrs. Blair Boyer            Julie & Daniel Ginns
Ms. Robin Marion                   Ms. Deborah Smith                       Mr. & Mrs. George Boyer           Carmelyn R. & Christopher P. Godziela
Mr. Joseph Mastellone              Ms. Dorothy L. Smith                    Mr. Guy F. Boyle                  Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Gold
J. Albert &. Adrienne Mastro       Doug & Cecile Smith                     Ms. Barbara A. Brack              Mr. Raymond Grafje
K. Mathiesen                       Ms. Edith D. Smith                      Mr. Robert J. Brady               Ms. Eileen Grimm
Mr. Michael McDermott              Ms. Jean Snable                         Mr. Randall Brown                 Ms. Marie Gruol
Mr. David M. McGuire               Ms. Pat Sodolak                         John & Lois Burns                 Cathy & Paul Hackett
Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. McPhillips   Mr. Tom Southard                        Mr. Bill Burress                  Anna Hackman & Robert Gelber
Ms. Janice Meharg                  Mr. David Spring                        Mrs. J.K. Burton                  Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Hall
Mr. Michael Menza                  Ken & Susan Strahs                      Ms. Lisa Butera                   Mr. & Mrs. David G. Hardin
Mr. Francis M. Miller              David & Andrea Strong                   Ms. Katherine Canavan             Ms. Charlotte J. Hartshorn
Mr. Henry Miller                   Mr. & Mrs. Eric E. Sumner               Tom & Donna Capetta               Tom & Valerie Haverty
Debra & Howard Miller              Mr. & Mrs. T. Swayne                    Mr. Sal Capizzi                   Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Heller
Mrs. Patricia Moody                Mr. Joseph Tag                          Lou & Kathleen Caprioglio         Miss Joan V. Hellsten
Miss Alberta V. Mount              Mr. Gary Taylor                         Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Carr           Elizabeth & Peter Henrici
John & Joann Munn                  Bob & Eleanor Taylor                    Charles & Mary Carson             Cecily & Michael Hewes
Daniel E. Murnick, Ph.D.           Mr. Philip H. Thayer                    Seaneen & John Carton             Mr. & Mrs. Ervin Hoag
Ms. Pat Murphy                     Ms. M. Thiebaud                         Chatham Twp. Art League           Lyla Meader & David Hodgdon
Mr. & Mrs. Francis Mustaro         Mr. Stephen G. Thurber                  Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Churchill   Mr. Emil I. Horak
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Nafie             T.P. & P.L. Tien                        Jonathan & Sandy Citron           Jeffrey & Dawn Howell
The Nickersons                     Sara Frazer & John Tinker               Mr. & Mrs. W. Gerould Clark IV    Ms. Nancy Howie
Mr. Nicholas R. Noviello, Jr.      Ms. Carol Tokar                         Mr. Jay Cogswell                  Mr. David F. Hoyle
Mr. Michael J. Ogden               Mr. Jan Toncar                          Mr. Clifford S. Conner            Gayle Chamberlin Hoyt
Mickey Magee Onofrietto            Mr. Robert Verbrugge                    Mr. Robert Contri                 Mr. Bradley J. Huke
Mr. Ron Orlando                    Mr. Louis Vitale and Ms. Fern Ehrlich   Mr. J. Christopher Craig          Mr. Michael T. Inzerillo
Mr. George Paril                   Mrs. Ellen Vreeland                     Ms. Margaret W. Cranmer           Mr. & Mrs. Emil Ippolito
Ms. Marion Parks                   Mr. David I. Wallis                     Ms. Victoria Cronenberger         Mr. Steve Izzo
John & Ann Parsekian               Sally & Alec Walsh                      Mr.& Mrs. James J. Cronin         Ms. Kathleen James
Robin Patric                       Ms. Marian M. Ward                      Mr. & Mrs. Edward G. Crum, Jr.    Tim & Jo Ann Jecko
Ms. Karen Patterson                Ms. Jacquelyn Washburn                  Mr. Brian Danenberg               Mr. Roland Johnson
Vincent & Marilyn Pepe             Ms. Carol Weingaertner                  Ms. Nancy Daugherty               Mr. Brian Johnston
Mr. George Peterson III            Mr. John Weller                         Ms. Gail C. Davies                Bennett & Kathryn Julian
Oscar & Anne Petraglia             Mrs. Stephen K. West                    Elise & Herbert Davis             Mr. Thomas C. Kahler
Alex & Suzette Petronella          Martine & John White                    Ms. Sally Deatly                  Mr. Vincent Kane
Ms. Joy Petzinger                  Spencer & Johanna Wissinger             Ms. Ruth Decker                   Mr. & Mrs. Vahram Kashmanian
Ms. Cathleen Rahlfs                Mr. J. Wreszin                          Joel & Janet DeLisa               Ms. Mary Keane
Mr. J. Rakszawski                  Mr. George Wright                       Ms. Katrina Demma                 Miss Elizabeth A. Keat
Lindsey & Patrick Regan            Mr. Charles E. Wulff                    Mr. David J. Dempsey              Kal & Helen Kecskemety
Ms. Margaret Reheis                Mrs. Charlotte S. Wyman                 Frank & Carolyn Deodene           Ms. Lynn Keffer
Mr. John Rehm                      Mr. & Mrs. Leo York                     Dr. R.T. Dewling                  Mr. Wolfgang Kehr
Mr. Robert R. Reichenbach          Mr. Adam Zborowski                      Mr. Carl Dinger                   Mr. Kevin Kelley
Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Richards     Ross & Susan Ziskind                    Ms. Susan Dlugosz                 Mr. Richard H. Kelley
Mrs. H. K. Rickey                  Mr. Joseph F. Zubko                     Mr. & Mrs. George Doherty         Mr. Frank Kelly
Christine & Doug Roberts           Dr. Dorothy L. Zufall                   Ms. Elizabeth Domigan             Ms. Joan E. Kelly
Ms. Chi Rockoff                                                            Ms. Denise A. Dubel               Robert Kettenmann & Marilyn Wiles-
Marc & Debi Roelke                           CHATHAM                       Mrs. Ella A. DuBose               Kettenmann
Mr. Ronald A. Ross                 Katherine & Kenneth Abbott              Ms. Diane Du Brule                Mayor Herbert H. Kiehn
Mr. John Ryan                      Lisa & Peter Adamczyk                   Ms. Elizabeth Dudderar            Fred & Jo Kies
Mr. Paul Saccone                   Ms. Carol Allan                         Daniel & Amy Dziemian             Mr. & Mrs. George King
Mr. Anthony Saitta                 Mrs. Robert Allardice                   Ms. Sally Eisenreich              Joan & Ken Kirsten
Ms. Diane Sallans                  Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Allen                Mr. Donald Engesser               Mr. & Mrs. Frank Kling
Ms. BiBiana Santiago               Ms. Kathleen Anthony                    Vince & Kim Falone                Ms. Jacqueline Klisart
Randy & Janet Santoro              Ms. Mary C. Appollina                   Mrs. Dale Feeney                  Ms. Caroline Campbell Knott
Mr. Ben Sattely                    Mr. Scott Bagish                        S.G. Feitlowitz                   Ms. Alexandra Brittain Knox
Kerby & Lisa Saunders              Mr. Joseph A. Barrett, III              Ms. Rose Finnegan                 Eileen O’Reilly & Roman Kraynyk
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Schacht       Joyce & Richard Barrett                 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Fischer        Mr. Peter Kurey
Frederick & Sandra Scheel          Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Barton III        Mr. Charles V. Flemming           Mr. & Mrs. Joseph La Gregor
William & Sanna Scheuerman         Ms. Virginia Baumgartner                Ed Fobben, M.D.                   Mr. Robert Latzer
Ms. Susan Schlichting              Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Behling           Mr. & Mrs. Charles Foster         Mr. & Mrs. Robert Leamer
Richard & Barbara Schmidt          Ms. Roberta Bell                        Ms. Roberta Francis               Mr. John J. Lehner
Mr. William Schmidt                                                        Mr. Doug Frank                    Mr. Leonard Lepore

2000-2001 Annual Report                                                                                      - 9
Mr. Richard Ligertwood                Mr. Kurt Richter                    Mr. D. B. Wilcox                 Mr. & Mrs. William Dana
Ms. Doris Lissaman                    Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Rigal             Kathy & Steve Wilkerson          Ms. Christine Davies
Mr. Bradner Littlehale                Mr. & Mrs. Carleton B. Riker, Jr.   Charles & Ellen Wilkinson        Susan & Peter Deeks
Mr. Joseph D. Loudermilk              Michael & Linda Rindos              Ms. Mary M. Williams             Mr. Frank E. DeMotte
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lukasik             Ed & Betsy Roland                   Diane Duffy & Walter Willinger   Ms. Mary Ann Dickson
Ian & Elizabeth MacCallum             Beth Nelson & Will Romero           Carole & John Wilmot             David Dietz & Jane Kendall
Mrs. Gail MacNeil                     James & Linda Rommer                Mr. Thomas J. Wilson             Mr. & Mrs. William H. Dodd
Ms. Abigail P. Maddi                  Dr. R. Rosen & Dr. M. McIntyre      W. B. Wilson                     Vincent & Anita Dolan
Ms. Virginia Maguire                  Mr. & Mrs. John B. Rovick           Mary Anne & Ray Wood             Ms. Katharine Dougherty
Ms. Cathy Maloney                     Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rowan             Mr. Thomas L. Woodward           Mr. & Mrs. John Downing
Ms. Maryann Mann                      Howard & Nancy Rundquist            Ms. Elizabeth Zanders            Ms. Sally Dudley
Jayne & Michael Marano                Ms. Patricia Rush                   Ms. Pamela Zave                  Mr. John Duffy
Ms. Nancy Marion                      Mrs. Marian Russell                 Andrew & Stephanie Zecca         Mr. John L. Dugan
Mrs. Mary C. Marshall                 Ms. Christine Sakach                Mrs. Harriet Ziegler             Rosalind & Yves Dujardin
Mr. & Mrs. William Marshall           Mr. & Mrs. David Sandelman          Aline & Chip Zimmer              Mr. & Mrs. M. Douglas Dunn
Bradley, Barbara & Benjamin Massam    Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Scanlon                                         Ms. Kristin Elliott
Ms. Joanne Mazurki                    Dr. & Mrs. H. P. Schad                    HARDING TWP.               Mr. & Mrs. Robert Essner
Robert & Elizabeth McCarthy           Norman E. Schaefer, M.D.            Ms. Lillian Albrecht             Ms. Epsey C. Farrell
Mr. William T. McCutcheon             Mr. John Schmidt                    Mr. Chris Allyn                  Roger & Caroline Ford
Mr. Harold F. McElraft                Dr. Gail Schrimmer                  Travis Anderson & Betsy Harvin   The Hon. Peter H. B. Frelinghuysen
Mr. J.J. McGrath                      Mr. Louis A. Serpe                  Ms. Carolyn R. Antonaccio        Mr. & Mrs. John F. Fritts
Richard & Janis McGuire               Mr. Michael L. Sherman              Mr. Gerald Aresty                Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Gannon
Mr. Jerry Medina                      James & Stacy Sibona                Andy & Brenda Armstrong          Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Gant
Mr. Standish Medina                   Mr. Robert Sizelove                 Cynthia & Edward Babbott         Dr. & Mrs. Allan Gardner
Ms. Catherine F. Menendez             Robert Slaughter & Diane Askwyth    Ms. Diane Bakst                  James & Cordelia Gelly
Haylee & Jay Messing                  Mr. Daniel B. Smith, III            Mrs. J. William Barba            Robert & Barbara Gill
Mr. Steven D. Meyer                   Ms. Eleanor L. Smith                Mr. John Barry                   Ms. Gail F. Ginnett
Mr. & Mrs. James Meyers               Ms. Lillian Smith                   Marshall & Margaret Bartlett     Ms. Joan Goldman
Esther & Ralph Milnes                 Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Snyder             Dr. George Baumgardner           Mr. Walter Gorzegno
Ms. Barbara Minor                     Ms. Ann Stachenfeld                 Charles & Mary Becht             Ms. Kathy Grano
Ms. Barbara Montague                  Dr. & Mrs. Steven J. Stanzione      William & Patricia Becker        Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Gray
Robert & Leonora Moore                Mr. Roger L. Sternberg              Ms. Marcy Beitle                 Stephen & Marilyn Greene
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mulligan            Mrs. Joan M. Stettler               Dr. Ira Berger                   Mr. Roger Greenway
Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Munson           Ms. Phyllis Stevens                 Mr. & Mrs. Philip Berman         Mr. Anthony Grillo
Mrs. Beatrice Murphy                  Mrs. Dorothea Stillinger            Mr. & Mrs. James Biello          Lisa Van Tassel & Robert Grohskopf
Dr. Joseph J. Murphy                  Eric H. Stochholm, Esq.             Mr. E. L. Billington             Mr. & Mrs. L. Grotta
Mr. W. H. Murphy                      Ms. Donna Stockl                    Dr. & Mrs. Sheldon Birnhak       Martin & Blanche Gruen
Mr. Christopher Murray                Mr. & Mrs. Walter Strack            Mr. Frederick Blake              Ms. Eleanor Haeberle
George & Betty Murray                 Martin Strauss & Anna Gilbert       Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Blanchard    Mr. Richard Harris
Ms. Marilyn Murray                    Nancy & John Stricko                Ms. Michele Blanchard            Mr. & Mrs. James Hartnett
Arnold & Roz Mytelka                  Ms. Sally Strunc                    Mr. Robert Blanchard             Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Healey
Ms. Dolores Navarino                  Mr. Arthur E. Sutton                Aimie & Joe Bloom                Mr. & Mrs. Harold Healy
Mr. & Mrs. George Newcombe            Caesar & Peggy Sweitzer             Mr. John M. Blume                James & Susan Heineman
Ms. Margaret Nicolais                 Mr. & Mrs. John F. Swift            Mr. Anthony Bonelli              Ms. Demi Herbert
Mr. Russell L. Nielsen                Ms. Eda F. Tato                     Mr. Lionel Borkan                Penny & Don Hinkle
Mrs. Jean B. Nilson                   Harry & Norma Taylor                Mr. Lawrence Brady               Cathy & Bill Huff
Ms. Heather Nolle                     Mrs. Glenn D. Thompson              Richard W. Brenner               Mr. & Mrs. J. Paul Humphrey
Mrs. Lee Nordholm                     Mr. Robert Thompson                 Margo & Eric Brundage            Mrs. King Irwin
Mrs. Doris K. Nubel                   Mr. & Mrs. R. Donald Thomson        Barbara & David Bugen            Dr. & Mrs. Bruce I. Jacobs
Ms. Vern Oakley                       Ms. Joan Thuebel                    John & Irene Bush                Bette D. Jacobson
Mr. Charles Olson                     Ms. Susan Towler                    Mr. & Mrs. Willis Canada         Ms. Patricia Jennings
Mr. & Mrs. John O’Neill               Mr. & Mrs. J. Patrick Trench        Mr. Eric Carlson                 Mr. Ronald Johnston
Ms. T. J. O’Shaughnessy               Ms. Cynthia Trepko                  Mr. & Mrs. Rene Castenschiold    Raymond E. & Theresa M. Jones
Herbert E. & Eleanor I. Pappky        Ms. Mimi Tsang                      Mr. Raul E. Cesan                Mr. Peter Kafaf
Mr. Greg Paschenko                    Laura & Scott Tucker                Carol & Ed Cimilluca             Mr. & Mrs. William Keefauver
Mr. & Mrs. J. Patel                   Laird & Dorothy Tuohig              Mr. J. David Clayton             Mark & Pamela Kerschner
Joan & Joe Patti                      Mr. William Van Arsdale, Jr.        Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Clew       Mrs. Alexander L. Keyes
Ms. Bette Schultz & Mr. Paul Payton   Mr. Christopher Van Wyk             Jan & Gary Colby                 Mr. Edmond M. Kirby
Mr. Tom Pepe                          James & Mary Venezia                Ms. Anita Cole                   Ms. Carolyn Kohn
Jean & Frank Pfeffer                  Ms. Jacqueline Verity               Mr. Verner H. Condon             Mr. & Mrs. James Kovacs
Mr. Henry Pfeiffer                    Janet & Don Vespia                  Mr. Donald R. Conklin            Mr. Frederick Kurtz
Mr. & Mrs. Denis Phalon               Ms. Nancy Vroom                     Mr. Myles Connor, Jr.            Mr. Clinton W. Lane, III
Mr. Charles C. Philipp                Mr. Clark D. Wagner                 Mr. Granville E. Conway          Yvonne & Louis Lanzerotti
Ms. Therese Pick                      Laura & Shane Wagner                Mr. Horace Corbin, III           Nancy & John Lasser
Jillian R. Pincus, MD                 David & Julia Warren                Bob & Mary Courtemanche          Mr. & Mrs. James Lee
Mr. Scott Pinkus                      Ms. Cynthia Weaver                  Martha & Douglas Coy             Judith & Lester Lieberman
Ms. Daria Pishko                      Mr. & Mrs. G.G. Wells               Mr. & Mrs. James L. Crawford     Ms. Cherry Liloia
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Porter, Jr.       Janice & Emery Westfall             Mr. & Mrs. Paul Creager          Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lindeman
Anthony & Dorothy Rastelli            Ms. Elga R. Wheeler                 Dr. & Mrs. William Crutchlow     The Lovell Family
Mr. Leonard Resto                     Miss Ruthann Wichelman                                               Ms. Ruthelizabeth Lovretin

10 -                                                                                      2000-2001 Annual Report
Mr. & Mrs. David Lustbader        Mr. Lindley Scarlett             Stephen & Carol DeMeritt         Ms. Joyce Payeur
Ms. Jane MacDougall               Joseph & Wendie Schleifer        Mr. George M. Dengler            Mr. William F. Pearce
Mr. John T. Magnier               Irene & Chris Sciales            Mr. Ron Dickhardt                Peter & Penny Pefanis
Mr. Ed Mahler                     Mr. & Mrs. Peter Segal           Mr. William Dietrich             Mr. Steven M. Peloso
Ms. Jeanne Manley                 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Sharples       Mr. Carlo DiGiorgio              Ms. Sheila Pfafflin
Mr. Spencer Marsh III             Mr. J. Peter Simon               Mr. Ed Doklan                    Ms. Carolyn Pflanzer
Mr. Charles Mayfield              Richard & Susan Simon            Mr. & Mrs. John Early            Guy & Sandra Piserchia
Mr. & Mrs. James W. McClelland    Mr. & Mrs. Tom Snell             Roger & Alberta Edwards          Ms. Gloria Poole
Mr. George McClellan              Mr. Paul Spatz                   Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence R. Fast      Mr. & Mrs. David Prosser
Ms. Marybeth McGee                Ms. Ann W. Stallard              Mrs. Frederick A. Fellows        Ms. Cheryl Prudhomme
Rosemary S. & Philip J. McGee     Ms. W. C. Stark                  Ms. Yvonne G. Fletcher           The Raptor Trust
Mr. Robert McKeown                Mrs. E. E. Stowell               Ms. Patricia Flynn               Ms. Anne W. Robbins
Mr. James McNamee                 Jessie Stuehler                  Mr. & Mrs. Bentley Fredane       Peter & Suzanne Rowland
Lorenna & Tracy Meerwarth         Nancy & Byron Sugahara           Steve & Joan Fronapfel           Mr. & Mrs. Paul Scanlon
Ms. Mary Meissner                 Mr. & Mrs. Brian Sullivan        Mr. Roy Garms                    Larry & Bev Schellhammer
Mr. & Mrs. Karl Meister           Mr. Hugh Symonds                 Mr. Gerald Gennario              Suzanne Klein & Allen Schultz
John & Caron Menger               Mr. William H. Taft, Jr.         Dr. & Mrs. Joel Goldberg         Mr. Edward G. Schweiger
Mrs. Russell Meslar               Ms. Jean Taylor                  Ms. Elaine Goldman               Mr. & Mrs. James A. Sebold, Jr.
Mrs. Paul Miller                  Mr. John R. Thornton             Ellen & Stuart Goldstein         Mr. Avelino Simoes
Rosemary & Joseph Misko           Janet Tribus                     Denise & Robert Goodnow, Jr.     Ms. Joyce Stapperfenne
J. Brian & Cynthia Moran          Mary Jane & Doug Turnbull        Ms. Carole Gray                  Ruth Ann Barrick & Jerome Starr
Mr. Dennis R. Morgan              Ms. Audrey Van Acker             Larry & Barbara Griswold         Ms. Edith Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. James Morgan         Mrs. Martha W. Van Allen         Mr. Ron Gross                    Ms. Meredith Swenson
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Morris         Mr. & Mrs. Peter Vermylen        Stephen & Jenny Gruber           Mrs. Marcella D. Teele
The Motiuk Family                 Mrs. William Virtue              Ms. Litty Hado                   Thornton Family
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mowbray        Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Von Zuben   Mr. Len Hamilton                 Dr. & Mrs. William Toth
Mrs. Virginia Muchmore            Philip & Phyllis Waldorf         Jane Hecht                       Mr. & Mrs. Edward Traub, Jr.
James & Sigrid Mueller            Ms. Elizabeth Waterman           Jim Hoagland & Marie Cassese     Mr. Theodore Vogel
Ms. Gail Mulvihill                David & Nancy Weil               Stephen & Gail Hopper            Mrs. Diane Vogt
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Muratore         Mr. & Mrs. Skippy Weinstein      Mr. Malcolm Hutchison            Mr. Charles L. Vollherbst
J.D. & L.L. Nally                 Mr. S. F. Wentz                  Mr. Bill Ippolito                Mr. Hugh Wallace
Lisa & Roy Naturman               Mr. Joel A. Wolff                Russ Jones & Lynda Sandersen     Mr. Peter Walsh
Doug & Betsy Nelson               Mr. & Mrs. Keith Wood            Mr. Richard E. Joyce             Mrs. Margaret Washington
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen North          Ms. Joyce Young                  Robert & Cynthia Kastner         Mr. & Mrs. W.O. Watts
Anthony & Lee Anne Nugent         Ann & Arshad Zakaria             Iris and John Keim               Mr. Douglas Weaver
Carole O’Brien & Robert Skeele    Mr. Jack Ziebarth                Mr. Carl F. Kielblock            Cathy Wilkes & Gregory Zubrycki
Mr. Francis X. O’Connor           Mr. S.A. Zimmerman               Mr. Haim Kilov                   Ms. Nadine M. Wilson
Mr. Joseph O’Donnell                                               Joe & Susan Kinsella             James, Amy & Liza Wolf
Ms. Martha R. Ohaus                   LONG HILL TWP.               Teeny & Don Kuhn                 Ms. Susan Wright
Ms. Isobel Olcott                 Mr. James Angelo                 Ms. Kathleen S. Langner          Ms. Patricia Young
Mr. Gerald O’Loughlin             Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Arbesfeld     Mark Lazar                       Mr. Michael P. Zanchelli
John & Sandy Olson                Mr. Samuel B. Barnes             Ms. Patricia Leahy               Mr. Bob Zilg
Mr. Dominick Orefice              Debra & Michael Barnet           Mr. James O. Lincoln
Gladys Cool & Margaret Packie     Anita & David Beechner           Mr. & Mrs. Shen Lin                       MADISON
William & Gloria Paknis           Mr. Arthur Beringause            Mr. William J. Loughan           Bill Aiello & Karen Parrish
Dr. & Mrs. Fred Palace            Mr. Charles Berman               Elizabeth Parker & Mark Magyar   Shona Douglas & Hiyan Alshawi
Mr. P. Pallantios                 Mr. Robert Bilodeau              Dr. Jay Mahoney                  Mr. Erik Anderson
Ms. Christine Pearson             Ms. Alice Boemio                 Ms. Karen Margolin               Steve & Martha Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. David Pennock          Ms. Lynne Bott                   Sao Marto                        Mr. & Mrs. Nev Avci
Mr. Nick Platt                    Frank & Susan Bridges            Ms. Joan M. McCloskey            Mr. Joseph L. Balwierczak
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Ponder             Mr. & Mrs. Briney                Ms. Jeannie McGurran             Richard & Nancy Barrett
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Pratt            Glen & Mimi Brown                Ms. Linda McKenna                Mr. Andrew Becker
Ron & Judy Preiss                 Mr. Thomas W. Burtnett           Mr. Eugene W. McMahon            Ms. Valerie Behrens
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Prendergast   Mr. Scott D. Bush                Ms. Ann McMullen                 Dr. & Mrs. Rolf Bessin
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Probert         Ms. Patricia Campbell            Ms. Pat McPherson                Tom & Joanne Bintinger
Andrew & Kathleen Pruzick         Matthew Carracino &Bernadette    Ms. C. Melise                    Mr. Patrick Boroian
Mr. Jay Pultz                     Rubbo                            Ms. Susan Melito                 Mr. Donald J. Bowen
Ms. Mary F. Quinn                 Ms. Lorinda Cherry               Mr. Bob Mellea                   Ms. Judith S. Boyd
Michael & Virginia Ranger         Dr. & Mrs. Nick Cicchetti        Mr. John Mihal                   Mr. Paul Brennan
John & Leslie Reed                Bill Cohen                       Mr. Donald N. Miller             Mr. Marc Brodeur
David & Nancy Resnick             Sue & Chris Collins              Diane & Steven Minassian         Mr. Walter H. Brown
Mr. Michael Rolland               Mr. & Mrs. John C. Collins       Ed & Nancy Mink                  Nancy & Larry Bruce
Christopher & Cynthia Rooke       Mr. Andrew Compton               Charles & Gail Moizeau           Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Burchett
Mr. & Mrs. William Rooke          Nancy & Bill Conger              Marlies & Mel Mraz               Mr. A. Dean Burling
Mr. Brian Rotchford               Mr. Joseph F. Connolly           Mr. Jim Mulvey                   Ms. Kathleen J. Caccavale
Ms. Caitlin Rotchford             Kent, Savannah & Alexa Coules    Mr. John Munsey                  Ms. Nancy Callan
John Ruffle & Joslin Leonardson   Ms. Joan Coyne                   Ms. Katherine Nelson             Mr. Edward J. Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Sambrook          Mr. Frank Cuoco                  J. Northington                   Mrs. David Cassa
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Sanford         Mr. Neil L. Davis                Mrs. M. A. O’Connor              Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Clark
Paul & Antoinette Santucci                                         Mr. Leonard P. Parkin, II

2000-2001 Annual Report                                                                           - 11
Bob & Titi Conley                  Ms. Cynthia W. O’Donnell            Mr. & Mrs. P. Wayne Frey                Glenn & Eleanor Coutts
Mr. E. H. Cooper                   Mrs. Frances Oppenheimer            Ms. Jennifer Gemberling                 Ms. Alice Darlington Cutler
Mr. John Copeland                  Mr. David Ouimet                    Ms. Joan Gunning                        Mr. David F. Darche
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Coultas          Mr. Robert G. Patterson             Ms. Ann Hesselink                       Mr. Roger Darling
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Crnkovich         Mr. Charles W. Paul                 Mr. & Mrs. Michael M. Horn              Chris & Thelma DeCarlo
Ms. Kelley Curran                  Mr. Michael Perry                   Mr. Fred R. Huettig                     Mary & Malcolm Dick
Mr. L. Arthur D’Asaro              Mr. Perry Philp                     Farley Hunter & Arleen Phillips         Mr. Richard E. Doremus
Rory Devlin                        Ms. Linda Pierce                    Ms. Penny C. Jones                      Mr. & Mrs. Irwin Dorros
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Diehl        Ms. Joan Pittis                     Ms. Sherry M. Jones                     Ms. Anne M. Dunphy
Mr. Edward Domber                  Lee & Sylvia Pollock                Ms. Alice Jurist                        Mr. James Dykema
Calvert Dooman                     Mr. Scott Porter                    Ms. Marion J. Kingsford                 Ms. Desiree Ellerthorpe
Donna & Rob Dughi                  Jeff & Susie Pribor                 Tracy M. Kinsel Family                  Barry & Irene Fisher
Ms. Jeanne Eisele                  Tamara Pearsall & Joseph Profaci    Dr. & Mrs. David E. Knoop               Ms. Barbara Flanagan
Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Elmendorf    Barbara Howe & Arthur Protin, Jr.   Ms. Penny Kopcsik                       Ms. Marie Gensch
Mr. P.R. Faber                     Ms. Nancy Purdy                     Ms. Lori Kruse                          Mr. Lazarus M. Gordon
Lydia & Richard Feldman            Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Rapp             Mr. George LaRoza                       Mr. William A. Granzen
The Ferriero Family                Ellen & Paul Reader                 Arjen Lenstra & Gusta van Dobbenburgh   Ms. Harriet Grose
Ms. Eileen Feurey                  Mr. Jay C. Rippard                  Victoria Ponte & Mark Leone             Ms. Marion O. Harris
Dorothy Meaney & Mark Fitzgerald   Mr. P.E. Roggi                      Mr. John MacBride                       Richard & Barbara Hartman
Bruce & Kathryn Galton             Ms. Winifred Sue Rowe               Ms. Isabel K. Malin                     Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Hasker
Mr. Norman Gilchrist               Mr. Henry Ryan                      Mr. & Mrs. Peter Mastrantuono           Bob & Nancy Hedinger
Ms. Margaret Gilhooley             Mr. & Mrs. Walter T. Savage         Ms. Marian H. Mundy                     Mr. & Mrs. James Higgins
Mr. Stephen Gray                   Ms. Barbara Schlichting             Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Parker              Mr. & Mrs. William Hittinger
Ms. Pauline Gyorgy                 Mr. & Mrs. Bryan R. Shelby          Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Patton            Ms. Inez Hoffman
Mr. G. Ward Haefelein              Craig Smith & Beth Fell             Mr. & Mrs. James M. Porter              Mr. Matt Hoffman
Mr. Jay H. Hagerich                Ms. Carol Smith                     Barbara & Linda Posunko                 Ms. Theresa A. Hudzina
Mrs. Paul L. Hammann               Ms. Elaine L. Smith                 Ms. Linda Resh                          Mr. Joseph Insinga
Mr. Robert Hartel                  Mr. & Mrs. Frank Smith              Ms. Lucy Shurtleff Slacik               Mrs. Leon Israel
Ms. Carol Head                     Ms. Kay Smith                       Ms. Mollie Vogt                         Mr. David E. Jones
Ms. Sara Henry-Corrington          Kermit & Patricia Smith             Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Walker            Mr. Theodore E. Jones, Jr.
Ms. Chris Hepburn                  Peter & Gillian Smith               Mr. Alan Willemsen                      Mr. Michael J. Juras, Jr.
Keith & Barbara Hightower          Dr. Gilbert B. Solitare                                                     Ms. Barbara B. Jutila
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Hoffman       Mr. Daniel A. Soltis                  MORRISTOWN AND                        Mr. & Mrs. Gustav Kane
Patrice Lawall & Ernst Hofmann     Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Stires                                                    Mr. James C. Kellogg
                                                                           MORRIS TWP.
Ms. Harriet Honigfeld              Mr. William D. Stroker                                                      Mr. H. Kimmich
                                                                       Mr. Louis Absalon
David Johnson & Dorothy Wilson     Ms. Sarah Joyce Sullivan                                                    Murray & Mercedes Klayman
                                                                       Dianne & Doug Ackerman
Mr. Thomas G. Johnson              Mr. & Mrs. James Swartz, Jr.                                                Mr. Harold A. Klingsporn
                                                                       Kathryn P. Alberti, MD
Mr. William Johnson                Mr. Woodrow Sweeney                                                         Mr. & Mrs. H. R. Kuchler
                                                                       Mr. Edward Andersen
Ms. Nancy Josephs                  Mr. Berkley A. Tague                                                        The Kurlander Family
                                                                       Dr. Joseph Arvay
Mr. Robert Kay                     John & Lucy Tscherne                                                        Peter & Marthe Lablans
                                                                       Mr. Joseph Attamante
Ms. Margaux Kelleher               Mr. & Mrs. David Tyson                                                      Ms. Jean La Platte
                                                                       Ms. Mary Averill
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Kelly            Tom & Betsy Uhlman                                                          Ms. Susan Lausell
                                                                       Ms. Pat Davis Back
Mr. & Mrs. Ellwood Kerkeslager     Mr. Aaron Vogler                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Paige L’Hommedieu
                                                                       Mr. David Bagish
Dr. Terry Kidner                   Edward & Susanne von der Linde                                              Mr. Jerome S. Lieb
                                                                       Mr. Mark Bagish
Astri Baillie & John Kimball       Mr. & Mrs. Gert von der Linde                                               Dr. & Mrs. Donald Livingston
                                                                       Ms. Betti Baldan
Ms. Ellen T. Kirch                 Mr. Steven P. Walldorf                                                      Dr. William Lupatkin
                                                                       Ms. Martha S. Bardin
Mr. Ellis D. Klingeman             Beverly & John Wand                                                         Ms. Mary R. MacArthur
                                                                       Mr. Richard E. Batherman
Barry & Judith Kroll               Mr. & Mrs. William E. Watson                                                Mrs. Ethel K. MacNeal
                                                                       Ms. Margaret Bennett
Mr. John Lawson                    Ms. Sara Webb                                                               Mrs. Richard A. Maker
                                                                       Alan H. & Ann S. Bernstein
Anne & Joe Leahy                   Ms. Claire Whitcomb                                                         William & Paula Marino
                                                                       Eileen Bevan, DC
Mr. Lawrence Lee                   Mr. & Mrs. Albert Wickens                                                   Mr. Thomas McLaughlin
                                                                       Mrs. Helene B. Billings
Mr. William List                   Dr. Susan Wieler                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Metz
                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bitar
Ms. Joan Lovell                    Mr. & Mrs. John Welles Wight, Jr.                                           Ms. Winifred Michiels
                                                                       Robert & Janet Boni
David & Sylvia Luber               Mrs. Susan Wijdenes                                                         Mr. Robert B. Miller
                                                                       Tom Bowmaster & Jill Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Lynch         Ben & Lois Wolkowitz                                                        Caroline & Sam Morgan
                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Boyd
Mr. Michael G. Maguire             Ms. Ruth J. Zowader                                                         Ms. Virginia Moriarty
                                                                       Pete & Jacki Brady
Mr. Richard Malishchak                                                                                         Mr. Reid Morrow
                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. James Brown
Ed & Julie Malmstrom                         MENDHAM                   Mr. Paul Brubaker
                                                                                                               Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Moyer
Mr. Harry A. Marshall              Ms. Molly B. Adams                                                          Mrs. Mabel Murphy
                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. David Budd
Mr. William Marshall               Mr. Robert Anderson                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Morgan J. Murray
                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. A.H. Buschmann, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Marsh        Mr. Fred Bartenstein, Jr.                                                   Dr. & Mrs. Grant V. S. Parr
                                                                       Mr. Richard Capone
Ms. Deborah McDonough              Ms. Vallie Beckwith                                                         Mr. Brad Patterson
                                                                       Wendy & Brian Carroll
Jim McKie                          Roger and Meg Berlin                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Pearce
                                                                       Mr. Chip Carver/Ms. Anne Delaney
Dr. & Mrs. Edward McLean, Jr.      Mr. Stuart Brunet                                                           Ms. Cecilia Polaski
                                                                       Ms. Roxana Castillo
Rod & Alida McRae                  Mr. Keith Bubrow                                                            Mr. Aaron Preiser
                                                                       Mr. C.B. Clancy III
Mr. Richard Meyer                  The Curtis Family                                                           Mr. Martin Prentice
                                                                       Mr. Richard A. Coradeschi
Ms. Marilyn A. Miller              Mrs. Lois Ellis                                                             Ms. Alice Puleo
                                                                       Mr. Robert Corman
Ms. Angelina Monti                 Mr. Sam Fairchild                                                           Ms. Susan Reich
                                                                       Rori & Debi Corrigan
Mr. & Mrs. Farley Moran            Robert & Marie Fox                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Aaron A. Rich
                                                                       Mr. Edward F. Corson
Peter Niceberg & Sharon Okamoto                                                                                Jeff & Nancy Rich

12 -                                                                                          2000-2001 Annual Report
Ms. Lois Robertson                   Mr. & Mrs. Michael O’Connor         Ms. Maureen Wimmer                   Lorraine & Joseph Hughes
Mr. George A. Roeder                 Ms. Monica Otte                     Mr. & Mrs. Henry F. Wood, Jr.        Mrs. Avis C. Hyde
Mr. Edward G. Rogers                 Mr. Thomas Pate                     Andrew I. Zablow, M.D.               Mr. Robert E. Kaus
Mr. Paul Rosenberg                   Mr. Anthony R. Smith                                                     Ms. Dorothy D. Kautzman
Mr. Henry Rosenthal                  Mrs. Rohna M. Solodare                         SUMMIT                    Ms. Julie Keenan
Ms. Barbara Ruane                    Mr. & Mrs. David Unger              Mr. Richard Abouchar                 Ms. Shirley Keeney
David & Sue Rudd                     Ms. Susan Weinberg                  Ms. Carol Aronson                    Mr. John A. Kelleher
Mr. Michael A. Russo                                                     Mr. Carl L. Austin                   Susan & Henry Keller
Mr. Walter Saffer                          SHORT HILLS                   Mr. Michael S. Azzolina              Mr. J. Gordon R. Kenney
Dr. J. & S. Sanborn                  Mr. Thomas J. Barnet                Mr. Mark Beatty                      Ms. Victoria King
Ms. Heidi Schleifer-Fleischman       Gadi & Suzanne Ben-Menachem         Ms. Andrea Benisch                   Mr. John Knight
C. E. Schmid, Ph.D.                  Mr. & Mrs. W. W. Betteridge         Ms. Sallie Bernard                   Mr. Thomas Knoop
Mr. Norman J. Schonfeld              Ms. Evie Bharucha                   Ms. Barbara A. Bilancioni            Mr. Mark F. Koernig
Barry & Susie Schub                  Mr. James Birney                    Mr. & Mrs. David H. Blair            Ms. Laura E. Korfmann
Mrs. Deborah Seymour                 Lorraine & Gilbert Bohen            Mr. Thomas B. Boak                   Mrs. William Kranichfeld
Ms. Pamela A. Sharples               Mr. Frederick Cezer                 Robert B. Bourne & Carolann Clynes   Ms. Leslie W. Kreuzer
Mr. Norman Shaw                      Mr. Stephen Cohen                   Mr. Sanford Bristol                  Mr. Samuel J. La Motta
Mr. Daniel W. Shea                   Mrs. Jean F. Cunliffe               Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Brucker          Mr. Matthew S. Lambert
Mr. Jackson Shepard                  Mr. & Mrs. Dickinson R. Debevoise   Dawn & Geoff Buchan                  Keith Langworthy & Diane Joseph
Mrs. George Shinn                    Mr. William DeCamp                  Ms. Ann Burgmeyer                    Anita & Jeffrey Liebman
Drs. Don & Lynn Siebert              Mr. G. Leon R. Desbrow              Mr. Laurence Chase                   Ms. Maryann Lyon
Janet Simon Robertson                Martine & John Donofrio             Mr. Steven Christensen               Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Mangin
Ms. Karen Smith                      Mr. Edward Dreyer                   Ms. M. Christiano                    Cynthia & Richard Martin
Mrs. Clifford W. Starrett            Ms. Ursula Enderlin                 Mr. Alan G. Chynoweth                Carl & Janet Maulbeck
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Steinen        Ms. Suzanne B. Engel                Marguerite Brennan & Gregory Cohen   Mr. William S. Mauskopf
Mr. Clifford Stern                   Ms. Lauren M. Fass                  Ms. Jean D. Collins                  Mr. & Mrs. Heath McLendon
Mr. Peter D. Stocke                  Thomas & Stephanie Favia            Ms. Elizabeth Compton                Mrs. E. F. Melick
Ms. Margaret Stone                   Ms. Barbara Fort                    Mr. Joseph H. Condon                 Ms. Carmen E. Metzner
James & Carol Taft                   Mr. Gary French                     Ms. Anne L. Conover                  Mr. David M. Miyamoto
Mr. Al Tomkins                       Frederick W. Fuller, M.D.           Ms. Joy Cox                          Mr. David M. Muldowney
Mrs. Leslie M. Townsend              Mr. & Mrs. John R. Getz             Ms. Karen Cramer                     Ms. Carole Myers
Ernest Tucker, MD                    Mrs. Jeremy Gordon                  Mr. Michael Creem                    Ms. Anna Nagy
Mr. Francis Tweed                    Mr. Geoffrey Harris                 Mr. Anthony De Santis                Ms. Linda Nellis
Ms. Susan Uustal                     Mr. & Mrs. R. Herbst                William & Brandon Deatly             John & Susan Nicholas
Mr. Harvey Van Zandt                 Mrs. Edward L. Hinckley             Terence & Monica Deeks               James & Elizabeth Northrop
Mr. Jacob Varsano                    Mr. Thomas Howard                   Mr. H. W. Diefendorf                 Tony & Pat Obst
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Wary               Ms. Ellen P. Ivey                   Mr. Kevin Dowling                    Mark & Laurie Parkin
Branch Watkins                       Ms. Morrene Hubbard Jacobs          Ms. Nancy K. Dunn                    Mr. & Mrs. Francis I. Perier
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wegner             Carol & George Jacobstein           Ms. Phyllis K. Dunn                  Mr. William Petersen
Mr. Charles P. Wentz                 Mr. Mark H. Jay                     Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Ehinger         Joe & Patsy Petri
Mr. Gunther Wertheim                 Ms. Renee Kahn                      Stephen & Sharon Ertz                Mr. & Mrs. Hugo Pfaltz
Mr. Stephen Westaway                 Mr. Charles Kalmanek                Ms. Jean Evertsen                    Mr. Edward Pizzi
Mr. David B. Wills                   Louis & Julie Karchin               Mr. & Mrs. David C. Farrand          Dr. & Mrs. Henry Pollak
Linda & Blaine Wilson                Mr. Michael Karp                    Mr. Eric Flanagan                    Ms. Dorothy Post
Mr. Walter Wolf                      Mr. & Mrs. Carl Klemme              Mr. Eugene Fox                       Mrs. Elizabeth H. Potter
Jean & Jan Wotowicz                  Laurie & Stuart Leitner             Mr. Joe Frank                        Mr. Donald Quinn
Ms. Lee Wuenn                        Mr. F. Lieberberg                   Dr. Hatsuaki Fukui                   Mr. Alfred Rancke
Ms. Tamar Wyschogrod                 Mr. Austin W. Lohse                 Mr. George Fuller                    Jesse & Myrene Reyes
Mr. Robert J. Wyse                   Mr. Walter J. Luby                  Mr. Robert J. Gartside               Ms. Kathleen M. Reyes
Mr. Charles Young                    Ms. Anne McNulty                    Mrs. Henry Gibson                    Mr. Henry Riordan
Ms. Serie Zimmerman                  Mrs. Ann Michels                    Ms. Marian Glenn                     Mr. Paul Rissman
                                     Ms. Maureen Ogden                   Florence & Nathan Goldberg           Mr. & Mrs. Luther S. Roehm
   NEW PROVIDENCE                    Mr. Fred Orlan                      Mr. & Mrs. Craig Goodall             Mr. & Mrs. William Rosen
Michael & Kim Amoia                  Ms. Sandy Peinado                   Ms. Priscilla C. Goss                Mr. Michael Rush
Mr. Leo Bogdan                       Ms. Carol Perrin                    Mr. Robert J. Gunhouse               Ms. Barbara Sayres
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bottazzi           Mr. Stephen Peters                  Dr. Thomas Hakes                     Michael Scheer & Lynn Royer-Scheer
Mr. C. M. Breining                   Mr. Phil Platzman                   Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hassert              Ms. Claire Schiff
Michael Duffy & Marianne Bachynski   Mrs. William Ridgway, Jr.           Mr. Arthur Hausker                   Dr. Don Seifert
Mr. Joseph Dunn                      Mr. Jeffrey D. Roth                 Mr. Peter M. Hay                     Mr. Matthias Sheeleigh
Ms. Jane Fela                        Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rumery           Ms. Kathryn Head                     Mr. & Mrs. WV Shipley
Barbara & Eric Friedman              Mr. Norman Samkoff                  Ms. Elsa L. Heid                     Mr. M. L. Siegel
Mr. David Hoerl                      Mr. Russell A. Schaible             Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Herbst          Ms. Kitty Simpson
Ms. Anne Kane                        Eric & Randi Sellinger              Sally & Bill Hespe                   Anneliese L. Sitarz, MD
Ms. Elsa C. LeBlanc                  Ms. Greta Skolnick                  Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Hill            Ms. Grace Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Lesnewich       Ms. Ruth E. Southwick               Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Hilzenrath         Ms. Lori Sorensen
Mr. William Mathis                   Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Spining        John & Sue Hirner                    Arden Southard
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Matko              Ms. Mary R. Stackhouse              Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Hite             Charles Stocklein & Lori Tannenbaum
Ms. Lisa McCrea                      Mr. & Mrs. George C. Watt           Mr. Lee M. Horner, Sr.               Mr. George W. Sullivan
Mr. H. E. Newell                     Dr. Lennard Wharton                 Eric & Susan Hubbard                 The Tartaglia Familly
                                                                                                              Ms. Katharine Thomas

2000-2001 Annual Report                                                                                     - 13
P. Thomas & F. Bell                    Charles Schwab Corp. Foundation        Ms. Faith Brancato            Mr. John F. McIlwain
Mr. A. Carl Tietjen                    Chase Manhattan Foundation             Mr. Peter Braun               Carole Mead Davis & George G. Mead
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Tobitsch          The Chubb Corporation                  Mr. Ernest J. Brito           Mr. Peter A. Messina
Juan Torres, MD                        CR Bard Foundation                     Adele & Roger Brodkin         Mr. Philip C. Mezey
Mr. Ray Vacca                          Deutsche Bank                          Mr. Arthur Brody              Mary Lee Miller & Kate Mason
Mr. & Mrs. Edgar H. Vant, Jr.          The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation       Dr. Frank Browne              Ms. Suzanne L. Miller
Dr. & Mrs. Melvin P. Vigman            Foundation                             Michele Byers & Ted Stiles    Ms. Sue Ann Moeller
Josh & Roberta Weinreich               Equistar Chemicals, LP                 Ms. Catherine Campbell        Mr. David Moore
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Weinstein           Hoechst Celanese Foundation            Ms. Mary B. Capozzoli         Mrs. Patricia Moran
Ms. Gail Weis                          Honeywell International Foundation     Ms. Mary Rose Cassa           Mr. Edmond N. Moriarty III
Dr. & Mrs. Donald H. Wernsing          IBM                                    Mr. Edward T. Coll            Mr. Edward Morrison
Ms. Mary M. Yannotta                   Illinois Tool Works Foundation         Lee Lusardi Connor            Ms. Evelyn S. Morton
Mr. W. Robert York                     JP Morgan Charitable Trust             Ms. Jean Cooper               Mr. Jerry Nedelman
                                       Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation         Charles E. Crandall, MD       Mrs. Robert A. Newhouse
     CORPORATIONS                      Pfizer Foundation                      Ms. Therese Crowley           Ms. Jane Nogaki
Automatic Data Processing Inc.         Philip Morris Companies Inc.           Thomas & Brenda Curnin        Ms. Karen A. Olden
American Home Products                 Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts   Mr. George Cushman, Jr.       Ms. Donna M. Paino
AT&T Wireless Services                 RJR Nabisco                            Ms. Susan Dammer-Jones        Ms. Barbara Palmer
Briarpatch, Inc.                       The St. Paul Companies                 Mrs. Viola H. Danciak         Natalie Anderson & Rob Panco
CA Dept. of Toxic Substances Control   Thomson Financial Services             Ms. Carolyn Daurio            Ms. Martha Parrish
CBM Fine Garden Design                 Verizon Foundation                     Mr. John P. de Neufville      William & Joan Patterson
CG International, Inc.                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Sidney G. Dillon   Mr. Carl N. Pauli
Direct Marketers on Call, Inc.                                                Mr. Nelson Dittmar            Mr. & Mrs. Gary Petersen
                                           ORGANIZATIONS                      Ms. Susan J. Dumais           Ms. Eleanor M. Pfaff
GPU Energy
                                       Basking Ridge Garden Club              D. & J. Engelhart             Mr. Edward Poplawski
Hoffman Associates Architects
                                       Bernardsville Garden Club              Mr. Nicholas C. English       Ms. Natalie Powell
Kings Supermarkets, Inc.
                                       EFNJ                                   Mrs. Jeanette Epstein         Mr. John Raby
Lucent Technologies Foundation
                                       Four Seasons Garden Club               Ms. Nancy Farrell             Ms. Fern Relkin
Navigators Insurance Co.
                                       Fun Sprouts.Com                        Anne & George Fritz           Mrs. Margaret S. Robbins
                                       Garden Club of Madison                 Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Gang         Dr. Patricia Rossi
Quinn Fable Advertising, Inc.
                                       Garden Club of Montclair               Ms. Catherine Gillen          Ms. Carole Roth-Sullivan
Dan Raviv Associates, Inc.
                                       Garden Club of Watchung                D. Glogovcsan                 Susan Rowley, MD
Red Oak Bank
                                       Hackensack Watershed Association       Mr. Robert Grady              Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Russo
Thonet Associates, Inc.
                                       League of Women Voters, Morristown     Ms. Karen O. Hahner           Ms. Cathryn Sabo Rotolo
Tree Tech, Inc.
                                       Morris Land Conservancy                Mr. Paul Hahn                 Ms. Barbara Sandargus
Van Cleef Engineering Associates
                                       New Vernon Garden Club                 Ms. Elaine Harrison           Mr. William Santoriello
                                       NJDEP                                  Mr. & Mrs. Gates Helms Hawn   P. D. & R. R. Savage
      FOUNDATIONS                      NY/NJ Baykeeper                        Mr. & Mrs. David Helck        Mr. Jay Schechter
Baker Street Trust                     Plainfield Garden Club                 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Hinson      Kenneth & Yvonne Schley
Brisgel Charitable Foundation          Recorder Publishing Co.                Mr. John C. Hirsch            Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Sell
M & A Cestone Foundation, Inc.         Rolling Hills GC of Short Hills        Mr. John S. Hirschoff         Mr. & Dr. R. M. Senyk
Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation          Residents for Rural Harding            Mr. John Irwin                Ms. Barbara L. Simpson
R.M.Ellis Foundation                   Short Hills Garden Club                Ms. Susan G. Jackson          Mr. Paul Skettini
The Fanwood Foundation                 Short Hills Home Garden Club           Ms. Judy Jengo                Mr. Donald A. Smith
The Frelinghuysen Foundation           Sprout House                           Mrs. W.R. Johnston            Mr. J. Robert Starkey
The Fund for New Jersey                Stonybrook-Millstone Watershed Assn.   Mr. Arthur A. Julius          Dr. & Mrs. Patrick R. Thomas
E.J. Grassmann Trust                   Summit Meeting of Friends              Mr. & Mrs. Burton H. Kapner   Mrs. Lois Thomsen
William & Marie Henderson Fnd.         Summit Nature Club                     Ms. Catherine Keim            Ms. Karen Timmons
Hyde & Watson Foundation
                                                                              Mr. Robert Kelly              Mr. Ross Trube
The Jana Fund                                      OTHER                      Ms. Karin Kettenring          Bob Tucker & Joan Luckhardt
The Janes Family Fund
                                       Ms. Susanne K. Albert                  Mr. Carl A. Klemme            Mr. Neil Upmeyer
Joy St. Foundation
                                       Ms. Katina Ansen                       Kate & Chris Kogler           Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Vag
Charles & Lucille King Family Fnd.
                                       Mr. & Mrs. Byron Arison                Mr. Benedict M. Kohl          Ms. Grace Vitelli
F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.
                                       Ms. Betsy Austin                       Louis & Dorothy Kreyer        Ms. Emily Voytek
Fanny & Svante Knistrom Fnd.
                                       Ms. Penelope Ayers                     Robert Kucharski, Ph.D.       Mr. Curt Weaver
The Koven Foundation
                                       Mr. Allan P. Banks                     Ms. Christina M. Lands        Mr. Morton Weinstein
The Leavens Foundation, Inc.
                                       Mr. Joe Barton                         Ms. Cecilia G. Laureys        Judith & Peddrick Weis
Gladys & Raymond Pearlstine Trust
                                       Ms. Sandy Batty                        Ms. Ann Lesk                  Ms. Nancy L. Werber
Fred C. Rummel Foundation
                                       Ms. Maria Baulch                       Mr. Maxwell Lester, III       Mr. & Mrs. C. Wetzel
Lawrence Schacht Foundation
                                       Mr. William Baumann                    Mr. Sheldon Lipton            Ms. Jane Whitcomb
Schoolbell Foundation
                                       Mr. & Mrs. P. Robert Bechtolt          Ms. Lorrie Losapio            Mr. Roger Yockel
Summit Area Public Foundation
                                       Mr. Gregory J. Becker                  Ms. Doris Love
Union Foundation
                                       Mr. Robert E. Beers                    Mr. Robert Love
Victoria Foundation, Inc
                                       Ms. Nedra Behringer                    Ms. Louisa Lubiak
                                       Mr. Donald Bender                      Mr. Lester Luedecker
    MATCHING GIFTS                     Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bernard              Robert & Lois Lummer
Aetna Foundation, Inc.                 Tarun & Christina Bhalla               Ms. Mildred Mangas
American International Group, Inc.     Andrew K. Boszhardt, Jr.               Ms. Florence McBride
American Express Foundation            Ms. Dinah Bourne                       Mr. Tom McFadden
C N A Foundation                       Mr. Richard M. Bradshaw                Mr. Bernard J. McGovern

14 -                                                                                       2000-2001 Annual Report
Swamp Watch, continued from page 5            State of New Jersey. The State often ref-      assistant pastor. Neighbors downslope of
Long Hill Township                            erences Madison’s all-volunteer group as       that site have already voiced concern over
                                              a model when assisting other municipali-       increased storm water runoff and cite ex-
          Menza Gets                          ties to start a shade tree board.              isting water problems on their properties.
      Best Site Plan Award
       The Ten Towns Committee s award                     SEAMLESS                                 Madison’s First
for best site plan of the year went to               Several Madison residents, along            Conservation Easement
Michael Menza (Menza & Beissel, Inc.)         with residents of Chatham Borough,                   Madison residents Ben and Lois
for an 8-lot subdivision in Long Hill         Chatham Township, Morris Township,             Wolkowitz, have placed a conservation
Township. The merits of the project, cur-     Hanover, Long Hill Township and other          easement on their residential property,
rently under construction along the south-    municipalities, continue to gather and         deeded to GSWA. The family has trans-
ern portion of Pleasant Plains Road, in-      share information regarding regional de-       ferred the development rights for 1.35
cluded best management practices for          velopment in southeast Morris County.          acres of the 2.56 acre lot to the Associa-
stormwater, significant conservation ease-    SEAMLESS (the SouthEast Morris                 tion, ensuring that the aptly named
ments around every house, and preserva-       League for Strategic Solutions) seeks to       Dellwood property, which includes
tion of an existing historical house on the   understand, share information and offer        heavily wooded dells from ancient glacial
site. The award was presented at the Ten      solutions to mitigate the negative impacts     deposits, cannot be subdivided and/or de-
Towns Committee s sixth anniversary           of regional development, including in-         veloped by a subsequent owner. The
meeting by Len Hamilton, vice-chair of        creased traffic and transportation conges-     Wolkowitz’s desire was driven in large part
the Ten Towns Committee, and Long Hill        tion, environmental impacts - especially       by their concern about the continued en-
Committeewoman Suzanne Dapkins.               to wetlands, water quality and quantity,       croachment of development in the few
                                              public safety, loss of open space, and other   remaining wooded lots in the Borough.
Long Hill Focuses New Master                  concerns. Commercial development ap-
    Plan on Open Space                        proved in southeast Morris County dur-         Madison Matters — Making an
       Long Hill has also launched its Mas-   ing 1999 and 2000 exceeded 5 million                     Impact
ter Plan 2002 project by re-examining its     square feet; and in the County as a whole,            A citizen’s group concerned with
open space and recreation element. The        an astounding 11 million square feet has       land use, open space, and character of the
new master plan is expected to set aside      been approved. Among the planned activi-       town, Madison Matters will celebrate its
some significant parcels of land as open      ties of SEAMLESS in the fall are educa-        first anniversary this September. Founded
space, provide additional protection for      tional presentations to local groups and       by a group of residents alarmed by the
historic roadways, strengthen the require-    advocacy through public meetings of mu-        nature and impact of zoning and planning
ments for conservation easements, and         nicipal bodies. Visit the website for more     variances, the group’s leaders include
give special attention to potential devel-    information:         Chris Hepburn and Judy Kroll, GSWA
opment within the Great Swamp water-                                                         trustees and veterans of land use battles.
shed. - Len Hamilton
                                                  Residential Subdivisions                   The positive impact of MM became clear
                                                        Troubling                            earlier this year when planning and zon-
Madison                                              Watershed members are closely           ing board members included almost all of
        Shade Tree Debate                     watching three applications currently be-      the group’s recommendations in their or-
                                              fore the Madison Planning Board. Two           dinance revisions. Particularly critical are
         Quietly Resolved                     involve subdivisions of large residential      storm water and steep slope revisions,
       After nearly a year of sometimes       properties within the watershed with steep     which have been discussed informally for
boisterous debate involving citizens,         slopes and all three involve properties ly-    some time but have yet to be adopted by
members of the Madison Shade Tree Au-         ing within prime aquifer recharge areas of     the Borough. Visit the website at
thority, the Mayor and the Borough Coun-      the Borough. Testimony is continuing on— Judy Kr ll   o
cil, the controversy surrounding the re-      the first, involving Block 4402 Lots 4 and
naming and re-alignment of Madison’s all-     35 (Midwood Terrace and Green Avenue),         Mendham Township
volunteer shade tree organization was qui-    and is expected to be extensive, as neigh-
etly resolved this spring. The Borough                                                                Girl Scout Village
                                              boring residents have secured professional
Council voted unanimously to adopt an                                                              The Morris Area Girl Scouts Coun-
                                              experts to testify to already existing storm
ordinance drafted by the Shade Tree Au-                                                      cil still has not presented plans to
                                              and ground water problems. The second
thority (after the original one drafted by                                                   Mendham Township for its proposed new
                                              application, Block 4903, Lot 10
the Mayor was scrapped), renaming it the                                                     village-style recreation facility. In their
                                              (Dellwood Pkwy South), will likely be-
Shade Tree Management Board and keep-                                                        spring 2001 newsletter, MAGSC an-
                                              gin in September. The third application
ing it’s organizational structure, scope of                                                  nounced that effective June 28, 2001 Su-
                                              before the Board involves Block 4501 Lot
responsibilities and authority largely in                                                    san A. Harwood, Chief Executive Officer,
                                              3, a property on Garfield Avenue between
place. The discussions focused attention                                                     was leaving them after more than 15 years
                                              Green Avenue and Green Village Road,
on the exceptional work of the Authority,                                                    of service. Since that announcement,
                                              owned by the Madison Baptist Church,
and brought to light that the program has                                                    Shirley Valentine has been hired as Interim
                                              which hopes to build a residence for an
received more than one grant from the                                                        Executive Director. — Julia Somers
                                                                                                      - 15
                            What’s Happening in the Swamp: A Calendar of Events
Following is a highly selective listing of events and activities offered to the    In addition to programs and activities, many of the agencies are also staffed by
public by private and county agencies that have facilities within and near the     naturalists and maintain extensive hiking trails, nature-center displays and ex-
Great Swamp watershed. Many of these organizations offer far more activities       hibits, and book sales. For many listings, advance registration is required; for
than those listed, including day and weekend trips to other areas. Call for com-   all, it is advised. To register, to receive additional information, or for directions,
plete information.                                                                 call the telephone numbers given below.
                   October                                               November                                                   December
14    Survival Basics. 2-4 p.m. Great Swamp            3   Winter Hiking in New Jersey by au-                    Ongoing. Gingerbread Wonderland Hagerty
      Outdoor Education Center, Chatham.                   thor and explorer, Arline Zatz,. Great                     Education Center, Frelinghuysen Arbo-
      Learn how to keep yourself safe, if you              Swamp Outdoor Education Center, 2                          retum. Display of holiday gingerbread
      are lost in the woods. Preregister.                  p.m. 973.635.6629.                                         houses designed by adults, children,
      973.635.6629.                                    3   Watch candles being made at the Wick                       families,      and     youth     groups.
14    Take a History Hike at Jockey Hollow,                Farm, 1-4 p.m. 973.543.4030.                               973.631.5151.
      1 p.m. 973.543.4030.                             10/ Discover the role of women and children               1/2 Somerset County Park. Commission,
20    Learn how apple butter is made at                24 who assisted soldiers with the daily                        Lord Stirling Stables. Winter Holiday
      Wick House, 1-4 p.m. 973.543.4030.                   chores of camp life at Jockey Hollow,                      Festival. Free admission-hay rides, pony
27    Join a park guide and learn about the                1:30-3:30 p.m. 973.543.4030.                               rides, decorate ornaments, Gingerbread
      personal and military history of some            11 A veteran of the American Revolution                        Barn and Horse contest. 908-766-5955.
      of America s first generals. Museum,                 returns to tell stories about his life as             7-16 Somerset County Environmental Educa-
      Morristown Headquarters, 1:30, 2:30,                 an enlisted man in Washington s Army.                      tion Center, Basking Ridge. Over 50 trees
      and 3:30 p.m. 973.543.4030.                          Museum, Morristown Headquarters,                           decorated by community groups and in-
28    Introductory Ride, Lord Stirling                     1:30, 2:30, 3:30 p.m. 973.543.4030.                        dividuals, silent auction, musical perfor-
      Stables. One hour ride through trails at         16 Annual Dinner, GSWA. Dinner, danc-                          mances. Call for details. 908-766-2489.
      Lord Stirling Park. Call stables for times           ing, silent auction, at the Westin Hotel.             8    Music from an 18th Century Christ-
      and details. 908.766.5955.                           Reservations required. 973.966.1900.                       mas. Morristown Headquarters. 7:30
28    Learn about folk art, superstitions,             17 Endangered species. Great Swamp Out-                        p.m. 973.543.4030.
      Halloween, ghosts, and important                     door Education Center. Larry Feeley                   27 Eagle Watch. Great Swamp Outdoor
      people of 18th century Morristown in                 from the DEP will present a slide discus-                  Education Center. Join the OEC staff for
      a tour of the graveyard of the Presbyte-             sion about NJ s endangered species. Free.                  a van trip to the Delaware River to look
      rian Church on the Green, 2 p.m.                     Open to all. 973.635.6629.                                 for the Bald Eagle. Bring a lunch, bin-
      973.543.4030.                                    25 Learn about the role of Native Ameri-                       oculars, and warm clothing $20.00. Pre-
                                                           cans in the Revolutionary War. Ford                        register. 973.635.6629.
                                                           Mansion tour, 1,2,3, and 4 p.m.

                                                                                                                                      Annual Report – 7
                                                                                                                                      Swamp Watch – 4
                                                                                                                                    Transco Update – 2
                                                                                                                          20th Anniversary Gala – 1
                                                                                                                                   On The Inside:

            Permit #2                                                                                                     New Vernon, NJ 07976
       New Vernon, NJ 07976                                                                                               Post Office Box 300
           Organization                                                                                                   Association
            Non-Profit                                                                                                    Great Swamp Watershed

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