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When around the scooters and skates in the ascendant today, a cooler, more stylish fitness sports there ------" Parkour. "At present, the sport has been very popular in foreign countries (Japan, Korea, Britain, Canada, the United States and other regions), virtually overnight, causing a "jump very"hot. "Parkour" for its unique light and agile and dynamic young people from around the world to conquer. The streets, from time to time "Parkour lovers"quietly leaped over; fashion style is so erratic, disco, bowling, cafe, rollerblade, dance mat has appeared not long, and now have become even had a monsoon.

More Info
									Parkour Programme - Summer 2010
At Parkour Training Area, Bewbush Park, Breezehurst Drive, Bewbush
with Urban PlayGround Team

Still in its first year the Parkour Training Area (PKTA) in Bewbush will play host to a
range of parkour activity from informal training sessions for beginners and
experienced traceurs, formal workshop programmes for people wanting to learn more
and an intensive summer school, all led exclusively for Crawley Borough Council by
the Urban Playground (UPG) Team.

Free Training Sessions (+11)
Take part in a free training session with Buster from UPG on:

   •   Sunday 16th May
   •   Saturday 12th June
   •   Saturday 26th June
   •   Saturday 10th July
   •   Sunday 22nd August
   •   Saturday 28th August
   •   Saturday 4th September
   •   Sunday 12th September

Parkour Workshops (+11)
Regular coordinated and intensive workshops led by Buster and traceurs from UPG.
Cost: £3 per workshop

   •   Saturday 29th May
   •   Saturday 5th June
   •   Sunday 20th June
   •   Sunday 4th July
   •   Saturday 17th July
   •   Saturday 31st July

All trainings sessions and workshops will start promptly at 10:00am on Saturdays &
11:00am on Sundays, and are 2 hours long. Please bring a drink and suitable
clothing. Sessions are weather dependent.

Parkour Summer School with UPG. (12+yrs)
An intensive 4 day workshop programme for experienced traceurs.
Monday 23 August to Thursday 26th August (12+yrs)
Times: 10:00am -12:00am
Cost: £15
*All applicants will be invited to a free training session with UPG to demo their skills
prior to being awarded a place on the course.

Parkour Activity In Crawley
Parkour Workshop in Southgate (+11)
The Main Event
Southgate Playing Fields
Wednesday 4th August
1100 -1600
As part of the main event an activity day featuring lots of activities for children and
young people, UPG will bring their mobile parkour workshop space to Crawley.
Cost: Entry fee to the Playing Fields

UPG will be hosting 2 hour workshops every afternoon from 13:00pm at the following
Adventure Playgrounds around Crawley:

   •   Waterlea, Furnace Green
   •   Monday 23rd August

   •   Millpond, Bewbush
   •   Tuesday 24th August

   •   Cherry Lane, Langley Green
   •   Wednesday 25th August

   •   Creasys Drive, Broadfield
   •   Thursday 26th August

Cost: Entry fee to the playground (+11)

For further information contact:

Liz Hart (Community Arts Officer) on 01293438156/

Lucy Adams (Active Crawley Officer Extreme Sport) on 01293 585350/

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