Nadal's Victory Over Federer Surprisingly Easy

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					 A8        Sports                                                                                                                                                                                 June 12 – 18, 2008    The Epoch Times

Griffey Joins 600-
Home-Run Club
                                                                                   Nadal’s Victory Over
    MIAMI (Reuters)—Ken Griffey
Jr. became the sixth player to join the
600-home-run club with a searing
drive into the right-field seats at
                                                                                   Federer Surprisingly Easy
Dolphin Stadium on Monday.
    The Cincinnati Reds outfielder                                                 Tennis legend
                                                                                   Bjorn Borg’s
homered off Florida Marlins left-
hander Mark Hendrickson to
follow in the footsteps of Barry
Bonds, Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth,
Willie Mays, and Sammy Sosa.                                                       predictions off
    On a 3–1 offering from
Hendrickson, Griffey connected
on a curveball to spark a standing
                                                                                   the mark
ovation from the crowd and the
    Griffey, who blasted his 599th                                                    PARIS (Reuters)—Rafael Nadal
homer on May 31 against the                                                        left not one but two great champi-
Atlanta Braves, trotted slowly                                                     ons red-faced at Roland Garros
around the bases before high-             HOME RUN MILESTONE: Ken                  over the weekend after his fourth
fiving first-base coach Billy             Griffey Jr. of the Cincinnati Reds       successive French Open triumph.
Hatcher.                                  has reached the 600-home-run                Bjorn Borg, winner of 11 grand
    After he touched home plate,          plateau. Jeff Zelevansky/Getty ImaGes    slam titles, including six at the
his 14-year-old son Trey hugged                                                    French Open, would have been
him before returning to the Reds                                                   expected to be a reliable source
dugout.                                   the crowd.                               when it comes to making some
    As the fans continued to ap-             Bonds leads the all-time homers       predictions about the final between
plaud, Griffey reappeared for a           list with 762, followed by Aaron         Nadal and world number one Roger
curtain call, tipping his helmet to       (755), Ruth (714), and Mays (660).       Federer.
                                                                                      “A lot of people say no one
                                                                                   can beat Nadal the way he’s been
                                                                                   playing. But I think Roger has a
                                                                                   really, really good chance,” the
                                                                                   great Swede said on the eve of last
                                                                                   Sunday’s final.
                                                                                      Wrong: Federer lost 6–1, 6–3,
                                                                                      “I think it’s going to be a really   KING OF CLAY: Rafael Nadal of Spain holds the French Open trophy on the Pont Alexandre III with the Eiffel
                                                                                   open final. I think it’s going to be    Tower in the background. mIke HewItt/Getty ImaGes
                                                                                   a long match, very close, close
                                                                                   match,” added Borg.
                                                                                      Wrong again: Nadal won the           those losses will hurt him or haunt    shocked Federer.                           Asked to explain the secret to
                                                                                   most lopsided men’s final in Paris      him as much as defeat number 24.           Instead of becoming only the       his success, Nadal said: “Well, if
                                                                                   since 1977, and at one hour 48             The man who has built up a rep-     sixth man to win all-four major ti-    you have no special motivation for
                                                                                   minutes. It was the shortest final      utation of cutting his opponents       tles, as Federer had hoped he would    a tournament like Roland Garros,
                                                                                   clocked since 1980.                     down to size was, for once, on the     last Sunday, he earned the dubious     you can retire, go home, fishing,
                                                                                      “If Roger wins Paris, no doubt       receiving end of an absolute maul-     distinction of becoming the first      have a boat, enjoy the life, no?”
                                                                                   he’s the greatest player who ever       ing.                                   man to lose three successive French        Predictably Federer will look
                                                                                   played the game,” said Borg.                                                   Open finals.                           for salvation on grass and at
                                                                                      That remains to be seen after        Fewer Games                                Nadal’s brutal display over the    Wimbledon, where he is undefeated
                                                                                   the Swiss star’s performance last         It was certainly not the kind        fortnight, when he became the first    for five years. Unfortunately for
                                                                                   Sunday.                                 of exhibition fans would have ex-      man since Borg in 1980 to win the      him, Nadal will be snapping at his
                                                                                      So one sided was the contest,        pected from a 12-time grand slam       title without dropping a set, proved   heels there too.
UPSET! The unheralded race horce Da Tara is victorious at the Belmont              Nadal was embarrassed to celebrate      champion. In fact, Federer won         that he has no equal on clay.              The 22-year-old stretched Federer
Stakes, breaking up Big Brown’s Triple Crown bid. nIck laHam/Getty ImaGes          his win while Federer must have         fewer games than Dinara Safina             He also joined Borg to become      to five sets in the final last July
                                                                                   been even more embarrassed to           had a day earlier in the women’s       only the second man to have won        and if the Mallorcan needed any
                                                                                   pocket the 530,000 euro runner-up       showpiece match.                       four in a row here since the event     endorsement about his Wimbledon

The Triple Crown: More
                                                                                   check.                                    The Russian, playing in her first    went international in 1925 and, on     title prospects, Borg was happy to
                                                                                      Since making his grand slam de-      grand slam final, was beaten 6–4,      current evidence, only his health      oblige.
                                                                                   but at Roland Garros in 1999, Fed-      6–3 by Ana Ivanovic.                   could stop him from extending his          “If he survives the first two or

Questions Than Answers
                                                                                   erer had piled up a 149–23 win-loss       “After a loss like this you don’t    perfect 28–0 Roland Garros record      three rounds at Wimbledon this
                                                                                   record at the four majors going into    want to play Rafa again tomorrow,      when the tournament opens it gates     year, then I pick Nadal to win Wim-
                                                                                   the French Open final. None of          that’s for sure,” summed up a shell-   for the 2009 edition.                  bledon,” said Borg.

horse race CONTINUED FROM A1                 I understand Congress has been
    Human known side-effects of           looking into the drugging of our

                                                                                   Overcoming Obstacles
this steroid include jaundice, rare       race horses since Rick Dutrow                                                                                           B.C., Canada.                          these motions and devote [their]
occurrences of hepatic necrosis,          let us all know he routinely                                                                                               “Parkour originally started in      time to making them useful.”
testicular atrophy, gastrointestinal      used Winstrol with Big Brown.                                                                                           France with a man named David              Although Daniel Craig is in
upset, and death.                         Hopefully something good for                                                                                            Belle,” explained Scavington.          good shape has has good re-
    Not much was written about the        racing will come from this.                                                                                                “When he was about 14 years         flexes—as witnessed in the James
effects of Winstrol on horses ex-
cept the purported “positive” ones
                                             Da Tara ran a surprising race
                                          and really earned the win. How-          An introduction to the sport of parkour                                        old, his father encouraged him to
                                                                                                                                                                  take his physical training and do
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Bond movie—you don’t have to be
                                                                                                                                                                                                         a high performance athlete to take
like increased appetite. I question       ever, in the view of sane and kind                                                                                      something useful. So he did things     part.“Parkour is about finding
if a drug with a possible side effect     care for a race horse, the first prize   By KARL YU                              jumping, and other feats of            like gymnastics and martial arts       your path and we urge you to take
of death can be harmless to any           goes to racing manager Nobutaka          Epoch Times Staff                       athleticism, Parkour has long been     and [his father] told him to take      your time and do not rush yourself
life.                                     Tada for scratching Casino Drive                                                 in the mainstream—although you         these and make them into some-         to reach a certain level,” says the
    Actually, the U.S. and Canada         for a stone bruise, as well as not                                               might not have realized it.            thing that could be used to help       Web site.
are the only countries where race         running him on Lasix—a loop diu-            VANCOUVER,            Canada—           The construction site chase         other people.                              But there is physicality involved,
horses are allowed to run on drugs.       retic that prevents horses from ab-      When you take various athletic          scene in the most recent James            “He and his friends would basi-     elaborates Scavington.
Is it possible that it’s a kinder,        sorbing too much salt when a horse       forms and meld them together,           Bond flick, “Casino Royale”,           cally make up scenarios, ‘We have          “Obviously if you want to
cleaner, and more genuine game            is known as a “bleeder”—or ster-         sometimes you get something             where Daniel Craig chases a man        to rescue someone over here,’ and      progress, it is a physical activity
in other countries where the best         oids, something all too common in        great.                                  across steel girders, has both park-   as he became older, he became          so you need to become physically
horse wins, instead of the horse          the American racing world.                  Former Canadian world cham-          our and free running (a similar dis-   more serious and it came to a point    fit.”
taking the best drugs?                       Was Hall of Fame jockey Eddie         pion figure skater Elvis Stojko in-     cipline) elements in it.               where he and his friends were pass-        Compared to disciplines such
    Racing regulations are strictly       Arcaro right when he said in 1986,       corporated martial arts into his           Derived from the French term        ing the limitations of their own       as kung fu and karate, parkour is
enforced when illegal drug usage          “There will never be another Triple      routines.                               “parcours du combatant,” or ob-        bodies—so from the beginning it        relatively new. But thanks to the
is found. Suspensions are enforced        Crown winner.” His prediction               Although the Pittsburgh Steelers     stacle courses, “traceurs” and         was to push oneself and strengthen     movies, its popularity is growing.
and the stable is not able to con-        has held for 22 years. Eddie Arcaro      dynasty of the 1970s revolved           “traceuses” (practitioners of the      the body and the mind.”                    “It’s been a generation of
tinue business under the assistant        rode for 30 years in 24,092 races,       around defense, the cupboards           discipline) use various techniques        According to the British            traceurs now,” Scavington said.
trainer’s name.                           and won 4,779. He passed away at         weren’t exactly bare for QB Terry       to overcome objects that are block-    Columbia parkour Web site, the             “In the first generation the oldest
    If caught drugging your horse a       the age of 81.                           Bradshaw. He had the likes of wide      ing their way.                         movement in parkour isn’t exclusive    is probably close to 40, still train-
second time the stable might never           It’s been 30 years since the last     receiver Lynn Swann to pass to,            Not surprisingly, the disci-        to it, but it is what “inspires it.”   ing and doing things I couldn’t im-
train race horses again. Truly            Triple Crown winner Affirmed ran         who incorporated ballet and other       pline originates from the son of a        “Things like jumping, rolling,      agine doing myself at that age.”
amazing. In Japan and countries           into history. Along with Secretar-       dance forms into his game.              French soldier, says parkour in-       swinging, and climbing are natu-           And as with wine, practitioners
other than the U.S. and Canada,           iat and Seattle Slew, will there ever       Parkour is no different.             structor Rene Scavington, who          ral movements of the human body.       of parkour don’t get older, they get
this really is the way things are.        be another horse of their caliber?          Using elements of gymnastics,        trains students in West Vancouver,     Traceurs [or traceuses] perfect        better.

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