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                                  R R E n t E R p R i s E s Lt d.   Management

   R R E n t E R p R i s E s Lt d.   Management

A totally integrated triple play solution
voice, video, data
                                      “…we naturally trusted RR Enterprises to create
                                      a seamless interface between RR’s subscriber
                                      Management system and Sprint’s VoIP backend,
                                      providing our Customer service Representatives a
                                      single view of all available services to the subscriber,
                                      whether voice, video or data. that’s what we needed.
                                      that’s what RR delivered.”
                                         Bob Gessner
                                         Massillon Cable tV

                                      “…By combining the highly functional RR
                                      Enterprises’ software with Allstream’s complete
                                      VoIP service offering, Mountain Cable has been
                                      able to launch our telephone service in a timely and
                                      capital-efficient manner, while complying with all of
                                      the regulatory requirements…”
                                         John Piercy
                                         Mountain Cablevision

                                      RR Enterprises also has customer’s such as Buckeye CableSystem
                                      of Ohio and Sunflower Broadband of Kansas that do not use a
                                      third-party VoIP provider and instead offer circuit-based services
                                      via their own internal telephone switch.
     R R E n t E R p R i s E s Lt d.
                                       RR Enterprises Ltd., a Canadian company founded in 1986, is today
                                       one of the leading subscriber management and billing software
                                       companies for the Multi-Channel Video industry. in 2000 the RR
                                       SmartLink Internet module was introduced providing our customers
                                       a comprehensive video and data solution, and in the spring of 2005 the
                                       RR VoIP Telephony module was introduced, providing our customers
                                       a totally integrated “Triple Play” subscriber management system.
                                       not finished with telephony, in the Fall of 2006 we added a switched
                                       telephony module. Building on the tremendous functionality of
                                       our core cable tV product, operators can now benefit from a truly
                                       integrated system where it does not matter to the CsRs whether a
                                       voice, video or data service is being ordered. it is just another service
                                       available to the community in which the subscriber resides. Our system
                                       is operating in numerous locations throughout Canada and the United
                                       states and in several countries around the globe.

the RR Enterprises subscriber Management system is a
with many unique features
                                       + unique software architecture       + on-line customer care
                                       immediate access to all subscriber   subscribers can easily access
                                       information. Utilizing a “hub &      their account information from
                                       spoke” architecture, CsRs can        the convenience of their home
                                       answer any question about a          or office pC with online, real-time
                                       subscribers account with one         access to product and service
                                       additional click of a mouse.         offers linked to the RR Enterprises
                                                                            subscriber Management system.
                                       + triple play solution for voice     subscribers have 24x7 access to
                                       video and data services              account information, products,
                                       A totally integrated subscriber      services and promotions.
                                       management system where it will
                                       not matter to the CsR whether
                                       a voice, video or data service is
                                       being ordered, to them it is just
                                       another service available within
                                       the community in which the
                                       subscriber resides and instantly
                                       available for order entry.
                                  Voice, Video               + work orders & service calls
                                                             the RR system includes a world-
R R E n t E R p R i s E s Lt d.   and Data                   class work order and service call
                                  Solutions                  module. Once the CsR enters
                                                             the desired service the system
                                                             will calculate the monthly rental,
                                                             prorations, installation charges,
                                                             security deposit (if applicable),
                                                             the amount to be collected from
                                                             the subscriber and determine the
                                                             next available appointment when
                                                             there is sufficient time for the
                                                             work to be performed.

                                                             + workforce management
                                                             One of the many strengths of the
                                                             RR system is the scheduling and
                                                             management of field technicians.
                                                             the scheduling program takes
                                                             into consideration the ability
                                                             of the technician, and the time
                                                             required for each installation
                                                             or service call item. the system
                                                             offers full dispatch functionality
                                                             to prevent deviations in the work
                                                             schedule, allowing the dispatcher
                                  RR Enterprises is a        to fully utilize the field support
                                  leading subscriber
                                                             + provisioning
                                  management and             With the RR system there is
                                  billing software           no requirement for third-party
                                                             provisioning software. the RR
                                  solution for the “triple   system will directly provision
                                  play” of Voice, Video &    cable modems and set top boxes.

                                  data services.             + total flexibility
                                                             the highly flexible RR system
                                  Our worldwide              utilizes tables and constants to
                                                             control many aspects of your
                                  customer base enjoys       system. You will have the ability
                                  personalized service       to customize your system to suit
                                                             your needs and demands. Each
                                  and a highly functional,   constant carries a specific value;
                                  automated, flexible        consequently a particular action
                                                             will occur.
                                  and user-friendly
+ unlimited packaging options           + complete accounting                   + charging & invoicing
the packaging of multiple services      no other system in the world will       With the RR system charging a
is extremely easy to create on          provide the depth of accounting         subscribers account is completely
the RR system. pricing may be           information and the complete            different than invoicing a
fixed or variable. the system can       audit trail capabilities of the         subscriber’s account. Charging
automatically qualify subscribers       RR Enterprises system. the RR           is done once per month and the
and assign the best package             Enterprises software system             system applies all the charges
based on their services, or Users       performs a self-Balancing routine       for services, taxes, installation
may select from a list of services.     for virtually all transactions daily,   fees etc. to the subscriber’s
                                        during the End of day process.          account. it is the charging that
+ three relational databases            this results in extremely accurate      affects the financial changes to
the only system in the world            accounting within the software          the subscriber’s account, not the
with three, parallel, relational        package. the RR Enterprises             act of invoicing, which simply is
databases, a subscriber, Unit           subscriber Management                   a method to collect the money
(service Address) and inventory         system also has the capability          charged.
database. the subscriber’s entire       of downloading data to other
history, all work orders, all service   General Ledger and Accounts             + highly automated
calls, their entire credit history,     payable packages.                       the most automated sMs system
everything is permanently                                                       in the world! Automatically
retained, no matter where they          + extensive reporting capability        performs the following; End of
have ever lived on your system.         there are literally hundreds of         day, pre-Authorized Checking,
same for the unit, all work orders,     reports available with our system.      posts Cash & Journal Vouchers,
service calls, inventory items etc.,    the RR Enterprises subscriber           Charging, invoicing, Accounting
no matter who has ever lived in         Management system has the               Reports, Late Charges, schedules
the unit!                               capability to run reports directly      Work Orders, Automatic faxing
                                        from the menus. We have                 of Work Orders to technicians,
+ PPV, VOD                              structured our reports so the user      Marketing Letters, interface to G/L
the RR system connects to any           can easily extract information          and much more!
addressable pay per view system         from either the subscriber or
and can support any number of           unit (service address) databases.       + outstanding customer support
daily and/or simultaneous events.       We also give the opportunity to         A cornerstone of our business.
RR Enterprises is a leader in           produce reports from the Work           Our support staff has many years
interfacing to digital addressable      Order and service Call menus. RR        of experience and are veterans
equipment. interfaces have been         Enterprises’ customer’s have the        of the cable tV business. they
written for multiple vendors,           ability to easily create their own      thoroughly understand all the
including General instrument,           reports, and download the reports       challenges facing cable tV
nds, nagra and Motorola.                for immediate review.                   operators.
interfaces have been written for
multiple addressable equipment          + powerful marketing campaigns
vendors as well as seachange’s          total flexibility in the handling
VOd product. interfaces to              of marketing campaigns and
new vendors are easily created,         packages, enabling you to tailor
typically within a few weeks            a marketing campaign that is just
of receipt of the interface             right for your targeted subscriber
specifications.                         group. supporting new services
                                        and providing unparalleled
                                        capabilities in the development
                                        of campaigns and packages to
                                        help you sell those services is
                                        a significant strength of the RR
R R E n t E R p R i s E s Lt d.
                                  A Totally Integrated “Triple Play”

the RR VoIP Telephony software module is totally integrated
within the RR subscriber Management system, providing a single
point of order entry for all services available to the specific
subscriber. RR customers can now leverage a single platform to
deliver innovative cross-product campaigns and packages across
their Cable, Internet and Telephony product offerings.

the RR Voip telephony module integrates telephony industry
interfaces into the RR Enterprises subscriber Management &
Billing system, providing a totally integrated system solution
to improve efficiency and decrease costs. As far as the CsR is
concerned, it will not matter whether the subscriber orders video,
data or voice service. it will be just another service to be added
by the CsR. All subscribers will reside on a single database, and
all services available in the community in which the subscriber
resides will be instantly available to the CsR.

Among the many benefits of having a single point of order
entry with the RR Enterprises System are:

       •	 Our comprehensive subscriber management system
          allowing CsRs to seamlessly and quickly enter any Cable
          tV, internet or Voip telephony service.

       •	 A single view of all services, whether Cable tV, internet or
          Voip available in a specific community.

       •	 Ability to cross-market the “triple play” of services using
          the powerful RR Campaign module.

       •	 significantly improved Customer service and reduced CsR
          response time.

       •	 Reduced training for customer service representatives.

       •	 A true combined bill with the ability to discount across all

       •	 improved order and billing accuracy
                                                                            “in record time, RR has helped
                                                                            Mountain get to market with a
                                                                            residential voice business. We
                                                                            are already fully provisioning
                                                                            customers for telephone with
                                                                            full functionality including
                                                                            elements like telephone
                                                                            number management, E911,
                                                                            and dA/dL file management.
                                                                            With RR Enterprise’s billing
                                                                            solutions, our systems are
                                                                            completely automated and
                                                                            fully integrated with our core

                                                                            When we made the decision
                                                                            to take our business forward
                                                                            and offer competitive local
                                                                            telephone to our cable
                                                                            customer base, it was clear
                                                                            from the outset we needed to
                                                                            find an elegant and integrated
      Pat Kiely, Director of Business Operations & John Piercy, President
                                                                            billing and data management
                                                   Mountain Cablevision     system. Once again, RR
                                                                            Enterprises has met and
In April, 2005 Mountain Cablevision of                                      exceeded our expectations”.
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada launched VoIP
                                                                               Pat Kiely
Telephony service to their subscribers,
                                                                               Director of Business Operations
utilizing the RR Enterprises’ VoIP
Telephony module.
the RR Enterprises’ Voip telephony module
includes the following:

                                                      the RR Voip
                                                      telephony module is
                                                      a comprehensive set
                                                      of programs that will
                                                      enable you to enter all
                                                      the pertinent information
                                                      required from subscribers
                                                      to provision the
                                                      telephone number.

At the time of work order creation you will be        + CDRs
able to enter all necessary information for the       the RR Voip telephony module provides usage
following items:                                      sensitive billing capability with full Call Detail
                                                      Records (CDRs). providers have the option of
 •	 Control information                               having the CdRs printed with the invoice or to
 •	 surcharge and fees                                provide subscribers a portal where the CdRs can be
 •	 Features
                                                      the RR Voip telephony module accommodates
 •	 directory Assistance/directory Listings           granular Call Detail Billing for Long Distance calls
                                                      and Operator Assistance calls. the system provides
 •	 LidB/CnAM (Line information database/ Caller
                                                      cable operators the flexibility to consider charging
                                                      for long distance calls on a call-by-call basis. While
    for third party provider
                                                      certainly possible there is no requirement to offer a
 •	 iLEC information for ported telephone numbers     Ld included pricing model. With the RR system cable
                                                      operators can take full advantage of their total
 •	 E911 information                                  telephone revenue potential.
 •	 piC (primary interexchange Carrier) information   + VoIP or Circuit-switched Telephony
                                                      Our customers have the ability to offer telephony
 •	 toll Restrictions
                                                      services either through a third-party Voip provider or
 •	 Account Code Maintenance (Billing code            from a customer’s own internal circuit-based switch,
    information)                                      although as yet we do not have the code written to
                                                      communicate directly to the switch. Here are the
                                                      comments of two customers offering circuit-based
                                                      telephony services.
“   “in today’s highly competitive      “RR Enterprises pursued delivery
    environment, businesses that        of core telephony capabilities
    offer voice, video and data         through identification of
    services are focused on systems     operational requirements,
    that maximize customer              a design integrating new
    relationships. RR Enterprises       and enhanced functionality,
    has designed and delivered          development that delivered
    the telephony elements that         an effective application, and
    support our business with           cooperative user testing and
    a truly convergent billing,         implementation that allows a
    customer care, inventory and        smooth integration into current
    revenue management system.          operations.”
    RR Enterprises’ comprehensive,         Michael J. Roth
    integrated platform meets              Director - Billing & Carrier
    our unique requirements as a
    circuit-based telephony service
    provider as well as our planned
    launch of VOip services.”

       Debra Schmidt
       Director of Telephone Services
the major programs within the Voip telephony
module include:
+ Customer Contact                    + Order Entry                        + Products/Packages/Bundles
provides a single, completely         the CsR simply creates a Work        Creating a database consisting
integrated view of the customer,      Order to establish, change,          of all telephony based products
with all products or services,        update, or remove service for a      offered by the cable company
including voice, video and data,      customer. this includes collecting   to their customers and maps
available within their community.     data (e.g. customer information,     those products to the specific
the CsR can easily view all related   E911 address, dA/dL information)     features available on the network
orders and data for a given           as needed to provision the           elements. Automatically applies
customer. the CsR can easily and      order and charge the customer’s      any discounts established for any
quickly modify customer data,         account.                             variety of packages or services
view current services, view current                                        selected.
and past orders, view current and     Functionalities include: MsAG
past billing records, and view        Address Validation, Class/Grade      Functionalities include: Local
payment history.                      of service, telephone number         services, CLAss services, Voice
                                      Administration – native,             Mail/etc., End User Federal
Functionalities include: Can-         telephone number Assignment          services, Local service packages,
we-serve Validation, third party      – ported, directory Listing          Local service Bundles- isp/Cable/
Verification hand-off or Recording    information, LidB - Line screening   Wireless/etc., Bundle Allocations/
for Local/Ld selection process,       information, CnAM information,       discount distribution, Local
Credit scoring/Verification           E-911 information, Life-line/        Usage plans, Long distance plans,
interface for services/plans,         support programs, and Ld Carrier     toll Free plans, travel Card plans,
telephone number display/             selection.                           directory Assistance Charges,
Account link from Caller id, LOA                                           Operator/Assistance Charges,
for porting from current piC-LOA.                                          pay-phone Compensation, truth-
                                                                           in-Billing Compliance, payment
                                                                           Application, tax/surcharge
                                                                           Application, Long distance print
                                                                           suppression and selective Call
                                                                           Blocking (900, etc.).
                                      RR Enterprises is the only subscriber
                                      management system that incorporates three
                                      relational databases, a Subscriber, Unit
                                      (Service Address) and Inventory database.

+ Trouble Management                  + Order Fulfillment
the ability to enter trouble          Creating and maintaining steps or
tickets to track network, schedule    status codes to track the service
technicians, determine status on      order from initial entry to order
troubles, and resolution of the       completion. the workflow will
troubles. (i do believe this can      place the order in certain status
be handled by the new tracking        dependent upon its current place
for service calls that we have just   in the order process and may
completed.)                           trigger work events that prompt
                                      actions against the service order.
Functionalities include: Assign
Report by service type, identify      Functionalities include: Order
trouble by telephone number,          task/Work Group identification,
identify trouble by LEC Circuit       task due date/Resource
number, identify trouble by iXC       scheduling, and Work Order
Circuit number, identify trouble      Generation/distribution by
by name/ip Address, track/Age         task/Work Group, task due date
Reports by service type, trouble      tracking/Reporting/Escalation,
Reporting, iXC trouble Reporting,     task Completion/notification to
Auto-Escalate by service type         Order Entry, and supplemental
and Auto-Close/Generate Out-of-       services at installation to Order
service Credits.                      Entry.
   R R E n t E R p R i s E s Lt d.
                                     Sophisticated Workforce
                                     Management Scheduling

                                     the concept is quite simple, you can define the system to allow certain
                                     technicians to do specific JOBs. You may have technicians that can
                                     only do cable work, some that only do digital, internet installations or
                                     Voip installations.

                                     For example, let’s say that a work order is created to give the services
                                     basic cable, digital services and internet services. the RR system will
                                     automatically, based on JOBs, only assign certain technicians that are
                                     allowed to perform the work for each one of these services. Work order
                                     (JOBs) is then created so that the booking of the work order optimizes
the RR Workforce                     the use of the technicians.
program was
                                     Work staging
                                     Work orders and service calls will   A work order or service call may or
enhanced with an                     have different JOBs set up so that   may not have JOBs assigned to it.
eye towards the                      one piece of work (JOB/s) must       if there are no JOBs as part of the
introduction of our                  be completed before the next         work order or service call then the
                                     piece of work can begin. Using       system functions just as it does
telephony module.                    JOBs, the booking program will       now. Any technician can do the
the RR system                        automatically book a number of       work and there is only one piece
                                     work order-JOBs and/or service       of work to be done for the work
now allows users
                                     call-JOBs depending on how           order or service call. However, the
to book their work                   many JOBs are required for the       system may be set up to have one
orders and service                   whole work order and/or service      JOB on a work order or service
                                     call to be completed.                call. Using this, the system can
calls by certain                                                          control which technician does
types of tasks, and                  Early notification of work (JOBs)    which work.
                                     not being completed will be
will then generate                   through messaging, displays,
work order JOBs                      and reports. the system will also
                                     permit automatic rescheduling of
and service call
                                     work order-JOBs and/or service
JOBs based on                        call JOBs to be triggered by
these tasks.                         completion dates not met in the
                                     earlier JOBs of the work orders
                                     and service calls.
       R R E n t E R p R i s E s Lt d.   VoIP Telephony

the RR Enterprises’                      Allstream                           Sprint

subscriber                               Allstream is a leading              We also offer an interface to
                                         communication solutions provider    Sprint’s VoIP offering. Massillon
management system
                                         with a world-class portfolio        Cable tV in Massillon, Ohio has
communicates directly                    of ip Connectivity, Unified         been offering Voip telephony
with Allstream’s                         Communications, security and        services in conjunction with
                                         it Consulting services. serving     sprint’s Voip product and the RR
network Resident ip                      north American businesses,          Voip module since April 2006.
telephony service,                       Allstream is a division of Mts
                                         Allstream inc., Canada’s third       the design of our Voip module
allowing for real-                                                           insures that we will interface
                                         largest communications provider
time order entry                         with 6,000 dedicated employees      to any VoIP provider the
                                                                             cable company may choose.
and confirmation,                        focused on delivering outstanding
                                         value to its customers.             Our interface fees are very
automated order                                                              reasonable and upon receipt
tracking and a powerful                                                      of the specifications from the
                                                                             Voip vendor, we will provide the
suite of bundling tools                                                      programming quote to create the
for promotional pricing                                                      interface.
and bill presentation.
R R E n t E R p R i s E s Lt d.

the platform for the RR Enterprises’ system is the highly          Hosting Option
scalable iBM system i5 server. the iBM system i5 is the
premier business server for companies that value integration,      if you prefer, RR Enterprises can
simplified use and support for the widest choice of business       host any north American cable
applications on a single server. it is designed to integrate the   operator’s database on one of our
latest operating systems and technologies, tested to work          servers. Your staff will access the
together, while simultaneously masking complexity.                 RR system and your totally secure
                                                                   database, via the internet. RR
 the system i5 is the leading computer in the world for            Enterprises will load all iBM and
database management, and is extremely reliable, with               RR releases and updates and will
an uptime of 99.96%. no dedicated computer operator                also perform the nightly back up
is necessary; all that is required is for a dVd or tape to be      of your data. there is a monthly
inserted for the nightly back-ups.                                 service charge for our hosting

                                                                   RR Enterprises is proud of our
                                                                   software applications designation
                                                                   by iBM of having attained “IBM
                                                                   Server Proven” status.

  IBM System i5 Model 520            IBM System i5 Model 550
                                       with expansion Tower

the iBM System i5 configuration is scalable to any company
size using key parameters, such as the number of subscribers,
growth of the subscriber data base, number of locations (both
central and remote), addressability and addressable vendors,
pay-per-View (ppV), Audio Response Units (ARU), Automatic
number identification (Ani) and the number of terminals and
printers at each location.

As an authorized IBM Business Partner, RR Enterprises will
provide a detailed configuration and pricing for a system i5,
based on the above variables.
R R E n t E R p R i s E s Lt d.   Some Customer

                    “             “RR Enterprises is not
                                  just a vendor but a true
                                  partner that understands
                                  my business and my needs.          “RR delivered what they
                                  they also represent a level        promised - speed, reliability,
                                  of integrity that is unique in     support, training, ease-
                                  today’s business world.”           of-use, flexibility, and
                                     Patrick Knorr                   productivity at a much
                                     General Manager & Director of   lower cost per subscriber
                                     Strategic Planning
                                     sunflower Broadband
                                                                     than the competition.
                                     Lawrence, Kansas                Buckeye Cable takes great
                                                                     pride in providing the best
                                                                     in Customer service. With
                                                                     the RR system we have
                                                                     purchased a great tool to
                                                                     take Customer service to
                                                                     even higher levels at a very
                                                                     reasonable cost.”
                                                                        W.H. “Chip” Carstensen
                                                                        President & General Manager
                                                                        Buckeye Cablesystem

                                                                        toledo, Ohio
data                                2855 Speakman Drive

                                    Mississauga, ON L5K 1B1 Canada
                                    Tel (905) 855-7750 Fax (905) 855-7925

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