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Chemical Element Poster Project


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									                                         Chemical Element Poster Project!
                                            Due Monday, October 25

You have been assigned an element from the periodic table to research. You will create a “Wanted” poster to
display your element. Your posted will include the reader with clues to help them locate your element on the table.
In order to research your element, you may use the web, library books, and your textbook to gather information on
your element. Facts may be written into sentences or listed as bullet points.
Use the graphic organizer to gather your information then transfer the information NEATLY to your poster.
                            A useful website to start with is:

Your poster must include:
· A WANTED title (like the posters hanging up in the Post Office)
· Your name
· Element’s name
· Chemical symbol
· Atomic number
· Atomic mass
· Number of isotopes
· Metal, nonmetal, or metalloid
· Chemical state (solid, liquid, or gas)
· Picture of the nucleus (for large nuclei, you may write the numbers of protons & neutrons rather than
  drawing them)
· Period
· Group/Family
· Similar elements in its group/family
· 2-3 color pictures of objects that contain your element (ex. silver jewelry for silver, thermometer for mercury)
· Uses for your element (everyday, industrial etc.)
· Additional physical or chemical characteristics (color, odor, reactivty etc.)
· 2-3 Interesting facts
· The copy of the periodic table with your element’s box shaded in

 You will have due dates along the way worth 1 point each (13 points total). This counts toward your final grade!

  You will present your poster to the class starting on Monday, October 25. Your presentation must demonstrate
               element knowledge and include eye-contact. You may have notecards to help you.

                  Here is a picture of what your element poster will resemble when it’s complete:
                             (I also have several classroom samples for you to look at!)

My element is: __________________________________

Parent Signature: _____________________________________
                                Chemical Element Poster Project Rubric
Name: ___________________________________________________________
Element: _________________________________________________________

A WANTED title:                                                                         _______ 2 points
Your name:                                                                              _______ 2 points
Element’s name:                                                                         _______ 3 points
Chemical symbol:                                                                        _______ 4 points
Atomic number:                                                                          _______ 4 points
Atomic mass:                                                                            _______ 4 points
Number of isotopes:                                                                     _______ 4 points
Metal, nonmetal, or metalloid:                                                                 _______ 4 points
Chemical state (solid, liquid, gas):                                                    _______ 5 points
Picture of the nucleus:                                                           _______ 5 points
Period:                                                                                 _______ 4 points
Group/Family:                                                                           _______ 4 points
Similar elements in the group/family:                                                   _______ 3 points
2-3 color pictures of objects containing your element:                                  _______ 4 points
Uses (everyday, industrial etc.):                                                       _______ 4 points

Additional physical or chemical characteristics (color, odor, reactivity etc.):                _______ 5 points

Interesting facts:                                                                      _______ 5 points
The copy of the periodic table with your element’s box shaded in:                       _______ 5 points
Spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct:                                          _______ 8 points
Poster is neat (no uneven edges, rips, wrinkles) and organized:                         _______ 10 points
Content is well-researched and accurate:                                                _______ 8 points
In-class presentation included eye-contact and element knowledge:                 _______ 10 points
Meeting deadlines for information due in class:                                         _______13 points

TOTAL:                                                                                  _______ /120 points
Comments: _______________________________________________________________________
                                           Project Graphic Organizer!
Name: ________________________________
 A WANTED title (due on final poster)
 Your name (due on final poster)
 Element’s name: __________________ (due on final poster)
 Chemical symbol: __________________ (Due Wednesday, October 6)
 Atomic number: __________ (Due Wednesday, October 6)
 Atomic mass: ___________ (Due Wednesday, October 6)
 Number of isotopes: _____________ (Due Tuesday, October 12)
 Metal, nonmetal, or metalloid: _____________________ (Due Tuesday, October 12)
 Chemical state (solid, liquid, or gas): ___________________ (Due Tuesday, October 12)
 Picture of the nucleus (for large nuclei, you may write the numbers of protons & neutrons rather
  than drawing them) (due on final poster)
 Period: ___________ (Due Friday, October 15)
 Group/Family: _________ (Due Friday, October 15)
 Similar elements in its group/family: _______________________________________ (Due
  Friday, October 15)
 Pictures of at least 2 objects that contains the element (Due Wednesday, October 20)
 Uses (everyday, industrial etc.): _________________________________________ (Due
  Wednesday, October 20)
 Additional physical or chemical characteristics (color, odor, reactivty
  ____________________________________________________________________ (Due
 Friday, October 22)
 Interesting facts: _________________________________________________________
_______________________________________________________________________ (Due
 Friday, October 22)
 The copy of the periodic table with your element’s box shaded in (due on final poster)

                   * Element Project Extra Credit Opportunity *
Often times when you are working on a project at home, you end up with
some questions that you don’t know the answer too. You are encouraged to
post your questions to your homeroom’s blog on my website. That way I, or
other students in your class can help you!

You may also come across a really beneficial website or book that you think
would help other students in your class. You can also post that information
to your homeroom blog as well.

Please do not post personal facts about your project on the blog. Save those
for class.

To earn 5 bonus points on your element project, you must post to the blog a
minimum of 5 times. Please be sure to read all previous posts on the blog so
that you don’t repeat information. You will only receive credit for “original”
ideas and posts. Not repeats.

Please be sure to only post to YOUR homeroom’s blog.

                      The extra credit is worth 5 points!

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