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              Welcome to Catonsville Elementary School!

                       A Message from the Administrative Team

Our mission for Catonsville Elementary School is to help every child achieve by
maintaining our belief that all students can increase academic performance, develop a
strong character based on our core values and beliefs, and become life long learners.
The students, staff, and parents dedicate themselves to supporting:

               the highest quality of instruction for all students
               the equitable distribution of educational opportunities and resources
               a safe and orderly environment that values each individual child.

We believe that in order to realize this mission, the home and school must work in
partnership. Your involvement in your child’s education continues to make the

This handbook has been provided especially for you. The purpose of the handbook is
to provide important information about our school’s policies, procedures and routines.
When you have a question about a school policy or procedure, this handbook provides
a great first source of information. Take time to carefully review the handbook as it is
updated on a yearly basis.

Let’s keep the lines of communication open. Please do not hesitate to call us at any
time. We welcome questions and concerns. It’s also nice to hear the good things you
might have to say. We look forward to our partnership!

        Linda Miller                               Arlene Moore
Linda Miller, Principal                  Arlene Moore, Assistant Principal
                              POLICIES AND PROCEDURES
       The doors to the school open at 8:25am and arrival takes place until 8:40am for all students. All students
enter the building through the front doors of the school. Adult supervision both outside and within the building
is provided during the arrival period. Adult supervision is not provided prior to 8:25am.
                                                     Late Arrivals
      It is very important that all students arrive on time to school. A late arrival means that the student starts the
day at a disadvantage. All students are expected to be in their seats, ready to begin work, at 8:40 am.
Students arriving after 8:40 are considered late and should follow these guidelines:
  1. Parents should park and escort their child to the office.
  2. Enter through the front door and report to the office.
  3. Parents should provide the secretary with a reason for their child’s tardiness.
  4. At that time students will receive a late slip which they can give to their classroom teacher and their name
      will be removed from the absentee list.
  5. These slips are maintained to document late arrivals.
  6. Days tardy are reflected on the report card. Letters will be sent to parents of students with multiple late

         The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) has issued guidelines regarding student
attendance. Students are counted present for a full day if he/she is absent no more than 1 hour of the school
day. Students are counted as absent for a full day if the student is present for 1 hour or less of the school day.
Students may be credited with half-day attendance if the student is present more than 1 hour of the school day.
         Your child is expected to attend school daily unless you have a legitimate (county accepted) reason for
being absent. Upon your child's return to school he/she will need to provide:
          A note explaining the reason for the absence
          The date(s) of the absence
          A parent signature.
Research shows that the single most important factor contributing to student achievement is school attendance.
When a student is absent or late to school, key instruction is missed. Students’ attendance percentage (days
present) is included on the report card quarterly. Schools are held accountable for student attendance at the
local and state levels. Students falling below the accepted attendance rate at the end of each quarter will receive
a letter for parent review. We are happy to assist our families in a variety of ways in order to improve student

Audience Behavior
        Students and parents are expected to demonstrate appropriate behavior during all school assemblies and
evening performances. Proper audience behavior includes sitting quietly and responding appropriately to the
        During evening performances, siblings must remain with parents at all times. Parents should accompany
children who need to use the bathroom or to go out in the hallways. Should a child become disruptive parents
are asked to take the child from the performance immediately. Following these guidelines will ensure the safety
of all children and the enjoyment of the performance for all those attending.
Before and After School Child Care
       YMCA is a before and after school child care provider and housed within our school. Childcare is
provided from 7:00 a.m. to 8:25 a.m. and from 3:10 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. Interested parents should call 410-747-
9622 for more information. YMCA has an inclement weather policy please be aware that if schools close
early the YMCA will not operate after schools close.

         All students will receive a copy of the BCPS Student Behavior Handbook and Sexual Harassment in
Schools brochure during the first few weeks of school. The administrators will meet with each grade level to
discuss the content of the handbook and brochure with all students. The handbook is then to be taken home by
the child and shared with a parent. Once you have reviewed this manual with your child there is a page for you
to sign and have your child return to his/her teacher. This will then be collected by the administration and kept
on file throughout the year. Students are expected to follow the rules and regulations as outlined in the BCPS
Behavior Handbook while riding the bus to and from school as well as on field trips.
         If you have a concern about your child’s behavior or the behavior of another student, please contact your
child’s teacher and/or the administration. Keep in mind that we will work to address your concern while
maintaining student confidentiality. A Bullying, Harassment or Intimidation Reporting form is available in the
school office. While this form is available to our parents, we ask that you bring your concerns directly to your
child’s teacher and/or the administration to afford us the opportunity to work with you and your child.

             Breakfast is available daily to students. Breakfast begins at 8:25 and ends at 8:40. Students are
expected check in with their homeroom teacher before going to the cafeteria for breakfast. Breakfast choices
include cereal or a hot entrée. The cost of breakfast is $1.40 Reduced price breakfast is $.30.

Cell Phones
        We do not encourage students to bring cell phones to school. As described in the BCPS Student
Handbook, when students bring cell phones to school, they must be turned off and stored in their bookbag or
locker. This also applies to a student’s time being transported to and from school on the bus. If students are
found using their cell phone during school hours, it will be taken and returned only to the student’s

Code of Conduct/Positive Behavior
      Staff, students and parents are expected to follow the school’s Code of Conduct entitled Buzz-Worthy
Behavior. The code is as follows:
      As a Catonsville Elementary School student, staff member or parent, I will be…
    Respectful (Respect other’s space, other’s opinions and acknowledge others)
    Responsible (Apologize earnestly, be inclusive and refrain from idle complaints
    Safe (Speak kindly, think the best and rediscover silence)
    Prepared (Listen, pay attention, don’t shift responsibility and blame)

Communication Folder
       Every child at Catonsville will receive his/her very own Thursday Folder. This folder is to go home
every Thursday and is returned by students on the next school day. Items such as bulletins, information from
teachers, and student work will go home in the folders. Parents are asked to review the folder, pull out
appropriate materials, and review your child’s work. In turn, parents can use the folder to communicate with
teachers, as well as with the school office.

Communication with Teachers
      The best way to communicate with the teaching staff is by sending an email message. Email addresses for
school staff can be found on the school’s website,
      Just a reminder, phone calls to request early pick-up or a change in pick up for a child must be shared
directly with the office staff, not left as an email message. In addition, teachers spend the majority of their day
involved with instructional activities. They will reply when they are available to do so.

      Conferences provide an opportunity for open lines of communication between home and school.
Conferences can be initiated by the teacher or by the parent.
      If you would like to schedule a conference with your child's teacher, please contact the teachers by
sending in a note, sending an email, or leaving them a message. Indicate the reason you are requesting a
conference, as it will help the teacher to be better prepared to discuss the issue(s) at hand. It would also be
helpful for you to indicate times and dates you are available.

        Students are dismissed at 3:10pm beginning with walkers and car riders. Both groups of students exit
through the side door of the building. Students that are bus riders remain in their classrooms until their bus
arrives. They then line up in the hall before proceeding outside to the bus. Adult supervision is provided during
the dismissal period both outside and within the building.
                                                 Early Dismissal
      Should it be necessary for you to pick up your child prior to the end of the day:
      • A note should be sent to the main office which includes the date, the child’s first and     last names and
      the name of the child’s teacher.
      • Phone calls to request an early pick-up must be shared directly with the office staff before 2:00 p.m.,
          not left as a voice mail message or an email message.
      • When you arrive, check in at the office area.
      • Your child will be waiting for you in the office.
      • You will need to sign the dismissal log in the office.
      Due to the busy preparations for our school’s afternoon dismissal, we ask that you do not request your
      child for early dismissal after 2:50pm. After 2:50pm, all students will be dismissed at the regular
      dismissal time.

                                          Change in Dismissal Routine
        If you wish your child to leave school with someone other than you or your spouse, you are required to
write a note stating the name(s) of the person(s) who will be calling for your child. The note should be given to
your child’s teacher who will send it to the office. Your child should be aware of the change in routine prior to
coming to school. Photo identification is needed for anyone other than the parents/guardians when picking up a
students. In addition, if your child’s dismissal is different than the usual routine plan, please send a note stating
the change. Do NOT call the office for routine dismissal procedures. It is important that your child is
familiar with his/her daily dismissal routine and that the routine is as consistent as possible.

Distribution of Non-School Materials
    As stated in BCPS Policy/Rule 2361, the process for distributing flyers and other types of published
information is as follows.
    1.      Only materials from the following organizations may be approved for distribution: School-
            sponsored events, established school partnership organizations, entities of federal, state and local
            government, PTA’s.
   2.      Request to distribute materials must be submitted in writing to the principal at least twenty (20) days
           prior to requested distribution date. The flyer must be included with the request.
   3.      All materials must include the following disclaimer stating: “This organization and its materials
           are not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by Baltimore County Public Schools, the
           Superintendent, or this Baltimore County Public School or office.”
   4.      Organizations may only distribute materials after obtaining a written approval form from the
   5.      Items for distribution must be delivered to the school or office at least 10 days prior to the intended
           distribution date.
   6.      Materials will only be distributed on the date(s) stated on the approval notification.
   7.      Flyers must be separated in 20 packets of 25.

Dress and Grooming
       According to the BCPS Student Handbook,
       Student dress and grooming are the responsibility of the students and their parents/guardians, unless
       there is a definite safety or health hazard, a hindrance to the educational processes, or a case of
In order to create a more positive and respectful learning environment at Catonsville Elementary School,
following are dress and grooming suggestions:
     The length of shorts or a skirt should not be shorter than one’s fingertips
       when standing with arms down at one’s sides.
     Shirts with spaghetti straps may only be worn with a shirt over or under them.
     One’s stomach should not show.
     Flip flops should not be worn due to safety concerns. Sneakers should be
       worn during gym class.

Drop Off/Pick-up Loop
       Students may be dropped off or picked up as car riders in our loop at the back of the school. Adult
supervision is provided during the designated arrival and dismissal times. If you are dropping off or picking up
your child(ren), please follow the directions of the adult on duty.

Emergency Early Dismissal Plan
        At the beginning of each school year, parents will be asked to complete an Emergency Early Dismissal
Plan Form. Parents will be asked during the spring to update this form. This form provides the school with
specific instructions about where a child is to go in the event of an emergency early school dismissal. If there is
a countywide closing of schools, parents are notified through the local media, Baltimore County Public
School website and through the BCPS information line (410-887-5555). In addition, you can register at to be notified by email.
        From time to time there are emergency events, such as a broken water main, when Catonsville is the
only school to close. In such an event, Catonsville Elementary is required by Baltimore County Board policy to
have direct verbal contact with each parent before children can be released from school. We will attempt to
make this contact by phone. In order for a child to be sent home on the bus, we must have verbal or email
confirmation from his/her parent. Otherwise children will remain at school for parents to pick them up.
          Please do not call the school for information about emergency closings. It is important that our
  phone lines remain open for incoming phone calls from our central office during these times.

      All students within the established boundaries of Catonsville Elementary may attend. Registering a
student requires specific types of documentation including (but not limited to) proof of residency, 3 pieces of
mail within the past 60 days and photo identification. Some families have unique circumstances and may need
to register through a Residency Officer or Pupil Personnel Worker. Questions regarding registration may be
directed to the school office.

Escorting Children to their Classrooms
      If you must walk your child to his/her classroom, be sure to sign in as a visitor to the school. During this
time of the morning, our staff and students are preparing to begin the day’s learning. If you need to speak with
your child’s teacher, feel free to contact him/her to schedule a conference. By mid year, our students are
familiar with the location of their classrooms. Most students can walk to their classrooms unassisted.

Field Trips
         Frequently, field trips are scheduled to extend the students' learning experiences. Notices will be sent
home describing each field trip. It is imperative that the required permission slip be signed and returned by
parents, at least 3 days in advance of the field trip. Written permission from the parents is required for a child to
participate in any field trip. This also gives teachers time to follow up on students who have not returned
permission slips in order to eliminate confusion at the last minute.
         If your child is absent on a field trip day, we are unable to reimburse the field trip fee. The field trip
fee is based on a predetermined number of students and the money is disbursed on the day of the trip.
         Often there is a need for several parent volunteers to accompany children. All parent volunteers must be
at least 18 years of age. If you are selected to assist during a field trip please make every effort to attend since
everyone is counting on you. If you are chaperoning a field trip, each adult must complete a BCPS Volunteer
Application. If this is not completed and returned in advance of the trip, chaperones will not be able to attend.
If you are unable to attend the field trip as a chaperone, we are unable to reimburse the fee. Preschool
and young siblings are not permitted to attend field trips. Students attending school sponsored field trips
must ride the bus to and from the field trip destination.

                                             Supervision on Field Trips
         There are several things it is important for you to be aware of when you are acting as a chaperone on a
field trip. You are assuming the supervisory responsibility for students and their safety.
     Never take students off of the site without the prior knowledge and approval of the teacher-in-charge
         and/or principal or assistant principal.
     Cell phones should be left at home, in your pocket/purse and set to Silent or Vibrate.
     Since this is an educational activity, siblings or other family members are not allowed to attend.
     No smoking on school property or during field trips.
     Follow the directions of the teachers at all times

Food Policy
        The Health Department requires that foods be commercially prepared to avoid food borne illness. This
also allows nutritional information to be available for students with dietary restrictions or allergies.

                                          Birthdays and Class Celebrations
        Parents may want to send in a treat to celebrate their child’s birthday. Please be aware that with the
number of students in our building, there is the potential for many sugar-filled snacks being brought into the
building. If a parent wants to send in a treat (and that’s always optional), we suggest some alternatives such as
fruit cups, small packages of Goldfish, pretzels, or popcorn, Teddy Grahams, Gogurt, or non-food items such as
pencils, stickers, erasers, or glue sticks.
The following guidelines for birthday treats will be followed:
     All treats will be served during lunch.
      All treats must be distributed by the teacher. No food is to be distributed in the building except under the
       supervision of a teacher.
     Parents should inform the teacher a day or two ahead of time if he/she plans to bring in a treat. Birthday
       treats should be brought to school by 8:45 am. After 8:45, please leave the treats in the office.
     The Health Department requires that foods be commercially prepared to avoid food borne illness.
       This also allows nutritional information to be available for students with dietary restrictions or
Keep in mind that some students have specific dietary needs and/or are sensitive/allergic to various types of
ingredients (such as peanuts and wheat).

                                         Temperature sensitive foods:
        The serving of any potentially hazardous foods, such as any food requiring hot or cold temperature
control, cannot be brought to school by unlicensed individuals or facilities to be served to students at school and
PTA sponsored functions. This comes from the State Department of Health regulation (COMAR 10.15.03).
Pizza, for example, may be served in the school but only if it is delivered to the school by a pizza company.
        Parent/volunteers who wish to prepare food for school and PTA sponsored events (such as end of the
year picnics and events) must do so under the supervision of a BCPS Office of Food and Nutrition services
employee who has been trained in safe food handling and sanitation. Hot dogs or hamburgers may be purchased
from the cafeteria and the Cafeteria Manager must be aware of the event.

       Catonsville Elementary School has a full time guidance counselor. The counselor uses an educational
approach to problem solving and is a resource in our school. She interacts with the students at Catonsville by
providing classroom guidance, assemblies, counseling groups, and individual referrals. The counselor consults
with members of the staff and is available for parent conferences in order to discuss individual concerns about
your child.

Homework Guidelines
      Baltimore County Public Schools has issued the following homework guidelines. Homework counts as
10% of the report card grade in grades 1 and 2. It counts as 15% of the report card grade in grades 3, 4 and 5.

Grades 1 – 3        An average of 30 minutes per day for all subjects combined 3 to 4 times per week. No
                    weekends or holidays.
Grades 4 – 5        An average of 60 minutes per day for all subjects combined 4 to 5 times per week. No
                    homework assigned over holidays. Possible long-term assignments.

                                           Absence Homework Policy
  When a student is absent, it is encouraged that they obtain, complete and return the assignments missed.
  (Keep in mind that not all assignments can be made up outside of the instructional day. This is based on the
  rich discussions, cooperative activities and small group instruction that occur on a daily basis within the
  classroom.) Arrangements can be made by contacting the school office, or by leaving an email message with
  the student's teacher. Teachers will need adequate time to gather materials and information for these
  assignments. Students will have the same number of days they were absent to make up the work. If the
  make-up work is not completed in the time given, the students will not receive credit for it.
                                Make-up Work for Prolonged Excused Absences
        In the case of prolonged absence such as for illness, it is recommended make-up
assignments be requested by the parent. Arrangements can be made by contacting the
school office, or by leaving an email message with the student's teacher. Teachers will
need adequate time to gather materials and information for these assignments.
Assignments will be available for pick up in the office at the end of the school day.
Students will have the same number of days they were absent to make up the work
(e.g. 5 days absent, 5 days). If make-up work is not completed in the
time given, the students will not receive credit for the work.

                       Make-up Work for Prolonged Unexcused Absences (Vacation)
         BCPS policy considers absences due to vacations as "illegal" absences, and students are not to receive
credit for work missed. We realize that vacations are an important part of family life. Though we cannot
condone these vacations during times when school is in session, we do understand the need based on parents
work schedules. Also, many of the vacations taken by our families are in and of themselves educational.
Therefore, we will continue to work with parents and students to make-up work that has been missed when
students return from their
vacations. The work that children miss while on vacation will be collected and given to them upon their return
to school. Students will have the same number of days they were absent (e.g. 5 days absent, 5 days) to make up
work. If make-up work is not completed in the time given, then the students will not receive credit for the

Inclement Weather Procedures
        *Please note Catonsville Elementary cannot call parents concerning county wide school closings and
individual plans for children as there are several hundred students in the school. Emergency closings may also
mean that the phone lines are not in service. (The only exception is if Catonsville Elementary is the only school
to close due to an emergency such as a broken water main. In that case, the school staff must have direct verbal
contact with parents in order to release students.)
        When it is decided that schools are to be closed for inclement weather or excessive heat, announcements
will be made by local television and radio stations. Students and parents are therefore, asked to please not call
the school for this information. These announcements are made for the cancellation of school, as well as for
delayed openings and early dismissals.

                                           School Closing Policies
                                     Delayed Openings and Early Dismissals

Media Announcements:
The following message will be given to television and radio stations:
     “All Baltimore County Public Schools closed.” – (Catonsville Elementary is closed).
On occasion schools in the Hereford zone will be closed while other schools in Baltimore County remain open.
”Baltimore County Hereford Zone Only Schools closed.” (Catonsville Elementary is open).
One hour delay – for either all Baltimore County Public Schools– Catonsville Elementary will open for
students at 9:25 a.m. Students may not be in the building prior to this time.
Two hour delay – for either all Baltimore County Public Schools– Catonsville Elementary will open at 10:25
a.m. Students may not be in the building prior to this time. Breakfast will not be served.

One Hour Early Dismissal
       Students in grades kindergarten – 12 in all schools will be dismissed one hour earlier than normal.
Afternoon pre-kindergarten students will be dismissed with students in grades 1-5 and will travel home on the
same buses with these students. Dismissal time for Catonsville will be 2:10 p.m. LUNCHES WILL BE
Media Announcements: The following message will be given to television and radio stations: “All Baltimore County
Public Schools will close one hour earlier than normal closing time.”

Two Hour Early Dismissal
        Students in grades K-12 in all schools will be dismissed two hours earlier than normal. There will be no
afternoon pre-kindergarten. Morning pre-kindergarten will be dismissed with students in grades 1-5 and will
travel home on the same buses with these students. Dismissal for Catonsville Elementary will be at 1:10 p.m.
Pre-kindergarten parents are allowed to pick up their students at the regular 11:30 a.m. dismissal time, if they
        Lunches: Every effort will be made to serve lunches to all students, thus some adjustments to lunch
shift schedules will be necessary.
Media Announcements: The following message will be given to television and radio stations and posted on the BCPS
website : “All Baltimore County Public Schools will close two hours earlier than the normal closing time.
There will be no afternoon prekindergarten. Morning prekindergarten students will be dismissed with other elementary

Three Hour Early Dismissal
      Same procedure as Two-Hour Closing. Dismissal time for Catonsville Elementary will be 12:10 p.m.
Media Announcements: The following message will be given to television and radio stations and posted on the BCPS
website : “All Baltimore County Public Schools will close three hours earlier than the normal closing
time. There will be no afternoon prekindergarten. Morning prekindergarten students will be dismissed with other
elementary students.”

Last Day of School
       The beginning of June all students are asked to clean out their desks/lockers and take all personal items
home. If your child(ren) forgets items on the last day of school a letter or phone call will be placed to the
parents to pick up the items by July 1st. If the items are not picked up by this date, they will be donated to a
community church and/or shelter.

        Students may wish to keep a sweater or sweatshirt in their locker for physical education class or recess
on cool days. Food items should not be kept in lockers overnight. Money and other valuables should never be
kept in lockers. Personal student locks may not be put on lockers.

Lost and Found
        A lost and found collection is maintained on a large pegboard in the cafeteria corridor. This gives
students an opportunity to check for missing items on a daily basis, on their way to and from lunch. Lost items
not claimed by the end of the school year will be donated to a charitable organization. PLEASE label all of
your child's apparel, school supplies, and lunch box/bag for easy identification and return.

         Students have three choices for lunch on a daily basis. They do not have to sign up for lunch in the
morning. The county menu provides for two hot plate items and a salad. Some students may choose to bring
their own lunch from home. Milk, juice, water, ice cream and various snacks may also be purchased. A price
list for all items is provided for students at the beginning of each year. If students forget to bring in money for
their lunch, there are two options available to them. If there are extra lunches they will be provided with one
and charged accordingly. If there are no extra lunches that day, they will be given an alternative item. The cost
of lunch is $2.90. Reduced price lunches are $.40.
         If your child has a specific food allergy, please make the school nurse and classroom teacher aware.
During the lunch shifts, a table is available for students with such allergies.
         Baltimore County Public Schools prohibits staff warming food for students during the lunch
shifts. Please do not send meals that must be warmed for students.
        At the beginning of each month, on Thursday, a school newsletter, The Beeline will be sent home which
will keep you informed about important events in the school and community. In addition, each grade level and
special area teacher provide information on the units of study and upcoming classroom events. The newsletter
will be sent home with the youngest child in the family attending Catonsville Elementary. Remember to ask
your child for the newsletter on a regular basis. As much as possible, all school notices will be sent home on
Thursdays. The PTA newsletter, The Buzzword, will be sent home the last Thursday of the month in the
Thursday Folders or by email distribution (This is the parent’s choice.)

Notes from Home
       When sending a note to your child's teacher or to a member of the office staff, please include the date,
your child's first and last name, as well as the teacher's name. This will expedite processing the information
included in the note and will ensure that the message is handled in an efficient manner. When notes are sent to
school with the students, we encourage them to give it to their teacher upon arrival.

        Catonsville Elementary has a full time nurse in the building. The nurse provides first aid to sick and
injured children and staff, serves as a resource person, provides health screening and implements health related
        The health and well being of your child are primary concerns while your child is in school. In order to
ensure and maintain his/her good health and safety, please take a few minutes to review the following
             We attempt to discourage administration of medication in the schools: however, if your
               physician decides it is necessary for your child to receive a medication during the school day, the
               approval and specific directions must be provided to the school by the physician. Parents must
               bring the medication to the school in the original box or bottle with the current
               prescription label on the container. All medications (even over the counter medications)
               require a written physician’s order. Students are not to have medications in their possession
               or in their locker at any time. This is a violation of the BCPS Behavior Handbook.
             Please keep all home, work, and emergency phone numbers at school up-to-date. When children
               become suddenly ill or injured at school, it is essential that we have current phone numbers.
             Please keep the nurse informed of significant changes in your child’s health. For example:
               changes in diet, daily medication, new allergies, and changes in physical restrictions, vision
               and/or hearing impairment.

By communicating your child’s special health and safety needs to us, we can ensure a safer and healthier school

                  Consent for the Administration of Approved Discretionary Medications
        Baltimore County Public Schools have a program that allows for the School Nurse to administer
discretionary medications in accordance with established protocols. These medications are Tylenol, Benadryl,
Tums, Cough Drops, and Throat Lozenges. These discretionary medications are intended for occasional use
only. This service is available to alleviate your child's minor discomforts and avoid early dismissals when
       The following guidelines are available to help parents make decisions as to whether a child should be
sent to school. A responsible decision on the part of the parent will reduce the number of ill students at school
and prevent the spread of germs. Also, frequent hand washing is a primary way to prevent the spread of these

                                   When NOT to Send Your Child to School
      Vomiting more than once in the previous 24 hours.
      Uncontrolled diarrhea.
      Fever above 100 degrees - need to be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.
      Pinkeye with white or yellow discharge - need to be on medication for 24 hours.
      Strep infections until 24 hours after treatment - notify the school if your child does have strep.
      Uncontrolled coughing - if your child has an asthma attack during the night or before school and is still
       experiencing wheezing or coughing. If s/he is asymptomatic and has medication in school, call the
       school nurse and she will monitor the student during the day.
      Extreme fatigue with no appetite accompanied by behavior change.

                                     Frequently Asked Health Questions

   What if my child has a cold or sore throat?
     Take your child's temperature - if no fever, send the child to school. (The Centers for Disease Control
      recommend a throat culture for any sore throat lasting three days or more).
Should I send my child if we get up late?
     Yes, being late is better than being absent.
Some ways to ensure a good start to a school day:
     Be sure your child has a regular bedtime (before 9:00 on school nights and earlier for younger students).
     Have your child decide what to wear the night before and lay the clothes out.
     Breakfast is a must - many children come to school without breakfast and are fatigued by mid-morning.

                                             Immunization Policy
  All students attending a public school in Maryland are required by law to have their immunizations up-to-

Opt Out Preferences
       Parents are offered the right to state their preferences in specific circumstances. Students will bring
home a form at the beginning of the school year and/or as part of the registration packet.
                                               Directory Information
       Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, school systems may release directory
information (name, address, date of birth, participation in officially recognized activities and sports,
height/weight-if a member of an athletic team, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received) on enrolled
students. Parents are provided with an opportunity to Opt Out of releasing such information. Request must be
made in writing to the school principal by October 1 or within 30 days of the student’s enrollment. If parents do
not express their preferences, they are giving BCPS permission to share their child’s directory information.

                                Telecommunications and Intellectual Property
       If parents do not want their child(ren) to participate in the following: use of telecommunications; being
photographed/video-taped/audio-taped during school-sponsored activities/learning experiences~this includes
any class photo, yearbook and/or memory book; having his/her intellectual property
published/produced/displayed, they have the opportunity to opt out. Request must be made in writing to the
school principal by October 1 or within 30 days of the student’s enrollment. If parents do not express their
preferences, they are giving BCPS permission to use telecommunications and to publish/produce/display their
child’s intellectual property.

Parent Feedback
         Parents have an opportunity to provide feedback to school staff through a climate survey. The survey is
distributed to parents in November during American Education Week. In addition, at least twice a year (in the
winter and in the spring), the administration meets with a small group of parents to discuss instruction,
communication and safety. This is an opportunity to provide important feedback to the administration. It is
also a time for the administration to share information in these areas with parents.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
        Our school has an active and supportive PTA. You can become involved by joining as a member,
participating in various PTA events and/or by attending PTA meetings. PTA meetings are held the first
Thursday of the month at 7:00pm in the school auditorium. All are welcome to attend.

        The bus loop is off limits to personal automobiles from 8:15 - 9:00 and from 2:45 to 3:30 in the
afternoon. If you are dropping off your child in the morning and feel that you must use the main entrance,
please park on the street in the front of the school. Parking for parents attending school events or field trips
is available across from the fields at the back of the building. We strongly suggest that you carpool for
such events. Please keep in mind that parking for school staff is directly behind and beside the building.
Often times, staff members must return from off-site meetings during the school day. If an orange cone
is holding their parking place, please do not move the cone and park in that space. Additionally, the
business owners from the parking lot next door to CES have asked that we inform parents/visitors that their
parking lot is not to be used during business hours. It is a private parking lot and you may be subject to towing
and/or tickets. If you choose to use this location prior to the start of the school day, be aware that students must
cross the driveway in order to reach the school building. This is a safety hazard for our students.

          • Morning Time - 8:10 to 9:00 a.m. • Afternoon Time - 2:45 to 3:30 p.m.

Reporting Student Progress
        Good communication between parents/guardians and teacher is very important to the educational
process. For students in grades one through five, there are four reporting periods during the school year. The
report cards will be distributed in November for the first term, February for the second term, April for the third
term, and June for the fourth term. First graders will only receive report cards in February, April and June,
Conferences will be held with first grade parents for the first term. (A conference day will be available to all
parents in November. Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students receive progress reports in November and in

         BCPS Policy and Rule 5150 requires that every student have current residency information in their file
at all times. It is parent’s responsibility to inform office staff of your plan to move during the school year.
Please provide your new address location within 10 days of your move. All new residency information must be
provided. If you fail to inform office staff of your new information your child may be withdrawn from school
due to fraudulent enrollment. If fraudulent enrollment is determined you may be required to pay tuition for the
time period your child(ren) was enrolled in school.

School Hours
        Our regular school day begins at 8:40 (doors open at 8:25) and ends at 3:10. The morning
prekindergarten session is from 8:40 to 11:10 and the afternoon session is from 12:40 to 3:10. It is our hope
that students will ride their assigned bus, especially for the first week of school, in order to become familiar
with their pick-up time and bus driver.
        Students who are transported by parents should not arrive before 8:25. Adult supervision is not
provided before this time, as teachers are not on duty prior to this time. The school cannot assume
responsibility for the safety of your child prior to the start of the school day or once the school day has ended.
Should you require childcare prior to 8:30 or after 3:30 you may wish to look into daycare services such as
YMCA. YMCA is housed at Catonsville Elementary and can be reached at 410-747-9622.

School Improvement Team (SIT)
       The School Improvement Team (SIT) meets quarterly throughout the school year. The team reviews
school data, decision making and revises the School Improvement Plan each year. The team is made up of
school staff, administration and parents. If you are interested in participating, contact the administration.

Student Nutrition Account Program
       All Baltimore County Public Schools participate in a Student Nutrition Account Program (SNAP) This
program allows parents to deposit money into a lunch account from which students may draw. Choices are
given as to how the money can be allocated: for lunches only, for a cash account, or as a combination of the
two. Each student will be issued a number code to use for purchases made in the cafeteria. Forms to deposit
money will be sent home on the first day of school. This program has been very successful and we encourage
parents to take advantage of the convenience and flexibility of this program. Students do not have to use SNAP
program but if they forget their money they will always have money on hand to cover the cost of their meal.

School Records
        At the beginning of each school year, parents will be asked to complete two emergency cards, one blue
and one yellow. One is kept with the secretary and the other with the school nurse. It is extremely important that
the office be informed when/if any of this information changes. The information on these cards is used to
contact parents when a child becomes ill or is injured, therefore, the importance of up-to-date information is
imperative. Custody papers and other related legal documents are required to be on file at school as part of the
student’s records. Parents may request to review their child’s record with administration and/or request copies
of items in their child’s file. A fee may be assessed for copying requests.
       Catonsville Elementary can be accessed through the internet at General
information about our school is available on this website. In addition, administration, teachers and staff can be
contacted through the teacher directory located on the website. All BCPS school staff has access to email for
school system-based communication purposes.

Toys in School
        To prevent loss or damage, students should only bring toys and personal recreation items to school when
they are needed for an assignment or when requested by teachers. Catonsville Elementary will not be
responsible if any items brought to school (such as Yu-Gi-Oh or other trading cards, radios, CD’s or I-Pods,
cameras, Gameboys, etc). are damaged, lost, or stolen. Students should not bring these items to school.

Transitioning Fifth Grade Students
    According to BCPS Policy and Rule 5150 and Pupil Services Enrollment Procedures, parents of resident
students transitioning from elementary to middle school (and middle school to high school), must provide proof
of residency. Proof of residency includes photo identification, proof of ownership/rental and three supporting
documents. This process should be completed by the end of June. FAILURE TO PROVIDE PROOF OF

Transportation Regulations
        Transportation to and from school is a privilege afforded students. Transportation is provided for 5 days
of school to one destination. When students' behavior is such that it causes the driver to be distracted from
concentrating on driving, it places the bus and the students' safety in jeopardy. When this happens, students may
be denied the privilege of riding the bus to ensure the safety of others and to avoid a bus accident. Students are
expected to ride their assigned buses to and from school and be picked up and discharged at the same
stop. Students without notes will be asked to ride their assigned bus. Students are not allowed to ride other
buses, unless an emergency situation occurs. These requests must be approved by an administrator.
        County policy requires that an adult meet all pre-kindergarten students at their mid-day stop or these
children will be returned to school. This policy was instituted with the safety of your children in mind.
        Please know that the safety of our children is of utmost importance whenever they are in our care.
Students must continue to follow the rules and regulations as outlined in the BCPS Behavior Handbook while
riding the bus to and from school as well as on field trips. This safety concern extends to the school bus and
therefore Baltimore County Public Schools is working to install video cameras on school buses as an additional
safety measure. We want you to be aware of the effort that the county is taking in protecting your child and to
inform you of these video cameras.

Use of School Facilities
        From time to time, outside organizations (such as Recreation & Parks, PTA and PTA Committees)
request to use areas of the building for their activity or event. According to BCPS Policy 1300, before planning
the activity , event or meeting, permission must be granted to the organization. Organizations requesting
permission for use of the building must complete a Use of Facilities form and submit it to the principal one
month in advance of the activity/event/meeting. The form is available in the school office. Proof of insurance
(Indemnification Form) must be submitted with every request (including those for PTA). If use of the
building is approved by the principal, the request is then sent to additional BCPS offices for further approval.
Activities/Events/Meetings may not be approved if they interfere with the regular school program and/or if
space is unavailable. Charges may be assessed depending on the specific needs of the organization.

Visitation of Classrooms
        Baltimore County Public Schools requires all visitors to sign in at the school office and await direction
before visiting other areas of the building. Those wishing to observe classes or meet with staff members should
arrange the visit in advance to ensure that the time is appropriate and does not interfere with instructional time
and planned activities. Upon your arrival at the school, be sure to check in with the main office to sign in and
obtain a visitor’s badge. Other family members wanting to visit with your child should be discussed and
arranged with the principal and/or assistant principal prior to the family member coming to school.

        ALL persons visiting the building are required to report to the school office for permission to visit any
area of the building. When visiting the building, please sign in using the Visitor's Book on the table in the main
office. Once you have signed in, please wait to be directed by the office staff. While in the building, you need
to wear a visitor's pass at all times for security reasons. These can be picked up in the office when you have
signed in the Visitor’s Book.
        Parents should not go to the classroom to drop things off for their children as it interrupts the
instructional program for all students. Please come to the main office and needed items will be delivered
to your child at an appropriate time that does not interfere with the instructional program.

Volunteer Guidelines
        Catonsville Elementary has enjoyed the support of many parents in a variety of volunteer roles. We
encourage your involvement in the Catonsville’s school program. Volunteers can serve in both instructional
and non-instructional roles. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at school please contact your child's
teacher, the office staff, or the PTA to inquire as to how you may be of assistance. All volunteers must complete
a BCPS Volunteer Application before working with our students in any volunteer capacity (including
chaperoning field trips).
        To ensure a safe and quiet learning environment, infants and younger siblings are not permitted in the
classrooms while parents are volunteering. Please make arrangements for child care prior to volunteering.
       During the month of September and in the spring, there will be an orientation meeting for interested
volunteers. State Law requires that all volunteers be trained annually in Child Abuse and Neglect policies
and procedures. You will receive a Volunteer Handbook. When you volunteer, a badge will need to be worn
whenever you are working in the building during the school. When you volunteer, you must sign in using the
Volunteer Book and record the number of hours that you worked. Please be sure to wear your volunteer badge
at all times. Please remember to log in all volunteer hours.

Withdrawal from School
       If it is necessary to withdraw a child before the end of the school year, please inform the school several
days in advance. It is necessary for the office and the teacher to prepare written information and records in
preparation for the transfer of student data from one school to another. The school will need:
        Your new address
        The name and address of the new school
        Your signed consent for release of records.
                                    Parent’s Quick Reference
                                 GETTING THE HELP YOU NEED!
For issues relating to your child’s classroom or school concerns, use the following steps:
                      1. Consult the Parent Handbook
                      2. Contact the teacher/counselor at 410-887-0800.
                      3. Contact Linda Miller, Principal, or Arlene Moore, Assistant Principal at 410-887-0800.

Additional Information available by phone:
               Athletics                               410-887-2328
               Bus Transportation                      410-887-4321
               Career & Technology                     410-887-8921
               Child Care Assistance                   410-887-4314
               Community Relations                     410-887-2446
               Free/Reduced Price Meals                410-887-7855
               General/School Closings                 410-887-5555
               Gifted/Talented Programs                410-887-4330
               Magnet Schools                          410-887-4127
               Multicultural Education                 410-887-2444
               School Boundaries                       410-887-4215
               Special Education                       410-887-3660

Additional Information available through the internet:
Catonsville Elementary School Website        
General School Information
Administration and Teacher Links

General BCPS Information                          
Parent Information Link
School Closings
Curriculum Summaries by Grade Level
BCPS Policies

Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum               
Individual School Performance

Individual School Performance                     

                                       Catonsville Elementary School
   Grade/Position              Name            Room Number
     Principal              Linda Miller          Office
   Asst. Principal         Arlene Moore           Office
  Admin. Secretary        Michelle Carroll        Office
     Secretary            Melissa O’Brien         Office

     Pre-K AM              Meghan Baker            K-1
     Pre-K PM                 Gigi Elliott         K-1
    Kindergarten            April Coberth          103
                            Halene Lloyd           K-2
                           Missy Wheeler           101
       Grade 1             Rebekah Fitch           201
                             Keri Hughes           202
                           Tiffany Powell          200
       Grade 2                Joyce Bert           204
                           George Frazier          205
                           Vicky Stinnert          203
       Grade 3             Paula Catterton         300
                            Stacey Lattea          301
                           May McGowan             304
       Grade 4              Emily Bigham           311
                            Lori Jolbitado         305
                             Ron Pardoe            307
       Grade 5             Laura Edmonds           308
                          Samantha Wilson          309

 Instrumental Music      Michael Berwanger          104
     Vocal Music             Liz Curtiss            104
       Library           Rebekah Kaufman          Library
         Art              Bridget Mohler            302
         P.E.              Chris Quigley           Gym
     Technology           Mary Stuthmann            102

     Guidance              Emily Pfeiffer        Guidance
        SLP                  Liz Meyer              S2
 Reading Specialists       Sarah Sattler           103
                           Kim Lawrence            303
  Special Education        Debbie Cohen            103
   Primary Inclusion
  Special Education         Kelly Sacks             304
Intermediate Inclusion
  Special Education        Nicole White             100
   Primary Adaptive
  Special Education       Denise Jackson            310
Intermediate Adaptive
        Nurse                Lisa Jablon        Health Suite
         OT                Beth Morrison     Library Workroom
         PT                 Kathy Green              S2
    DHH Intinerant         Michelle Clark           ---
        ESOL             Yung-Kuang Liang    Library Workroom

 Instructional Assts.    Nancy Henderson
                          Ann Pietrowiak
                         Leslie Van Hooser
                          Carolyn Vasold

   Cafeteria Mgr.         Christina Tobash       Cafeteria

   Custodial Chief         Brandy Baker       Custodial Office

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