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Breastfeeding Changes for VLBW Infants in the NICU Following Staff


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									Birth to Breast – A Feeding Care Map for the NICU: Helping the Extremely Low
Birth Weight Infant Navigate the Course
Dougherty D, Luther M
Neonatal Network 2008 Nov-Dec; 27(6)371-377
PMID: 19065966

Breastfeeding and the Use of Human Milk
American Academy of Pediatrics Policy Statement
Pediatrics 2005 115(2)496-506
PMID: 15687461

Breastfeeding Changes for VLBW Infants in the NICU Following Staff Education
Peneda R, Foss, J, Richards L, Pane C
Neonatal Network 2009 Sep-Oct; 28(5)311-319
PMID: 19720595

Clinical Protocol Number #19: Breastfeeding Promotion in the Prenatal Setting
The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Protocol Committee
Breastfeeding Medicine 2009 4(1) 43-45
PMID: 19301463

Closing the Quality Gap: Promoting Evidence-Based Breastfeeding Care in the
Bartick M, Stuebe A, Shealy K, Walker M, Grummer-Strawn L
Pediatrics 2009 124(4) e793-e802
PMID: 19752082

Coding Guide for Breastfeeding Reimbursement

Evidence-based Practices to Promote Exclusive Feeding of Human Milk in Very
Low-birthweight Infants
Meier P, Engstrom J

Maternal and Infant Characteristics Associated With Human Milk Feeding in Very Low
Birth Weight Infants
Sisk P, Lovelady C, Dillard R, Gruber K, O’Shea M
Journal of Human Lactation 2009 25(4)412-419
PMID: 19602575
Oropharyngeal administration of colostrum to extremely low birth weight infants:
theoretical perspectives
Rodriguez NA, Meier PP, Groer MW, Zeller JM
Journal of Perinatology 2009 29(1)1-7
PMID: 18769379

Sharing the Science on Human Milk Feedings With Mothers of Very-Low-Birth-
Weight Infants
Rodriguez N, Miracle D, Meier P
JOGNN 2005 Jan-Feb; 34(1)109-119
PMID: 15673654

The Surgeon General’s Vision for a Healthy & Fit Nation 2010

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