How Can You Stop Smoking

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					How you can stop smoking

There are many methods people are using to stop smoking. Figuring out how
you can stop smoking is not the hard part but the hard part is actually
refraining from having a smoke when you most feel like having one. The
difficulty in giving up smoking comes because there is an addictive
substance called nicotine inside cigarettes. According to many doctors,
nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known to man. That is
why many people find it near impossible to give up but as long as you
pick the right solution for you and you are determined to quit, you will
succeed. In this article we will discuss one of the more popular methods
of how you can quit smoking.

One of the most popular methods of how you can quit smoking is by using
Nicotine replacement therapy products. The products differ in nature,
some people prefer to use nicotine patches and some people prefer to use
nicotine gum. These products will transfer nicotine into your body and
therefore get rid of the withdrawal symptoms that come with actually not
smoking any cigarettes.

The plus point that is there with this method is that you will greatly
reduce the urge to have a smoke. This is because you will have your fix
of nicotine through the nicotine replacement therapy product and there
will be no need to smoke an actual cigarette because of this. The benefit
is that you will not be inhaling the tar that you would’ve been inhaling
had you been smoking an actual cigarette. Tar is the substance that fills
up in your lungs once you have been smoking for a long time. When there
is enough tar in your lungs the chances of developing lung cancer are
high and performing daily tasks without getting winded becomes more and
more difficult.

There are many drawbacks to this method of quitting though. This is
because you are actually not addressing your nicotine addiction problem.
The nicotine gum and patches are continually giving you a fix so you
never really address that problem and you really have to spend more and
more money on the product. Another negative is that there are many side-
effects to taking these products. Some of them include very vivid, dark
almost Armageddon style nightmares. If you can’t stand them then this is
not for you.