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					By: Travis Polatis
       HEADLINES of 2006
•The War in Iraq Goes
•Pittsburg Steelers,
Miami Heat, St. Louis
Cardinals, U of Texas,
U of Florida all won
their respected league
sport Championships.
•No Major Hurricanes
after Katrina
•Italy Wins the FIFA
World CUP
People, Places and Things
            Iraq      President

    World Cup 2006     Pumps
    Mood, Likes and Dislikes
• The war In Iraq is still going on and I agree with
  the President that our job is not yet finished.
• The economy is going great
• I disagree with all the Democrats that were just
• I’m happy with the way things are running right
  now in our country
• I feel a lot safer now then I did a few year ago
  from terrorist attacks.
• The BCS in college football is stupid and they
  should use a playoff system, especially after
  this year
• UGA sucks this year in Football and I’m
  disappointed but glad they beat AUBURN!!!
 Hopes, Dreams, Future Goals
• One of my goals is to
  graduate Valdosta State
  University in 2008 with a
  Bachelor’s Degree in
  Biology and a Minor in
• I plan on attending
  Optometry school and
  taking the MCAT and
  becoming an
• I hope to find a beautiful
  wife and marry and have
  a family.
       My Hobbies and Family
• I have My Dad, David. My
  mom, Shauna. And my three
  younger brothers, Jordon,
  Ryan and Zach.
• I enjoy playing soccer, and
  partying and hanging out with
  my friends, having a good
• I am involved a lot with Kappa
  Sigma, as I am the Grand
  Scribe on our E.C.