Basic Editing In Photoshop Elements

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					                          Editing & Modifying Using
                            Photoshop Elements

        Example for Red Eye Reduction using Photoshop Elements

Process for Eliminating Red-Eye in a Photograph:

      Copy Save Picture into My Pictures or On My Desk top
      Import Picture into Edit Mode on Photo Shop Elements
      Select Quick Edit Mode
      Import Picture into Left Pane (Work space)
      Under View: Select Before & After- Horizontal
      In the category of General Fixes, Auto Select Red Eye Fix
      Capture Screen under Print Screen on keyboard
      Import Screen Capture into Word and type out actions to fix the problem of
       red eye in your photos.
Find the following photo problems or enhancements to attempt to fix or work with:

 Photo noise- Below is a link to take you how to do noise reduction using PSE.

Bad Exposure -

Altering the focus in a part of a photograph –

Cloning to remove an obstruction
Changing Eye Colour

Open a word document, minimize.
Open Internet Explorer
Import image from the internet that meet the necessary requirements for the
project you are working on.
Capture Screen once editing is complete.
Label the image and type underneath the pic what process you went through to fix
the image.
Label the word document, basic editing in PSE and place in your hand in folder.

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