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Advice to parents re Application to Higher Education – UCAS


									   Advice to parents re Application to Higher Education – UCAS 2012
Requirements for application to Higher Education change every year. Much of the
information is published by universities on websites, and this means that instead of
appearing in a yearly published prospectus, the information may be updated frequently
and must be consulted regularly. Information about Admission Tests, specific grade
requirements, interviews and suitable items for inclusion in a personal statement may be
included in a website. This is also why the individual advice offered to each student is
particularly important.
The tutor, the Assistant Head and the Head of Sixth Form follow the progress of each of
the students with close attention, from the stage when they are considering their choices,
through the completion of their UCAS application, their preparation for interview and
then their final decision about which offers they should accept.
This is a brief summary of the help and guidance that the students receive during the time
they are making plans for the future, and preparing to apply for Higher Education.
Throughout this process each student is encouraged to discuss their plans with their
teachers, Heads of Department, and their tutor and Head of Sixth Form, who will always
be on hand to advise and help through this important period of their school life.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss any aspect of this programme.

Miss Peycelon – Head of Sixth Form – Mr Stedman – Assistant Head of Sixth Form

General Information on the application process

Open days for universities and subject departments of universities occur throughout
the year. Many of them occur at weekends and holidays. We encourage the students
to take advantage of these and we suggest that they miss no more than five school
days for open days which occur during school time. A pink University Open Day
Absence Notification form must be filled in to request permission to attend the Open
Day during a school day and inform of absence prior to the visit. This form should
be handed in to the tutor

Following their AS examinations, the students have registered via the school to use the
online UCAS site and have been able to start filling in their application. The UCAS
website is . Students are given an explanation of the UCAS application
process. They are also given written guidance about writing a personal statement and
filling in the UCAS form.
Anyone who has decided not to apply to university at this stage will be helped to plan
their GAP year, if required. The school will provide any references required.
Anyone who applies post-A level will be given as much help as if they were still at

By the end of this summer term, all Year 12 students will have prepared a first draft of
their personal statement and submitted it to their tutor. This is an important element of the
UCAS application form.
Tutors discuss the statement with the students, and final versions are prepared by the
students over the Summer Holidays. This is particularly important for students wishing to
apply for Cambridge, Oxford, Medicine or Veterinary medicine, as they have a very early
deadline for their applications. However, it is essential to understand that over-subscribed
universities do operate an unofficial first come first served policy when it comes to their
admission policy. Students who wish to apply to the Russell Group universities should
not waste any time in sending their application off.

The current membership of the Russell Group includes

      University of Birmingham
      University of Bristol
      University of Cambridge
      Cardiff University
      University of Edinburgh
      University of Glasgow
      Imperial College London
      King's College London, University of London
      University College London, University of London
      University of Leeds
      University of Liverpool
      London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London
      University of Manchester
      Newcastle University
      University of Nottingham
      Queen's University Belfast
      University of Oxford
      University of Sheffield
      University of Southampton
      University of Warwick

During the Autumn Term the UCAS form must be fully completed and sent off. This is
done online.
When a student is ready to send off their application, they must make an appointment
with the Assistant Head or the Head of Sixth Form who will :
   1. check the application is accurately completed
   2. enable the student to read their tutor and subject references
   3. send off the application.

Applicants to some courses at Oxford and Cambridge are asked to submit written work
prior to the interview. Students are helped to choose appropriate work with their Subject
teacher(s), and this is sent off by the Office to the chosen College Admission Office.
Applicants for some courses are required to take a test as part of the admissions
procedure. It is the responsibility of the student to check those requirements on the
University Course website. This is particularly applicable to Medicine students who may
have to sit the UKCat and/or BMat tests; the Laws students who may have to sit the LNat
test and increasingly so any one applying to Oxbridge.

Any student will be given a chance to have a mock interview given by someone who is
eminent in their chosen subject and/or by the Headmaster. University interviews may
take place any time from September to March, or even later. Universities (and even
departments within the same university) vary in their interview schedules and the time
they take to offer places.

At any stage after the application is submitted, the UCAS website gives them up to date
information about their application. When all the institutions to which a student has
applied have made a decision, UCAS will inform them online to ask them to decide
which places they will accept. Each student is asked to decide on a Firm place (i.e. their
first choice) and an Insurance place (their second choice).

GAP Year
Each year many students decide to take a Gap year before University. If a student decides
to do this, their UCAS application may be completed in two ways:
1. Deferred entry – UCAS form is completed in September for year 2012 entry.
2. Application after the A level results. Students who re-apply to UCAS after they have
left school will get as much help after their A level results as they do while they are still
at school. They need to get in touch with the Head of Sixth form via email or phone.
They will be told exactly what they have to do and how we will get their reference to
To plan the GAP year, the careers library has a great deal of information on various
projects that students may like to undertake.

UCAS calendar dates – UCAS entry 2012
Mid-June: registration on ucas website for all Y12 students – in school
Week beginning 13th June: Headstart day for all Oxbridge potential applicants
Friday 1st July- First draft of personal statement to tutor
Early September - Updated personal statement to tutor / FP / MS .
15th September - UCAS online application goes live. Students can start sending off their
applications (particularly important for Medics, Vets and Oxford and Cambridge
Tuesday 15th October – deadline for Medics, Vets and Oxford and Cambridge
applications to be sent off
Wednesday 15th December – deadline for all other applications at SRMS
15th January – official UCAS deadline for all other applications

The official UCAS Application guide can be consulted online via the school website, in
the sixth form section. MS and FP can be contacted anytime during the school day to help
and advise through the process.

Miss Peycelon – Head of Sixth Form

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