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									University            of   California, santa BarBara
Office of Admissions
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-2016

                                         P     s y C h o l o g y
P reParation      for the     M ajor         Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Psychologists
                                             are concerned with those biological, cognitive, and social factors that influence how
High School Preparation                      humans and other animals function within their environments. Psychology at UCSB is a
Recommended as part of or in                 laboratory science that is grounded in experimental research methods and statistics.
addition to UC’s “a-g” admission
requirements:                                The Majors
 Mathematics beyond                          The Department of Psychology offers the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Psychology
    intermediate algebra,                    and the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Biopsychology. (See the Biopsychology sheet
 Sciences including biology,
 English composition,
                                             for information on that major.) The department offers courses in the broad areas of
 Social sciences including                   perception and performance, cognitive psychology, biopsychology, social psychology,
    psychology and sociology.                and developmental psychology. Students have the opportunity to complete coursework
                                             in each of the major areas of psychology and to gain experience in psychological
Transfer Preparation                         research methods.
To make normal progress in the
major, complete the following                The Pre-Majors
courses prior to transfer:                   Certain UCSB majors, including Psychology, admit students to a pre-major. Students
 Calculus,                                   must fulfill specific course and grade point average (GPA) requirements in order to
 General psychology,                         advance from the pre-major (completed during the freshman and sophomore years)
 Experimental psychology,                    to the major. The pre-major in Psychology requires completion of calculus, general
 Introductory biopsychology,
 Psychological statistics.
                                             psychology, introductory biopsychology, psychological statistics and experimental
                                             psychology. Students must complete these five courses with a minimum GPA of
                                             2.75. Transfer equivalents to these pre-major courses will be applied to the subject
Please see the UCSB General Catalog          requirement, but not to the GPA requirement. Only that portion of the pre-major
   ( or
   your school counselor for more
                                             completed at the University of California will be applied to the pre-major GPA
   information on course preparation.        requirement.
   California community college
   students should see       Special Facilities and Resources
                                             The Department of Psychology is located in its own three-story building and three
                                             smaller satellite buildings. The main building has 27,000 square feet of well-equipped
                                             laboratory and instructional space. The department maintains an undergraduate
                                             computer laboratory, a newly completed Life Sciences Instructional Laboratory, and
                                             an undergraduate research laboratory building. Additional departmental facilities
                                             include an animal vivarium, wood and metal shop, electronics shop, and extensive
                                             computer facilities.
                                             Although a popular major, Psychology at UCSB is not so large as to preclude direct
                                             interaction between faculty and students. Students are encouraged to participate,
                                             on either a volunteer or paid basis, in faculty research. Students may also conduct
                                             independent research projects. A list of the department’s faculty members and their
                                             research projects is available from the department office.
                                             Advising is available from faculty members and full-time staff advisors. In addition,
                                             upper-division majors participate in the department’s peer advising program. Peers
                                             assist other psychology students in planning their programs of study.

The Department of Psychology offers several honors series courses to supplement the undergrad experience. Interested
students may contact the department’s undergraduate advisors for further information.
Students may also participate in Psi Chi, the National Psychology Honor Society; UCSB’s chapter enrolls new members in
Fall and Spring quarters.
Careers in Psychology
A Psychology major prepares students for graduate and professional programs that lead ultimately to careers in psychology,
counseling, clinical psychology, industrial psychology, social work, education, business, and law. Students interested in teaching
psychology and conducting research at the university level should plan to complete the Ph.D. degree. Students interested in
teaching at the community college level should pursue graduate work at least through the master’s degree. Teaching at the high
school (secondary) level requires the California single subject teaching credential. Students considering this last option should
meet with the credential advisor in UCSB’s Graduate School of Education early in their academic careers. All students should
meet with the appropriate advisor early in their academic career to ensure adequate preparation for their career of choice.

For further information on UCSB’s Psychology major, please call or write to:

  Department of Psychology
  University of California, Santa Barbara
  Santa Barbara, CA 93106
  805/893-2844 or 893-2791

                                                                                                                       July 2010

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