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					TEST REPORT                  Cardsplitter

Clone+ Cardsplitter
                                                                                                                             Clone+ Cardspli
                                                                                                                  Simple distributio             tter
                                                                                                                                     n of two PayTV pro
                                                                                                                        to as many as eig                 viders
                                                                                                                                            ht rec eivers
                                                                                                                               in the household

Simple Operation,
Incredibly Powerful!
•	Simple	Distribution	of	PayTV	                                                  The number of TVs in the         TVs in the house with a signal
                                                                              average household is consis-        whether it was done via coax-
Channels	in	Your	Own	Home                                                     tently increasing. It all started   ial cable or wirelessly. You

•	Feed	Up	to	Eight	Receivers	with	                                            in the living room and then         were limited to watching one
                                                                              expanded to the kid’s room all      TV channel at a time on all the
Just	One	Card                                                                 the way to the bedroom and          TVs but not much was needed

•	Supports	Numerous	Systems                                                   the kitchen until now there’s       for an installation like this.
                                                                              hardly any room in the house
•	Special	Feature:	Two	Different	                                             that doesn’t have a TV. Just           As HDTV began entering
                                                                                                                  the picture, end users natu-
PayTV	Systems	are	Possible                                                    a few years ago, when HDTV
                                                                              was an unknown entity, it was       rally wanted to be able to
                                                                              enough to have one central          watch their favorite programs
                                                                              receiver that supplied all the      in the best possible quality.

46 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 02-03/201 —
                                                                                   TELE-satellite World                    
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But this led to a problem:             course, this comes at an addi-              German           Deutsch
HD content could not be dis-           tional monthly charge and it                English          English
                                                                                   Spanish          Español
tributed via coaxial cable or          really is the exception rather              French           Français
through a wireless system              than the rule. The end user                 Hebrew           ‫עברית‬
                                                                                   Chinese          中文
and the HDMI cables link-              has the problem of deciding
                                                                                   Polish           Polski
ing the receiver and the TV            whether to take out multiple                Portuguese       Português
are limited in length to a few         PayTV subscriptions at the                  Russian	         Русский
                                                                                   Turkish          Türkçe
meters.                                same time – a solution that                                         Available online starting from 28 January 2011
                                       for most PayTV customers is
  For    the   average     house-      both financially and also on
hold this meant that multiple          principle a problem; who likes             and switch to an encrypted                  encryption system or the pro-
receivers would be needed              the idea of paying double or               channel,    the     Clone+       card       cessor couldn’t handle more
– one receiver for each TV.            triple? – or he has to look                communicates           with        the      than two receivers at a time.
Distributing    the    signals   of    around for another solution.               Clone+ server and receives                  In the Clone+ package we
a single satellite reception                                                      the   necessary         decryption          received there was the trans-
system to all of these receiv-            The Clone+ System from                  information so that you can                 mitter section along with two
ers is easy and as long as you         the    Polish   company       PYCH         enjoy your selected program.                reception cards. We were able
limit yourself to watching free        International     Electronics         is                                               to get to work right away.
TV, that is channels without           precisely one of those solu-                 In this way it’s possible to
any encryption, there won’t            tions and it works like this: the          use only one PayTV card and                    The       transmitter          section
be any problems. But what              original card from the PayTV               operate up to eight receiv-                 comes in a very elegant black
about PayTV?                           provider is inserted into a                ers independently from each                 housing and at 2.5 x 9.5 x
                                       card reader unit that works                other. Since the range of the               11cm was very easy to handle.
  Unfortunately,      it   doesn’t     with an integrated transmit-               transmitter       section      inside       On the front panel you imme-
look good at all; a PayTV pro-         ter. Instead of the original               the home is only about 30                   diately notice the slot for the
vider usually only supplies one        card, a special reception card             meters, the PayTV provider                  internal      card      reader       while
SmartCard to a customer and            is placed in the receivers (up             doesn’t have to worry about                 on the back a USB interface
thus PayTV content can only            to eight boxes are supported)              anyone else using the PayTV                 and a jack for DC power from
be received and decrypted on           that then creates a wireless               card illegally.                             the included external power
just one receiver. There are           link to the transmitter sec-                                                           supply could be found. The
a few PayTV providers that             tion of the Clone+ system. If                When the Clone+ system                    top side of the housing sports
offer additional cards but, of         you’re using a linked receiver             arrived at the TELE-satellite               five LEDs that show the sys-
                                                                                  test lab, we were curious how               tem’s current status as well
                                                                                  well it would work consider-                as the signal quality of the
                                                   ■ Twin Slot Interface -        ing that similar systems have               wireless link.
                                                   enables you watching
                                                                                  been around for some time
                                                   different channels
                                                   of digital pay TV of 2         now from a variety of manu-                    The reception cards are also
                                                   different subscription
                                                   cards                          facturers but as was often the              made out of black plastic and
                                                                                  case those systems had to                   come with six small status
                                                                                  deal with software bugs, they               LEDs      that     also     graphically
                                                                                  could only be used with one                 indicate       operational         status

48 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 02-03/201 —

                                                                              and signal strength. Because          mends that the transmitter
                                                                              of the required receiver sec-         section be connected to an
                                                                              tion as well as the neces-            MS Windows PC using the
                                                                              sary electronics to process           USB cable so that the firm-
                                                                              the incoming signals, these           ware of the system can be
                                                                              cards are somewhat longer             brought up to the most cur-
                                                                              than standard SmartCards.             rent level before the system
                                                                              They can be plugged into              is used for the first time.
2                                                                             the internal card reader of a         Just like the overall operation
                                                                              receiver or a CI module but           of the Clone+ system, this
                                                                              you probably won’t be able to         update procedure is handled
                                                                              close the front panel flap on         just as simply and problem-
                                                                              the receiver or the CI module.        free. As soon as the system
                                                                              It’s a visual disadvantage that       is connected to a PC and the
                                                                              the manufacturer recognized           software started, the current
                                                                              and because of that offers an         drivers are loaded from the
                                                                              optional Soft Interface. This         manufacturer’s server via the
                                                                              involves    using     a   standard    Internet. After that, they are
                                                                              format SmartCard that disap-          automatically       installed     and
                                                                              pears fully into a receiver’s         activated.
                                                                              card reader or CI slot allow-
                                                                              ing you to close the receiver              The   Clone+    system       can
                                                                              flap. The electronics from the        operate       in    two     different
                                                                              SmartCard      are    now    sepa-    modes, A and B, each with its
                                                                              rated with a single thin cable        own firmware. While mode A
                                                                              connecting the two pieces             is the normal operating mode
                                                                              together. The Soft Interface          for the Clone+, the manu-
4                                                                             was not part of the test pack-        facturer integrated a mode
                                                                              age we received so we were            B which is a form of a com-
                                                                              unable to put it to the test.         patibility    mode       that   really
                                                                                                                    should       only   be     activated
                                                                                 For our test report, Clone+        when there’s a problem with
                                                                              included a twin adapter for           the    SmartCard.         Our   tests
                                                                              the     transmitter   section   so    involved the use of a variety
                                                                              that we could use two PayTV           of PayTV cards and we found
                                                                              cards with up to eight differ-        that activating mode B wasn’t
                                                                              ent receivers. More on that           necessary. The transferring of
                                                                              later though.                         the latest firmware occurred
                                                                                                                    automatically without any dif-
                                                                                 We were very impressed             ficulties and was taken care of
                                                                              with the Clone+ system. The           in just a few seconds.
                                                                              included user manual provided
                                                                              information on the installation            Once the update process
                                                                              and operation of the system           is    successfully        completed,
                                                                              that was so detailed that             there’s really not much more
                                                                              every possible question was           for the end user to do since
                                                                              answered. The included CD             the system is very easy to set
                                                                              and USB cable can be used to          up and configure. The first
                                                                              upload new firmware into the          step is to insert the PayTV
                                                                              Clone+     transmitter      section   card into the slot in the trans-
                                                                              so that the manufacturer can          mitter section and then turn
1. With one mouse click the Clone+ transmitter section automatically
downloads the latest firmware from the manufacturers servers and installs     not only work on improve-             on the power. The Clone+
them in the unit.
                                                                              ments to the system but also          system automatically recog-
2. Standard mode A for operation with the most PayTV cards
                                                                              add new encryption systems            nizes the encryption system
3. Compatibility mode B for those cards that can’t be used in mode A. The
use of this mode was not necessary in our tests.                              or react to other changes in          used by the card, reads a few
4. Even the required drivers for MS Windows are downloaded automatically      the system.                           more parameters and then
with the update software.
5. The Soft Interface elegantly accommodates the reception cards even
                                                                                                                    sets up the reception cards
with the CI flap closed.                                                         PYCH     Electronics     recom-    with the necessary settings.

50 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 02-03/201 —
As soon as this job is done       “Ready” LED remains lit.
– in our tests it took a mere
one second – the “Ready” LED        This programming step is
illuminates to let you know       absolutely   necessary     since
that the Clone+ transmitter       the reception cards can only
section is ready to go.           be prepared and activated
                                  in this way. If you decide to
  The only other task that        use a different SmartCard,
needs to be done is to config-    then this programming pro-
ure the reception cards. To do    cess must be repeated since
this the original PayTV card is   every encryption system and
removed and each reception        each card type require dif-
card to be used is momen-         ferent settings. In our tests
tarily inserted into the card     the reception card was pro-
reader. The “Upgrade” LED         grammed and ready to use
on the reception card starts      in just about eight seconds.
to blink indicating that the      Once this process has been
necessary settings are being      completed for each reception
transferred to the card. Once     card to be used, the origi-
this process is successfully      nal PayTV card is once again
completed,    the   “Upgrade”     inserted into the card reader
LED goes out and only the         slot while the reception cards

                                                                     are inserted in each receiver           our test system so we were
                                                                     or CI module. At this point             able to select three receiv-
                                                                     the entire system installation          ers    for    our     testing:        two
                                                                     and setup is completed.                 receivers with CI slots and
                                                                                                             one with an integrated card
                                                                       As soon as power is applied           reader. A reception card was
                                                                     to the reception cards via the          inserted into the CI slot or
                                                                     receiver or the CI module, a            internal card reader of all
                                                                     link is created to the Clone+           three receivers and we began
                                                                     transmitter      section.      The      channel surfing through all
                                                                     signal strength is shown via            of the PayTV channels. No
                                                                     LEDs on the reception cards             matter how hard we tried, we
                                                                     as well as on the transmit-             could not disturb the Clone+
                                                                     ter section. Once the green             system as it decrypted the
                                                                     “Link” LED lights up on the             selected channels on all three
                                                                     reception cards, a successful           receivers without any prob-
                                                                     connection has been placed              lems or other interruptions.
                                                                     with the Clone+ server. Now             And it didn’t matter if it was
                                                                     you can enjoy uninterrupted             HD or SD channels.
                                                                     PayTV channels with multiple
                                                                     receivers.                                 We were impressed with
                                                                                                             the performance of the radio
                                                                       According to the manufac-             link. Depending on the type
                                                                     turer, the Clone+ system is             of building, a range of up to
                                                                     compatible with the Conax,              30 meters can be achieved
                                                                     Crptoworks,      Irdeto,       Seca     indoors. Outside the range
                                                                     Mediaguard       and   Viaccess         could be as far as 150 meters
                                                                     encryption systems. During              although 100 meters is more
                                                                     our    testing   process,       we      realistic as long as there is a
                                                                     were able to verify this with           clear line of sight from trans-
                                                                     multiple     SmartCards;       even     mitter to receiver.
                                                                     the latest generation cards
                                                                     worked     perfectly   with     the        The Clone+ system is also
                                                                     Clone+ system. The manu-                not affected by a WLAN router
                                                                     facturer included a total of            or other wireless device (such
                                                                     three reception cards with              as a wireless headset) and

                                                    — 02-03/201 —
                                                                                              1      TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine   51
functions without any inter-           rest! The Clone+ system was                                      Expert Opinion
ruptions. We tested this by            easily able to handle both                     +
setting a WLAN router to its           encryption systems without                     Incredibly simple and reliable operation plus
highest possible power output          any problems using the Twin               comes with the ability to use two SmartCards at
and placing it in close proxim-        Slot Interface. Even in this              the same time. At only 1.2W, the power usage of
ity to the Clone+ system. We           mode the constant changing                the Clone+ system is negligible.
also operated two wireless             of channels and the operation                                                                              Thomas Haring

headsets at the same time.             of three reception cards could                                                                                 Test Center
                                       not disturb this system.                       The encryption systems Nagravision and
  The    icing    on   the    cake                                               NDS Videoguard are not supported.

though would have to be the               We thoroughly enjoyed put-
Twin Slot Interface with which         ting the Clone+ system from
two different SmartCards can           PYCH Electronics to the test. It                                            DATA
be used at the same time.              is a sophisticated system and            Manufacturer              Pych International Electronics Sp. z.o.o.ul.
                                                                                                          Lipkowska 21, 04-801 Warsaw, Poland
We tested this feature using           functioned effortlessly with
                                                                                Phone                     +48 22 2442831
an Austrian ORF Card (Cryp-            the encryption systems speci-
                                                                                Fax                       +48 22 2442847
toworks) and a Swiss SRG               fied by the manufacturer. It is
TV card (Viaccess). At first           so easy to install and operate
                                                                                Model                     Clone+
we really had doubts that              this system that every user
                                                                                Supported CAS systems     Irdeto, Seca Mediaguard, Viaccess, Cryptoworks, Conax
both cards could be used               should have no problems with             Max. receivers            8
at the same time especially            it. The status LEDs on the               Max. distance             outdoor: max. 150m
considering that the Clone+            reception cards and on the                                         indoor: 30m

system would have to work              transmitter section highlight            Transmission band         RF 868-915 MHz, BW 150 kHz, GFSK, NRZ 38.4 Kbps

with two entirely different            the current operational status           Transmitter power         variable from -20 to 5 dBm

                                                                                Power supply              9-12V DC
encryption systems. But our            of the system and are also a
                                                                                Power consumption         ~ 1.2W
doubts were quickly laid to            valuable guidance tool.

52 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 02-03/201 —