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 and shakers
      aLH has combined its top
                                                         or most rental companies, 2010 was not a      manufacturers have taken the opportunity to
                                                         year of significant growth and if two words   take stock of their whole offering and found
          20 aerials, telehandler                        could summarize how companies feel            that, in many cases, the drive to get equipment
                                                 about 2011, they would be “cautiously optimistic.”    out the door and fulfill large order backlogs
               and scaffold lists to             north American rental houses have been                allowed some service and support issues to be
                                                 weathering one of the worst economic downturns        overlooked. these issues are being addressed in
       provide a comprehensive                   in history, and despite most major players            many areas with improvements in parts supply,
                                                 posting financial gains in the third and fourth       service and aftersales support, which should
      look at the 2010 market.                   quarters of 2010, companies remain guarded.           be able to be maintained when machine orders
                                                   however, the market seems to have settled           increase again.
       How will 2011 shape up?                   into a truce with the prevailing conditions. the        Some manufacturers have chosen to maintain
                                                 immediate pain of dramatic cuts in production,        all their production facilities, albeit with reduced
                 only time will tell.            workforce and rental fleets has started to fade       workforce and working hours, others have closed
                                                 and, as yet, there have been surprisingly few         plants. Although everyone is keen for order
                                                 company failures and consolidations.                  books to start filling up, there is concern that in
                                                   Recently, rental consultant dan Kaplan gave         the event of sudden and dramatic increases the
                                                 an upbeat presentation on the north American          biggest challenges will be to train or retrain the
                                                 rental market at the AEm conference in San            returning workforce and the ability of external
                                                 Antonio, tX in late 2010. there seems to be a         suppliers to respond.
                                                 general mood of improved positivity, even if            however, since the outlook is for steady and
                                                 there are still problems getting finance for          gradual growth beginning in 2011 and rising
                                                 equipment, and orders are very slowly starting        through 2012 and 2013, these problems are
                                                 to return.                                            unlikely to arise.
                                                   Kaplan said some of the biggest US renters
                                                 would considerably increase their capital             Worldwide markets
                                                 investments in 2011, forecasting spending of          At the AEm event, Kaplan presented a video
                                                 $500 million at United Rentals, $400 million          interview with United Rentals cEo, michael
                                                 at RSc Equipment Rentals and $475 million             Kneeland – prepared for the AEm event – in which
                                                 at hertz equipment Rental co (hERc). that is          Kneeland said that equipment owners who were
                                                 considerably more than the three companies            having difficulty in raising funds to purchase
                                                 invested in 2010.                                     machines would turn to rental. there will be
                                                   he said that aging fleets and increasing            “a paradigm shift from ownership to rental,”
                                                 utilization rates - the result of fleet reductions    he said.
                                                 over the past two years and demand creeping             however, the rental sector operating
                                                 back up - would trigger increases in spending.        primarily in construction has been hit hard: in
                                                   meanwhile, with quiet order books many              some areas the desire to increase utilization

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weBsiTe                   Phone                800-877-3687        800-222-7777    800-667-9328        888-777-2700             800-400-1610
                                         new Jersey-headquartered Trico lift continues to
                                         expand its fleet and presence; the company just        900-637-7368   recently opened a new depot in Texas.

                                           this increase in fleet means that Venetor rises      877-410-4242   six places in the list from 16th to 10th. Besides
                                         Venetor, though, only three other companies
                                         in the a20 reported any growth; Sunstate     888-399-4826   Equipment in Arizona reports fleet numbers up
                                         by 6 percent; new Jersey-based trico Lift went
                                         up 3 percent, and florida’s hR2 (high Reach II)   214-630-0808   increased its fleet by 4.1 percent. Everyone else
                                         has remained flat or scaled down their fleets.
                                           It is unlikely a huge change will occur in 2011,           888-664-5007   with the focus very much on fleet replacement
                                         rather than expansion.
                                           Aerial oEms expect sales to grow moderately       800-825-7880   because aging rental fleets will be refreshed, but
                                         2011 is unlikely to see an explosion of growth.
                                           michael Kneeland, chief executive officer of          216-986-5190   United Rentals, says he expects a choppy recovery
                                         but he has witnessed early stages of an upturn.
                                         In its second quarter results UR’s same-store         800-361-1486   rental revenues increased 2.7 percent and time
                                         utilization increased 4.1 percent with contractors
                                         opting to rent equipment instead of buy.         800-468-7426     the list captures the north American aerials
                                         market in a trough, at least in terms of fleet sizes.
                                         It will be some years before we get back to the        888-709-6333   fleet sizes of 2007 and 2008.                      n    314-588-1300
                                          the survey
                                          research for Alh’s aeriaLs20 was carried
                                          out during the summer of 2010. where           800-835-2128    companies were unwilling to provide data, we
                                          made our own estimates based on company
                                          financial reports and advice from industry       800-836-2367    contacts.             800-860-1648    Feedback
                                          if you think you should be included in
                                          next year’s aeriaLs20 (a20) listing,       800-866-3376    please contact Alh editor lindsey Anderson
                                          at or call at
                                          (312) 795-5611.

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   Marr scaffolding co.

                                                                                                       Brand scaffolding

                                                                                                        Near misses
                                                                                                        The following companies did not make our
                                                                                                        top 20, but are significant scaffold players
                                                                                                        in north America.

                                                                                                        sky-rider equipment
                                                                                                        columbia industrial
                                                    US-based harsco Infrastructure is one of            sTvA
                                                  the world’s biggest scaffolding companies,
                                                                                                        r&r scaffold erectors
                                                  previously operating under brands including
                                                  patent, SGB and hunnebeck. Between 80 and 85          swing-lo suspended scaffold
                                                  percent of the Infrastructure business is outside     seacoast scaffold & equipment
                                                  of the US, and the $230 million figure is based on
     the survey                                   a 20 percent share of the harsco Infrastructure       east coast rigging & contracting
     research for the scaffoLd20 was              business in 2009.                                     new england scaffold
     conducted during the spring of 2010.           the list provides some indication of the
     where companies were unwilling to provide    degree of consolidation of the north American
     data, we made our own estimates based on     scaffolding sector, with the top 20 companies
     advice from annual reports and industry      having an estimated $2.6 billion worth of
     contacts. we thank those companies and       revenues, which represents around 46 percent         starting point
     individuals who provided information.        of the total market. our top five companies          As we said at the start – this first listing is a
       if you would like to be included in next   represent an estimated 41 percent of the market.     starting point. In the coming years we will be
     year’s scaffoLd20, please contact              despite that degree of consolidation it is         able to refine and expand the list, and also
     editor lindsey Anderson at lindsey.          clear that the scaffold market remains highly        make comparisons with previous year’s surveys. or by calling               fragmented – as reflected in the fact that our       We welcome any suggestions, comments
     312-795-5611.                                20th company on the list, Gadsden Scaffold in        or corrections and look forward to the 2011
                                                  Alabama, is a $3 million business.                   survey.                                        n

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