Hose Management System

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Hose Management System
            8 Patented Cat Trac drive system
            8 Continuous, seamless hose
            8 Deploys/retracts only desired length of hose
            8 Quick connect/disconnect design, 30 seconds or less
            8 Ergonomical and OSHA friendly
            8 Remote control for optimal operator efficiency
            8 Remote start PCA Unit


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Do these typical field problems look all too familiar?

                    8 Is kinked or damaged hose reducing your air flow?

                    8 Are you having to supplement ground supplied air by running your auxiliary power units to
                      keep passengers satisfied?

                    8 Are you experiencing lost work days and injuries to ground support personnel?

                    8 Is the cost of Maintenance and replacement of hoses putting a kink in your profits?

                    8 Industry studies have proven that these typical field problems cost millions of dollars

                    8Have you been bitten by the “Cobra Effect” that results when unattended hose is pulled into
                      the Engine?

  This is your simple fix to the current field problems

        Twist Incorporated, P.O. Box 177, 47 S Limestone St, Jamestown OH 45335
           Email: boomair@twistinc.com Phone: 937-675-9581 Fax: 937-675-6781
The BOOM-Air Hose Management Solution:
               Patented Cat Trac drive system allows for up to 135 feet (41.2 meters) of useable 14
               inch (355 mm) diameter hose to be deployed and retracted at speeds so specified by
               the Customer

               By deploying only the exact amount of hose needed for any aircraft, maximum ground
               air flow is achieved. There is no opportunity for the hose to become restricted, thus
               eliminating the need for supplemental air generated by costly auxiliary power units

               The unit is supplied with one, insulated seamless 14 inch (355 mm) diameter hose,
               connected with a Velcro seam for the final 3 feet (1 meter). The final 3 feet (1 meter)
               is where the hose diameter is reduced to the standard PCA connector. This results in
               only one seam over 135 feet (41.2 meters) of hose for any air loss.

               80 feet (24.4 meters) of hose weighs approximately 100 pounds (45 kg). This
               coupled with excessive hose on the tarmac is a recipe for injuries and lost work days
               that can be avoided with this system. In conjunction with the supplied remote control,
               the ground support team member is safe, secure and more productive.

              The hose retractor utilizes a mandrel concept that never collapses, bends or restricts
              airflow, as well as polypropylene strips and a strain relief design to prevent binding,
              mis-tracking, or other damages at the exit end.

              PC Air Manufacturers will agree that when the hose is stored outside such as in a
              basket, reel, or trough, the hose is exposed to the harsh temperature variations. In
              turn, the PC Air units do not operate sufficiently as studies have proven that it can take
              5-7 minutes to cool or heat up the hose. During this 5-7 minute time frame hot or cold
              air is being delivered to the plane. The Boom Air Unit addresses this issue by storing
              the hose inside an insulated, enclosed cabinet with optional heater for the extreme
              cold months to keep the hose pliable

              According to facts published in industry publications, the hourly cost for jet fuel and
              maintenance to run the auxiliary power unit (APU) ranges from $72.00 to $309.94/hour
              depending on the type of aircraft. By comparison, the hourly cost for power and air
              used from the gate falls under $10.81/hour. One airline study shows their annual cost
              to operate an auxiliary power unit is 60 million dollars a year. If ground supplied air
              can be hooked up promptly and operate efficiently, this annual cost can be reduced by
              50% or more.

   Twist Incorporated, P.O. Box 177, 47 S Limestone St, Jamestown OH 45335
      Email: boomair@twistinc.com Phone: 937-675-9581 Fax: 937-675-6781
                	     Specification	                        English	                        Metric
                              Hose diameter                 14 inches                       355 millimeters

                           Unit height/width                32 inches                       813 millimeters

                                       Power                        Per Customer Specifications

                    Deploy/retraction speed                         Per Customer Specifications

                                 Construction               Frame and Aluminum Painted Exterior, Stainless Steel,
                                                            Stainless Steel Hardware

                                       Finish               Weatherable white low gloss, Textured epoxy powder coating
                                                            Custom Color matching is available

                                                    Detail of Hose Length Options:
                                                                                Total Usable Hose Length
                Standard Hose Length             Length of Reducer End                                           Unit of Measure
                                                                                from PC Air Unit to Plane
                           60                                2                                62                        Feet
                          18.3                              0.6                              18.9                     Meters

                           80                                2                                82                        Feet
                          24.4                              0.6                               25                      Meters

                           100                               2                               102                        Feet
                          30.5                              0.6                              31.1                     Meters

                           135                               2                               137                        Feet
                           41.2                             0.6                              41.8                      Meters


            	              Item	                             Price	                        Comments
                    Base unit price                          Inquire – price is based on quantity purchased
                        Installation                         Per Diem Basis                Travel and lodging billed separately
             Single and Multi Year
               Service Agreement                             Inquire                       Travel and lodging billed separately
                Replacement hose                             Inquire
            Warranty period One year parts and labor         Normal wear

      Warranty is limited if installation is performed by someone other than the skilled, knowledgeable technicians of Twist Inc.
                                              Multiple unit discounts available – please inquire