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									Virtual Experts Share The Effective Ways Of
Handling Negative Feedbacks For Online
Stores In Amazon
       Feedback from buyers determine the growth of your Amazon online
business. A buyer always expects quality products and services for the money they
spent. In other words, they look for value for their money. Negative feedback
comes when expectations are not met. Handling such feedback in a right and
efficient way helps us get rid of them. As the store owner, you may contact the
customer, understand the concern/reason for dissatisfaction and then work
immediately to solve it. Once it is solved, you can request the customer to remove
the feedback that they left since now the issue is solved by you.

       Obviously, unhappy customers leave negative/neutral feedback. Every buyer
in Amazon is given a chance to rate the performance of a seller based on 3 major
factors – (i) Product Arrived on Time, (ii) Item as Described and, (iii) Customer
Service. The buyer can rate the seller from 1 – 5 based on their purchase

       Professional Virtual Assistants shares the effective ways to strengthen you,
in these areas to overcome your negative feedback. Following are some useful tips
to avoid negative feedback.

1. Product Arrived On Time:
1. Make sure all the orders are shipped within Turn Around Time (TAT).

2. Send confirmation emails, once the product is shipped. Keep the customers
informed, for any delay in shipping their orders.

3. Give the delivery tracking confirmation# for the order shipped, so that the
customers can easily track their order. Give a detailed list of the shipping careers,
their charges and an approximate time to expect product delivery.

4. Keep the customers informed about the holidays. Insist the customers to
contact you, for any problem with product delivery, which would make the
customer to feel, you are there to help them.

If a customer rates you negatively due to the delay in product delivery, you may
follow the procedure mentioned below-

1. Email the customer, thanking for his/her feedback.

2. Mention politely that you have shipped the product on time. It is wise to add the
shipping information like date, time, tracking number, address to which the order is
shipped to, etc. with your email.

3. It is important that through your email the customer is convinced that you have
done the best you can by quickly sending out the product ( if you really have). If
there was a delay from your end, apologize.

4. Request the customer to remove the feedback. You may send out some free gift
( if feasible).

With a few email exchanges, usually the customer agrees to remove the feedback if
you can make her/him happy with the order.

2. Item As Described:
1. Please be careful while describing your product. Ensure your description
matches with the product and its image.

2. Make sure that you have given the correct product link. Because there are
chances for shipping wrong items due to incorrect product links, which in turn
leads to negative feedback.

3. Mention the product features, discounts (if any), and defects (if any) in the
listing. Maintain a clear return policy statement and the procedure to return the
4. Just describe the product as it is. Over exaggeration of the product would
increase the customer’s expectations and when it’s not met, leads to negative

5. Email the customer thanking for their feedback. Apologize for the error
happened and promise to be careful in future transactions.

Negative Feedback Due To Wrong Product Delivered Can Be Handled As

1. Email the customer thanking for the feedback.

2. Apologize for your mistake and offer a solution. For example, free replacement.

3. Customer Service:
When you are into selling to businesses or individuals, you need to take care of
your customers. It is rightly said, “Customer is the king.” If you have the ability to
write pleasant and courteous emails, and to understand what the customer wants,
you can handle customer service very effectively. Efficient customer service can
help you avoid unwanted feedback.

1. Listen to your customer carefully and perceive their issue as your own.

2. Give them the confidence that you are there to take care of their problems.

3. Be polite and kind, even the customer is wrong. Try to make the customer
realize the fact in a pleasant way.

4. A timely response makes the customer happy. Request some time to get back to
your customer, whenever you are not sure about the solution. This would ensure
them that you are working on their issue.

5. Apologize your customer, if the mistake is happened at your end. And promise
to rectify the error soon.

6. Respect the customer’s valuable feedback that help your business to grow and
try to incorporate it.

7. Always thank the customer for sharing their concern with you. Even while
handling negative feedback, it’s a good practice to thank the customer for their

8. Small discounts, free shipping, bonus item etc. would make an unhappy
customer happy, and in turn lead to the removal of negative feedback.

9. At times, slight compromises in rules and regulations would help you in
removing the negative feedback.

10. Timely replacements for the damaged items or the missing items would help
you make the customer happy.

In case where you received a negative feedback due to dis-satisfactory customer
service, here is what you can do-

1. Thank the customer for their feedback.

2. Apologize for the delay in responding them. Offer an appropriate solution for
the issue.

3. Assure them for timely responses in future.

       Using these simple yet effective tips, we can surely manage a high feedback
ratings. eBay Virtual Assistants at OBVA manage customer stores and feedback
rankings. Our customers have a feedback ranking between 98% to 100%. If you
think you do not have the time to do what is needed on your own, you can simply
let us help you do it. There are many reasons why you should hire a Online Store
Expert Virtual Assistant today. Contact us today to speak to your Amazon Virtual
Assistant. We do not work for your competitors.

                   “We do not work for your competitors”


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