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					                                                                               POSITION NUMBER (HR use only):

                                                          Position Information
Requested Payroll Title:                                                      Title Code:
Working Title:
Work Location:                                                                Department:
Hiring Range: Annually: $                       to    $                       Monthly: $                       to   $
Note: The hiring range is the targeted salary range for the hire. The full salary range will also be listed.

Appointment Type:                                                             Percentage of Time:

    Career                                                                         Full Time
    Limited with possibility of becoming career
    Limited without possibility of becoming career                                 Part Time
    Contract                                                                             Percent time:          %
    Partial year career – 9 month
    Partial year career – 10 month                                            Schedule of Work Hours:
    Partial year career – 11 month

Anticipated Fund Source:
Special Requirements – check all that apply:                                  Is this a new position?

     Background investigation                                                      Yes

    Valid California’s Driver’s License                                            No, name of previous employee replaced:
          Driving is a required job function
                                                                                   Reason for replacement:
    Public Driving Record Required
         Regular driving/class/certificate

    Drug testing required
Summary of Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Note: This text will be used in vacancy announcement posting.

   University of California, Riverside                    Employee Requisition & Recruitment Plan                            10/6/2010   pg.1
                                                                   Placement Goals
Insert (copy & paste) placement goals here. This information can be found at

                                              Recruitment & Advertising Plan
At UCR we strive to achieve excellence in our workforce through diversity. It is important that the applicant pool includes a range
of highly qualified diverse candidates. Human Resources provides consultation services to hiring managers and/or the search
committee on all aspects of the recruitment including: job design, recruitment strategies, advertising, sourcing, interviewing and
extending the offer.
All positions will automatically be posted on the following job boards at no cost:
    ● UCR JOBS Site                        ● Cal JOBS                           ● HigherEdJobs
    ● SoCal HERC                           ● IMDiversity                         ● InsideHIgherEd

After reviewing your placement goals where would you like to advertise?

Other (professional associations, networks, niche sites, etc.) , please provide name(s) of source:

     I need help in identifying sources and wish to be contacted.

How long would you like to recruit?

    Two weeks (PSS)                    Three weeks (MSP)                    Open Until Filled                 Other, please specify:
Note: Human Resources maintain the right to remove positions off the JOBS website if there is no activity or an excessive amount of applications has been received.
Recruitment Advertising Contact Information

Name:                                                     Phone:                                                    Email address:

Note: If this section is blank, recruitment notifications will automatically be sent to the Supervisor and/or Department/Administrative/Officer.

    University of California, Riverside                         Employee Requisition & Recruitment Plan                                              10/6/2010        pg.2
                                         Tips for a Successful and Timely Search
         Consider how this position supports the mission of the University. Be prepared to articulate this to your
         Consider your professional networks, associations, listserv, niche networks, etc. Can you use these
          resources to target candidates?
         Plan a timeline to keep you and your search committee on track.
         Remember to take action to enhance the diversity of your applicant pool.
         Start preparing your interview questions now so you can be ready to interview when that star candidate
          appears in your pool.

                                                    Required Documentation
    Position description – JDT number: ____________________________________
    Current organizational chart for the department or control unit

                                                    Authorizing Signatures
     I, the supervisor of this position, certify, that this recruitment will be conducted with good faith recruiting efforts,
and that the appropriate hiring prerequisites are completed, and that the Department Record of Interview will be
submitted to Human Resources prior to the candidate’s start date.

Supervisor                                                              Signature                         Date

Department/Administrative/Officer (if required                          Signature                         Date

Department Head                                                         Signature                         Date

Organizational Unit Approval                                            Signature                         Date
Note: Email approval from Org Unit is acceptable.

Preparer                                                                Signature                         Date

          I,                                           , certify, that all necessary department approvals have been obtained.

   University of California, Riverside                Employee Requisition & Recruitment Plan                      10/6/2010    pg.3

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