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Newsletter Aug 09 Eng


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									                                 Venerable Nedo Rinpoche
                                 HK Tour for Aug & Sept
The Venerable Nedo Rinpoche has kindly acceded to the request of the Centre to visit Hong Kong again at
the end of August. He will conduct a series of dharma activities which last from late August to early
September. Dharma friends are cordially invited to join the activities to share the joy of dharma.

The Venerable Nedo Rinpoche is the sixth reincarnation in the Supreme Nedo Lineage. He was recognized
at the age of ten by His Holiness the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa Rangjung Rigpe Dorje. In 1982, Nedo
Rinpoche began his three-year retreat in Rumtek Monastery. There he practiced the tantras of Marpa’s
tradition, the six yogas of Naropa and Mahamudra. He also received the ordinary and extraordinary
initiations, oral transmission and Mahamudra and Maha Ati quintessential teachings, thus gaining not only
complete understanding but also realization of these teachings. When he came out of his retreat at the age of
25, Nedo Rinpoche was appointed Vajra Master of Rumtek Monastery, a position he is holding till the

The content of the activities and the detailed timetable is appended below for reference:
Empowerment of Black Dzambhala (28 Aug)
Black Dzambhala, in Tibetan, is Dzambhala Nagpo. Buddha Akshobhya (the Wisdom Buddha of the East)
emanates himself in this form to relieve the sentient beings from the hardships of poverty. The sadhana
was taken from the terma. The merits of the practice will expel all misfortunes and enable us to have all
our virtuous wishes fulfilled completely.

Puja for Naga Vase (29 – 30 Aug) / Consecration of Naga Vase cum Marine Life Release (31 Aug)
Naga Vase is considered to be a rare treasure which is well known in every corners of the world. By
consecrating the Naga Vase to the river or the sea, one will not be harmed by demons of all sorts. For
those who always eat seafood, they may offend the Naga family, thereby contracting all sorts of incurable
diseases. The Centre has chosen to consecrate the Naga Vase to the sea on the precious “Naga’s Joyful
Day” because the merits accumulated may help cure the above diseases, even without any medicine.
Dharma friends should stick to vegetarian meals; take a good bath and preferably put on new clothes on that
day so as to show respect to the ritual. Every participant should refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol,
eating meat or food with offensive smell (e.g. onion or garlic), or any other indecent behaviour during the
ritual. Apart from the consecration of the Naga Vases, there will also be marine life release simultaneously.
Through accumulating such merits, it is hoped that all of us will enjoy good luck and prosperity in the days

Ullambana Puja – Vajrasattva Sadhana (1 – 2 Sept)
Ullambana is a Sanskrit word, meaning ‘to hang upside down’ which refers to the extreme suffering of the
souls in purgatory. After performing bad deeds, the souls will fall into purgatory. By the merits of the
puja, all souls will be led away from the purgatory and our deceased and living parents in 7 lives will have
good rebirths and will be blessed with good luck and good health. You may choose to join the puja or
sponsor the activity to benefit all sentient beings and ourselves. The Vajrasattva sadhana will be adopted
for the puja.

Retreat and Empowerment of Vajrasattva (5 Sept)
Vajrasattva is the totality of 100 peaceful and wrathful deities. The practice is particularly powerful in
purifying our obscurations and obstacles accumulated from the beginning-less time. If you are able to
spare a day in your busy schedule to join the retreat, the merits of such an act will
increase your good karma and remove the obstacles of this life. Rinpoche will also give us the
empowerment of Vajrasattva in the evening. All dharma friends are welcome to receive the blessings of
the empowerment even though they are not available for the retreat in the morning and in the afternoon.

Water Offering to Dzambhalas (6 Sept)
In the puja, participants will not only make offering to 3 Lords of Wealth (i.e. White, Yellow and Black
Dzambhalas), Buddhas of the three times, Bodhisattvas in the ten directions and earthly gods but also give
offering to our enemies and debtors of this life and the previous lives as well as the hungry ghosts . This
will enable us to attain the accumulation of merits and wisdom. The Centre will also provide the images of
White, Yellow and Black Dzambhalas which are blessed by the Venerable Nedo Rinpoche for the
subscription of dharma friends so that they can consecrate them at home. Participants of the Water
Offering are requested to stick to vegetarian meals throughout the day.

The detailed timetable of the activities is listed as follows:
 Date                     Time                Activities                        Venue
 28 Aug (Friday)           7:30 pm            Empowerment of Black Dzambhala    Centre
 29 Aug (Sat)             10:00 am            Puja for Naga Vase                Centre
                           2:30 pm
                           7:30 pm
 30 Aug (Sun)              9:00 am            Green Tara                        Centre
                          10:00 am            Puja for Naga Vase
                           2:30 pm
                           7:30 pm
 31 Aug (Mon)             10:00 am            Consecration of Naga Vase cum     North Point Pier
 (Naga’s Joyful Day))                         Marine Life Release               (Boat tickets on sale at
                                                                                the Centre)
 1 – 2 Sept (Tue &       10:00 am        Ullambana Puja                         Centre
 Wed)                     2:30 pm
 5 Sept (Sat)             8:30am –       Retreat on Vajrasattva                 Centre
                          6:00 pm                                               (Please enroll
                                                                                beforehand, vegetarian
                                                                                lunch provided)
                          7:30 pm        Empowerment of Vajrasattva             Centre
 6 Sept (Sun)             9:00 am        Green Tara                             Centre
                         10:00 am        Water Offering to Dzambhalas
                          2:30 pm
                          7:30 pm

                                     【Visit to Aged Home】
Date: 9 Aug (Sun)          The Centre will pay a visit to the Spring Home for the Aged in the
Assembly Time: 1:30 pm     neighbourhood to show our concern to the aged residents there. We shall offer
Assembly Place: Centre     them gift packs and entertain them with games and performances during the
                           visit. Those who wish to join this meaningful activity may inform the Centre
                           beforehand. For any enquiries, please contact Miss SUNG at 2802 6767.

                                                        Reply Form

HK Tour of the Venerable Nedo Rinpoche                (28 Aug – 6 Sept)
Lamp offering for Black Dzambhala & Naga Vase (28–30 Aug)                         $200 x       nos.   $
Lamp offering for Ullambana Puja (1- 2 Sept)                                     $200 x       nos.
Food offering                                                                     $100 x       nos.   $
Flower offering (discretionary amount)                                                                $
Sponsorship (discretionary amount)                                                                    $
Ullambana Puja (1- 2 Sept)
Blessing for the Deceased                                                         $500 x ____ nos.    $
Blessing for the Deceased                                                         $100 x ____ nos.    $
Prayer for Accumulation of Merits and Wisdom                                        $500 x ____ nos. $
Prayer for Accumulation of Merits and Wisdom                                        $100 x ____ nos. $
One-day Retreat on Vajrasattva            (5 Sept)                             $100 x ____ persons
         Receipts will be issued for donation of $100 and above for tax deduction purposes   * Total $
Consecration of Naga Vase          (31 Aug)                                      $600 x ____ nos
Boat Ticket for Marine Life Release                                             $60 x ____ persons
                                                                                             * Total $

 Please mail the cheque or fax the pay-in slip with reply form back to center. Fax : 2986 3908, 3005 4824
Cheques payable to “New Horizon Buddhist Association Ltd.”                      HSBC A/C No. 004-601-024367-001
Name:                                                              Telephone:
Cheque No.:                         Bank:                          Total Amount:
                                            FOR OFFICE USE ONLY
Cheque receipt date:                Receipt No.:        Date mailed:

                                                 Activities of August 2009
         Sun                      Mon                Tue             Wed              Thur              Fri                 Sat
Green Tara 10:00 am     35 Buddhas &                             Gana Chakra                      Three Roots
                        Shakyamuni                               7:30 pm                          7:30 pm
                    2 7:30 pm                3              4                     5           6                  7                     8
Green Tara 10:00 am 35 Buddhas &                                 Dharma Lecture                   Three Roots
                        Shakyamuni                               7:30 pm                          7:30 pm
                    9 7:30 pm               10             11                  12            13                 14                 15
Green Tara 10:00 am 35 Buddhas &                                 Mahakala                         Three Roots
                        Shakyamuni                               7:30 pm                          7:30 pm
                      16 7:30 pm           17              18                19              20                 21                 22
Green Tara 10:00 am     35 Buddhas &                             Dharma Lecture                      The Venerable Nedo Rinpoche
                        Shakyamuni                               7:30 pm                        Black Dzambhala Naga Vase 10am
                      23 7:30 pm           24               25                 26            27 7:30pm       28 2:30pm; 7:30pm 29
Green Tara 9:00 am      Naga Vase to Sea 10am          Ullambana Puja                             Gana Chakra        Retreat -
Naga Vase Puja          35 Buddhas &                   10 am; 2:30 pm                             7:30 pm            8:30am – 6:00pm
10am; 2:30pm;           Shakyamuni               Ullambana   Dharma Lecture                                          Empowerment on
7:30pm                  7:30 pm                  Puja 7:30pm 7:30 pm                                               Vajrasattva
                      30 “Naga’s Joyful Day”31               1                    2           3                  4 7:30pm              5
Green Tara 9:00 am
Water Offering 10am;
2:30pm; 7:30pm     6
                               Activities may subject to change without prior notice
                         For the most update timetable, please visit: www.kagyunews.com.hk
                                                           Donor’s List
Centre’s Operation                                                     Offerings
Chan Lai Chun、Selina Cheng、Cheung Chi Hing、Chin Ping Wing、Eliza        慧心法社、Louisa Ho、Eddie Deguzman、Jenny Tse、Chow Chu
Fok、Ho Chui Yuk、Kwan Mei Wan、Jason Lam、May Lam、Leung Hing              Fai、Elaine Wong、Ho Siu Kuen Michelle、Choi Alice、William
Yeung、Celina Liu、Luehrs.H.H./PSN、Shum Yuk Lung、See Kiang Optical       Wong、蔡小慧、Tang Hiu Yee Angela、蔡孝銘、何君賢、石惠
Mfy. Co. Ltd. 、Tang KY/Ren EC、Tse Chi Keung、佛弟子、Wu Wai Man、            娟、鄧曉宜、倫家輝、翁世慈、何保洸
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力、Tang Hiu Yee Angela、何君賢、石惠娟                                          Fai、Alan Lin、Anne Lau、謝禮賢、謝秀嫻、黃啟剛、林碧珊、
Printings                                                              趙旭華、Lousia Ho、蔡孝銘、Horan Roy The Third、周有/譚月
Chow Chu Fai、蔡小慧、蔡孝銘、梁有合家、鄧曉宜、Horan Roy The                            養合家、Lai Chun Kong、鄧曉宜、王美珍、倫家輝、麥慧芳、
Third、倫家輝、Tang Hiu Yee Angela、石惠娟、翁世慈、何君賢、麥鑑                           Yuen Ching Wei、Ho Kok Leong、翁世慈、黃顯榮、潘詠霞、程
波、麥鉅源、麥明銓、麥甘仔、林麗婷、溫趙玉芳、溫永堅、溫佩慧、                                        萬琦、程民蕙、馬璦莉、葉向榮合家、黃婉兒、Richard Lee、
溫佩明、溫佩薇、鄧偉文、鄧鈺淇、鄧鈺琳、鄧彭桂貞、趙王彩瑤、溫                                        王美珍、Tang Hiu Yee Angela、Lai ChunKong、何君賢、石惠娟、
宗耀、溫森銓、鄧桂軒                                                             吳欣濃、潘淑珍、廖志仁合家、馮桂荃合家、鄧達謙、周小芬、
Education of Lamas                                                     楊美穎、周泳銅合家、羅志雄、利雲潔、鄭秀珍、鄧巧欣、陳
Chow Chu Fai、Tashi Lhamo、蔡孝銘、Tang Hiu Yee Angela、梁潤添/梁                 國璋、余許渭施合家、彭正琛、胡底
潤寶、鄧曉宜、倫家輝、石惠娟、翁世慈、何君賢、麥鑑波、麥鉅源、                                        Others (for Elderly)
麥明銓、麥甘仔、林麗婷、溫趙玉芳、溫永堅、溫佩慧、溫佩明、溫                                         Chow Chu Fai、Li Pak Kwong、倫家輝、石惠娟

                                        If your name is missing, please inform us


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