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The past year has been one of continuing struggle for much of the European banking sector. After a bruising 2009, which was characterized by banking failures and government bailouts, 2010 brought the European sovereign debt crisis. Not only were developed sovereigns affected, but so too were their trading partners in developing Europe, as contagion spread. With new, more stringent stress tests under way, it will soon become clear how well capital improvement efforts have paid off and whether Europe's banks have become more prudent lenders. Raiffeisen Bank International has taken advantage of its relatively strong financial position and regional coverage to grow through acquisitions in order to become one of the largest and most far-reaching regional banks in Central and Eastern Europe. Privredna Banka Zagreb is one of the largest banks in Croatia, with a market share of total banking assets at year-end 2010 of 17.33%. It holds 20% of the retail banking market and 31% of the credit cards market.

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