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					District Assembly
  16 May 2010
  Why world community service?
The 4th Object of Rotary    •   People
• The advancement of        •   Organisation
  international             •   Networks
  understanding, goodwill   •   Capability
  and peace through a
  world fellowship of
  business and
  professional persons
  united in the ideal of
           Emergency Response Kits
• For use in disasters in
  the Pacific Islands, to
  assist families survive
  the first days after the
  disaster until further
  aid reaches them.
• A New Zealand-wide
  project originating in
  District 9940

05/05/09                 RNZWCS      3
           This is a global Rotary Clubs’
           project coordinated in NZ by
           Mosgiel Rotary

05/05/09       RNZWCS                       4
               Difference between
              ERKs and ShelterBoxes
Emergency Response Kit            ShelterBox
• Survival kit (first response)   • Shelter (longer-term)
• Pacific/NZ focus                • Worldwide focus
• $600                            • $1,500
• Contains essential              • Tent for 10 people, blankets
                                    or sleeping bags, stove,
  household cooking, eating         water carriers and water
  and cleaning items,               purification kit, eating and
  tarpaulins, clothing, tools,      cooking equipment,
  water purifying tablets,          mosquito nets, ponchos,
  toilet and medicine items.        tool kit.
             Donations in Kind

• Surplus materials
  and equipment
    – Medical
    – Educational

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  World Community Service Projects
• Community need
• Improves quality of life
• Sustainable development
  – Building community
  – Improving water quality,
    sanitation, education and
    income generation.
• Uses the volunteer
  support, skills and
  knowledge of Rotarians
  to raise the standard of
  living of isolated
  communities in India’s
  Himalayan District.
District Fund
         • Club funds match 1:1
         • Local or overseas
           projects – smaller, one-
           off projects
         • International travel for
           local doctor to
           volunteer at a clinic
                Global Fund
• Fund projects and activities that are more
  long-term and will achieve sustainable
• For projects and activities with a total cost of
  US$30,000 and above
• World Fund match - DDF (1:1), cash(.5:1)
• Must relate to six areas of focus
           Global Areas of Focus
•   Peace and conflict prevention/resolution;
•   Disease prevention and treatment;
•   Water and sanitation;
•   Maternal and child health;
•   Basic education and literacy;
•   Economic and community development.
       Examples of Global Projects
•   International safe drinking water,
    sanitation, and hygiene education

•   Send scholar abroad to enroll in
    water engineering degree program.

•   International malaria project to
    distribute bed nets and malaria
     New Zealand Government’s
  Aid and Development Programme

• Mandate: Sustainable development in
  developing countries, in order to reduce
  poverty and to contribute to a more secure,
  equitable, and prosperous world.
  – Humanitarian Response Fund
  – Sustainable Development Fund
                RNZWCS Ltd
• NGO and Member of Council for International
• Registered with the Charities Commission
• Approved to apply for Community Development
  Funding from NZ Government on behalf of
  NZ/South Pacific Rotary Clubs for:
  – Overseas projects
  – Disaster relief
• Lobbyist to Government for Rotary projects
 RNZWCS District 9940 Committee
• Encourage participation in
  meaningful World Community
  Service (WCS) projects.
• Assist Rotary Clubs in WCS
• Seek suitable WCS projects for
  Rotary Clubs.
• Liaise with governments and
  other organisations about
  requests for overseas assistance.
• WCS Committee – invite a Committee
  member to address your Club
• RI and District Website
• ProjectLink
• Volunteers
        Challenges for 2010/11
• Develop a World Community Service project
• Develop links with overseas Clubs (e.g. with
  water projects)
• Continue supporting WCS projects, ERKs and
• Consider a sister-Club relationship with a
  Pacific or South-East Asian Club
               25 Pacific Island Clubs
           linked with New Zealand Clubs

                       2        1
            3    10                 1

                       16 overseas Clubs linked with
                            Australian Districts
                      PNG 13, E-Timor 1, Solomons 2
05/05/09               RNZWCS                          18