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					 Cricket                                         Touch
Our MacKillop Catholic College boys’    The 7 Blue touch football team has had a
cricket teams have had a great start to great season with only one game to go
their season.                           before the finals. The team is 3rd on the
                                          ladder and they have had only one loss this
The Year 7/8 team have played three       season. All team members have scored
matches so far.                           tries including Grace Mitchell who was
                                          absent this week.
                                      On Monday 23 November, MacKillop Blue
MacKillop 7/80 lost to Hutchins B 1/84played Fahan and won 10 – 0. Molly scored
with Jono Griffiths being 24 not out. 3 tries, Issy 3, Sharni 2, Rachel 1 and
                                      Teegan 1. Heather and Emily were fast
9/11/09                               and strong in the attacking first half and
MacKillop 5/93 defeated Hutchins A    Brooke kept a tight left wing without
10/74. Notable players were Anthony   letting a try go through. All team
Osborn 29 not out, Damon Crew 14 not members kept our defence line
out, Jono Griffiths 14 not out, Harry unbreakable and took full advantage of
Compton 4 wickets for 15 runs and     any opportunities when they came along.
Hamish Newell 2 wickets for 7 runs.   Well done girls, another great team effort,
                                      friendly competition and good ambassadors
                                      of our College.
MacKillop 9/88 defeated Rokeby 10/46.     Congratulations on a brilliant season of
Harrison Glover should be commended       touch footy!
for his mighty man of the match
performance in snaring 5 wickets for 10   Jenny Brighella
runs and his top batting score of 19.     Team Manager.

Our Year 9/10 team have also played
two promising matches.

MacKillop drew with Sacred Heart.
Notable players were Ethan Whish-
Wilson with 15 runs, Ethan Moore with
13 runs and James
Armstrong with 2 wickets for 9 runs.

MacKillop 7/95 lost to Newtown 137
Bryce Walsh was 17 not out.
Ethan Whish-Wilson bowled 3 for 14        Back left to right
and Michael Bromfield scored 16 runs.     Brooke Wallace, Teegan Meredith, Isabelle Brighella,
                                          Rachel Long
                                          Heather Mulcahy, Molly Towns, Sharni Wylie, Emily
                                          O’Neil, absent Grace Mitchell
                        MacKillop 7 White Tennis Team

Well done, girls, some days everything goes just right. Our 7 White tennis team
played extremely well against The Friends’ School on 3 November. We won 14
sets and this was a team record. Rachel, Molly and Heather won 2 sets each in
their singles matches and Isabelle won 3 sets.

Molly and Heather had a fantastic doubles match and won 5 out of 6 sets in a
nail biter finish in the last set. Rachel and Issy had some long rallies and all
players were serving brilliantly.

Congratulations, girls, on a very successful and competitive tennis match, great
sportsmanship was shown by all team members and everyone had a fantastic
time. A big thank you to Rosie Graham who transports the team to the games
each week and helps with the coaching as well. Thanks, Rosie, for your cheery
and generous support.

Jenny Brighella
Team Manager

      Heather Mulcahy, Rachel Long, Isabelle Brighella and Molly Towns.