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					Schedule A - Unsecured Creditors

Name                                            Total
A.D.Williams Engineering Inc.                  3,649
Acorn Consulting Engineering Group Ltd.         788
Alberta Dampproofing & Waterproofing Ltd.      8,377
Alberta Journeymen Inc.                       92,965
Amelco Electric (Calgary) Ltd.                88,915
Atco Structures                                 338
AWD Windows & Doors                          107,075
B & M Finishing & Painting Ltd.               68,636
Bow Valley Millwork Ltd.                      75,653
Branch MacMaster                              (5,000)
Budget Waste Inc.                              3,643
Cal Craft Aluminum & Steel Fab Inc.           17,040
Canadian Dewatering                           23,846
Classic Closets                               17,014
Concrete Restorations Ltd.                     3,077
Conform Works Inc.                            54,268
Direct Energy Regulated Services                136
Douglas Survey Inc.                            3,126
Dundee Realty Management Corp.                15,402
Ener-Spray Systems Inc.                       11,813
Enmax Power Corporation                        5,572
Foothills Building Components (2004 ) Ltd.     3,051
Gracom                                        91,171
KJS Developing Ltd.                           90,972
Mystique Mechnical Ltd.                      277,170
Precision Ceramix Ltd.                         8,740
Star Building Materials                         144
Steven Ho Architechure Inc                    (2,940)
Stone Gallery Ltd.                            12,133
ThyssenKrupp Elevator                         21,170
United Rentals                                 2,546
WEQ DEERFOOT RENTALS LP                         714
WES MAR Crane & Truck Services Ltd.            3,731
WJE Consultants Ltd.                         207,781
JV-Caldor Foundation(Doreen Laszlo)          100,000
Joint Venture-Radix Global                    25,000
Joint Venture- Jan Sawoniak                   25,000
Joint Venture - Roy Murzello                 100,000
Joint Venture - Robin Maggs                  150,000
Joint Venture - Jadwiga Kaleta               100,000
Joint Venture- John McIntyre                  50,000
Joint Venture - Steven Jaeger                100,000
Joint Venture-North Portelin Invest          100,000
Joint Venture - Sonke Hinrichs               100,000
J/V - Caramba Enterprise Inc.                200,000
Joint Venture- Connie Geier                  200,000
JV - Garry Jackson Holdings                  100,000
Receiver General                               4,535
Workers' Compensation Board                    2,701
Adi Saedi                                    Unknown
Brad Benit                                   Unknown
Schedule A - Unsecured Creditors

Name                                   Total
Chao Pan                           Unknown
Christendath Ragbir                Unknown
Dale Gionet                        Unknown
Daniel Yim                         Unknown
Denise Andrews                     Unknown
Devin Scott                        Unknown
DJ Murrie                          Unknown
Evan Racette                       Unknown
Irshaad Khan                       Unknown
Jeffery Hagel                      Unknown
Jeremy Coutu                       Unknown
John Cook                          Unknown
John Kowalyk                       Unknown
Jose Melendez                      Unknown
Judy Macleod                       Unknown
Kayton Walker                      Unknown
Keith Walters                      Unknown
Kevin O'Riordan                    Unknown
Mike Bowman                        Unknown
Monika Walicki                     Unknown
Nelson Simoes                      Unknown
Paul Henrichs                      Unknown
Phillip Staels                     Unknown
Robert Perkin                      Unknown
Sherry Siegler                     Unknown
Terrina Mowatt                     Unknown
Thomas Atkinson                    Unknown
Tracey Olsen                       Unknown
Don Barwise                        Unknown
Ibrahim Ghobrial                   Unknown
Lloyd Harris                       Unknown

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