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					Exclusive SPA
Bringing the soul and the
body together: the Guarda
Golf makes sure your
well–being is well balanced.
Exclusively yours, the
Guarda Golf invites you
to discover: Beauty by
Clinica Ivo Pitanguy.
Honored by the most prestigious medical institutions around the world,
Ivo Pitanguy is no doubt the foremost expert in aesthetic and reconstructive
surgery. For decades, dermatologists at the Beauty and Health Center
annexed to his globally acclaimed clinic in Brazil have been researching the
beneficial properties of his native country’s vast repository of plants.

Under the supervision of Dr. Gisela Pitanguy, they have been extremely
successful in unlocking nature’s secrets and extracting active ingredients
from tropical plants to improve the skin’s resilience and tonicity, restart
cellular functions, promote anti–ageing effects, and elicit relaxing response.
Lifting Cosmetics
for the face.
Inspired by the processes of cutaneous reconstruction and the highly
complex skin healing pattern, the PREVIOUS range has been developed to
strengthen modified cutaneous structures, to boost sluggish cell functions
and to beautify the skin. The result is visible anti–wrinkle action, renewed
tonicity and the promise of new–found radiance.

Ultra powerful core formulas
Each product has been developed according to the same core principle:
that of having an ultra–powerful inner–structure, in which Centella
asiatica’s most active component is combined with one of four specially
selected and highly innovative peptides for highly–targeted action, and
to which a number of rigorously selected specific active ingredients are
The Essential Treatments                                                                         The Specific Treatments
                                                                                        CHF                                                                                              CHF
Business Treatment                                                45 min                170.—    For men Treatment                                                  60 min              190.—
Cleanser – Purifying – Energising                                                                Cleanser – Smoothing – Firming
In less than an hour, the face regains the brightness of a healthy and purified skin. The        Perfectly adapted to the needs of men’s skin, this treatment refines and smoothes the skin
scrub smoothes and evens the skin’s surface. The movements activate the microcirculation         feel that reflects radiance and vitality. The movements used to firm, tone and redefine the
and improve the skin cell regeneration.                                                          contours. This detoxifying treatment purifies in depth for a better firming action. The face
                                                                                                 regains balance, purity and youth.
Pure Detox Treatment                                               75 min              210.—
Purifying – Detoxifying – Antistress                                                             Dermo Lifting Treatment                                            90 min              250.—
This treatment purifies drains and detoxifies the skin tissue. It allows a better regeneration   Tonifies – Smoothing – Firming
of the skin, and ensures an intense moisturising that enhances the beauty of the skin. This      This treatment improves intercellular exchange, drains the skin tissues and stimulates
treatment softens the skin feel and gives the face all the splendor of a new youthfulness.       regeneration to restore firmness and the skin tone. The wrinkles start disappearing, and the
                                                                                                 face contour starts to redefine. This treatment grants a remarkable lifting effect.
Intense Resourcing Treatment                                       75 min              210.—
Cleanser – Moisturizer – Regenerating                                                            Quintessence Treatment                                           120 min               320.—
This treatment resources the skin, the skin tissues benefit from an intense hydration bath.      Lifting – Enhancing – Sculpting
The face revitalises; reducing wrinkles and becoming young and full of vitality.                 This is a face, neck and low–neckline treatment, it is the quintessence of anti–aging. This
                                                                                                 treatment is perfectly adapted for the most delicate areas like eye and lip contours. This
                                                                                                 brings brightness and firmness to the face contour diminishing considerably the ageing
Remodelling Cosmetics
for the Body.
BODYCARE is a range of 6 specific products designed to fulfill the needs
of youth and beauty of a mature skin. The secret of its unique anti–aging
complex was discovered by the scientific team of the Clinica Ivo Pitanguy
in the very heart of the Amazonian forest.

Highly healing Amazonian balm, protective urucum extract, vitamin
E, Calcium, Magnesium have been blended in this exclusive powerful
complex that is associated with targeted active ingredients in each
product to provide maximized anti–aging benefits.

Each product of this line contains at least one specific brazilian plant
extract that targets a specific concern to provide a tailored anti–aging
response. Bodycare, as complete anti–aging body program, also
celebrates the pleasure of giving yourself a special treat.
The Essential Treatments                                                                       The Specific Treatments
                                                                                      CHF                                                                                  CHF
Renew Body Treatment                                             45 min               145.—    Sculpt & Slim Silhouette Treatment                       90 min             250.—
Exfoliating – Detoxifying – Vitalising                                                         Exfoliating – Firming – Refining
This is an essential treatment for those who search for softness. The skin gets                This is a treatment to reshape and embellish the silhouette. Its draining
brighter bringing freshness and flexibility. This massage of the entire body                    action stimulates the metabolism to slow down fat storage and promotes the
promotes cell regeneration and brings a sensation of well–being                                elimination of cellulite. The body gets toned up and the silhouette reshaped.

Back Rebalance Treatment                                         60 min               190.—    Body Quintessence Treatment                             120 min             320.—
Cleanser – Purifying – Relaxing                                                                Exfoliating – Detoxifying – Conditioner
The purifying action of this treatment regulates the rate of sebum from the skin finding       Anti–aging treatment is to reconcile with the body and recharge energy. The
balance and purity. The regenerated skin is smoother and unified. This treatment is not only   modelling activates microcirculation, oxygenation of tissues and helps to
relaxing but it has high hydration properties.                                                 eliminate cellulite. It’s draining and firming properties helps to reshape and
                                                                                               refine the silhouette. The body regain its youthfulness and its tone.
Sublimating Bust Treatment                                       90 min              250.—
Exfoliating – Lifting – Tonifies
The beauty secret for women, this treatment is specifically designed to magnify the bust.
The tonification of the skin is improved to enhance the natural breast support. The cell
regeneration is stimulated to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and the unification
of the skin.
Other treatments
Massages                                                        Treatment for hand and feet
                                                        CHF                                          CHF
Massage classic complete                      50 min.   120.—   Manicure with nail polish            70.—
Massage classic partial                       25 min.   75.—    French manicure                      90.—
                                                                Manicure without nail polish         60.—
                                                                Intensive treatment for hands        120.—
Depilation                                                      (gommage & masque) manucure inclus
                                                                Nail polish only                     30.—
Eyebrow, face lip or chin waxing                        30.—    (manicure not included)
Face waxing                                             50.—    Pedicure with nail polish            100.—
Bikini waxing                                           40.—    French pedicure                      120.—
Total bikini waxing                                     80.—    Pedicure without nail polish         85.—
Under arm waxing                                        30.—    Intensive treatment for feet         150.—
Full arm waxing                                         65.—    (scrub & mask) pedicure included

Lower half leg waxing                                   70.—    Nail polish only                     20.—

Lower half leg & bikini waxing                          90.—    (pedicure not included)

Lower half leg, bikini and under arm waxing             100.—
Full leg waxing                                         100.—
Full leg & bikini waxing                                120.—   Other treatments
Full leg, bikini & under arm waxing                     140.—
Back waxing                                             70.—    Eyelash tinting                      50.—

Chest waxing                                            70.—    Eyebrow tinting                      35.—
                                                                Eyelash & eyebrow tinting            60.—
                                                                Day make up                          60.—
                                                                Wedding make up                      100.—
                                                                (with trial)
Spa Suite packages
Including bathrobes, towels, sandals, fresh water, ice–tea and dry fruits at your disposal
« Spa Suite »
1h 00 (max 2 persons)                                                                 200.—
2h 00 (max 2 persons)                                                                 380.—
•    Exclusive usage of the « Spa Suite »: whirlpool, hammam,
     tropical shower and private relaxation area (no treatment)

Package « Spa Suite » with treatment
Duration: 3 hours (for 2 persons)                                                     520.—
•    Exclusive usage of the « Spa Suite »: whirlpool, hammam tropical shower
     and private relaxation area.
•    One facial or body treatment per person (50 minutes treatment).

Package « Spa Suite » with two treatments
Duration: 3h 30 (for 2 persons)                                                       640.—
•    Exclusive usage of the « Spa Suite »: whirlpool, hammam tropical shower
     and private relaxation area.
•    One body scrub per person
•    One facial or body treatment per person.

Package « Spa Suite » with treatment
and Lunch
Duration: 2 hours (for 2 persons)                                                     600.—
•    Exclusive usage of the « Spa Suite »: hammam, whirlpool, tropical
     shower and private relaxation area.
•    One facial or body treatment per person (50 minutes treatment).
•    Lunch or « Afternoon tea »in the « Lounge ».
Gift Vouchers
You have the possibility of creating « gift » vouchers for the Guarda Golf
Spa, Day Spa, Spa Suite or a personalised programme as well as on our
exclusive products « Beauty by Clinica Ivo Pitanguy ».

Information: at the Spa reception
E–mail:, Telephone: + 41 27 486 2000
Members Club
Become a member
•       Annual nominative and non-transferable card
•       Unlimited access to the SPA (swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna and
•       Unlimited access to the gym and advice on usage of the
        Technogym® machines and the indoor golf.
•       Bathrobe, towels and sandals available for your use
•       Fresh mint water, ice-tea and dry fruits at your disposal
•       The number of members is limited.

Adults (from 18 years old)                                          4’000.–
Couple (per person)                                                 3’600.–
Juniors from 12 to 18 years old
(when a parent is a member of the SPA)                              1’800.–
10 entrances                                                         700.–
20 entrances                                                        1’200.–

Children under 12 years old who are accompanied by a parent
member are welcome to the SPA
Day SPA formulas                                                                          Rules and regulations of Guarda Golf SPA

Including bathrobes, towels, sandals, fresh water, ice–tea and dry fruits at              You are entering to a space of total relaxation: here are some tips on how to make the most
your disposal. Advance reservation obligatory.                                            out of your experience.

                                                                                          Hygiene and security
                                                                                 CHF      In order to keep the necessary quality in the SPA and for the wellbeing of everyone hygiene
Day SPA                                                                           80.—    and security norms have being defined. We ask our guests to respect the following points:
Free access to the swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna and hammam area, gym and indoor golf   •    The use of mobile phones is forbidden.
                                                                                          •    Please respect the silence and serenity.
Day SPA et Lounge                                                                120.—    •    Do not run around the swimming pool or in the SPA.
Free access to the swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna, hammam, gym, indoor golf and lunch    •    Jumping and diving in the pool is forbidden.
or « Afternoon tea » in the « Lounge »                                                    •    It is compulsory to shower before and after the swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna and
Special “Day SPA”                                                               240.—     •    Please respect the time spent in the whirlpool, sauna and hammam.
Free access to the swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna, hammam, gym, indoor golf,             •    Please do not film or take pictures in the SPA.
50 minutes treatment and lunch or « Afternoon tea » in the « Lounge »                     •    Children under 18 are not allowed in the sauna and hammam.

                                                                                          Clothing tips
Junior Day SPA                                                                    60.—    •    Our SPA receptionist can advise you on the correct clothing for each treatment.
Juniors from 12 to 18 years old (access to the swimming pool and whirlpool)               •    For the gym, comfortable sports clothing and indoor sports shoes are recommended.
                                                                                          •    It is obligatory to wear a swimming costume in the swimming pool, whirlpool,
Children Day SPA                                                        Free of charge         hammam and sauna. Towels, headphones and iPod docking stations are available in
Children under 12 years old, accompanied by an adult (access to the swimming pool and          the gym.
whirlpool)                                                                                •    It is not recommended to wear any jewellery, as it can be disturbing (for treatments)
                                                                                               or risk burning the skin (in the sauna and hammam).
Fitness                                                                           40.—
                                                                                          Cancellation condition
                                                                                          All appointments missed or not cancelled in advance will be charged.

                                                                                          For a smooth flow
                                                                                          •    We recommend that you arrive to the SPA at least 5 minutes before your appointment.
                                                                                          •    Any inappropriate behaviour during a treatment will mean immediate termination.
                                                                                          •    We recommend not eating heavy meals or consuming alcohol just before a treatment.
                                                                                          •    After your treatment, take the time to relax, and hydrate yourself drinking herbal tea
                                                                                               or fresh water available in the SPA.
Opening hours
The Guarda Golf Spa is open all year from 9h 00 to 21h 00,
and the treatments reservations will be taken from 10h 00 to 19h 00.
We invite you to stop by for a tour, consultation or if you would like more
information on any of our treatments or services.

Telephone: +41 27 486 2000

All changes, cancellations and no–shows with less than 24–hour notice will be
charged 100% of the treatment prices.
All rates in this brochure include VAT. Our rates are subject to change. Moreover,
Euro rates can be communicated upon request.
       Skiing. Golf. Beauty. Events. Art. Music. Superb Cuisine.
                             Open all year.

Hôtel Guarda Golf – Route des Zirès 14 – 3963 Crans Montana – Switzerland
              Tel.: +41 27 486 2000 – Fax: +41 27 486 2001

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