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					What did you do last weekend?
    Authors: Karla Marmolejo & Melissa Mendoza
               Group 403ª 2010-2011
           ENP No. 1 “Gabino Barreda”
   Melissa: Hi Karla
   Karla: Hi, what did you do on your vacation?
   Melissa: I ate and slept all day long.
   Karla: Wow, you know how all to entertain yourself.
   Melissa: Jaja, yes, and you? What did you do on your
   Karla: I was doing housework all the time.
   Melissa: Oh don’t overdo it.
   Karla: Well, I watched television and ate too much…
    you know?
   Melissa: What?
   Karla: I think I’ve gained weight.
   Melissa: Jajaja How do you think? , If you look like the
    same as always.
   Karla: Did you go out somewhere?
   Melissa I went for a walk to the zoo with my family.
   Karla: Oh good.
   Melissa: and what about you? Did you go out
   Karla: I went for to the beach with my family
    and drank coconut juice.
   Melissa: Oh good, and tell me What did you do
    last weekend?
   Karla: I studied and made homework and you?
   Melissa I slept and ate pop corn.
   Karla: Jaja ¡cool!
   Melissa: ¡Awesome!
   Karla: ¡Great!…jaja Ok bye.
   Melissa good bye.