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					Girl Scout Council of Orange County, 2009 Outstanding Volunteers

Nationally-recognized Awards

Carolyn Bowers, La Habra Service Unit, received the Thanks Badge*. Carolyn began her Girl Scout experience as an
adult in 1990, but her passion is life long. Those who know her well know that “She has touched the lives of countless Girl
Scouts in Orange County, directly and indirectly and always does so with endless cheer and optimism!” She has served in
numerous Service Unit positions, including being a Leader at almost every level and Service Unit Manager. She has also
made great contributions on the Council Level, serving on various event committees and the CEO’s Service Unit Advisory
Board. In fact, you may recognize her from your training, as Carolyn has been a Council Trainer for more than a decade.
And if you ask Carolyn why she does it, she will begin to smile and beam, and say “for all the hugs and smiles the girls
have given me for over 18 years!”

* Thanks Badge: The highest nationally-recognized award for Girl Scout volunteers. The Thanks Badge honors
volunteers whose service is truly outstanding and so significantly over and above the call of duty that no other award
would be appropriate. Their service must have benefited all off the Orange County council or the entire Girl Scout

The following volunteers received Honor Pins which recognize volunteers who have given exceptional service above and
beyond the expectations of their positions and whose efforts have had an impact in many geographic areas of the

Carolyn Erratt, Garden Grove Service Unit 6. Carolyn has given much to her Service Unit and to the Council. As a
Consultant, Delegate, Orientation Specialist, Event Chair, Troop Leader, and Council Trainer, she continuously
exemplifies a passion for Girl Scouts, and she is always willing to share it!

Tommya Cosco Rodgers, Tustin Service Unit 2. Tommya REALLY loves Girl Scout Cookies! She is a Troop Product
Sale Manager, Service Unit Product Sale Manager, and on the Council Product Sale Advisory Committee - so for her,
Cookie Season is year round! And that is in addition to her role as a Leader, Service Unit Treasurer, Level Consultant,
and Event Chair. She is a tireless woman who is more than worthy of the Honor Pin.

Sylvia Ellis Anwyl, Huntington Beach Service Unit 2. Sylvia has served the Huntington Beach Association for more than
15 years, and has been a Leader for even longer! She has been the Service Unit Manager, Product Sale Manager,
Organizer, Orientation Specialist, Event Chair and more!

Michelle Hamel, Yorba Linda Service Unit 2. Michelle has given endlessly to all of Yorba Linda, as a Delegate, Camping
Chair, Event Chair, Leader, Advisor, and Registrar. She also serves as a Camp Scherman Sessional. In addition, she is
described as the “nicest, most down-to-earth, friendly person you will ever meet.

The volunteers listed below received Appreciation Pins, which honor volunteers whose service has been outstanding,
over and above the expectations of their position, and who have had a significant impact on at least one geographic area
of the council.

Gerry Bradfield, Santa Ana Service Unit 1. As a Girl Scout for over 35 years, Gerry is the embodiment of courage,
confidence, and character. She has served as a Troop Leader, Consultant, Organizer, Council Delegate, Orientation
Specialist, Service Unit Event Chair, and much more.

Debbie Fradin, Rancho Trabuco Service Unit 2. Debbie is known as the “go-to” volunteer as she is very knowledgeable
and dedicated to Girl Scouting. In the past eight years, she has served as a Leader, Delegate, Service Unit Manager,
Cadette/Senior Liaison and the founding Advisor of OASIS (Outstanding Activities for Sisters In Scouting).

Lisa Goldman, Saddleback Service Unit 4. Lisa has served Girl Scouts as a Troop Leader, Service Unit Event Chair,
Service Unit Manager, and the Saddleback Day Camp Director. Through it all, she is available to others as a mentor and
guide to other volunteers and the girls. Her involvement in Girl Scouts epitomizes the Promise and Law.

Laura Hayden, Yorba Linda Service Unit 3. For more than 11 years, Laura has been an exceptional asset to Yorba Linda.
She has served as a Leader, Service Unit Manager, Service Unit Event Chair, Council Delegate, Level Consultant, and
Association or A-Team Member. Her compassion and accessibility add to her “green blood” quality!

Debbie Lelchuk, Los Alamitos Service Unit. Debbie is an amazing volunteer who has served the Girl Scouts of Los
Alamitos as a Leader, Service Unit Product Sale Manager, Service Unit Event Chair, and helped the Girl Scouts at the OC
Fair. She is a leader, role model, and mentor to the girls as well as the other leaders.

Patricia Veiga, Irvine Service Unit 1. As the Troop Leader for her three daughters, Service Unit Registrar, Organizer, Day
Camp Director, and Irvine Association Event Chair, she has given much of her time and dedication to Girl Scouts. She
wants to make sure that every girl can live her dream and grow up with courage, confidence, and character.

Jeannette Williams, Tustin Service Unit 2. Jeannette is a Troop Leader, Service Unit/Association Chair for the Annual
Older Girl Recognition event, Service Unit/Association Community Service Coordinator, and Gold Award Advisor. She
never stops supporting the girls in her troop!

Vic Williams, Aliso Niguel Service Unit 2. Vic is a Girl Scout Dad, who goes far beyond his fatherly duties, For the last
three years Vic has been the Chair of the International Food Fair event for Laguna Beach and Aliso Niguel Service Units 1
and 2. Working with 20 other Girl Scout Volunteers, he has headed this great event for hundreds!

Christi Hensch, Los Alamitos Service Unit. Christi has served as a Troop Leader, Product Sale Manager and Service
Unit Event Chair for numerous years. The value of Christi’s courage and leadership was experienced this past year, when
she managed the aftermath of an unfortunate accident while the troop was traveling. She was able to see to the physical
and emotional needs of the girls, while also supporting her co-leader, Nancy Smith. Christi was recognized by Kathy
Cloninger, CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA as someone who is “living the Girl Scout Mission.”

The following volunteers received Opening Door Awards, which recognize volunteers who have introduced Girl Scouting
to an area or group that has been otherwise under-represented.

Samar Abdelhafeez, Anaheim Service Unit 1. As the Organizer for the West Coast Islamic Mosque for the last 6 years,
Samar has brought Girl Scouting to approximately 100 girls and volunteers every year! She serves as a mentor and role
model to Girl Scouts of all ages. She consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty to support the Girl Scout
program for these wonderful girls.

Sue Fernandez, Tustin Service Unit 1. Sue became the Girl Scout Independent Consultant for the Service Unit this year.
In doing so she connected with 75 girls who were not in troops! She made sure that all the Girl Scouts in Tustin 1 felt
welcome and part of the Service Unit. Her fellow volunteers see her as a “jewel in the crown of GSCOC!”

The volunteers listed below received Good Guy Awards which recognize their work behind the scenes to assist Girl
Scout activities.

Doug Andrews, Laguna Beach Service Unit 1. Doug is the Computer Tech Guy for Laguna Beach, in addition to being a
huge support for the three Girl Scouts in his family (his wife and two daughters). He has helped and continues to support
Laguna Beach Service Unit as a whole, in so many ways.

Peter Bobrownicki, Irvine Service Unit 3. Peter has supported the Irvine Day Camp as a medic, photographer, errand
runner, supply transporter and much more. He helps prepare the crafts, set-up camp, work with the girls, and even cleans
up at the end of the day!

Jerry Massick, Saddleback Service Unit 6. Jerry helped to reinstate the Saddleback 6 Day Camp with his “boy camp” for
the sons of the volunteers! The volunteers could give their time, while Coach Jerry provided low-budget and free activities
for the restless youngsters.

Tom Sales, Aliso Niguel Service Unit 1. Tom is more than husband of a volunteer and father of a Girl Scout; he is the
supportive go-to muscle and transportation for numerous troop, Service Unit, and Association events. He is always ready
to help out and make things run smoothly.

Carlos Yrigoyen, III, Lake Forest Service Unit. Carlos has given endlessly of his time, money, and expertise to Girl Scout
Daisy Troop 1842. He has also helped on a Council level, as an Urban Adventure donor.

The following volunteers were presented with Spotlight Awards for their continued outstanding assistance to their
Service Units after receiving Orange Owl Awards.

Gabi Frei

Bonnye Lear
Mary Martinez
Kecia Hauber
Dianna Sundell
Syma Chaudhry
Betsy Rode
Julia Hughes
Susan Tieken
Deborah Wilson-O'Brien
Lorraine Ross
Kathy Emerzian
Diane Squyres
Mary Jo Mancuso
Susan Szymborski
Jeanette Wertheim
Anita Braun
Yvonne Baskovich
Collene Anderson
Melissa Riggert
Denise Morefield
Cathy Nealand
Kelly Vanderwarker
Arah Smith
Karen Hughes
Hilary Perry
Tracy Mutz
Socorro Amaral
Susan Kienitz
Michele Gamberutti
Lisa Tally
Dieutam Bui
Amy Senna
Terri Mohlman
Christina Noble

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the Adult Recognition Brunch. Special kudos to the all-girl
committee members: Karen Alex, Annelise Cohen, Sarah Crestol, Rebecca Gabriela Terrones, Amie Genovese, Patience
Haggin, Hayley Jefferies, Jessie Klinger, KelseySchuetz, and Kimberly Sanchez-Flores; their Adult advisors: Leah Crow,
Linsey Crow, Mel Little, Christine Mueller, Erika Waidley, Jamie Fenton (staff) and Ann Irey (staff); and to the Mistress of
Ceremonies, Rebecca Freeman.