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					Grossmont’s Quarterbacks
A Community College Legend

                                                                                8800 Grossmont College Dr.
Chad DeGrenier   Tom Karlo     Akili Smith   Brian Halsey    Josh Schmidt          El Cajon, CA 92020

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 Nick Forston                                               Tanner Engstrand

 Clint Womack                                               Jarrod Jackson

Jordan Adams                                                 Reilly Murphy

Mike Jordan, Head Coach throwing for a TD in 1990
against U of Washington while at San Jose State
GCCCD Governing Board Members: Richard Alexander, Greg Barr, Bill Garrett, Mary Kay Rosinski, Deanna Weeks • Student Members: Dan Lewis, Charles Taylor III •
Chancellor: Omero Suarez, Ph.D. • Grossmont College President: Sunita V. Cooke, Ph.D.

                                             Akili Smith Story - Now a Griffin Coach
                                                                               Akili Smith, All State QB while at Grossmont, All PAC-10 at Oregon, and
                                                                               starting QB for Cincinnati, his first year in the NFL. He was with the
                                                                               Bengals for three years, and then moved around in the league, played
                                                                               in NFL Europe and Canada after that.

   All American at      First All PAC-10 QB at     #3 in ‘99 NFL draft         After three years of pro
   Grossmont ‘06                 Oregon                 Cincinnati
                                                                               baseball, four years of college
                                                                               football, and seven years of
                                                                               pro football, Akili, now living
                                                                               locally with his wife and two
                                                                               children, decided it was time
                                                                               to complete his degree and
                                                                               begin his coaching career. He
                                                                               is coaching the QBs. Akili will
                                                                               be sharing the knowledge he’s
Pictured are Akili, his friend Dave, and JC coach Mike                         picked up from some of the
Jordan in New York City as they await his being picked #3                      best in the business.
player in NFL Draft. Signing for a $40 million bonus.

Akili has done a great job of coaching quarterbacks. He has also, along with
Coach Garrett Robinson, introduced a “Big Time” strenghtening/conditioning/
speed program in operation NOW. Akili brings in a program developed from his
two years at Oregon and seven years in the pros.
Grossmont College
Where Dreams Come True
                                                   BRIAN SIPE - Grossmont HS
         Grossmont College                         The Griffins’ first great QB. His career was one that can’t be beat. After
         Top Quarterbacks                          one season with Grossmont, he transferred to San Diego State where he
                                                   became one of the best in the nation. After two excellent seasons with the
                                                   Aztecs, he spent 12 years as one of the all time “greats” with the
Player                 School+Pros                 Cleveland Browns.

Jordan Adams           Nebraska
Chad De Grenier Washington State                   JOE ROTH - Granite Hills HS
                                                   He didn’t receive any offers out of Granite Hills High School and came to
Nick Forston           Alabama State               Grossmont where he led his team to 17 straight victories and a state
Tanner Engstrand USD                               championship in 1974. Joe earned a scholarship to Cal where he became
                                                   an All American and was projected to be the #1 draft pick in 1978.
Jim Freitas            Long Beach State            However, he died of a fast spreading cancer a month after the season
Brian Halsey           San Diego State
Jarrod Jackson         UNLV                        TERRY MORRIS - Granite Hills HS
Mike Jordan            San Jose State              In his second year with the Griffs, Terry became one of the best QBs in
                                                   California and then earned a scholarship to the prestigious Miami of Ohio
Tom Karlo              Ala-Birmingham              where he was named the MVP of the MAC Conference. He stayed a while
                                                   with the 49’ers, and then became a teacher/coach at Granite Hills High
Tom Madigan            Long Beach State            School.
Terry Morris           Miami of Ohio
Riley Murphy           Indiana State
                                                  JARROD JACKSON - Lake Oswego HS
Josh Schmidt           St. Ambrose                Came from Lake Oswego High School in Oregon. Started both years here
                                                  leading the Griffs to a 13 and 1 season, winning the So Cal championship
Dave Schram            So. Utah                   but losing to San Francisco with 30 seconds to play. He scholarshipped to
Brian Sipe             SDSU + Cleveland           UNLV and started his 1st season there.

Akili Smith            Oregon+Cincinnati
Clint Womack           Northern Arizona
                                                   CHAD DE GRENIER - Christian HS
                                                   Chad, also a graduate of of a small high school, was tutored by Mike
                                                   Jordan in the early 90’s and did well enough to earn a scholarship to
     10 of 18 Hall of Fame QBs                     Washington State where he started his first year, later playing several
                                                   years of Arena Ball. He’s now a teacher/coach in Phoenix.
   are now teaching and coaching

Brian Sipe       Head Coach, Santa Fe Christian
Chad De Grenier Head Coach, Phoenix Christian      REILLY MURPHY - Torrey Pines HS
Tom Karlo        Head Coach, Mt. Miguel HS         Reilly Murphy led the Griffs in 2005 to a national championship by passing
                                                   for 305 yards and 2 TDs, completing 20 of his 30 passes. Reilly completed
Mike Jordan      Head Coach, Grossmont College     the season with 3,552 yards, 31 TD’s. The Griffs accumulated 6,774 yards
Brian Halsey     Asst. Coach, Columbine HS         (best in state) in a 13-1 season. He received a scholarship to Indiana State
                                                   where he was a starter.
Tanner Engstrand Asst. Coach, USD
Josh Schmidt     Asst. Coach Kansas City Chiefs
Terry Morris     Coach, Granite Hills HS           JOSH SCHMIDT - Monte Vista HS
Dave Schram      Asst. Coach, U. of Utah           Josh was a back up to Brian Halsey in 1998. Josh blossomed in his own,
                                                   coming in several times to save the day. He transferred to a small school,
Tom Madigan      Teacher, El Cajon Valley JH       St Ambrose, where he became the school’s MVP athlete in 2001. The last
Akili Smith      Asst. Coach, Grossmont College    few years he’s worked his way up and is now working as an assistant with
                                                   the Kansas City Chiefs.

How about the other QBs
Clint Womack     In medical school                 JORDAN ADAMS - West Hills HS
Nick Forston     Last heard: CFL                   After only one year at Grossmont and three starting assignments
                                                   averaging over 400 yards, a “crack.” He was noticed by U. of Nebraska in
Jarrod Jackson   Grad UNLV ‘07                     the state championship game against San Francisco and later was offered
Jordan Adams     Grad, Nebraska ‘07                a scholarship. Unfortunately, he became seriously ill for a year and was
                                                   never able to break into the lineup after that. He stayed on the squad and
Riley Murphy     Grad, Indiana State ‘08           graduated 2006.

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