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					Centre Philosophy

The Maribyrnong Community Centres
Network is committed to ensuring that all
children will be provided with a
developmentally based program whilst in care.
The basis of all programs reflects the Centre’s                                   Community Centre
goals and objectives. Individual children’s
needs are respected within the structure of                                       Occasional Child Care –
group care.
                                                                                  Braybrook & Maribyrnong
All aspects of the children’s programs reflect
and promote the equality of culture and
gender, avoiding attitudes and language that
focus thinking on culture and/or gender based
stereotypes. We are committed to respecting
and acknowledging families’ cultural

Where possible we will link into community
resources that can be provided to the children,
such as books and reading sessions to                                                 Braybrook Occasional Childcare
promote language and children’s learning.                                               107 – 139 Churchill Avenue
                                                    Maribyrnong City Council                 Braybrook 3012
The program promotes independence by                                                        Tel No: 9334 6600
providing children the opportunity to explore     Occasional Child Care Centres
new experiences and to develop skills and                                                     Monday to Friday
enhance learning.                                   Maribyrnong Aquatic Centre
                                                      Occasional Childcare                      9am – 2pm
                                                          1 Aquatic Drive
                                                           P O Box 196               Maribyrnong Occasional Childcare
                                                     Maribyrnong VIC 3032                     9 Randall Street
                                                        Tel No: 9317 0250                   Maribyrnong 3032
                                                                                             Tel No: 9318 6655
                                                    Family & Children Services
                                                      Community Wellbeing                     Monday to Friday
                                                    Cnr Hyde & Napier Streets                 9.30am – 2.30pm
                                                      Footscray VIC 3011
                                                       Tel No: 9688 0116          Occasional childcare operates 48 weeks of
                                                                                    the year and the Childcare Benefit is
                                                   Children’s Services Regulations 1998                 Clothing
What is Occasional Child Care?
                                                   The service is registered with the Department of     Please send your child in comfortable clothes
Occasional childcare is available for families     Human Services and adheres to the Children’s         ready for a busy, active time indoors and
with children from 8 weeks to 5 years of age.      Services Regulations 1998 and the Children’s         outdoors. Please ensure all items of clothing
Care is available while parents are using the      Services Act 1996. The occasional childcare          are clearly labelled. For your child’s safety,
centre’s facilities or if parents wish to take a   centre has a Restricted Licence issued through       ensure no thongs are worn whilst attending
break, go shopping, attend an appointment,         Department of Education and Early Childhood          the childcare facility.
work or study. A maximum stay of 5 hours per       Development.
day and no more than 15 hours per week                                                                  A change of clothes is advisable for all
applies.                                                                                                children and include: scarves, hats, coats and
                                                   What to Bring:                                       30+ sunscreen to enable your child to
                                                                                                        participate in outdoor activities.
Enrolment Procedures
                                                   Bottles and Nappies                                  Children in the transition to using the toilet will
The enrolment procedure applies to all                                                                  require a number of clean underpants,
families wishing to enrol their children. An       Baby bottles and formula, expressed milk or milk     replacement clothing and socks.
enrolment form is to be completed and will be      of the family’s choice are to be provided to suit
updated at the commencement of each year.          the child’s routine. Please ensure plastic bottles
It is the responsibility of the family to ensure   are provided, and mark all containers and bags       Food and Nutrition
that their child/chidren’s enrolment details are   with your child’s name.
up to date at all times. Immunization details                                                           A healthy diet is paramount to children’s
are to be provided at enrolment.                   If your child wears nappies please provide           development and growth, therefore a
                                                   enough nappies for your child’s visit and ‘Nappy     nutritional snack is recommended on each
                                                   Wipes’ to ensure a hygienic routine is followed.     visit, a drink is also to be provided. All
Operating Hours & Fees                                                                                  children will be provided with water. Please
                                                                                                        provide your child’s snack and drink in a
      Braybrook Occasional Childcare                                                                    labelled bag or lunch box. Please place all
               9am – 2pm                                                                                food and drinks in refrigerator as provided.

    Maribyrnong Occasional Childcare                                                                    The Occasional Childcare service has a “No
            9.30am – 2.30pm                                                                             Nut Policy” that must be adhered to at all
                                                                                                        times to prevent any child in coming into
                     Price         Concession                                                           contact with nut products. A copy of the
  Per Hour           $6.00           $4.60                                                              Anaphylaxis policy is provided on request. No
                                                                                                        peanut products, muesli bars or food
                                                                                                        containing nuts, please.
Term Bookings

Permanent bookings are available. Fee is to
be paid upfront. Refunds are not available
when bookings are cancelled less than 24