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									Crown News                                Celebrating Achievement

Crown Woods students raise £1000
March 2009                                                                                                                                                                    Edition: 28

                                                                                 RND09/75 Photography credit: Ray Burmiston. Comic Relief, registered charity 326568 (England/Wales); SC039730 (Scotland).
    for Comic Relief 2009!
                  Crown Woods
           managed to raise an
astounding £1000 for comic relief
this year! A non-uniform day was requested by
Year 10s during charities week before Christmas,
and this was the main fundraiser, but other things
were going on as well! The Citizenship Club sold
100 red noses, and Ms. Heron was sponsored to
                                                                                                                                                                                                             and Webb

come to school wearing a school uniform. Overall,
students and teachers had a fun day, and hopefully
our money will really help children in some of
Africa’s poorest communities, as well as children
living in challenging circumstances here in the UK.

BTEC Field Trip to Cyprus           ll
                                 che bb
                              Mit We

Read the
report on page 7
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  Message from the Headteacher......                                                     Jack Petchey Achievement
Last term was a long half term where all staff and students worked
hard together on raising achievement. Year 11 and their teachers
have been doing everything possible to ensure that students meet
their targets in the Summer. I have been very impressed with the
work of the Year 11 team and all staff and students in rising                                                      Award Winner Giorgia Year 11 RGA.
to the challenges that we have set. This has involved, amongst a
comprehensive range of initiatives, additional classes in Maths                                                    Giorgia is a school prefect and has tirelessly supported
and English, a residential, coursework clinics and observation of                                                  and helped BEST throughout the year. She frequently
teaching and learning. We are not there yet and the next few weeks                                                 mentors younger students and is constantly involved in
are critical. This is why we have taken the decision that Year 11                                                  afterschool clubs. Even though she is about to sit her
students will attend all their normal lessons until they have sat the                                              GCSEs, she has continued to show dedication and sup-
GCSE - to maximise outcomes in the Summer. We are also very                                                        port for this area of the school.
pleased with the achievements of both Year 9 in Science, English and                                               Giorgia has decided to spend her £200 on additional
Maths and Year 10 in their GCSE courses. On reading this latest                                                    equipment for all the BEST Team and students to use.
edition of the newsletter I hope that you will feel proud of
all the achievements of students and staff during the
term- it makes impressive reading. Please do not hesitate                               Award Winner - Nadine 7 FMK.
to contact any of my staff if you have a concern or wish
                                                                                        Nadine has only been at the school since September
to discuss any matter with us.
                                                                                        but already she plays a vital role in so many Year 7
                                                  Mr. M. Murphy.
                                                                                        activities. As a School Councillor and member of

Coming soon........
                                                                                        the year leadership team, she has already proven to
                                                                                        be reliable, hardworking and extremely enthusiastic
                                                                                        student in all aspects of her work.
The revamped and relaunched school                                    Nadine has decided to spend her £200 on Year 7
                                                                                        School Council and equipment for the PE depart-

                              Crown Year News
                                                                                        ment to use for Year 7.

               Year 7
Welcome back! We hope you had a very restful Easter
                                                                        Year 8
                                                          Welcome back to what is going to be another important,
                                                                                                                                  Year 9
                                                          exciting term.                                               We had a very busy term in Year 9 which included a
break. We unfortunately had to say goodbye to two                                                                      very successful Options Evening despite the snow trying
of our tutors at the end of last term: Ms Malik and Mr    All parents/carers should now have a copy of their           to put a halt to everything. The evening ran with a new
Amin. Ms. Malik will return after her maternity leave.    child’s latest progress report, indicating pupil’s current   format which, according to the feedback we have had
We wish them both the best of luck.                       Teacher Assessment levels for all National Curriculum        from parents and staff, was very helpful for parents and
Last term saw the launch of “Lucky Ticket” where stu- subjects. Please feel free to contact any of your son/           students when making decisions about their choices.
dents are rewarded for 100% attendance.                   daughter’s teachers if you wish to discuss the progress
                                                          that is being made. There is a clear link between at-        Another great success of the term was the fantastic prog-
At the end of last term, we had a number of guests come tendance and academic success. Thank you to parents            ress of the Year 9 boys football team, who after a thrill-
into work with groups of Year 7s: Kevin the Bowman        for continuing to support the Year 8 team in our drive to    ing semi final against Eltham Green went through to the
and The Inquiry Drama Group came into do a perfor-        ensure pupils attendance is above 95%.                       final of the London Cup. This is a major achievement as
mance to a group of students about gun and knife crime.                                                                they are one match away from being the best team out
Additionally, a group of students, Tennesse Villiers-Lac- Last term saw two important weeks, both Science and          of London schools for their age. Well done to the squad
ey, Nadine Spence and Caitlin Lockyer-Barrett in Year     Reading week. Congratulations to all of Year 8 for the       - many of whom had to play at very short notice. Also a
7, also completed the Bridges to Africa Charity walk in building of some rather creative rockets. This week saw        big thank you to Mr Davey who has stuck by the boys
Central London. Tennesse said, “The walk was thrilling. many high flying and colourful designs and provided            since coaching them from year 7 and has put many long
We enjoyed making money for Bridges to Africa and         huge excitement during the launches.                         hours in to bring them to this high standard.
hope to schools benefitting from this in Africa!”          “Crown Woods Loves Readers” saw Dan Freedman,               The long awaited recipe book has been produced and a
                                                          author of many sporting novels, sharing his work and         big thank you must go to Ms. Brown and all the pupils
Following the Chinese New Year celebrations, a pizza      experiences of working with the England Football Team.       who took part. It was wonderful to see such a profes-
party was held for LHU who produced some fantastic        Thank you to Ms. Holmes for organising this.                 sional publication and I am still amazed at the skill of
work on the history of China. Naomi Ariama of LMY
                                                          Success has continued in Year 8 in many forms. Well          our Year 9’s producing such wonderful food. You can
was also invited for the incredible work she put into
                                                          done to the Year 8 boy’s football team for their convinc-    purchase a copy of this from the library at a small cost.
her tutor group’s presentation. A pizza party was also
awarded to MDY for their amazing work during Science ing 5-1 victory over the Year 7 team. Goals from Paul             On the academic side, Year 9’s have started their GCSE
Week – so much pizza we could be in Italy!                Gnadou (2), Jake Cardoso, Frankie McCann and Emrah
                                                                                                                       courses in Maths, English and Science and have settled
                                                          Kirici ended the season in style. Huge congratulations
                                                                                                                       well into the new curriculum. This bodes well for the
Well done to all Year 7s who have been involved in        to Isabel Hollingum (Annie) and Chloe Weller (Boylan
activities to date. We are very proud of you all!         sister) for being successful in the Annie auditions claim-
                                                          ing major roles. The school play is one of my favourite      Last term was a long but rewarding one and I would
Ms. K. Long                                               events on the school calendar and I look forward to          like to thank the teachers and you, the parents/carers,
Year 7 Learning Manager                                   watching the students perform.                               for your support; can I remind you of the importance of
                                                          Well done to pupils from JNL and DHS who are in the          attendance - just one days absence can make a huge dif-
                                                          process of providing evidence to complete their COPE         ference to their success.
                                                          qualification, an accredited course equivalent to a GCSE
                                                          B. Special congratulations go to Peter Hodgson for his       Finally, a group of Year 9 students took advantage of a
                                                          outstanding “Managing Home” project.                         trip to the Isle of Wight, details next time!

                                                          As always, if I can assist you or your child in anyway       Mr R Macdonald
                                                          please do not hesitate to contact me.                        Year 9 Learning Manager
                                                          Mr I Hockey
                                                          Year 8 Learning Manager
 March 2009                                                                                                     Page 7

   Year 11 Residential at Fulmer Grange 2009
A warm sunny March weekend saw fifty Year 11 students accompanied by
Ms Blayney, Ms Floate, Mr Osborne, Mr Lumsden and Mr White to Fulmer Grange in
Buckinghamshire for a study weekend in Maths, English and Study Skills plus some outdoor
On arrival we were all welcomed by the Kingswood staff and by the Japanese Bursar of the
Teikyo School who we shared the grounds with. After settling in to our accommodation the
fun began with outdoor pursuit’s activities like Leap of Faith, Zip Wire, Archery, Climbing,
Nightline and Scrap Heap Challenge, Mr Osborne decided to brave the elements by attempt-
ing to complete the Leap of Faith. Gentle persuasion by some of the Year 11 saw him jump
off an 18 foot pole in mid air to grasp a trapeze. Well done Mr Osborne!
In the evening challenges did not stop with Scrap Heap Challenge - making a container to
hold a water balloon before it is propelled into the air and of course a visit to High Wycombe
for Tenpin Bowling. However, the object of
the weekend was not only to have fun but
to study and all students took this on board
very well.
As the last trip with Year 11 before their ex-
ams next term we all agreed that it was one
of the best.
Ms Blayney

 Drama News                                                   Design & Technology                                 BTEC Field Trip to Cyprus
A very busy Spring Term full of
practical exams, theatre trips and rehearsals.
                                                                    Year 10                                       BTEC year 13 health and social care and public

                                                              Product Design News
                                                                                                                  service, and Travel and Tourism students have just
                                                                                                                  returned from a one-week field trip to Cyprus. The
On Tuesday the 3rd March Year 12 and Year13 A’level
                                                                                                                  purpose of the trip was to allow learners the oppor-
                                                            September saw the introduction of Product Design      tunity to experience a range of public services in
Drama students went see a production of “Spring Awak-       in Year 10.
ening” at The Lyric Theatre Hammersmith. The perfor-                                                              an international context. The field trip was packed
mances were outstanding and students have gained real                                                             full of various activities including a visit to Nicosia
                                                            Styling and function are crucial to commercial suc-   to the ‘Green Line (where learners learned about
                                                            cess. Through product design pupil’s gain a thor-     the political division between the Greek and Turk-
PRODUCTIONS:                                                ough understanding of the processes involved in       ish parts of the Island), and visited a byzantine
Our Year 11 Drama students have just completed their        turning ideas into attractive and useful designs.     church. On Wednesday learners were up and ready
GCSE course ending with a 30 minute piece of theatre
                                                                                                                  at 05.00 for the visit to the British Army base in
created and performed by them in front of an external
examiner. Students worked incredibly hard in the lead
                                                                                                                  Dhekelia where they took part in an assault course,
up to their final performances and we wish them all the                                                           various drills, lectures, and a range of water-sports.
best in their exams and for the future. The pieces were                                                           Thursday evening was spent at a traditional Cypriot
both creative and inventive.                                                                                      taverna where learners tasted a range of Cypriot
                                                                                                                  dishes, tried out their dancing skills joining in the
Our Year 12 and 13 students are reaching the final                                                                ‘syrtaki’ (Zorba’s dance), and the ‘zembetika’, and
rehearsal stages for their exam productions. Year 13 will
                                                                                                                  Mr Atmore and Ms Anderson displayed their belly
perform “Much Ado About Nothing” on Wednesday
22nd April at 4pm in Drama Studio 3. Year 12’s per-
                                                                                                                  dancing technique. Other trips included a visit
formed ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘Bed’ on 30th March.
                                                                                                                  to the Larnaca Fire Station a private hospital, and
                                                                                                                  a traditional craftwork centre, where they were
Our Year 10 GCSE Drama students are currently creat-                                                              shown how to make ‘Cypriot coffee’.
ing their own pieces of Theatre In Education which
they will then tour to our local feeder Primary schools                                                           Learner’s behaved impeccably throughout and
including Wyborne, Eltham C of E, Alderwood and                                                                   other elderly guests in the hotel were impressed
Deansfield at the start of the Summer Term.                                                                       with their conduct stating that Crown Woods learn-
                                                                                                                  ers had changed their perceptions of British youth
ANNIE:                                                                                                            abroad, and had ‘made their holiday’. Our learn-
Annie rehearsals are now underway and going well.                                                                 ers were polite, courteous and friendly at all times,
Singing rehearsals are taking place at lunch times and
                                                                                                                  fully participating in all activities, and interacting
acting rehearsals after school, so everyone is extremely
                                                                                                                  with everyone they met, and were a real credit to
                                                                                                                  themselves, families, school and country per se.
                                                            Daniella Svrdlin 10 APY has entered a competi-
                                                            tion organised by Greenwich Education Business        Much learning took place on this trip on an histori-
                                                            Partnership with ‘Winning Moves’                      cal, geographical, political, cultural, social and
                                                                                                                  economical level. Learners are currently prepar-
                                                            Good Luck Daniella.
                                                                                                                  ing their reflections of what they learned on their
                                                            Mr. M. Vaughan                                        Cypriot adventure, and importantly, what
                                                                                                                  they learned about themselves too.
      16th & 17th June 2009                                                                                                                Ms. C. Anderson
March 2009                                                                                                Page 6

    Y11 ‘xl’ Celebration Day
The Prince’s Trust invited our xl group
                                                                                                                    Crown Woods
                                                                                                                National Science Week
                                                                                                              National Science Week (9th to 15th March) is
to take part in the annual xl Celebration
                                                                                                              celebrated in schools across the country. Crown
Day on Tuesday 3rd February 2009.
                                                                                                              Woods celebrated Science Week with a variety of
However, the snow prevented the day
                                                                                                              activities and events across the year groups.
going ahead. Fortunately the day was
expertly rearranged and eventually                                                                            Each tutor group in Year 7-11 took part in the
our students attended on Tuesday 24th                                                                         National Science Week Quiz. The winners of this
February.                                                                                                     quiz were 7SFH, 9SWD as well as Charlie Henry
                                                                                                              [9VAT] Daniel O’Brien [11JCY], Megan Blower
Held to mark our students’ achievement
                                                                                                              [11JNN], Lauren Mayes [7LHU] congratulations
this day was fun and vibrant, full of
                                                                                                              to you all!!!
interesting activities for our students to
choose from.                                                                                                  During the week, there were lots of excitement
                                                                                                              with projects occurring across Years 7 and 8. The
During the day, our students partici-
                                                                                                              Year 7s took part in a week-long project on the
pated in three 75-minute workshops.
                                                                                                              ‘Hot Topics’ in science at the moment such as
Starting with the ‘Ultimate Challenge’
                                                                                                              rockets, famous scientists, space, recycling, evolu-
our group challenged other schools in
                                                                                                              tion, animals, human body, etc. The projects were
                                                             and singing. Tom Edwards performed an            very colourful and informative and displayed
                                                             amazing ‘rap’ and displayed a skill we did       for the Year 7 assembly. Congratulations and
                                                             not know he had and Joe Wakeling showed          Well Done to 7MDY for their fantastic Human
                                                             a depth of knowledge in how to mix the           Body display, Ms. Long described it as having all
                                                             sounds on the computer.                          aspects of a perfect display, it was informative,
                                                                                                              creative, and very Human like.
                                                             During lunch, there was a showcase per-
                                                             formance of artists and an excellent hot
                                                             meal served. Unfortunately, the R&B singer
                                                             Jamelia arrived too late to perform, but she
                                                             visited all the groups in the afternoon and
                                                             discussed the students’ work. Mary Msem-
                                                             buri was able to spend a few minutes talking
                                                             to her and a photo was taken by the press.
                                                              After lunch, the final workshop was T-Shirt
                                                              Screen Printing and our students, Neil and
                                                              I showed off our creativity. We expressed
                                                              our style and personality by designing and                                       Pupils Year 8
                                                              screen printing our own original t-shirt. The                                    completed proj-
thought-provoking, larger-than-life puzzles and                                                                                                ects on rockets.
                                                      prints were varied, positive and imaginative. Aiden
games in the style of Crystal Maze. They proved                                                                                                This involved
                                                      Dunn, especially, reinforced his inventiveness and
they had logic, skill, tactics and teamwork. In all                                                                                            creating pre-
                                                      flair for originality. The shirts were impressive and
these activities, the school was voted the best, by                                                                                            sentations, then
                                                      a great ‘souvenir’ of the day.
the providers. This came as no surprise, to Neil                                                                                               making their very
and I, as our students have worked extremely          Finally, Joe Wakeling collected achievement                                              own rockets.
hard in improving their personal, inter-personal      certificates for all our students, presented with by                                     The weather was
and team skills. Even so, Alphy Lawrence, Ryan        a director of the Bank of America. We were espe-                                         nice as students
Harris and Sarah Mason were nominated for an          cially proud of Alphy Lawrence who was awarded                                           reached for the
award.                                                a special prize for displaying initiative, excellent                                     sky, firing rockets
                                                      leadership skills and resourcefulness. It was a great                                    high.
Next our students were treated to a ‘hands on’
                                                      day and now the students are working hard to finish
music production. They created and mixed their
                                                      their modules and wider key skills.
own original MP3 track to take away on CD.
Featured on the mix was rapping, beat boxing
                                                      Ms. J. Floate
                                                                                                                          During the Carbon Challenge, stu-
7NFZ, 7LMY, and 60 Year 9 learn-         with hunting for fossils in remains      The workshop was run by a charity       dents worked together over a two-
ers had the opportunity to be in-        collected from Abbey Wood. Despite       called Carbon Descent and repre-        hour session to examine the school’s
volved in two workshops: Carbon          a slow start, all pupils managed to      sentatives expressed how impressed      carbon footprint and learn about
Descent and the Carbon Road show         leave with at least one shark tooth,     they were with the standard of work     carbon reduction through a variety of
Challenge. A fun-packed day was          and some with even fossilised fish       produced. It was a tough decision       activities using film, websites, inter-
had by all of the specially-chosen       poo!                                     but eventually the winners were an-     active calculators, 3D-style mats and
Year 8 pupils at the UCL Grant mu-                                                nounced:                                other visual material. This was a great
                                         Well done to all the pupils who at-
seum, the only remaining University                                                                                       opportunity for the students to learn
                                         tended the museum for their great        1st Place:     Harvey Johnston,
zoological museum in London. The                                                                                          more about the causes and effects of
                                         work and mature behaviour.                              Ken Diep,
pupils were selected for their contin-                                                                                    climate change. The session ended
                                                                                                 Ted French
uous effort and excellent behaviour               Carbon Descent                  2nd Place:     Pip Reed,                with some fantastic presentations,
in science over the past term. The                                                                                        including an Oscar winning perfor-
                                         Year 7 spent part of Science Week                       Toby Shrimpton
event began with handling many of                                                                                         mance of an energy saving light bulb!
                                         trying to reduce their Carbon Foot-      3rd Place:     Ellise Dolby
the 62,000 specimens covering the
                                         print by designing “Eco Houses”. The                                             The science department would like to
whole of the animal kingdom, in-                                                        BP Carbon Challenge               thank all the students that took part in
cluding an extinct mammoth’s tusk.       aim was to be as creative and inven-
                                         tive as possible and they certainly                Roadshow                      science week.
This was followed by an expert-led
workshop where the pupils created        were! Entries included “The House of     60 Year 9 students were invited to      Congratulations to all participants for
their own weird and wonderfully-         Fraser”, “The Tyre House”, “Bite Size    take part in an exciting road show      exceptional work and behaviour!
adapted species! The day finished        Bungalow” and “The Eco Igloo”.           run by Enterprising Science and BP.
                                                                                                                          Ms. F. Fida
March 2009                                                                                                            Page 3

                            Crown Year News
                                                                       Year 10
As we look forward to a busy Summer term, it is an opportunity to reflect on           given first hand advice from professionals whilst gaining a valuable insight
what was a productive spring term. All pupils have now undertaken their Year           into the everyday running of a building site. The Music department recently
10 mock exams and the results of this will be used to produce target grades            took a number of Year 10 pupils to the O2 centre in Greenwich to look at the
for the rest of the year and Year 11.                                                  brand new music exhibition. The feedback from the visits was extremely posi-
Early in the spring term over 50 pupils had the opportunity to attend pub-             tive and I thank both the Music Department and the DT Department for orga-
lic speaking workshops. As a result of this three pupils were put forward to           nising these visits.
compete in the school final, which took place during a Year 10 assembly.               On the sports front, my congratulations go to Malachi Bailey, Esosa Iremiren,
I’m delighted to say that Nikenna Okonkwo and Deborah Ogunyemi (both                   Julian Tanega and Aaron Corbin for competing in the recent cross country
10 DHN) went on to represent the school at the Greenwich Borough Finals.               championships at Sparrows Den, Bromley. In all my years both as a PE teach-
The finals were held at the University of Greenwich, Maritime Site and the             er and playing sport myself, I have seen few more gruelling races than this and
audience contained such dignitaries as the Mayor of Greenwich and the MP               the boys were a credit for taking part against a very elite field of runners, well
for Greenwich. The competition was an exceptionally high standard and both             done!!
Deborah and Nikenna held their own in a                                                As we move into the Summer term we have a vast amount going on. A number
very competitive field of 17. Unfortunate-                                             of Year 10’s will be sitting GCSE exams, and exam timetables for this will be
ly neither of them won the competition                                                 sent home shortly. We will be undertaking the prefect and senior student elec-
but in my eyes they are both winners for                                               tions. Work experience will be taking place in June/July, so any pupil without
speaking so confidently, pertinently and                                               a placement needs to ensure that one is arranged as soon as possible. We will
enthusiastically in front of such a large                                              also be having the Year 10 Parents evening on Thursday 14th May, whereby
audience. A special thank you goes to                                                  you will have an opportunity to speak with your son or daughters teachers as
Mr Potter who worked tirelessly with the                                               well as members of the Year 10 team.
speakers both during and after school and
who also supported them at the final.                                                   As always if you have any concerns or issues then do not hesitate in contact-
                                                                                       ing me in the Year office.
Last term also saw many pupils given the opportunity to go on numerous
visits and trips. The DT department recently took over 30 construction                 Mr. S. Ball
pupils to spend a morning at a real life construction site. The pupils were            Year 10 Learning Manager

              Year 11
With just weeks to go the count down is now even closer to
                                                                  Year 12 University trips:
                                                                  Once again all students
                                                                                                         Post 16           dents will be required to return to school following
                                                                                                                           completion of their courses to begin their second
the years first GCSE exam. Practical exams are now under-         on level 3 courses filled                                year of study. Students and Parents/Carers will be
way in Drama and Art and it is important that all students        three coaches to make                                    informed of this in more detail nearer the time.
now consolidate their learning in this final stretch.             the annual visit to Kent
                                                                  University. The students                                 Post 16 Graduation Ceremony and Boat Party:
Saturday Schools, Coursework Excellence Evenings and              had the opportunity to                                   This years Post 16 Graduation Ceremony for our
Easter Course have and are now being run to help support          take part in lectures and                                Year 13 students and Year 12 BTEC first stu-
the years learning. Recent mock exams in Maths and Eng-           demonstrations from the                                  dents will take place on Friday 22nd May (5pm
lish have seen predicted grades of 65% A* - C and 42%             forensic science department. This ranged from the        – 7.30pm). We would love all family and friends of
                                                                  shooting of firearms to the use of dry ice in making     these students to attend this important event, mark-
A* - C including Maths and English - a real possibility. I
                                                                  home made ice cream. They followed a case of a           ing the end of these students time with us here at
feel the year is just beginning to see their true potential and                                                            Crown Woods. Students will shortly be receiving
if we all work together there is nothing we cannot do. The        woman found dead in an apparent hit and run acci-
                                                                  dent who due to forensics was shown to have been         letters with regards to booking tickets.
challenge has been set!
                                                                  the victim of a murder. After lunch they had a tour      Following on from the Graduation ceremony, it
On sale at the moment to support Year 11 are Study Packs          of the campus and saw student accommodation and          is Crown Woods tradition for all graduating stu-
costing £1 and scientific Calculators for £4 - a bargain for      lecture theatres.                                        dents to celebrate by going on a river boat cruise
all.                                                              Some other students were lucky enough to make            (complete with disco!). The boat will be departing
Congratulations also goes to David Preedy and Cara Reid           a visit to Oxford University to experience what a        from Greenwich pier at 9pm and returning at 1am.
                                                                  world class university has to offer and by all ac-       Tickets cost £15. The sixth form committee are
for winning the first of four weekly awards for having 100%
                                                                  counts the lunch provided was also world class!          currently collecting a £5 deposit from all students
attendance as well as Danny Berry for completing the most
                                                                                                                           wishing to attend.
Sam Learning hours to date.                                       Year 13 Exam Results:
                                                                  It is with great pleasure that I write to congratulate   Red Nose Day:
George Taylor has won the                                                                                                  To help raise
                                                                  our student’s for their excellent January examina-
Borough award ‘Do the right                                                                                                money for Red
                                                                  tion results. The strength of the results is tes-
thing’ Raising money for Can-                                                                                              Nose Day, our
                                                                  timony to the hard work and dedication of these
cer Relief and organising staff                                   students. Well done and keep it up for round two         students spent Fri-
football matches against Year                                     in May/June!                                             day 13th March
11. Within football Year 11
                                                                  Up-Coming Events: New York:                                                         dressed in their
are still in two major competi-
                                                                  The Post 16 trip to New York has already seen over                                  Pyjama’s! All stu-
tions – Outer London Cup and
                                                                  half the places taken after its launch 3 days ago.                                  dents who joined
Blackheath Cup. Team places                                       The trip is £689 and includes flights on BA to New                                  in contributed £1,
are extremely competitive and                                     York, 4 nights at the Hotel Pennsylvania and sight-                                 leading to a grand
Mr Field – Team Manager has                                       seeing trips to Empire State, Statute of Liberty and                                total of £76 being
a strong and talented squad                                       NBC Television Studios in the Rockefeller Centre. raised. As our theme was a Pyjama party, students
of 18 students. No position is                                    A £100 deposit is required to secure a place. Book were invited to attend school early for breakfast! A
safe.                                                             now to avoid disappointment!                         fun day was had by all involved!
Finally I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate     Examinations and Study leave:                        Ms. S. Green & Mr. M. Wade
the whole of the year group. Attendance is 92% plus and I         This year there will be NO STUDY LEAVE for           Year 12 & 13 Learning Managers
really feel that finally students are now beginning to show       our Post 16 students. All students will be required
their full potential.                                             to attend all lessons up until they complete the
                                                                  course (either by examination or completion of
Ms. C. Blayney                                                    coursework). Year 12 AS and BTEC National stu-
Year 11 Learning Manager
 March 2009                                                                                                          Page 4

  Specialist Schools Update
                                                                                      Year 7’s like you’ve never
                                                                                          seen them before!
We are currently just over half way    Nelly (creative practitioner) said that                   At Crown woods School we            to see that pupils had gone
through the Creative Partnership       she has enjoyed working with the dif-                     feel that it’s essential to cele-   to every effort to make their
Project.                                                                                         brate other cultures, therefore     presentations as dynamic as possible.
                                       ferent members of staff and has been
                                                                                     CWS became a wash with bright colours,          It therefore gives me great pleasure to
                                       interested in how each teacher and
                                                                                     dragons and sequins as Year 7 pupils            congratulate 7LHU who produced fan-
On Wednesday 11th March students       each class works in a different way.          celebrated Chinese New year in style.           tastic presentations. Congratulations also
from each Year 7 tutor group attended She has enjoyed seeing both staff and
                                                                                                                                     go to Naomi from 7LMY for her excel-
a meeting alongside Citizenship and students grow in confidence when                                                                 lent work on the project.
RE teaching staff and Creative Part- working in a more practical way.
nership practitioners to evaluate and On Tuesday 31st March, Year 7
reflect on the process so far.         students will put on a performance
                                       in their Citizenship and RE lessons
Students explained that they were      based on what they have been learn-
enjoying their lessons much more and ing about in their lessons over the last
were finding that they were remem-     two terms. Senior management and
bering information better by working other staff will act as an audience.
practically and creatively.            Alongside this, Nelly will be offering
                                       an evening INSET session to staff on
Staff commented that they liked how, how to make lessons more creative
by asking students to work in a more and practical for the students.
practical way, they witnessed new      A full evaluation of the process will
strengths and a different side to some take place at the end of the term. This
of their students; students who are    again will be carried out by students,
normally quiet in lessons and don’t    staff and practitioners                                      Pupils enjoying tai-chi lessons and Lion dancing
like to speak out, were being much     and details will be
more open and contributing to group given in the next news-
work and discussions. Some teachers letter.
have taken some of the exercises and
ideas from these lessons and are using Ms. S. Westergaard
them in other lessons across KS3.

Westminster Central Hall
Year 11

                                             Yr6 Moving on up!
Poetry Live was a fantastic opportunity
for some of our Year 11 students to travel
to Westminster Central Hall, to see live
performances from a selection of poets     As adults we can remember our first
that they are studying. The line – up in-  scary day at secondary school, the
cluded: Simon Armitage, Gillian Clarke     nerves, anxiety over friendships and      As part of the celebrations, pupils were        Take a look at some of the photos which
and Carol Ann Duffy, plus Imtiaz Dhark-    settling in. Well no need to worry the    entered into a competition in which they        show year 7 pupils really getting
er and the incomparable John Agard; all    Crown Woods team are on to it. We are     had to produce a presentation on China.         involved.
key poets from the students’ exam AQA      running a series of lessons to help our   Their presentations were then shown to
Anthology. A particular highlight was      primary students learn about what you     the whole year during assembly and the          Well done Year 7.
when Gillian Clarke read the poem that     study in secondary school and how to      winners won pizza for their form. The
                                                                                                                                     Ms. F. Judge

                                                                                       Book Club
she was commissioned to write for Presi-   deal with the giant leap into secondary   results were outstanding! It was clear
dent Obama’s inauguration; the atmo-       school life. The Humanities team will
sphere in Central Hall was incredible!     be heading off to Wyborne, Deansfield,
                                           Alderwood, Gordon and Eltham C of E                                                Balram describes the many injustices
During the day, each poet read a selec-    and teaching exciting and challenging                                              of modern Indian society with hu-
tion of their poems; then expressed their humanities lessons. So far these include                                            mour and fury. As a group we gave
                                                                                                        The Crown Woods
personal interpretations and reasons for   ecosystems and environmental issues,                         Book Club met in      this readable book the thumbs up.
writing each poem. The students were       a Shakespearean literacy session and a
then allowed to question the poets about historical glance at how war affected our                      February to discuss Our next meeting is on Tuesday
anything! Being able to see these suc-                                                                  ‘The White Tiger’,    31st March and we will be discuss-
                                           community and how to remember these
cessful poets personally read their poems heroic soldiers. We are all very excited                      an extraordinary and ing ‘19th Wife’ by David Ebershoff.
was inspirational. However, listening                                                                   brilliant first novel If you have read this and have any
                                           at visiting and working with these won-
to their personal interpretations of their                                                              by Aravind Adiga.     comments, please send them to Julie
                                           derful primary schools.
own poetry was also a valuable learning                                                                 The book takes the    Taylor via email
experience. An excellent day, enjoyed by                                                                form of a series of   (
                                           Ms. H. Wilson
all!                                                                                 letters to the Chinese premier from      Also, if you have any read anything
                                                                                     Balram Halwai, a Bangalore busi-         that you would like to recommend,
Ms. H. Renson                                                                        nessman. Both caustic and funny,         we would love to know!
 March 2009                                                                                                          Page 5

   Kevin the Medieval Bowman visits Crown Woods
                                          Although it was Comic Relief and
                                                                                        Rewards trip – The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas!
                                                                                          By Tassia Longmore and Ken Diep - Yr 7
                                          the sight of both students and staff in
                                                                                      On March 5th, around 30 students               is a farm, it is actually something far
                                          strange attire was not an uncommon ex-
                                                                                      from Year 7 departed on a rewards              more sinister! It is agreed that at least
                                          perience, the appearance of Kevin, the
                                                                                      trip on. They were chosen because of           they are a bit weird, as demonstrated
                                          Medieval Bowman, down the corridors
                                                                                      their outstanding work and behaviour           in their clothing; they wear pyjamas
                                          of Crown Woods, still managed to turn
                                                                                      in English. They were accompanied              all day long. Bruno befriends a Jew-
                                          heads and spark squeals of disbelief
                                                                                      by Miss Fernandez, Mr. Coker and               ish boy, named Shmuel, whom he
                                          from passers-by!
                                          Once again, our Year 7 historians were
                                          treated to a feast of stories about the
                                          medieval times. Some were even able
                                          to try on the armour and hold the weap-
                                          ons of a 14th Century knight and all
                                          witnessed Kevin’s brilliant skills with a
                                          longbow and a crossbow.
                                          Kevin entertained every Year 7 tutor
                                          group and managed to hold them spell-
                                          bound for an hour and a half. Kevin’s
                                          weird and wacky manner had students
                                          laughing, squirming and nervously
                                          giggling as he regaled tales from the
                                          Medieval battlefields, towns, villages
                                          and castles.
The History department would                                                          Miss Hamilton-Brown. The reward?               meets at the fence, and who is of the
like to thank all year 7 students for                                                 A day off school to watch The Boy In           same age. Bruno often returns to the
being a great audience. Come and                                                      Striped Pyjamas at the Empire The-             fence and he brings Shmuel food and
look at the display board outside                                                     atre, Leicester Square.                        plays checkers with him through the
the History office for a reminder of                                                                                                 fence. Shmuel appears later in Bru-
why History rocks!                                                                    The film soon started! Nazi officer            no’s home house as new servant and
                                                                                      Ralf and his wife Elsa have a 12-year-         their friendship is put to the test. This
What 7LMY had to say about
                                                                                      old daughter, Gretel, and an 8-year-           film had many of us laughing but then
Kevin’s visit:
                                                                                      old son, Bruno were introduced to us.          in tears – thoroughly enjoyable!
“I found the session fun and in-                                                      The well-to-do family must move to
teresting. It helped me understand                                                    the “countryside” when the father is           Afterwards, the students got an amaz-
medieval times in a fun way.”                                                         promoted .Unknown to Bruno, the                ing opportunity to meet the director
Nikki                                                                                 new house is near a Nazi concentra-            and producer, David Heyman (who
                                                                                      tion camp, and Ralf is the new com-            produced the Harry Potter films and I
                                                                                      mandant. Bruno initially dislikes the          Am Legend) and Mark Herman.
“My favourite bit was when Kevin
                                                                                      new house as he always has to stay in          On return the students completed a
described how they blinded people
                                                                                      the house or the garden; also there are        quiz whilst walking through major
by twisting a rope….gross!”
                                                                                      no other children to play with, apart          sights in London.
                                                                                      from his sister. From his bedroom              To sum it up, it was fantastic. Every-
                                                                                      window, Bruno spots a barbed wire              one enjoyed it including
Ms. L. Massey
                                                                                      fence with people in “striped pyja-            myself.
                                                                                      mas” behind it. Though he thinks it

                                                                                          Crown Woods Book Week 2009
                                                                                                                                     Ms. N. Fernandez

  Exciting Times in Humanities                                                        We enjoyed a busy and successful Book-
                                                                                      week. Monday began with the unveiling
                                                                                                                                     and classes now visit every 3 weeks to
                                                                                                                                     change books and discuss what they have
This term in Humanities we have             The Humanities Faculty are also run-      of our very own cookbook during Year 9         read. This has encouraged students to
been celebrating achievement and            ning an enrichment for Year 9 stu-        assembly, which features ‘Recipes from         read more and to broaden their choice of
effort across the faculty. The students     dents based around the question ‘Why      Around the World’ created by Crown             books. They really enjoy the visits, and
named below have been nominated                                                       Woods students (copies are available           I’m really pleased to report that book is-
                                            do we remember?’ This project is be-
                                                                                      from the LRC). Each morning during             sues have gone up dramatically!
by teachers in both history and Ge-         ing run with the help of the Imperial     the week, the LRC hosted ‘Drop Zone’           On Tuesday, the LRC hosted Dan Freed-
ography for their work in class. They       War Museum, and students will get         a relaxed and comfortable space where
will all receive a certificate and a                                                                                                 man, children’s author, who taught a
                                            the opportunity to examine memori-        students could read books, newspapers          workshop with Year 8 students – his
book token in recognition of their          als and monuments before designing        and magazines before school, chilling out      books include ‘Kick Off’ and ‘Shoot to
achievement.                                their own. The students who complete      with a drink and a snack before morning        Win’ which are football themed stories
                                            the enrichment will then go out into      registration.                                  that are proving really popular with
Indraj Birdi           7LHU                 the local community and work with         Throughout the week Year 7 groups              the boys. Jean Ure’s book ‘Sally To-
Naomi Ariama           7LMY                 younger students in our partner pri-      visited the LRC for reading lessons - they     mato’ has been a huge hit here at Crown
Gemma Paterson         8CHG                 mary schools.                             chatted about the books they like to read,     Woods, with one group enjoying the
                                                                                      borrowed books recommended by the

                                 Crown Woods Loves Readers!
Brendon Gilhooley      8FJE                                                                                                          book so much that they have even written
Ausha Khan             9VAT                                                           teachers, the librarians, or other students,   to invite het to visit in May! I look for-
                                                                                      and read books. Also, they were given          ward to welcoming her here in the LRC.
Aaron Skinner          9AKA
                                                                                      a reading log to record their comments,                          Ms. L Brown, Librarian
 March 2009
                 Crown Sport                                                                                          Edition: 28

      Sportsability comes to Crown Woods!                                                                               Year 11 GCSE: Important Dates
                                                                                                                                      Practical exam; 22nd April
                                                                                                                                      Saturday School; 9th May
                                                                                                                                       Theory Exam; 14th May
                                                                                                                            There will also be scheduled sessions on a
                                                                                                                               Thursday at 2.40pm in Room 106.
                                                                                                                              Please see Ms Smith for more details.

                                                                                                                        Year 7 Indoor Athletics Competition:
                                                                                                                             26th Feb at Eltham Green
                                                                                                                       Congratulations to the following students who took
                                                                                                                       part in the Indoor Athletics Competition at Eltham
                                                                                                                       Green. There were some outstanding performances
                                                                                                                       with our students really performing well against the
                                                                                                                       4 other Greenwich Schools.
                                                                                                                       Jasmin Loyal                    Sarah Amara
                                                                                                                       Tennesse Villiers Lacey         Charley Pussey
                                                                                                                       Bluebell Bonich                 Katey Crump
                                                                                                                       Amy Bennett                     Molly Croden
                                                                                                                       Josh Haynes                     Toby Shrimpton
                                                                                                                       Richard Fagbo                   Charley Neve
On March 10th a team of specialists provided coaching for VI students at Crown Woods and other schools                 Brandon Scott                   Nathan Clarke
around the Borough. They will be offering a variety of different sporting activities throughout the Spring
and Summer terms. The long term plan is to make Crown Woods a training resource for paralympians in
2012!                                                                                                                       Cross Country
Here are some of students enjoying cricket during their first weeks coaching.                                          3 Students in Year 7 took part in the London Bor-

   Boys Football News
                                                                                                                       ough Cross Country Competition representing
                                                               Borough Trampolining Competition:
                                                                                                                       Greenwich. Greenwich came 4th overall, but the 3
                                                                         12th May 2009                                 students below did tremendously well against 300
                                                              This brilliant new competition if open to students       students.
Boys Football is still going well with the following year     in Years 7-11. If you would like to take part please
groups in the following Semi-Final and Finals;                see Ms Blayney or Ms Allen.                                             Toby Shrimpton; came 5th

                                                              Do you like the new style newsletter?
                                                                                                                                      Tony Robinson; came 25th
Year 9 boys are through to the semi-final of the Black-                                                                                Josh Haynes; came 31st
heath, and Final of the London Cup.
                                                              Do you like the larger version? Do you prefer
Year 11 boys are through to the final of the Blackheath       receiving it at the beginning of term rather than        Congratulations to all students from Year 7-10 that
Cup.                                                          at the end?                                              took part in the Invitational Blackheath Harriers
                                                              Let us know: or               Annual Cross Country event. We await results
Well done to both Year 9 and Year 11 football teams.
                                                                                                   Thank you!

 Community Learning Opportunities at Crown Woods School
                      Summer Term 2009                    Intermediate ICT
Courses start Tuesday ICT For Beginners ICT For Improvers     with Pam
      28th April 2009
                                                                                                                                             For those with a little more
                                                                  with Sandra                           with Graham                       experience. Learn the advanced
                                                                                                                                         features of Word, internet & email.
                                                           Don’t be afraid! Come and join others This term we will be extending use
                                                           who are as nervous as you. You’ll be
                                                          amazed how quickly you are logging on
                                                                                                  of the internet, email and Excel
                                                                                                                                         Go ‘Bonkerz’ in the
   Community Learning at Crown Woods                       with confidence. A very friendly and
                                                                                                    Ever y Tue sday                   African Drumming Class!
  is funded through our Specialism, which                    supportive way to start surfing!
 means all classes are FREE of charge to you!                                                    6.30pm - 8.30pm                                  Any age welcome!
PLUS - new this term:
                                                      Where does the apostrophe go?
 To enrol on any of these classes or for further
                                                            Do you want to know how to support your child’s learning?
                                                                                                                                                         Crown Woods School
                                                                                                                                                            working with
        information contact Julie Taylor
                0208 850 7678                                                    Literacy skills are useful for EVERYONE!

                                                                                    Learn in a friendly supportive class, have fun and maybe make some new friends!

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