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 •    Kodak Case Final-            V O L U M E   1   I S S U E   3   F E B 2 0 0 9          AMA COLLEGIATE
      ists announced

 •    AMA Conference
                               AMA KODAK CASE FINALISTS AND SEMI-FINALISTS
 •    Take an Entrepre-
      neur to Lunch
                            The “Kodak Gallery” Case Competition was a huge success. Due to the
 •    Chapter Spot-         large number of quality submissions this year, we will be honoring the
      lights and Faces in
      the Crowd
                            top 16 case schools at the annual conference. The eight finalists will pre-
                            sent their cases and compete for the top award in New Orleans at the In-
                            ternational Conference. The eight semi-finalists will receive award cer-
                            tificates at the conference. We would like to thank every school that sub-
                            mitted a case this year and would like to extend congratulations to the
                            eight Semi-Finalists and the eight Finalist schools. Good luck to the fi-
                            nalists as they prepare for the upcoming presentations in New Orleans.
ISSUE:                        FINALISTS                                              SEMI-FINALISTS
                              British Columbia Institute of Technology               Bridgewater State College
Kodak Case            1       Hofstra University                                     Carnegie Mellon University
                              Kent State University                                  Harding University
                              Liberty University                                     Loyola University-New Orleans
Take an Entre-        1       University of Arizona-Tucson                           North Central College
preneur to                    University of Nevada-Las Vegas                         Salve Regina University
Lunch Winners                 University of Pennsylvania                             University of Utah
                              University of Wisconsin-Whitewater                     Utah State University

Video Competi-        2
tion and Annual
Reports Due

AMA Interna-          3
                            Congrats to Take an Entrepreneur to Lunch Winners!
tional Confer-
ence                        Congratulations go out to our three winners of the inaugural Take an En-
What’s New in         4
                            trepreneur to Lunch Program!
our Chapters
                            1st Place: Amy Musick, Univ of Alabama Birmingham, David Carrington Entrepreneur,
Faces in the          8     2nd Place: Jennifer Forsythe, Univ of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, Dave Anderson, Entrepreneur
                            3rd Place: Kris Eul, Univ of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Don Ellington, Entrepreneur
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Submissions for the Collegiate AMA’s in-   campus pride elements, the main objective
augural Video Competition must be post-    of this competition is to produce a recruit-
marked by February 28th, 2009 and must     ment video/ DVD that is suitable for use
be mailed to: Naomi Walters, Director of   on any campus in the country.
Collegiate Chapters, American Marketing
Association, 311 South Wacker Drive,       Your video will be featured during the
Suite 5800, Chicago, IL 60606.             conference and your peers will determine
                                           the winner.
For 2008-2009 the AMA Collegiate Video
Competition involves creating an AMA      There is still time to enter! For assistance
Recruitment Video. In subsequent years    contact Video Competition Coordinator
we will be rotating the video topic and   Fred Honerkamp at honer-
adding new competitions.         This information
                                          may also be found on the Collegiate AMA
The purpose of this competition is to en- Website.
courage AMA Chapters to design, develop
and produce a recruitment video/DVD       Community/collegiate/Pages/
that could be used recruit new mem-       AnnualChapterRecruitmentVideoCom-
bers. While chapters may want to include petition.aspx

     ANNUAL REPORTS DUE 11:59 PM, MARCH 6, 2009
   Annual Reports are due 11:59 pm, March 6, 2009. In addition to being able
   to compete to in the International Chapter of the Year Competition (Top 16
   receive money), collegiate chapters will also vie for a variety of functional
   awards including Outstanding Chapter Planning, Outstanding Professional
   Development, Outstanding Community Service, Outstanding Fundraising,
   Outstanding Membership Activities, Outstanding Communications, Out-
   standing Marketing Week Activities. For full details: http://
  2009 International Collegiate Conference IS Near– Sign up Now!
Worried about getting a job in 2009? Looking for a       “best of the best” that invest
way to spice up your resume? Interested in net-          in their professional develop-
working with recruiters and business leaders?            ment by attending the confer-
                                                         ence. CMP’s will be leading
There is only one place to be from March 26-28th…        career development sessions
at the 2009 AMA International Collegiate confer-         on Thursday, holding infor-
ence. It will be held in New Orleans at the Hilton       mation booths on Friday
Riverside and reserva-                                   morning, conducting on site
tions are still available.                               interviews for the remainder
The conference is de-                                    of the morning and hold a
signed to provide a col-                                 panel on “Graduating? What
laborative marketing                                     now?” during the Friday after-
“EXPERIENCE”                                             noon Experience Speaks ses-
through the use of on-                                   sions. For information on be-
site competitions, net-                                  coming a CMP contact Lore
working events, career                                   Gil at
counseling, recruiting
and top tier speakers.                                   The theme of the conference
Over the three days, sessions will address leading       is based on the case sponsor.
edge practices in sports marketing, retail, and multi-   This year’s case sponsor is
cultural markets. Attendance is expected to be the       Kodak, and they will open
highest ever with more than 300 college students         Friday with a discussion of
from the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.                   the challenges they face in today’s digital market-
                                                         place. See related story for more on the case compe-
This year’s conference has an expanded format and        tition.
added value to members with more events on Thurs-
day before the official opening session with popular     “Experience speaks” sessions fill out the remainder
motivational speaker Josh Shipps. The chapters who       of the day allowing students to interact with industry
are awarded AMAF community service grants will           leaders. More than 12 speakers are on hand during
be showcased with video highlights during lunch. A       the day so students can rotate to sessions that match
recruitment video contest was announced this year        their interests.
and the winner will be announced at the conference.
The SABRE simulation competi-
tion, Northwestern Mutual Sales                          Saturday is a full day of leadership presentations and
competition, Karl O. Mann web-                           new AMA incentives. The conference closes on
site competition and Thursday                            Saturday night when the top 16 chapters of 2008-
night exhibit session will all re-                       2009 are announced. It is a moment the chapters
turn this year. For information                          work towards all year. Previous winners have in-
or deadlines on any of the com-                          cluded University of Pennsylvania, University of
petitions, contact Naomi Walters                         Wisconsin-Whitewater, and Florida International
at                                     University.

Collegiate Marketing Partners                            For more information on the conference, you can
(CMP) is a key component of the                          contact co-chairs Tim Birrittella at
conference. Companies needing                   or Victoria Panzer at vpan-
contact with college graduates benefit by participat-
ing as a partner and having exclusive access to the
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Utah State University                         University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Professional Development and Social Marketing Etiquette Dinner
Brandon Homer, President                      Kris Eul, President

During the Fall 2008 semester, we took the initiative to         On November 11, 2008, the University of Wisconsin-
compete nationwide with other universities in a case com-        Milwaukee AMA Chapter celebrated their 5th Annual
petition to help Kodak revive its online photo service.          Etiquette Dinner by coordinating and executing the largest
Meeting once a week, our goal was to create an integrated        Etiquette Dinner in its history. Over the course of the eve-
marketing communications plan specifically targeted to-          ning, over 125 students from all various majors within the
ward 18 to 24 year old women. We conducted primary               Lubar School of Business joined together for a night of
and secondary research to understand the target market           networking and formal dinning instruction.
and to find out how Kodak might gain a substantial market
share with their Kodak Gallery photo sharing website. We         15 local and surrounding business participated in this
conducted a survey aimed at our target market and used           year's event that included Baird, Direct Supply, North-
information gained to create the advertising campaign for        western Mutual, and Red Prairie. The students began the
Kodak.                                                           evening with an opening networking session that included
                                                                 a series of exercises with keynote speaker Jennifer Barta-
During the Spring 2009 semester, we are partnering with          lotta. From there, a five-course meal was served, and stu-
the Community Abuse Prevention Services Agency                   dents were then able to sit with the company representa-
(CAPSA) and putting together a social marketing cam-             tive of their choice for further networking and proper tech-
paign to increase the awareness of CAPSA’s services for          niques on dining in a formal setting.
victims of domestic abuse or sexual assault. Specifically,
we are aiming to reach a target market of 11 – 18 year old       Merrimack College
boys by marketing a message of respect and dignity to-           AMA's Annual Babysitting Mixer
wards women. We are conducting focus groups and hope             Nichole Baldwin, President
to be able to reach the target market by setting up an event
that will market our campaign’s slogan and advertisement.
                                                                 The Merrimack College Chapter of the American Market-
                                                                 ing Association diligently revised the mission of our or-
Bowling Green State University                                   ganization this year and in doing so we established the role
Relay for Life                                                   of MCAMA in creating networks for the students and
Ashley Marie Timmons, President                                  members of the surrounding communities. During the
                                                                 month of September, MCAMA organized the second an-
The Bowling Green American Marketing Association                 nual Babysitting Mixer, which united MC students looking
(BGAMA) collaborated with the Toledo chapter of Relay            for babysitting jobs with local families in need of child-
for Life to plan and host a Relay for Life event at Bowling      care. The members of MCAMA created a campaign cen-
Green State University. While the Toledo chapter is strong       tered on networking and marketed the event to families
and successful it had never attempted to involve the BGSU        through different methods of media. E-mails were sent to
college community.                                               last year’s participants and flyers were hung at local shops,
                                                                 pre-schools, and YMCA’s. Word spread rapidly through
BGAMA created and implemented a marketing campaign,              neighborhood parenting groups and the career services
consisting of promotional and public relations strategies,       center on campus. The event brought in over thirty-five
as well as event recommendations. BGAMA members also             local families and fifty Merrimack students participated in
participated in the distribution of fliers and the actual run-   the event. More than 75% of the families found sitters for
ning of the event, which took place on November 14th and         the semester. MCAMA continues to help families pair up
15th, 2008. The event lasted 18 hours, involved 34 partici-      with babysitters on campus through a database of names
pating teams and raised over $17,000 in contributions for        created after the event. This event stands out from the rest
cancer research and awareness. These results significantly       of the programs MCAMA organizes because not only does
exceeded our goals of 15 participating teams and $5,000 in       it teach the significance of networking, but it also brings
contributions.                                                   together Merrimack students and the communities in
                                                                 which we reside.
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University of Maryland - College Park                         During the event, the students attended various discussions
Bookbag to Briefcase Etiquette Dinner                         by professors, entrepreneurs, and marketing professionals.
                                                              Also, Cassie Collier, President of her university's chapter,
Monisha Tripathi, President
                                                              was a member of the winning Case Competition team.
                                                              This was the SU Marketing Club's first experience at an
For terpAMA's annual Bookbag to Briefcase event, we
                                                              undergraduate marketing conference and they are looking
invited representatives from Northwestern Mutual, Gallup,
and Sirius/Xm Radio. From a professional standpoint, this     forward to participating next year.
event gave our members intimate face-time with promi-
nent employers; it was also a prime opportunity to practice Illinois Wesleyan University
the integral Professional Development skill of proper table
etiquette. Furthermore, because we opened the event to Speaker Series, Conference, Service
nonmembers (for a small fee), we ended up gaining a few Shannon Moffitt, President
new members. The setup of the event was much like
                                                              During past year the Illinois Wesleyan AMA Chapter has
speed dating. Each company representative was stationed
                                                              greatly expanded. The biggest event that IWU AMA spon-
at their own table, and students rotated to each table in 15-
                                                              sors each semester is a speaker series. Every spring the
minute intervals. Each table/company was assigned a
                                                              series has a sales theme to compensate for Wesleyan’s
"soft-skill" to speak about - resumes, networking, and in-
                                                              lack of sales classes. Each series hosts five to six
terviews. After the third and final rotation was complete,
                                                              Wesleyan alumni. At the beginning of each fall semester
students were able to converse more socially with the
                                                              an MBA Panel is also put together to help students think-
company representatives at their table over a delicious 3-
                                                              ing about graduate school. Anyone can come to ask ques-
course, catered dinner. Student attendance was capped at
                                                              tions and receive beneficial information. In February, the
23 students.
                                                              chapter heads to St. Louis for their annual Marketing Con-
                                                              ference for Students, then in March a small group will
Portland State University                                     head down to New Orleans for the International Collegiate
Cannes International Advertising Festival                     Conference. The IWU Chapter is also proud to sponsor
Ian Schaeffer, President                                      various philanthropic activities within the Bloomington-
Portland State University AMA hosted over 120 people on Normal community, including an annual Bowl-a-thon
January 22nd at the Second Annual Cannes International        benefiting the American Cancer Society.
Advertising Festival viewing at Portland State University.
The attendance is an increase of over 50% from last year.
The event showed some of the best ads from Cannes, some
                                                             University of Northern Iowa
award winning ads from the Portland Ad Federation, was       The “Nitty-Gritty” of Marketing
fully catered by a Claeys Catering, housed an ad design      Katie Noonan, President
competition to design materials for our 1st annual Fashion
                                                      UNI AMA is going strong as the new semester gets going.
Show and had two guest speakers. The first guest speaker,
from the Oregon Humane Society, spoke to one of their New member recruitment, guest speakers, and community
recent campaigns, “End Petlessness,” while the second,service events have kept both new and seasoned members
                                                      busy. Members have enjoyed hearing the “nitty-gritty” of
from Wieden + Kennedy, spoke on what it is like to be in
Cannes during the festival. Attendees included alumni,marketing first-hand, thanks to guest speakers from Pella
                                                      Corporation, Hershey’s, J.W. Morton & Associates, and
marketing and advertising professionals, professors and
students from many majors. Overall, this event was a  the Waterloo Blackhawks hockey team. The UNI AMA
                                                      chapter has also been serving the Cedar Valley by cleaning
smashing success and will parlay into many successes in
years to come!                                        ditches for Adopt-a-Highway and Bowling-4-Kids-Sake,
                                                      benefiting the Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Northeast Iowa.
                                                      The chapter also sold Mardi Gras beads for Homecoming,
Susquehanna University                                which was a huge success. UNI AMA has fundraising
Wharton Marketing Conference                          events brewing, literally. For students who have a “Case
Cassidee L. Collier, President                        of the Mondays” and need a little pick-me-up, fresh, hot
                                                      coffee will be sold on Mondays in the Curris Business
During the fall semester, four members of the Susque- Building. Busy, busy, busy! We have many plans under-
hanna University Marketing Club participated in the   way to provide the most fulfilling experience for each of
Wharton Undergraduate Marketing Conference (WUMC). our members.
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University of Utah                                              dents and company representatives. Feedback on the event
Sundance Film Festival                                          was exceptionally positive, with plans to expand the event
James Carroll, President                                        next year with Macy’s.

The AMA Collegiate Chapter at The University of Utah has        Columbia College
participated in some great opportunities this year. We          ADSTOCK
planned and marketed a school wide recruitment event for        Julie Atty, VP of Communications
all the business clubs at the David Eccles School of Busi-
ness. We have had some amazing professionals come speak
                                                              Columbia College’s had a busy fall semester, One of the
from full service agencies, research firms, and chambers of
                                                              many notable events was ADSTOCK. ADSTOCK, took
commerce. One of the more fun activities we were involved
                                                              place on Thursday, November 20, 2008 from 8:30 a.m. to
in was an invitation by the Sundance Film Festival to watch
                                                              1:00 p.m. with a marketer’s dream of scheduled events. Stu-
an independent film. Our chapter was invited to the premier
                                                              dents connected with professionals and received resume,
of Art and Copy, a documentary on some of the top adver-
                                                              business card, and portfolio advice, some even walked away
tising agencies and their presidents. Currently, we are plan-
                                                              with internships. The networking conference organized by
ning our Annual Networking Night where we bring together
                                                              Columbia’s Marketing Communication Department in con-
local business professionals and our members in an informal
                                                              junction with CCMA, the AMA, and Columbia’s Portfolio
environment to meet and network.
                                                              Center. The entire event was overseen by CCMA’s faculty
                                                              advisor Mrs. Shanita Akintonde. The event’s keynote
University of British Columbia                                speaker was Sima Dahl, President of Parlay Communica-
                                                              tions, Ltd., founder of, and Director
8th Annual Gateways Networking Night                          at Large on the Chicago AMA’s 2008-2009 Board of Direc-
Vanessa Choot, Vice-President                                 tors. The conference offered one-on-one advising sessions
                                                              and complimentary breakfast and lunch provided by local
This year, our 8th Annual Gateways Networking Night had sponsors. Time and again CCMA and Columbia College’s
the largest turnout in the history of the UBC Marketing As- Marketing Department look forward to taking part in this
sociation with over 200 corporate delegates and marketing annual event.
students attending our most popular event of the year. The
event's purpose was to guide students with two inspiring Salve Regina University
speaker and provide ample opportunity for connecting with
marketing professionals. We held our event at an unconven-
                                                              Trip to New York City, Letterman
tional location - a contemporary art gallery which featured Lindsay Blais, President
the work of local BC artists and designers. We attribute the
success of our event to the dedication of our executive team,
the willingness of seasoned marketing professionals to net- SRU's AMA Chapter traveled to New York City in the Fall
work with eager students, and the enthusiasm of our market- of 2008 to meet with the Brand/Marketing Director of
ing association members."                                     Pfizer, a Salve Regina alum who works at CBS Studios as
                                                              the Advertising Sales Manager for the Digital Media Group,
                                                              and had lunch with two Salve Regina Alum to discuss life
University of Pennsylvania
                                                              after college. Pfizer provided us with a 45 minute presenta-
Macy Case Competition                                         tion on the Brand Management of their Lipitor product and
Jesse Beyroutey, President                                    spoke about employment opportunities. While visiting CBS
                                                              Studios, we were able to go onto the set of David Letterman.
As an exciting addition to our annual Marketing, Advertis- The trip enabled many AMA members to make contacts and
ing, Retailing and Consulting (MARC) career fair this Janu- get a better understanding of career paths.
ary, MUSE held the first ever marketing-focused case com- candy, and puzzles. BMA’s “Family Game Night” basket
petition on Penn’s campus. Partnering with Macy’s, over 90 came in second place for the category of student organiza-
students on 40 teams were presented with a marketing chal- tions. We were very pleased with the outcome and happy to
lenge centered on the American Rag private label. The see that a family in need was able to enjoy their Thanksgiv-
competition was held in two rounds, with a twist in the ing with our basket.
storyline that forced students to make quick decisions and
think on their feet in the second round. With only two hours
to develop their final strategy, the ten finalist teams pre-
sented some excellent strategic innovations to three judges
from Macy’s product development division. Only one team
could win the $500 cash prize, which was presented at our
recruiter networking lunch to an audience of over 100 stu-
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                          WHAT’S NEW IN OUR AMA CHAPTERS?
Texas State-San Marcos                                            Bryant University
2nd Annual Regional Conference                                    Food Bank Thanksgiving Basket Contest
Mary Paniagua, VP Public Relations                                Jamie Fishman, President

Texas State University- San Marcos AMA hosted our 2nd             This past November, the Bryant Marketing Association
Annual Conference, “Marketing Through the Tough Times”            (BMA) participated in the Rhode Island Community Food
on Friday, February 6th, 2009. The objective of our confer-       Bank Thanksgiving Basket Contest. The objective of the
ence was to learn how marketing professionals take the nec-       contest was to assemble a basket with Thanksgiving food,
essary steps to adapt in order to succeed. We invited stu-        and the best and most creative basket won. All of the re-
dents from neighboring AMA chapters to attend our confer-         quired Thanksgiving food items were graciously donated by
ence. Attendees included students from the University of          BMA members and included: a box of stuffing, mashed po-
Texas at Austin, St. Edwards University, and the University       tatoes, hot chocolate, cranberry sauce, a dessert package, a
of Texas at San Antonio. Jean Conover, Marketing Director         basket, trays for cooking a turkey, two cans of vegetables,
of Business Development for TradeMark Media, addressed            and a $10 gift card to a local super market to purchase a
the importance of digital marketing, technology innovation,       turkey. We took this a step further and created the basket
and strategies on brand building. In addition, Steven Harper,     based on a theme. Several theme ideas were compiled and
a strategist in branding and author of “The Ripple Effect”        then voted on. The winning theme was “Family Game
discussed networking. Dr. Robert Davis, Associate Dean            Night." We wanted to create a basket that was full of the
and Director of Graduate Business Programs at Texas State         necessary items but also fun and enjoyable for the family
University-San Marcos discussed the value of graduate edu-        who was to receive the basket. We achieved this by putting
cation. Finally, the Presidents of the chapters represented       several board games into the basket along with snack food,
discussed how the economy is impacting their chapters and         candy, and puzzles. BMA’s “Family Game Night” basket
how AMA has benefited them personally. Overall, the con-          came in second place for the category of student organiza-
ference was a success. Students gained insights from leaders      tions. We were very pleased with the outcome and happy to
in the industry, which will prove invaluable as they embark       see that a family in need was able to enjoy their Thanksgiv-
on their marketing careers.                                       ing with our basket.

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Let’s Talk College
Katie Zimmerman, President
                                                                    PLEASE SEND US
The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater American Market-             YOUR EVENTS
ing Association’s “Let’s Talk College” event has rapidly
grown over the past year. AMA members travel to local
high schools to promote and encourage college enrollment.           AND WE WILL
Over the last year, the program has doubled and continues to
increase. Over the last semester three high schools were
visited with a total of 113 students. Along with the Let’s          CONTINUE TO
Talk College events, AMA participated in the local and re-
gional DECA competition. The local competition took place
in Fall 2008 and twelve AMA members were judges for                 POST THEM
competitors. Students were given a scenario and 10 min-
utes to prepare and present sales pitches to a panel of judges.
After the groups presented, AMA members provided feed-
                                                                    WITH PICTURES
back and recommendations to the students. With the success
of the local DECA competition, four AMA members partici-
pated as judges for the regional DECA competition that took
                                                                    IN THE
place in January. The UW-Whitewater AMA chapter is
proud of the success of their high school outreach and con-
tinues to promote the importance of a college education in          NEWSLETTER.
the Southern Wisconsin area.
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                                 FACES IN THE CROWD
British Columbia University                      Columbia College AD Stock
8th Annual Gateways Networking Night

 Illinois Wesleyan University Alumni Panel Day   Salve Regina University on Letterman set

   University of North-
   ern Iowa AMA
   chapter members
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                                  FACES IN THE CROWD
University of Utah at Sundance Film Festival   University of Pennsylvania Case Competition

Bryant University Thanksgiving Competition

                                               Portland State University Cannes International
                                               Advertising Festival

University of Maryland - College Park
Bookbag to Briefcase Etiquette Dinner

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