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									              Remittance Mail Advisory Committee Recommendations Update

On July 17, 2006, the Remittance Mail Advisory Committee (RMAC) presented to the Postal Service several
recommendations to improve the alignment between the Postal Service and the remittance industry. RMAC
has three sub-committees: Communications, Performance Metrics, and New Products & Services. The
following table lists the sub-committees’ recommendations and the status of each.

Item                Description                  Stakeholders   Status
Communicate         Disseminate messages         Product        Completed items:
support for         in support of remittance     Management              COO letter to all USPS officers
remittance mail     mail initiatives and raise                           Letter to USPS managers encouraging
initiatives         awareness of remittance      Postal                   establishment of local remittance mail councils
                    mail initiatives with        Operations              Communications regularly shared with various
                    USPS employees                                        levels of USPS employees regarding
                                                                          remittance mail
                                                                Ongoing initiative
Regular             Establish regular            Product        Completed items: Industry meetings:
remittance          industry meetings            Management           •   07/17/06
industry meetings   between USPS and                                  •   11/02/06
                    remittance industry                               •   02/22/07
                                                                      •   08/13/07
                                                                      •   12/04/07
                                                                      •   02/01/08
                                                                Ongoing initiative
Media and article   Share pertinent postal       Product        Completed items:
placement           information to industry      Management           •   Published regular USPS articles in industry
                                                                          publication, Today.
                                                                      •   Established USPS page on TAWPI Web site-
                                                                          regular items.
                                                                Ongoing initiative
USPS                Participate in industry      Product        Participated in various events including:
involvement in      related conferences and      Management           •   TAWPI conferences
industry events     events                                            •   USPIS Financial Services conferences
                                                                      •   J & B Software conferences
                                                                      •   Global Concepts conferences
                                                                Ongoing initiative
Standardize         Increase employees’          Product              •   Product Management and Postal Operations
information         knowledge and                Management               conducted training.
routing             understanding of                                  •   Updates made to the internal Remittance Mail
                    remittance mail so that      Postal                   Web site. To improve ease of use internal Web
                    they can provide the         Operations               site has been re-designed.
                    best possible service                             •   Articles published in Postal Link regularly.
                                                                      •   Communications regarding remittance shared
                                                                          with various levels of the organization
                                                                      •   Online training modules planned for FY08
                                                                      •   BSN training Webinar planned for FY 08
                                                                Ongoing initiative
Local Remittance    Create a local council of    Product              •   Developed, published & distributed guidelines
Mail Councils       remittance mailers and       Management               for establishing & managing a local RMC(3/07)
(RMCs)              USPS personnel who                                •   RMCs are included in the requirements for the
                    meet regularly to share      Postal                   remittance site certification.
                    relevant information         Operations           •   Survey developed which will identify locations
                                                                          of RMCs and designated local chairpersons.
                                                                Ongoing initiative
Publish key         Identify Account             Product        Due to the number of positions throughout the country &
contacts            Managers and BSN             Management     continuous changes of employees, maintaining a listing
                    Representatives on the                      of names is problematic.
                    Web for quick lookup as                     Contact by position currently exists. Business Service
                    well as all personnel that                  Network (BSN) office locations and telephone numbers
                    are to be contacted with                    are available online at http://www.usps.com/ncsc
                    any specific problem or                      office/postmaster locations are available at
                    issue                                       http://www.usps.com/postmasterfinder

              Remittance Mail Advisory Committee Recommendations Update

                                                             Although there is no listing for individual National
                                                             Account Managers, managed accounts can contact the
                                                             local BSN to obtain information.

                                                             Alternative solution: To improve ease of use, direct
                                                             links to both the BSN and post office locations are
                                                             available on the remittance mail Web site. In
                                                             addition, direct links are also available on the USPS
                                                             resources page TAWPI.org.
Remittance mail     Establish Web pages        Product       A remittance mail Web site officially launched 10/07.
Web site            dedicated to outbound      Management    Web site includes news specific to remittance mail as
(external)          and inbound remittance                   well as numerous links to remittance mail related areas
                    mailers                                  on usps.com and industry Web sites. Functionality of
                                                             the Web site will be reviewed regularly for future

                                                             Alternative solution: Some USPS processes are
                                                             best served through established venues such as the
                                                             BSN and PostalOne sites. To improve ease of use,
                                                             direct links to the BSN and PostalOne are available
                                                             on the remittance mail Web site at

                                                             Ongoing initiative
Voice of the        Share valuable             Product       USPS is actively involved with TAWPI.
industry feedback   information and foster     Management
mechanism           understanding and
                    cooperation and guide      Postal
                    the industry.              Operations    Ongoing initiative
Remittance mail     Certify significant USPS   Product       Postal Operations is finalizing the Standard Operating
processing site     remittance mail            Management    Procedures and has identified recommended sites
certification       processing sites.                        pending senior management approval.
                                               Postal        Validation of the process is scheduled to begin in
                                               Operations    March 08.
                                                             Postal Operations will work with Product Management
                                                             to share the details of the certification process and
                                                             accompanying service agreements with the industry.
                                                             In progress
Remittance mail     Develop a method to        Product       Postal Operations and Intelligent Mail & Address Quality
measurement         track remittance mail      Management    are examining the feasibility of using internal data from
performance         performance internally.                  intelligent mail as a method to track performance at
system                                         Postal        remittance mail certified sites.

                                               Mail &
                                               Quality       In progress
Information         Create a process to        Product       A number of USPS reports and data are proprietary
sharing             share site-specific data   Management    information; however, Postal Operations may be able to
                    such as EXFC delays as     Postal        provide pertinent information that will assist remittance
                    well as data from mail     Operations    mailers in better managing their processing operations.
                    processing equipment
                                                             Evaluation in progress
Remittance email    Create an email address    Product       A single email address for remittance mailers would be
address             for remittance mailer      Management    problematic since service issues should be addressed
                    concerns and issues                      by the local facility.

                                                             Alternative solution The current system provides
                                                             remittance mailers the opportunity to have issues
                                                             addressed through their BSN; non-managed accounts
                                                             should contact their local postmaster.

               Remittance Mail Advisory Committee Recommendations Update

Redirection          Establish a service that    Product        Two postal systems are being considered for this
Service              allows a business           Management     initiative: Postal Automated System (PARS) and
                     customer to re-direct                      Automated Tray Label Assignment System (ATLAS).
                     mail to an alternate        Postal
                     address                     Operations     Alternative solution: Express Mail reshipment
                                                                Evaluation in progress
Subscription         Provide a subscription-     Product        Providing an email alert system is problematic due to
email alert system   based email service that    Management     the cost of continuous maintenance.
                     would alert subscribers
                     and advise them of          Postal         Alternative solution: Information about service
                     natural disasters and       Operations     related closings are available at
                     non-emergency notices                      http://www.usps.com/remittancemail/resources.htm
Portable ZIP         Assign unique ZIP           Product        Postal regulations currently prohibit this practice. These
Code                 Codes to customers,         Management     regulations exist because of the potential for error when
                     which are not associated                   processing equipment has difficulty reading the barcode
                     with a geographic           Postal         and reverts to the city, state line. The possibility for
                     location                    Operations     misdirects and poor service performance outweigh the
                                                                convenience of this redirect service request at this time.
                                                                Business development team is exploring alternatives.

                                                                Alternative solution: As an alternative reshipment
                                                                services may be a possible solution.
                                                                Evaluation in progress
USPS courier         Provide a service to        Product        Meetings with customers and Delivery Operations have
service              deliver mail to processor   Management     identified key customer requirements. The complexity
                     sites/ this service would                  of designing a cost-effective customized delivery
                     eliminate the need for a    Postal         program may be a business risk.
                     private courier service     Operations &   Survey sent to businesses. Development of projected
                                                 Delivery       costs and customer’s willingness to pay for this
                                                 Operations     premium service will be evaluated once responses are
                                                                Evaluation in progress
Automated            Automate the process of     Product        The Postal Service is conducting a test to determine the
Accounting for       Business Reply Mail to a    Management     feasibility of using data generated by the new Intelligent
Business Reply       lockbox address                            Mail Barcode technology to automate the accounting of
                                                 Postal         Business Reply Mail. Testing is scheduled to continue
                                                 Operations     through mid 2008.
                                                                Once completed, the data will be analyzed and the
                                                                feasibility of the program will be evaluated.
                                                                Evaluation in progress
USPS image           Develop a service to        Product        Meetings with customers have identified customer
extraction service   perform image extraction    Management     requirements. Strategic Planning partially developed
                     of remittances              Postal         this initiative, which needs further analysis.


                                                 Planning       Evaluation in progress
In-person            Develop a process           Product        Currently, the high cost of labor is a strong deterrent for
payments             whereby a consumer          Management     “over the retail counter” remittance transactions.
                     could make a payment                       The use of lobby kiosks was considered as an
                     at the local post office    Retail         alternative solution. Retail Operations conducted
                                                 Operations     customer focus groups in July 07. The results did not
                                                                support the consumer’s desire to use kiosks; therefore,
                                                                this initiative is not viable.


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