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                                           CASTRO COUNTY JUDGE

Not ice of..P.ttbli~.~..Meet of the Commissioners Court of Castro Countv.,,
      Pursuant to the provisions of Article 6252-17 of the Revised Civil
Statutes of Texas, notice is hereby given that the Commissioners Court of
Castro County, Texas, will hold a Recmlar.Meetinqon Monday, the Z ~ ~ of ~    D
June, 2009, at 10:00 A.M. in the Castro County Courtroom in the Courthouse
in Dimmitt, Texas. These meetings are open to the public, In accordance
with Title I11 of the Americans with Disabilities Act, we invite attendees
to advise us of any special accommodations needed due to disability.
Please submit your request at least 48 hours prior to the meeting, if you
wish to attend. This 'facilityis wheelchair accessible and handicap
parking is available on the West end of the Courthouse. The Commissioners
Court reserves the right to go into executive session on any item listed on
the agenda. The following will be taken up at such meeting:
            Call to Order
            Read, review and approve minutes of 06/08/09 Meetinq.
            Consider and Act on Treasurer's Report - May 2009.
            Consider and Act on Auditor's Report ~ u d g e tRevenue - May 2009.
            Consider and Act on Auditor's Report Budget Expenses - May 2009.
            Consider and Act on Job Related ~rips/Expenses        ~hrough06/22/09.
            Consider and Act on Accounts Payable Through 06/22/09.
            Departmental Reports (Review and/or Take ~ c t i o n )
            a. County District Clerk - May 2009 Report
            b. Extension Office - May 2009 Report
            Loss control/Safety Issues.
            Building conditions/repairs.
            a - R e v i e w and Take Action - Estimate to Replace Air Conditioner at
                the Ross Building.
            b.Review and Take Action - Courthouse Maintenance Items:
                 1) Front Doors
                2 ) Leaks in Basement
                3 ) Air Conditioner
            Consider and Act on IT Issues, Including Updating Virus Protection
            Consider and/or Approve RFP (Request for Proposals) for Castro
            County Depository Agreement (Banking).
            Consider and Act on Proposal from Precinct 4 to Purchase Extended
            Warranty on Road Grader 1 4 0 H / ~ ~ ~ 0 0 8(2004 Model)
            Review Nominations for Citizens Advisory Committee (2010 Census).
            Consider and Act on Contract with South Plains Forensic Pathology
            for Autopsies. - Tabled 06/04/09
            Budget Workshop.
            Open Forum.
            Adjourn .
     I, the undersigned County Clerk, do hereby certify that the above .
Notice of Meeting of the above named Commissioners Court, is a true and
correct copy of eaid Notice, and that I posted a true and correct copy of
said Notice on the bulletin board and at the Courthouse door of Castro
County, Texas, at a place readily accessible to the general public at all
times on the 18" DAY OF JUNE, 2009, to remain so posted continuously for
at least 72    rs preceding t h e scheduled time of said Meeting.
Dateg t s s 1  Day of June, 2009.
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