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                 make way                                                 rCi gold Crown and ii Premier
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iSSue viii | SPring / Summer 2010                                              
                                               AWARDS 2010
     Congratulations to the 2010 American resort & Development Associations Convention (ArDA) Awards winners and finalists!

                    2010 ACE                    Management and Administration Division                   Resort Design Division
             employee of the Year Award           owner/Customer relations Staff member                       Sales Center
              Adriene Edwards                                 Angie Scott                                   Jeff Edwards
              welk resorts San Diego                      welk resorts San Diego                         Stoneridge Preview Center

        Management and Administration               Resort Design Division Finalists
              Division Finalists                                Amenities
           Administrative manager/Team                     Mountain Springs
              Human Resources                             welk resorts San Diego
             welk resorts San Diego
            Administrative Staff member
                                                       The ArDA Awards Program is a collection of prestigious honors
             Rebekah McCammon
                                                         awarded to outstanding members in the Timeshare industry.
             welk resorts Desert oasis
                                                        our team competed against hundreds of entries. Through their
            Housekeeping Staff member                 hard work, professionalism and dedication to welk resorts and the
                 Maria Gradilla
                                                    Timeshare industry, they were recognized and rewarded by
             welk resorts Desert oasis

                                                          Welk Resorts Golf:
                                                      Driving Further Than Ever

                                                                                          To reserve your tee time, call our
                                                                                                  Pro Shop (760) 749-3225
                                                                                             or visit

    Welk Resort San Diego                      rental golf clubs, and a pull cart along
                                               with balls and tees. You’ll really enjoy the
                                                                                               fees at the Fountains range from $24 to
                                                                                               $36 including cart during the week.
    offers complimentary golf clinics on
                                               oaks, which offers 18 beautiful holes in a      if you are a frequent golfer, you’re sure to
    Tuesdays (full swing), wednesdays
                                               non-intimidating environment for players        like our latest special offer. it features a
    (putting), and Thursdays (chipping) each
                                               of all skill levels. The cost of this package   week of unlimited golf for only $140 per
    week from 10 am to 11 am at the Pro
                                               is only $25 per person.                         person. This price includes greens fees
    Shop. equipment is provided, and no
    sign-ups are necessary.                    For the advanced golfer, the Fountains          and cart rental for all the golf you would
                                               executive Course boasts the title of the        like to play during your week’s vacation
    Through this instruction, guests may
                                               longest executive course in San Diego           at welk resorts San Diego. in addition,
    want to take advantage of our beginner’s
                                               County at over 4,000 yards and therefore        ask about our 10-play card specials,
    package which includes everything
                                               provides a great challenge along with           which provide great value for repeat
    you will need for your golf experience:
                                               beautiful scenery. Discounted owner             visits to the resort.
    greens fees at the oaks Par 3 Course,
welcome to
        ’s #1 Resort
                                                                                        March 2010

	           elk	 is	 pleased	 to	 announce	 the	   Fredricks	says	that	the	company	acquired	
opening	 of	 Welk	 Resorts	 Cabo-	 Sirena	         the	 7-acre	 property	 in	 December	 2005,	
del	Mar,	in	Cabo	San	Lucas,	Mexico.	The	           demolished	 the	 old	 Calinda	 Hotel,	 and	
property	is	set	at	the	very	tip	of	the	Baja	       launched	 plans	 for	 a	 vacation	 complex	
California	peninsula	with	a	view	of	the	Sea	       that	 would	 take	 full	 advantage	 of	 its	
of	 Cortez	 that	 takes	 your	 breath	 away.	      enviable	 location.	 Sirena	 del	 Mar	 will	 be	
The	address	is	in	one	of	the	most	popular	         built	 in	 tiers	 staggered	 down	 the	 65-foot	
tourism	areas	of	Mexico,	with	easy	access	         high	bluff.	“We	are	unique	in	that,	due	to	
to	 everyone’s	 favorite	 vacation	 activities,	   our	site	design	and	the	topography	of	the	
and	 the	 resort	 has	 all	 of	 the	 comforts	     land,	 every	 villa	 on	 the	 property	 has	 an	
and	 conveniences	 of	 a	 dream	 leisure	          ocean	view,”	says	Fredricks.
community.	 The	 Cabo	 setting	 may	 be	           The	view	from	the	top	sweeps	over	golden	
a	 world	 away	 from	 other	 resorts	 in	 the	     sands,	 sparkling	 seas	 filled	 with	 wildlife,	
company’s	 portfolio,	 but	 the	 quality	 and	     and	 El	 Arco,	 the	 familiar	 landmark	 arch	
flexibility	 are	 synonymous	 with	 the	 Welk	     of	 stone	 that	 attracts	 photographers,	
quality	brand.                                     boating	 excursions,	 and	 romantics	 alike.	
“Sirena	del	Mar	is	the	newest	addition	to	         “Additionally,	 from	 the	 winding	 staircase	
our	family	of	resorts,”	says	Jon	Fredricks,	       at	the	resort,	guests	can	access	a	semi-
President	 of	 Welk	 Resort	 Group,	 and	          private	 cove	 beach,	 offering	 a	 wide,	
grandson	of	the	late	celebrated	bandleader,	       uncrowded	 sandy	 shoreline.”	 While	 not	
Lawrence	 Welk.	 “Those	 who	 know	 our	           closed	to	the	public,	the	secluded	crescent	
history	are	aware	that	we	strive	to	ensure	        provides	a	protected	beach	for	guests	and	
that	whatever	we	do	at	our	resorts	is	done	        members	to	swim,	snorkel,	or	spend	time	
with	the	highest	standards,	and	Sirena	del	        under	the	Baja	sun.	So	the	only	question	
Mar	 clearly	 exemplifies	 this	 commitment	       now	is…	when	are	you	coming	to	visit?
to	excellence.”

                                                                                                          For more information or
                                                                                                Reservations, call (800) 932-9355
                                                                                                     or visit
                                                                                                Alejandro Neri - General Manager
800.932.9355                                                                                                                        3
s e r v i c e s
                                                                          now it’s easier than
                                                                          ever to pay annual
                                                                                                                                  Owner Travel Insurance
                                                                           assessment fees                                    Vacation GuardTM offers Welk Owners
                                                                           online and more                                   full travel protection at a discounted rate.

                                                                                                                           Just $59 covers Welk use ANNUALLY!
                                                                                                                             • Trip cancellation, interruption, delay – 10K
                                                                                                                             • Annual assessment and exchange fees
                  Forms To Assist You                                  Take a Virtual Tour at                                • Airline fees to 5K, Cruise fees to 1K, & more!
                    • Rental Listing Agreement                                                 • Emergency Accident and Medical – 25K
                                                                                                                             • Emergency Medical Evacuation – 250K
                    • Quarterly Payment Option                                                                               • Identity Theft Prevention – access to Debix
                    • Vacation Guard Insurance Information            San Diego Day Use Priviledges                          • Travel Assistance Services Globally
                                                                      It’s that time again! Summer is right around the
o w n e r

                    • The Welk NewsGram Magazine

                                                                      corner and we want you to come enjoy our San
                    • The BEAT: Welk’s Activities Guide               Diego property. Please remember:
                    • Links to RCI and Interval Intl. Websites          • Day Use reservations are required for
                  Account Information                                     Holiday Weekends and Friday, Saturday and
                    • Change your contact information
                    • View your Ownership contracts
                                                                          Sundays during June, July and August.
                                                                        • Please call us 2 to 30 days in advance
                                                                          to obtain a Day Use Reservation Number.
                                                                                                                                Have You Been Invited?
                    • FAQ’s about Welk and your Ownership                 (800) 240-9342 or email us at
                  Coming Soon!                                            Ownerser                    To say “Thank You” for being a loyal welk
                                                                          Please write “Day Use” in the subject line.     owner we would like to introduce you to
                    • Book Day Use Reservations (San Diego)                                                               our new Platinum Benefits program!
d i e g o

                                                                        • You are welcome to bring two guests per
                    • Check availability and book online                                                                  go on wine tasting tours, attend sporting
                                                                          cardholder, up to a maximum of six people       events and visit world famous attractions
                  Express Check-Out Now Available                         per party, including children.                  in the San Diego area.
                                                                        • Owners and Guests may be required to            Packages include 4 days and 3 nights
                                                                          park in our lower parking lots or use street    accommodation on property, a reception
                                                                          parking. Shuttle Service is available from      party with food & drinks, dinner, gifts,
                                                                          10 am – 6 pm from Memorial Day Weekend          and breakfast.
                                                                          through Labor Day Weekend.                      For complete details of event dates and
                                                                                                                          pricing please visit the owners lounge.
                  Drive up and drop it. It’s that easy. Simply drop     • You are required to check-in with your          Space is limited, so see us today!
s a n

                  your keys and your completed Express Check-             Ownership Card(s), legal ID and reservation
                  Out Card in one of our new Express Check-Out            number (on weekends) to gain access to
                  boxes (in front of the Guard Station or in the          the property.
                  Lobby). All charges will be applied to the credit     • Cards are not transferable. May only be used
                  card you left on file.                                  by the person to whom they are issued.

                                                                                                                         Club intervals now include Villas on the Greens,
                                                                                                                         Lawrence Welk Resort Villas and Mountain Villas
                                     o w n e r S             A S S o C i A T i o n                                       projects in San Diego, Lawrence Welk Desert
                                                                                                                         Oasis in Cathedral City, Timber Ridge Lodge
                                       Association Events for Platinum Owners                                            in Branson, Missouri and the spectacular new
                                                                                                                         Sirena del Mar project in Cabo San Lucas.
                   May 1     Audit booklet mailing and                Oct 25   Annual Owners Meeting
                             solicitation of candidates                        and Board of Directors election           The 4th Annual Owners meeting is scheduled for
                                                                               in the Greens Event Center at the         October 25th in the Greens Event Center at Welk
                   Jun 30 Deadline to submit resume for                                                                  Resort San Diego. Registration starts at 12:30
                                                                               Welk Resort San Diego
                          candidacy for Board of Directors                                                               pm, followed by the Owners meeting from 1:30 to
                          seats (2)                                   Nov 2    Annual billing of 2011                    3:00 pm. Be sure to participate in this important
                                                                               assessments                               event as there are two Board of Directors seats
                   Aug 25 Date of record for election
                          and mailing of proxy &                      Jan 1    Due date for 2011 assessments             up for election.
                          election materials                                                                             Owner Services is now holding information classes
                   Aug 31 Deadline to roll over 100% of                                                                  every Saturday morning at 10:00 am for Platinum
                          your points to 2011                                                                            Points Owners. This is a great chance for Owners
                                                                                                                         to learn about reserving, banking, borrowing and
                    For reserving and banking your Platinum Points, please contact the Owner Services Department         accruing their points. No reservations required.
                                (800) 240-9342, option #1. e-mail
    it just keeps getting better and

 2010 improvements enhance
 welk resort villas vacation owners Association

The long-awaited conversion of twins to full          be replaced with ceramic tiles and updated         counted in the election. The annual meeting
beds for units 101 through 128 was completed          shower enclosures and plumbing fixtures. in        will be held in the welk resort Theatre on
in September, followed by units 169 through           addition, kitchen and bathroom cabinets will       october 4th, 2010, with registration at 12:30
220 in January 2010. This project replaced            be replaced with solid wood construction.          pm and the meeting beginning at 1:30 pm.
not only the beds, but also the bedding,              management and operations teams continue           Please look for the annual billing for 2011
including duvets, throw blankets, bed skirts          to assess the condition of the villa interiors     maintenance fees which will be sent the first
and table blankets.                                   and common area grounds to ensure we               week in november with payment due on
The Board of Directors also recently                  maintain the high standards you have come          December 31, 2010. included in your billing
approved a major remodel project covering             to expect.                                         will be a quarterly payment election form for
all 286 villa units over a two year period.           our Board of Directors election this year is for   your convenience
The project will replace kitchen counters,            three open seats. Please be sure to complete       note that you cannot bank or reserve your
flooring and plumbing fixtures with granite           the proxy ballot sent via mail if you will not     vacation time unless all fees are paid in full.
counter tops, ceramic floor tiles and updated         be attending the annual owners meeting.            Please take a moment to check with us and
plumbing fixtures. Bathroom countertops,              The proxy needs to reach our office by             bring your fees current.
flooring and tub/shower enclosures will also          September 30th in order for the votes to be
      For questions or comments please contact the lwrv voA office at (760) 749-9208 or e-mail at

villas green
                       the grass is always greener at

The villas at The welk resort vacation owners Association
we have good news to report to our villas on          with the focus on bringing the most updated
the greens owners. The long awaited twin              look and quality of furnishings you expect at
to king bed conversion took place in 13 lock-         your welk property. The management and
off villas in September. This project involved        operations teams continually reassess the
replacing not only the beds, but also the             condition of the villa interiors and common
bedding, including duvets, throw blankets,            area grounds to ensure we maintain the high
bed skirts and table blankets. in addition,           standards you have come to expect.
an update to the bedding packages for the
first 44 units of the project was completed
                                                      our annual owners meeting will be held on
last September. villas were updated with
                                                      August 9th in the greens event Center at
new duvets, duvet covers, bed skirts, throw
                                                      welk resort San Diego. registration starts
blankets, king pillows and table blankets.
                                                      at 12:30 pm, followed by the owners meeting
That project enhanced both the beauty and
                                                      from 1:30 to 3:00 pm. Be sure to participate in
comfort of the villa interiors. we hope to
                                                      this important event as there are three Board
complete the balance of the villas over the
                                                      of Director seats up for election. Should you
remainder of this year. in addition, we will be
                                                      be interested in running, please forward a
presenting the Board with a two to three year
                                                      resume to the Association for review by the
remodel proposal for the villa interiors later this
                                                      nominating Committee by may 21st.
year. The proposal will be designer specified

              For questions or comments please contact the lwrv voA office at
                   (760) 749-9208 e-mail at
800.932.9355                                                                                                                                               5

    The welk resort Branson
    is very excited to welcome our Spring
    and Summer guests. with our indoor/
                                                   ceramics, postcards, thumbprint art,
                                                   trinket boxes, sun catchers, bookmarks
                                                   and key chains, to coloring your own

    outdoor water attraction, “The Splash-         t-shirts. And most projects are free, or
    A-Torium,” our great fitness and game          have a small participation cost.
    room, and all of the great things Branson      Along with our arts and crafts activities,
    has to offer, we can’t wait until the season   we also offer movie nights, cookouts,
    is in full swing.                              family game night, free mini golf, Bingo,
    welk resort Branson is offering even           Sno-Cones and seasonal activities!
    more value with your stay. our Activities      Check with our Front Desk or Concierge
    Department is putting together a whole         for a list of “Splash-tivities” during your
    program of outstanding activities for          stay. we can’t wait to see you in Branson,
    kids, families and couples.                    missouri!
    Join us daily in the Splash-A-Torium           Call us anytime (417) 336-3575 or visit
    for great Arts and Crafts activities. our
    staff has a wide array of projects, from

       2011 San Diego Recreation Ctr.                              S •   U   •   M   •   M   •   E •   R

        Maintenance Week Schedule
              Mt. Springs - 2/6 – 2/12
             Melody Hill - 2/20 – 2/26
            Boulder Springs - 2/27 – 3/5
             Broadway Hill - 3/6 – 3/12
             Harmony Hill - 3/13 – 3/19
          Owner Services Department
               Mon – Sat (Sun Closed)
                8 am – 5:30 pm PST
                 1-800-240-9342                                July 1–4
                 welk resorts San Diego – where
                                                           the action is this Summer!
                                                       we invite you to dive into one of

     c Concierge d                                    our sparking pools* or soak in the
                                                       warm summer sun. listen to live
     welk Concierge Services                           music with the best local bands
     want to make your vacation                       on an outdoor stage. enjoy family
     the best one ever!
     Concierge will provide you
     with a check-in packet
                                                       carnival games, children’s rides
                                                                and a barbeque
                                                                with all the fixin’s!
                                                                                                           OFFICIAL WEAR
     that includes a calendar of                                                                           What is it about Welk
                                                      San Diego Summer nights come                         San Diego that makes it
     activities, along with maps                       alive with great music, so come
     of the welk resort & San                                                                              most memorable? Is it
     Diego County.
                                                        and rock the night away with                       the lush greens or clear
                                                       popular tribute bands featuring                     blue water? No, it’s the
     Concierge has discounted                                                                              commemorative t-shirt
                                                               Journey, The who,                           you’ll be wearing home.
     tickets to many local
                                                      The Beatles and The Beach Boys.                      For a limited time.
     attractions. Concierge is
     located in the lobby.                                *Pool access only available for guests
      open 8:30am–9pm daily.                             and Owners with Day Use reservations.
                                                     PA L M S P R I N G S
                                                                                                remodeled villas and cool new pools
                                                                                                    make welk resorts Desert oasis
                                                                         ii Premier resort and rCi gold Crown designations for 2010

                                                  This Spring, Desert oasis is proud to announce the newly renovated eucalyptus
                                                  building (Blg. 2), featuring new carpet, contemporary furniture and art, all highlighted
                                                  with new lighting. more buildings are scheduled for refurbishment this year!

                                                  Summers are warm in Palm Springs. we celebrated a new year by upgrading our
                                                  pools and spas. guests can now step into a sparkling pool, featuring new decking,
                                                  plaster and a new seating area.

                                                  Cathedral Canyon golf Club offers outstanding discounts. The golf course is in
                                                  great shape and only getting better under the new management of Billy Casper
                                                  golf. For additional information or to book tee times, please call 760-328-6571.

                                                  Desert oasis provides complimentary wiFi internet access for our guests during
                                                  their stay. look for a second guest computer in the Activities Center coming soon.

                                                  like to watch the game on the big screen or like to play video games? we will be
                                                  adding a large screen Tv and wii gaming system to the Activities Center.

                                                  visit the owners lounge to get an up to date look at the activities guide.

                                                  Don’t forget, we have fabulous bonus time discounted rates for owners. Contact
                                                  welk resorts Desert oasis reservations Dept 9am – 5pm daily at 800-824-8224.
                                                  Your feedback is always welcome!

                      “I’m Back!”                                                                 PG
                                                                                                       Parental Guidance Suggested
                                                                                                          Some material may not be
                                                                                                            suitable for children
                                                                                                                                         General Audiences
                                                                                                                                             All ages admitted

                                                                                                       may 6 – june 27                                    july 8 – 25

                                                                        on sale                                                       “RAZZLE
                                                                          now                                                         My
                                                                         ask for your                                                 Life
                                                                        owner discount                                                Behind
                                                                        Acts, prices, and dates
                multi-platinum recording                                  subject to change
               artist, songwriter, two-time                                 without notice.
                     grammy winner            G
                                                  General Audiences
                                                    All ages admitted       All sales final.
                                                                           Please, children            Parental Guidance Suggested             Parents Strongly Cautioned

                                                                        under 3 not permitted.    PG      Some material may not be   PG-13          Some material may be

      september 15 – october 23
                                                                                                            suitable for children              inappropriate for children under 13

                                                                                                  july 29 – august 29                     september 2–5

        (800) 505-9355                                                                                       (800) 802-SHOW 7 4 6 9                                                                                                                       7
       Welk Resorts
       8860 lawrence welk Drive | escondido, CA 92026


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