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QUIZ EXAM Algorithm and Programming


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                 Do the following questions and will be discussed at lecture

                 1. Formal following statements in propositional logic (proportional logic):

                a. I asked for coffee or tea and fried bananas.
                b. If a day of rain or the wind is too strong, we are not so outgoing.
                c. Can Budi or Ani who will pick up Lisa from the airport this afternoon.
                d. There is no smoke without fire.
                e. If the day does not rain I would walk to campus, other than that I would
                ride a motorcycle.
                f. I can not finish my work if you do not help me.
                g. I may walk, take a bike or ride bemo to go to college.
                h. Mirna and Antony will be visiting us.
                i. My younger I would not buy ice cream because it has been annoying me
                2. Suppose P = {A, B, C} is the set of atomic propositions (atomic
                proposition). Decide which is proportional to the following statement.
            a. A T
      b. ¬((A Λ B))  T
      c. (A Λ (B → (A Λ C))) T
      d. This day is rain  True

 3.       Eliminate unnecessary parentheses without changing the meaning of the
        following propositions: (A → ((B Λ C) V D))
      a. (((A → B) Λ (B →C)) → (A → C))
      b. ((A Λ (B V C)) V (A Λ (C Λ D)))

4. What form of proposition statements in question no. 3, for example: the implication,
disjunction, etc.? Describe the results of analysis with the truth table.

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