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					Safe Banking - ID Verification

What’s Safe Banking?
Glad you asked. Safe Banking is ING DIRECT’s new ID Verification process.
With the new Safe Banking process confirming your client’s identity is much
more secure. It reduces the risk that that both you and the Bank will be
exposed to mortgage fraud. And best of all it makes certain that ID Verification
is completed early in the mortgage process, ensuring that everything continues
moving forward to meet your client’s closing date.

How does Safe Banking work?
It’s simple and easy. If your client is new to ING DIRECT, just follow the 4-step
process below and your client’s identity will be established:

1. Have your client(s) write a personal cheque payable to themselves from a
   Canadian financial institution for $1. Make sure they write the word ‘Mortgage’
   followed by their Lender Reference Number on the memo line. Have them mail
   in the cheque using either a postage-paid envelope OR the business reply
   label included on the Safe Banking instructions. We will provide you with both.
   We can not accept faxed cheques to complete the Safe Banking process.

2. ING DIRECT then clears the cheque, confirming the applicant’s identity.

3. We then update our file to indicate that ID Verification is complete for the
   applicant and electronically re-deposit the $1 to their external bank account
   within 5 days.

4. The applicant’s mortgage funds on time, they become an ING DIRECT
   unmortgage® client and live happily ever after!

                              ING DIRECT’s Safe Banking Process

      Broker/Client Meeting: Client signs      Client writes a $1   Client forwards the cheque to
      back the approval and is provided        cheque payable to    ING DIRECT via the Business Reply
      Safe Banking Instructions and            themselves           Envelope or Business
      Business Reply Envelope                                       Reply Label

                    $1 cheque not cleared,         ING DIRECT       $1 cheque cleared,
               Client identity not confirmed      processes the     Client identity confirmed
                                                    $ 1 cheque

              ING DIRECT contacts Broker                            ING DIRECT returns $1 to
             - Client identity not confirmed                        Client bank account

             Informed Broker                                        ID Verified Client
Safe Banking - ID Verification

What if there is a problem with the cheque?
In order to meet our Safe Banking timelines we will need your client’s cheque
cleared no later than 5 days before closing. If the cheque is not in good order,
does not clear or is not received at all we will notify you immediately to obtain
a replacement cheque in time to meet your client’s closing date.

Who has to practice Safe Banking?
ING DIRECT is required to validate the identity of ALL NEW client applicants
– no exceptions. However if the applicant is already a client of ING DIRECT
we have established their identity and the $1 cheque is not required.

How do I explain Safe Banking to my client(s)?
Again, we have kept this simple; when applicable, our Safe Banking instructions
will be added to our unmortgage approval as a condition. You should review this
condition with your client. To assist you with communicating this new process to
your clients, we have included a sample of the Safe Banking instructions at the
back of this announcement. For a copy of the actual instructions to share with
your client, please go the the forms page in the residential mortgages section of site -

When will Safe Banking be officially launched?
We are implementing the new Safe Banking process in May 2006. Prior to launch,
we will be providing you with all the instructional collateral and Business Reply
Envelopes you will need for your clients.

Have any questions?
Please visit our web site at or contact your RSM

Thank you for your continued support.

Basil Bell
SVP Financial Services
Safe Banking - ID Verification

Safe Banking Instructions - Sample

                                                                                                          SAFE BANKING

       We wouldn’t waste your time with yet another step in the mortgage process if it wasn’t important.
       And what’s more important than protecting your identity? To us, safety is everything. That’s why we
       make sure to verify the identity of all our new Clients to protect against Identity Theft and the
       possibility of fraud.

       Please take the time to confirm your identity by sending us a cheque for $1.00 from your current bank.
       It’s easy, and it’ll keep your mortgage process moving along smoothly.

       Of course, we wouldn’t ask you to take a dollar out of your savings if we weren’t planning on putting
       it back in. ING DIRECT will deposit $1.00 back into your bank account – because as you know, we don’t
       charge bank fees. (Don’t get us started on bank fees.)

       Thanks for your time. Here’s to unmortgaging your future!

        Simply follow these 2 easy steps:

       1. Write a personal pre-printed cheque payable to yourself and drawn on a Canadian financial
          institution for $1.
                                                            make it payable to       the amount payable
                                                                 yourself                 must be $1
        cheque must be
        pre-printed with
           your name

        write the word
       followed by your                                                                                         don’t forget to
       Lender Reference                           ''MORTGAGE - 12345678'' '
                                                  ' ' M ORTGAGE - 12345678'                                   sign your cheque
        Number on the
            memo line

          Remember, the cheque must have your full name pre-printed on the front, you must make the $1
          cheque payable to yourself and the cheque must be drawn on a Canadian financial institution.

       2. Use the Business Reply Mail TM postage-paid envelope provided to mail the cheque to ING DIRECT.

          Use the Business Reply Mail postage-paid label on the next page and afix it to a standard-sized

          ® A registered trademark of ING Bank of Canada.
Safe Banking - ID Verification

Safe Banking Instructions - Sample (Continued)

                                                                                                POSTAGE - PAID
                                                                                                BUSINESS REPLY

       To u s e t h i s l a b e l :

      1. Cut the label on the dotted line.

      2. Glue or tape the entire label squarely in the top RIGHT corner of the envelope.
         Do not tape over any part of the address.

      3. Write your name and return address in the top LEFT corner of the envelope.

                    John A. Sample
                    123 Any St
                    Any Town PROV A1A 1A1

                                                                     Glue or Tape Label here

      4. Drop the postage-paid envelope into your local Canada Post mailbox or Postal Outlet.

      Business Reply Mail   - Trademark of Canada Post Corporation