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									                                              Legal services in Hungary
                                              Lawyers you can trust
                                              both locally and

A member of Eversheds International Limited
A land of opportunity                                           Lawyers you can trust
Like many Central and Eastern European countries,               Established in 1999, Sándor Szegedi Szent-Ivány Komáromi
Hungary is an exciting place to do business. Following its      Eversheds has grown steadily by providing clients with the
accession into the European Union, there are many               right mix of legal expertise and strategic direction. Our
opportunities and challenges for Hungarian organisations        multilingual team of 25 people (including six partners)
and overseas investors looking to break into this modern,       is completely focused on serving the needs of those who
sophisticated and thriving marketplace.                         use us, and we continue to expand to meet their demands.

To get the most out of Hungary you need a law firm you          Our experience in a wide range of sectors allows us
can really trust to look out for your interests. One that can   to better understand the environment in which your
minimise the risks and maximise the opportunities. A law        organisation operates and the issues you face. For instance,
firm with the ambition to match yours and the people            we have represented foreign clients in the opening up
who can both understand and look beyond the local issues        of Hungary’s energy, utilities and telecommunications
and provide advice on a larger stage when necessary.            sectors, and advised on the privatisation of the Hungarian
                                                                aluminium industry.
Sándor Szegedi Szent-Ivány Komáromi Eversheds is
a Hungarian law firm that can meet those needs.                 We also make a great deal of effort to understand your
                                                                company, getting to know how you work, how you like
                                                                your advice delivered and the goals you are trying to
                                                                achieve. We want to develop long-lasting relationships with
                                                                our clients, become their trusted advisers and keep them
                                                                informed of opportunities and risks to their business.

                                                                We understand your need to control legal budgets and
                                                                we tailor our service to ensure that costs are minimised
                                                                through efficient use of our time and a properly structured
                                                                team. Our billing is clear and you will not receive any
                                                                billing surprises at the end of a project.

To get the most out
of Hungary you need
a law firm you can
really trust to look
out for your interests.

                                                                                              What makes us
                                                                                              truly unique is our
                                                                                              combination of local and
                                                                                              international resource.

                            A bigger stage                                                     The main areas we cover
                            What makes us truly unique is our combination of local             Antitrust and cartels
                            and international resource.                                        Banking and financial services
                                                                                               Commercial law
                            We have joined Eversheds International in order to offer           Company law
                            our clients a complete service. This is a network of offices       Competition
                            across Europe, the Middle East and Asia committed to               Construction
                            working together and providing the same high level                 Energy and utilities
                            of service.                                                        Foreign investments
                                                                                               Intellectual property (trade mark law)
                            Being a part of this network means that we can provide             International trade
                            our clients with experts wherever and whenever they need           Joint ventures
                            them: people who we trust and you can trust. It means              Labour law
                            we have the ability to put multinational teams together            Litigation and arbitration
                            for the ever-increasing number of projects that require            Media
                            advice across different jurisdictions. The result is a law firm    Mergers & acquisitions
                            that can bring international expertise to your doorstep or         Privatisation
                            Hungarian expertise to organisations around the world.             Product liability
                                                                                               Project finance
                                                                                               Public procurement

    The offices of Sándor   Who do we work for?                                                Real estate
                                                                                               Security transactions
                                                                                               Taxation-related matters
    Szegedi Szent-Ivány     Our clients come from around the world and include
                            multinationals and medium-sized companies, but we
                                                                                               Transfer of technology
    Komáromi Eversheds      also advise small businesses and individual entrepreneurs,
                            mostly from Europe and North America.

    are located in Buda,
    within easy reach
    of the city centre.
2                                                                                                                                       3
    Sándor Szegedi Szent-Ivány Komáromi Eversheds
    Attorneys at Law
    1026 Budapest
    Pasaréti út 59
    Phone: +36 (1) 394 3121
    Telefax: +36 (1) 392 4949


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