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					Dear Friends:

On Thursday, May 13th, please join us for the 3rd
                                                                       MART Y LYONS
Annual Cigar Nite in New York City at the gorgeous
Battery Gardens, located at the southernmost corner                    FOUNDATION
of Battery Park, right along the water's edge! Enjoy                   The courage to wish for more
                                                                                                                       MART Y LYONS
an evening of smoking cigars on the patio balconies           326 West 48th St., New York, NY 10036
while enjoying the panoramic views of glorious                Tel: 212-977-9474 • Fax: 212-977-1752
New York Harbor, including historic Ellis Island                       Contact: Marisa Canapi
and The Statue of Liberty.                                     Email:                      The courage to wish for more
Proceeds from Cigar Nite will benefit the Metro                        Event Committee
Chapter which receives the most requests for wishes.                 Cigar Night Committee:
The Chapter processes all the wishes from New York                Marisa Canapi • William Corbett
State except for Long Island & Queens. For over 27                  Neal Griffin • Matt Hoverman                    THIRD ANNUAL
years, The Foundation, a 501(c )(3) not for profit                      John Hug • Lou Iacucci
organization, has been dedicated to fulfilling the                    Layla Jafar • Mike Kozcko
                                                                                                                    METRO CHAPTER
special wishes of children between three (3) and                    James LeViness • Gus Maimis

                                                                                                                 Cigar 
seventeen (17) years of age who have been diagnosed               Timothy Masluk • Joseph Masters
as having a terminal or life threatening illness. We                  John Nitti • Shepard Poole
have granted nearly 5,000 wishes and, sadly, the list                 Ed Ryan • Matthew Slaine
of applicants keeps growing every year.                                       Ralph Sozio

Our goal is to rebuild our financial resources to                Metro Chapter Volunteers
enable us to bring back the much needed 2nd wish                    Marisa Canapi • Yvette Colon
program at the end of 2010 or early 2011. These                    Anne Craig • Robert Dioguardi
are the children whose medical options have been                  Kristen Dowling • Lindi Dowling
exhausted and were just receiving palliative care.                   Maria Espinel • Danielle Fox
How heartbreaking that we were not able to grant                      Robyn Gallo • Neal Griffin
these children and their families a moment of                     Andrea Heflin • John Helkowski
happiness just when it is greatly needed. Please                       Lynda Hiles • John Hug                          Thursday
help us realize our goal so that these 2nd wish                       Monica Hug • Lou Iacucci
children are not turned away again because of                      Andrew Kantor • Mike Kozcko                        May 13, 2010
funding shortage. Think of these wish children                     Joseph Kozcko • JoAnn Martin
by supporting Cigar Nite, any of our fundraising                     Norma Pineda • Dilia Plotkin
events, making a general donation or sponsoring                      Ed Powers • Donald C. Raad
a specific wish.                                                Andrew Romano • Haley Rosengarten

For our special children, join us on May 13th and
                                                                    Ed Schmatz • Matthew Slaine                 Battery Gardens Restaurant
                                                                    Jessica Tune • Jeffrey Wenrich
support the efforts of our devoted volunteers who
have made a special place in their lives to help our
                                                                             Kevin Wilcox                               Battery Park
young children to make them feel so very special.                A copy of the latest annual report for                New York, NY
                                                          The Marty Lyons Foundation, Inc. may be obtained,
                                                            upon request, from The Foundation or from the
                                                         New York State Attorney General’s Charities Bureau,
                                                        Attn: FOIL Officer, 120 Broadway, New York, NY 10271.
                                                                      RESPONSE FORM
                              Name ____________________________________________________________________________
                              Company __________________________________________________________________________
                              Address __________________________________________________________________________
                              City, State, Zip Code________________________________________________________________
                              Telephone____________________________ Fax # ______________________________________
                              Email   ____________________________________________________________________________

    Cigar                     Cigar Tasting:

                              ______________ $150 per person advance registration ($175 per person at the door)

       May 13, 2010           ______________ $ 15,000 Dinner Sponsor (includes 30 guests, Name on Banner & Plaque)
    6:00 pm—9:00 pm           ______________ $ 10,000 Diamond Sponsor (includes 20 guests, Name on Banner)
             m                ______________ $ 5,000 Platinum Sponsor (includes 10 guests)
     3-hour Open Bar          ______________ $ 2,500 Gold Sponsor (includes 5 guests)
          Cigars              ______________ $ 1,000 Silver Sponsor (includes 2 guests)
    Passed Appetizers         ______________ $     500 Bronze Sponsor (includes 1 guest)
                              ______________ I am unable to attend but wish to contribute a 100% tax deductible donation of $________
   The Battery Gardens
     Inside Battery Park      Method of Payment:
   Opposite 17 State Street   ❐ Enclosed is my check for $________________ (Made payable to Marty Lyons Foundation)
    New York, NY 10004
    Phone (212) 809-5508
                              ❐ Visa ❐ MasterCard ❐ Amex
                              ___________________________________________________          ______________________________________
             m                                   Credit Card Number                                      Exp. Date
      Silent Auction
          Raffles             ___________________________________________________
             m                                       Signature
Dress Code: Business Attire
   Emergency Contact                                             Send response to:
    Mary Ann Canapi           Marisa Canapi, The Marty Lyons Foundation, Inc., 326 West 48th St., New York, NY 10036
   Cell: 646-261-9695              Tel: 212-977-9474 * Fax: 212-977-1752 • Email: