Is it a good time to create a startup? by Mariam79


									Is it a good time to create a startup?
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Do you have a job? How many companies have you started up before? Do you have any experience in the field you wish to enter? Do you already have a formal business plan prepared? How committed are you to this business idea? Do you have any financial burdens that would hinder your startup goals? How long can you live with your current savings without receiving any salary and without making drastic cuts in your lifestyle? How is your relationship with money? How do you feel you perform in positions of power and/or leadership? How's your relationship with your current firm's clients? Do you have general fears of commitment or failure? Do you like what you do? Yes! you are ready for a Startup! No. it may not be the best time for a startup. Sorry.

It’s Your Choice now this is just to help make the decision

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