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									                                                  All Aboard                                                    May 2011 Issue

                                    News from Lee Hall Elementary                               Home of the Engineers

                                                                          Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week
                                 Principal’s Message                                May 2-6, 2011

                                 Dear Lee Hall Families,             Congratulations to Ms. Donna        grades 3, 4, or                5,
                                                                                           Williams      please look for the special
Main Office: 888-3320, press 5   It is hard to believe that it is                          our           SOL newsletter that will be
                                 already May! The end of the                               Teacher of    sent home in the red folder
     Cafeteria: 888-3324         school year is approaching fast.                          the Year      within the next two weeks. If
  Clinic: 888-3320, press 3      Please check your child’s folder                          and to Mrs.   you have any questions about
                                 for important announcements                               Louise        testing, please call your child’s
  Transportation: 881-5052       and notes about end of the                                Hines our     teacher.
                                 year activities taking place in                           Support
   We are On Track!              your child’s classroom and our      Staff Person of the Year! In        Reminder for all of our fifth
                                 school!                             addition, to all of our teachers    grade families to save the date.
 Sol Testing begins                                                  and staff— here is to a GREAT       Our Fifth Grade Promotion
 May18th for all students        During our most recent PTA          week of appreciation for all        Ceremony will be held
 in grades 3-5 at Lee Hall       meeting night our fourth grade      you do on behalf of our stu-        Wednesday, May 15, 2001 at
 and throughout NNPS.            featured an SOL review session      dents!                              Passage Middle School from 6-
 Do your best and good           for families. Teachers arranged                                         8 P.M.
 luck to all!                    review activities to highlight      As the weather gets warmer,
                                 some of the GREAT things            please review the Lee Hall Ele-
 Please ensure that your
                                 your children have been learn-      mentary School dress code           Here is to a Marvelous May at
 children are reading or
                                 ing in Math, Reading, VA His-       which is located in your child’s    Lee Hall Elementary!
 being read to for 20 min-
                                 tory and social studies, and Sci-   agenda. We want to ensure
 utes each night. Be sure
                                 ence. Families who attended         everyone is safe and dressed        Sincerely,
 to sign your child’s home
                                 indicated that they had a blast!    for learning!                       Dr. Corbin-Staton
 reading calendar and re-
                                 Hopefully next year we will
 turn it at the end of the
                                 have increased attendance at        SOL Testing begins May 18.
 month!                                                              Families with students in
                                 this event.
 Be sure to sign into the
 main office upon arrival to
 our school. Thank you !

      Principal’s Message 1                          MAY 2-6, 2011 Lee Hall Elementary
      Appreciation Ideas 1               MONDAY Wear your teacher’s favorite color.
              PTA News 2-3               TUESDAY Be on your best behavior all day!
                                         WEDNESDAY Bring your teacher a homemade card, picture
      Parent Connection 4
                                         or letter.
      Calendar of Events 5               THURSDAY Give your teacher a hug today!
         Announcements 6                 FRIDAY “Hats on to our Teachers” Wear your favorite hat.
The Crossbuck
Lee Hall Elementary School PTA
MAY 2011

~ We’d like to thank all of our LHES PTA
members who go above and beyond their
Membership Dues and volunteer their time and
help as well. The following PTA volunteers were
honored at our April 26th General Membership

Aaron Boyette                  Beth Beyrau

Robert Limones                 Jack Beyrau              Dates to Remember
David Dearing                  Alex Bradshaw      May 24th PTA meeting/2011-2012 Officer
Cheryl Wright                  Jill Sanchez       Elections @ 6:30 pm

Charmaine Hubbard              Andria Bass        May 25th Blood Drive 2:30 – 7:30pm LHES
Angelia Knight                 Amber Haislip
                                                  May 30th Memorial Day (no school)
Karen Shelton                  Erica Waligur

Karla Wingate                  Tonya Miller
                                                  ~ Due to the success of our Pint-Size
                                                  Heroes blood drive in February, the
Each of our PTA volunteers received a
                                                  LHES PTA & the American Red Cross
Certificate of Appreciation, a $5.00 Wawa gift
card and a gold ‘PTA Volunteer’ lapel pin. We     are partnering again for another
thank ALL of our volunteers and look forward to   blood drive on May 25th in the LHES
continuing our work with each of you.             gymnasium 2:30 – 7:30pm.
PTA VOLUNTEER RAFFLE WINNER                       Information will be going home with
                                                  students soon. Mark your calendars
Congratulations to the winner of our March
PTA Volunteer Raffle, Mrs. Angelia Knight!
                                                  now and be sure to let us know what
She was the winner of a $25.00 Chili’s gift       time you prefer to donate. Donation
certificate. We’d like to thank all of our        times will be assigned “first come,
volunteers and we look forward to our next        first served”.
raffle drawing after May 1st.
                              PTA BOARD POSITION 2011/2012

                                The Lee Hall Elementary PTA is
PTA Executive Board             in search of Board Members
                                for next school year. The
Lisa Boyette
                                Executive Officer openings for
President                       2011-2012 are:               ~ President
                                ~Vice President

Dawn Limones
                                ~ Treasurer
Vice President
                                Other positions include:
                                ~ Fundraiser Chairperson
                                ~ Fundraiser Committee

Dawn DeBusk                     ~ Reflections Committee

Secretary                       ~ Newsletter   We encourage you to consider
757-888-1038                  one of these rewarding volunteer
                              positions. The PTA is a very
                              important part of LHES and is
Sharon Dearing                only made possible by those
Treasurer                     willing to give their time and
                              talents to help students, staff and
                              families. If you are interested, or
757-877-5429                  would like more information,
                              please contact any of your PTA
                              Board members.
      Parent Involvement                                                          Page 4

  SOL Online Testing Workshop for 3rd—5th Grade Families
     Parents of 3rd-5th grade students are invited
to join Mrs. Boscana in our computer lab as she
provides an interactive presentation on how to take
the current SOL tests online. This is an excellent
opportunity for students and parents to have their
test taking questions answered.                               Mrs. Denise Favors, LHES
                                                              Parent Involvement Specialist

    Cultural Diversity Night, May 19th
                                            Our ESL teachers, Mrs. Riesel and
                                          Mrs. Morris have some creative
                                          things to share with you. Mrs. Shel-
                                          ton, professional school counselor
                                          will teach us how the character trait
                                          of Tolerance is weaved into cultural
                                          diversity. We are as unique as our
  One of the factors that makes Lee       fingerprints, but all share collective
 Hall unique is our diverse school cul-   similarities making us a great group
 ture. Come learn fun and exciting        of people to share Lee Hall’s school
 ways in which to share our diversity     environment.
 via food, music, talents, and demo-         The program will begin at 6:00
 graphics. You can share artifacts, a     P.M. on May 19th in the school cafe-
 cultural dish, photos, or games from     teria. If you would like to help out at
 your culture.                            this function, please contact Mrs.
   Intepretacion y traduccion en          Favors @ 888-3320 ext. 41560, stop
 Espanol provistas por Mr. Cesar          by the FECC or         email her at
 Clavijo. He can be reached by email
 in advance at
                                                         Page 5

 All Lee Hall school-based volunteers who completed the volun-
teer orientation process and have signed in/out of the volunteer
binder were invited to the annual volunteer appreciation program.
This year, we had approximately 30 known volunteers. These vol-
unteers qualified to participate in a luncheon during the volunteer
auction and bid on a variety of donated gifts. All 30 volunteers re-
ceives the district-wide certificate of appreciation and a tote bag
with a Lee Hall ES pen, stationery, and a cookbook!
  As we complete the 2010-2011 school year, we also announced
our new volunteer of the year: Ms. Dawn DeBusk! Please stop by
the front office to read the plaque with her photo along with a
brief summary of how she earned this title. In addition, to our
2011 volunteer of the year, a few other honors were awarded: Mrs.
Laura LaRose (auctioneer of the day) & Langley Federal Credit Un-
ion earned our community partner of the year award; Mrs. Patty
O’Brien-Dorner, reading interventionist earned the staff volunteer
award for going that ‘extra-mile’; and Mrs. Angelia Knight earned
the parent ‘extra-mile’ award.
   We highly value all of our families and appreciate every hour
that they donate to the success of our school! Please contact Mrs.
Favors, if you did not receive your
tote bag and certificate of appre-
      Pictured from left to right: Mr. Gary Black,
      Mrs. Laura LaRose, LFCU, Mrs. Denise Favors,
      Mrs. Angelia Knight, Mrs. Dawn DeBusk, and
      Dr. Amanda Corbin-Staton.
                                                                           Page 6

 Sunday       Monday     Tuesday      Wednesday   Thursday        Friday     Saturday

1            2          3             4           5   SOL         6         7

8 Mother’s   9          10            11          12              13        14
Day                     Health Expo
                        9:30 –11:00               Preschool
                        gym                       Screening

15           16         17            18          19              20        21
             Interim                              Cultural Di-
                                                  versity Night
             report                               @ 6:00 p.m.

22           23         24            25          26              27        28
                        PTA meeting                                         Kitchen Math
                        1st grade                                           workshop @
                        performance                                         noon
                        6:30 p.m.

29           30         31                 May 18th SOL testing
             Day– No

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