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					An Essential Element of NSPS
              Understanding the Pay Pool Process                                                     Number 2006-7
                                                                                                     November 2006
NSPS Program Executive Office                  and reward decisions. The pay pool panel
                                               ensures consistency of standards and ratings
                                                                                              Inside this issue:
U     nder the National Security Personnel
      System (NSPS), an employee’s pay
and rewards are affected by work perform-
                                               throughout the organization, and it also en-
                                               sures that managers and supervisors have
                                               rated employees fairly based on their per-     NSPS PEO
ance. The pay pool process is an important     formance.                                      Manage Pay Pool Identifier
component of the performance management                                                       (MPP ID) Application       2
cycle of NSPS, developed to ensure that all    The Program Executive Office (PEO) for
managers and supervisors apply fair and        NSPS has initiated training courses that are   Field Advisory Services
equitable standards when rating employees      specific to the pay pool process. These two    NSPS Questions? Ask FAS! 2
in the organization. The process also en-      and one-half day, simulation-based work-
sures that rewards provide incentives to the   shops cover all phases of the pay pool cy-     CPMS Launches Its
workforce.                                     cle, process, and procedures for effective      Redesigned Web Site            2
                                               pay pool management. The target audiences
During the pay pool process, individual and    include pay pool managers, sub-pay pool        HR-BITS
team accomplishments are recognized and        managers, trainers, and facilitators. Addi-    DoD Common Access Card 3
rewarded by senior members of the organi-      tional pay pool manager training sessions      Accountability and
zation. The pay pool panel, a group of         are scheduled for December 2006 through         Evaluation
managers and supervisors from the organi-      February 2007.                                 Civilian Human Capital          3
zation or its functions, gathers to review                                                     Accountability System
employee evaluations and recommended           The nomination process for PEO-sponsored
ratings of record submitted by managers        training courses is being managed by the       Benefits & Entitlements
and supervisors. Employees receiving ap-       Department of Defense (DoD) Components.        FEDVIP Carriers & Rates         4
praisals belong to the pay pool, which is a    Employees interested in attending NSPS         2006 Open Season
group of employees (generally 50 to 300)       training are encouraged to contact their re-    Involves Three Programs        4
working in an organization who share per-      spective NSPS Program Offices.
formance payout funds. The term may also                                                      Staffing & Development
be used to refer to the shared funds.          Communication between employees and            DoD Staffing Chiefs Meet        5
                                               their managers or supervisors is critical to
Each pay pool panel has a designated pay       the pay pool process. Just as managers are     Civilian Assistance & Re-
pool manager who is responsible for over-      responsible for explaining how the pay pool     Employment
seeing the process of reconciling the rating   process works, employees under NSPS            Prohibited Notice Period  5
                                               should make sure they have a clear under-
                                               standing of the pay pool process and the       CPMS Employment                 5
 HR Line of Business Update                    decisions made by the pay pool panel.          CPMS Personnel-ity Profile      6
Human Resources Business, Information, and     The pay pool process preserves the integrity
Technology Solutions (HR-BITS)   E-mail us     of the NSPS performance management sys-           About CPMS Express
                                               tem by providing a higher-level review dur-
T     he Office of Personnel Management
      (OPM) has released the seventh issue
of its HR Line of Business (LOB) newsletter,
                                               ing the appraisal period. In addition, the
                                               process makes certain that all decisions
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                                               regarding work performance are made
which provides insight into the Human Re-      within the context of the mission and the      We welcome your feedback.
sources (HR) LOB and its impact. This issue    organization. To learn more about the NSPS
has interviews with the Interior Department                                                   We invite you to reprint or
                                               pay pool process, please read the “Pay Pool    excerpt articles, with attribu-
HR LOB Shared Service Center Project           Management at a Glance” brochure, which        tion as follows: Reprinted (or
Manager, L. C. Williams, and OPM’s Dave        is available on the home page of the NSPS      excerpted) from the Civilian
Anderson, who addresses the HR LOB re-         Web site, www.cpms.osd.mil/nsps.               Personnel Management Service
quirements development process.                                                               newsletter, CPMS Express.
                                      CPMS Expres s                                                    Page 2
                                      Number 2006-7, November 2006

                    New Online Application                                                       NSPS Questions?
                                                                                                    Ask FAS!
                Supports NSPS Pay Pool Process
                                                                                                Classification & Pay E-mail us
NSPS Program Executive Office   practitioners—with an elec-     The MPP ID application is
                                tronic means for organizing     accessible through the self-

P    ay pool managers and
     administrators now
                                and documenting informa-
                                tion about employees in the
                                                                service area of the Defense
                                                                Civilian Personnel Data
                                                                                                T     he following is just
                                                                                                      one of the many fre-
                                                                                                quently asked questions
have an online tool that        pay pool. The new applica-      System (DCPDS) via My           posted on the CPMS Web
supports the pay pool proc-     tion allows designated sys-     Biz or My Workplace. Only       site.
ess, which is an important      tem users to perform the        persons who have been
component of the NSPS           following tasks:                granted a special permis-       Q: A General Schedule
performance management                                          sion user ID and password       (GS) 5, step 5, information
                                  ♦     Create pay pool IDs;    for the MPP ID application
cycle. The pay pool process                                                                     technology employee in the
ensures that managers apply       ♦     Assign roles within     will be able to access the      “rest of the United
fair and equitable standards            pay pools and sub-      new tool.                       States” (RUS) is being con-
to rate and reward employ-              pay pools;                                              verted to NSPS. His posi-
ees based on work perform-                                      Just as the performance         tion is covered by special
ance.                             ♦     Assign employees to     appraisal application sup-      salary rate table 999B. His
                                        pay pools; and          por ts superv isors and         payable rate of basic pay is
The Manage Pay Pool Iden-                                       employees in the NSPS           $39,406, which includes a
                                  ♦     Establish the pay
tifier (MPP ID) application                                     performance management          special rate supplement of
                                        pool hierarchies nec-
provides individuals respon-                                    cycle, the MPP ID applica-      $10,851.
                                        essary to manage,
sible for establishing or                                       tion will ease operations for
                                        control, and disburse
maintaining pay pool struc-                                     pay pool managers and ad-       At the time of conversion,
ture and membership—such                                        ministrators in the final       the employee receives a
                                        pay increases and
as pay pool managers, pay                                       stages of NSPS perform-         within-grade increase buy-
pool administrators, or HR                                      ance management. The            in that raises his adjusted
                                                                MPP ID application will         rate to $39,958. How are
                                                                help ensure an organized,       the NSPS base salary and
     CPMS Web Site Is Redesigned                                efficient rating and reward     local market supplement
                                                                experience for NSPS or-         (LMS) figured when this
W       e have redesigned
        and launched the
new CPMS Web site,
                                tions, guidance, and infor-
                                mation to support the DoD
                                                                ganizations.                    special salary rate employee
                                                                                                is converted into NSPS?
                                                                Spiral 1.2 of NSPS kicked
www.cpms.osd.mil. Part of                                       off this month, with 66,000     A: During conversion, the
our mission here at CPMS is     We have updated our site to     DoD civilians scheduled to      adjusted rate ($39,958 in
to provide relevant, up-to-     make it more user-friendly      convert to NSPS over the        this case) is reallocated into
date, and understandable        and better organized, with      next four months. October       an NSPS base salary and
civilian HR information to      relevant and dynamic con-       31st marks the close of the     LMS. Since the employee is
the DoD community, in-          tent. We hope you will find     Spiral 1.1 appraisal period,    in RUS, the reallocation
cluding HR professionals,       it easier to navigate and       and payouts for the first       process would divide
line managers, and employ-      continue         to    use      11,000 NSPS employees           $39,958 by 1.1252 (one
ees.                            www.cpms.osd.mil as your        will take place in January      plus the LMS value for the
                                primary source for DoD          2007.                           employee’s pay band), re-
The Department’s civilian       civilian HR information.                                        sulting in $35,512, which is
HR management programs                                                                          the NSPS base salary.
                                                                For additional information
have undergone unprece-         We would appreciate your
                                                                about NSPS performance
dented transformation in        feedback, so as you use the                                     Then, multiplying $35,512
                                                                management and the pay
recent years, and CPMS is       new site, we encourage you                                      by 0.1252 results in an
                                                                pool process, please visit
transforming to meet these      to use the feedback function                                    LMS of $4,446. The
                                                                the NSPS Web site,
new challenges while main-      to provide your suggestions.                                    $35,512 plus $4,446 equals
taining our core focus to       Thank you!                                                      the NSPS adjusted salary of
provide enterprise HR solu-                                                                     $39,958.
                                     CPMS Expres s                                                     Page 3
                                    Number 2006-7, November 2006

        DoD Common Access Card Will Enhance Systems Security
HR-BITS          E-mail us      In recent months, the Joint      Non-CAC users may use the      The CAC contains an inte-
                                Task Force—Global Net-           alternative logon token or     grated circuit chip with the

R     ecent concerns about
      systems security and
cyber attacks have focused
                                work Operations (JTF-
                                GNO) has provided exten-
                                sive guidance in DoD-wide
                                                                 another approved method of
                                                                 two-factor authentication.
                                                                 Two-factor authentication is
                                                                                                user’s associated DoD PK
                                                                                                infrastructure    certificates
                                                                                                and public/private keys.
on intruders obtaining valid    Communications Tasking           a security process in which    These certificates can serve
usernames and passwords         Orders (CTOs). The latest        the user provides two means    several purposes on the un-
for exploitation and access.    CTO, which was issued on         of identification. One is      classified network:
As a result, the Department     September 21st, focused on       typically a physical token,    ♦   Confidentiality (en-
will implement a more se-       securing NIPRNet Web             such as a card, while the          suring the privacy of
cure method for accessing       servers and public key           other is typically something       data moving around the
networks, one that does not     (PK)-enabling them by            memorized, such as a secu-         NIPRNet);
rely on usernames and pass-     October 5th. (The NIPRNet        rity code.
words. The DoD Common           is the Department’s non-                                        ♦   Integrity (ensuring that
Access Card (CAC) will          classified-but-sensitive                                            data are not manipu-
                                                                 Throughout the Department,
soon become the new way         Internet protocol router                                            lated in transit);
                                                                 the CAC will serve as more
to identify and authenticate    network.)                        than just an identity card.    ♦   Nonrepudiation (en-
users.                                                                                              suring that the authenti-
                                                                                                    cated users in a given
                                                                                                    transaction cannot later
     DoD Civilian Human Capital Accountability System                                               deny actions previously
                                                                                                    taken); and
Accountability  and             accountability systems. Rule     sessment tools will be used
Evaluation E-mail us            X is codified at title 5, Code   to fulfill CHCAS objec-        ♦   Authentication (en-
                                of Federal Regulations           tives,” said AED Chief             suring that sender and

D     r. David S. C. Chu, the
      Under Secretary of
Defense for Personnel and
                                (CFR), Section 10.2. The
                                Chief Human Capital Offi-
                                cers Act of 2002 holds
                                                                 Donna Brown, “including
                                                                 on-site audits, surveys,
                                                                 workforce data analysis, and
                                                                                                    recipient actually are
                                                                                                    who they say they are).

Readiness, formally estab-      agencies accountable for         other program reviews.”        Protection of, and access to,
lished the new DoD Civilian     their HC endeavors. This                                        personal data are especially
Human Capital Account-          provision is codified at title   Information from these as-     important matters for HR
ability System (CHCAS) on       5, United States Code, Sec-      sessments will be used to      systems like DCPDS, the
September 29th by signing       tion 1103 note; it was en-       develop the annual HC Ac-      Web-based enterprise civil-
the CHCAS policy state-         acted by Section 1304 of the     countability Report. This      ian HR system that supports
ment. CHCAS is an enter-        Homeland Security Act of         report to OPM will focus on    more than 800,000 DoD
prise-wide approach to          2002, Public Law 107-296,        the following three areas:     employees worldwide. In
evaluating DoD civilian         116 Stat. 2289 (November         ♦   Demonstrating Depart-      response to the latest CTO,
Human Capital (HC) man-         25, 2002).                           ment-wide HC results;      during October CPMS gave
agement and assessing pro-                                                                      the JTF-GNO a plan to PK-
                                OPM developed the HC             ♦   Promoting continuous       enable the DCPDS Corpo-
gress toward the goals in the
                                Assessment and Account-              improvements, efficien-    rate Management Informa-
DoD Civilian HC Strategic
                                ability Framework as a               cies, and effectiveness;   tion System and enterprise
Plan 2006 – 2010.
                                Government-wide approach             and                        support systems by January
Since 2000, a new Execu-        to evaluating agency HC          ♦   Recognizing best prac-     2007.
tive Order (E.O.) and law       programs. The Depart-                tices.
have reformed Federal HC        ment’s accountability sys-                                      Similarly, Component cus-
management. E.O. 13197 of       tem is fully aligned with        In conclusion, Ms. Brown       tomers that operate DCPDS
January 18, 2001, created       OPM’s Framework.                 said, “The CHCAS is an         systems within their en-
Civil Service Rule X,                                            important part of our Total    claves are preparing to PK-
“Agency Accountability          A new CPMS Division, the         Force management strategy      enable the Component NI-
Systems.” This Rule author-     Accountability and Evalua-       to ensure we have a strong     PRNet Web servers that
ized the Office of Personnel    tion Division (AED), is re-      civilian workforce that        support DCPDS.
Management (OPM) to re-         sponsible for implementing       meets the Department’s
quire that agencies establish   CHCAS. “A variety of as-         mission and civilian trans-
                                                                 formation efforts.”
                                         CPMS Expres s                                                             Page 4
                                         Number 2006-7, November 2006

            Insurance Carriers Are Selected and Rates Set for FEDVIP
Benefits & Entitlements E-mail us   As noted in our previous               Premiums for both the den-        ♦   Dental plans should
                                    article, the law authorizing           tal and vision programs are           provide preventive ser-
T    he first annual open
     season for the new
Federal Employee Dental
                                    FEDVIP (the Federal Em-
                                    ployee Dental and Vision
                                    Benefits Enhancement Act
                                                                           available for Self Only, Self
                                                                           Plus One, and Self and
                                                                           Family enrollments. Addi-
                                                                                                                 vices (e.g., oral exami-
                                                                                                                 nations, topical fluoride
                                                                                                                 treatment, and sealants)
and Vision Insurance Pro-           of 2004, Public Law 108-               tionally, the dental program          for a small co-payment.
gram (FEDVIP) will take             496 (December 23, 2004))               premiums vary by geo-                 Subject to a $100 de-
place from November 13th            makes this program a volun-            graphic location. Premiums            ductible, major dental
through December 11th, in           tary benefit, i.e., one for            for 2007 are online at                work (e.g., crowns,
conjunction with the Federal        which there is no Govern-              www.opm.gov/insure/                   bridges, and dentures)
Employees Health Benefits           ment contribution. While               DentalVision/07rates.asp.             should be covered at 70
Program     (FEHBP) open            current employees will pay                                                   percent; more extensive
season. Earlier this year,          the full premium, they will            OPM’s solicitation for con-           care (e.g., extractions
OPM selected FEDVIP ven-            be able to do so with pre-tax          tracts provided for the fol-          and root canal surgery),
dors, as shown in the matrix        dollars.                               lowing benefits:                      at 40 percent; and or-
below.                                                                                                           thodontia, at a mini-
                            FEDVIP INSURANCE CARRIERS                                                            mum of 30 percent.
              Dental Benefits1                         Vision Benefits2                                      ♦   Vision plans should
      Carrier          National/Regional         Carrier             National/                                   fully cover annual eye
                                                                     Regional                                    examinations, to in-
 Aetna Life Insur-     National            Blue Cross Blue      National                                         clude screening for
 ance Company                              Shield Association                                                    vision problems (e.g.,
                                           (BCBSA)                                                               glaucoma, diabetes, and
 CompBenefits          Regional (20 states Spectera, Inc.       National                                         ocular hypertension).
                       and the District of                                                                       Corrective lenses (i.e.,
                       Columbia)3                                                                                eyeglasses and contact
 Government Em-        National            Vision Service Plan National                                          lenses) may also be
 ployees Hospital                                                                                                covered under FEDVIP
 Association                                                                                                     vision plans.
                                                                                                             FEDVIP open-season elec-
 Group Health, In-           Regional (All of New   1   GEHA and MetLife offer standard & high op-           tions will become effective
 corporated (Inc.)           York; parts of New         tions; other dental carriers offer a single plan.    on December 31st. This sup-
                             Jersey, Connecticut,                                                            plemental vision and dental
                             and Pennsylvania)
                                                    2   All vision carriers offer standard & high options.
                                                                                                             insurance will be available
 Metropolitan Life           National               3   CompBenefits availability: South-Central—AR,         to employees and retirees
 Insurance Com-                                         KS, MO, OK. Midwest—IL, IN, OH. Gulf                 who qualify for FEHB cov-
 pany (MetLife), Inc.                                   Coast—AL, FL, LA, MS, TX. Appalachia—KY,             erage, as well as their de-
 Triple-S, Inc.4             Regional (Puerto           TN, WV. Mid-Atlantic—DC, GA, NC, SC, VA,             pendents. Employees and
                             Rico only)                 and parts of MD.                                     annuitants may use the new
 United Concordia            National               4   Triple-S is a BCBSA independent licensee.            online enrollment system
 Companies, Inc.                                                                                             customized for FEDVIP,
                                                                                                             www.BENEFEDS.com, or
                  NOTICE—2006 Open Season Involves Three Programs                                            call 1-877-888-3337
                                                                                                             (teletypewriter, 1-877-889-
 For the first time, three separate programs will participate: FEDVIP, the Federal Flexible Savings          5680). These systems will
 Account Program (FSAFEDS), and FEHBP. For online information, visit—                                        become available on No-
 ♦ FEDVIP: www.opm.gov/insure/dentalvision;                                                                  vember 13th. For further
 ♦ FSAFEDS: www.FSAFEDS.com; and                                                                             information on FEDVIP
 ♦ FEHBP: www.opm.gov/insure/health.                                                                         enrollment, click here. For
 Information on what each FEHB plan and option covers will be detailed in OPM’s FEHB comparison              more on this year’s open
 guide and individual brochures, available at www.opm.gov/insure.                                            season, see the notice at left.
                                         CPMS Expres s                                                    Page 5
                                        Number 2006-7, November 2006

 CPMS, Component Staffing Chiefs Discuss Current Topics                                                 Notice Period
Staffing & Development E-mail us   cedures would be impracti-       Secretary of Defense for        Civilian Assistance and Re-
                                   cal.                             Personnel and Readiness for     Employment Division E-mail us
C     PMS recently met with
      DoD Component Staff-
ing Chiefs. Here are high-
                                   Information about various
                                   DoD scholarships, including
                                                                    ensuring the language road-
                                                                    map is executed. The Office
                                                                    of the Deputy Under Secre-      W       ith the holidays ap-
                                                                                                            proaching, here is a
lights of topics discussed.        NSEP, is available on the        tary of Defense for Civilian    timely reminder that reduc-
                                   Recruitment Assistance           Personnel Policy (CPP)          tion in force and other ter-
DOD INFORMATION TECH-              Division Web site. This site     provides support in execut-     mination notices shall not
NOLOGY EXCHANGE PRO-               also has information about       ing the roadmap for the ci-     be issued or made effective
GRAM (ITEP).    The ITEP           National Flagship Language       vilian workforce. A Civilian    between December 15th and
enables temporary details          Initiative fellowships.          Defense Language Work           January 3rd. If available re-
between Government and                                              Group has also been estab-      sources absolutely preclude
the private sector. The            L ANGUAGE I NITIATIVE .          lished, consisting of CPP,      delay in specific situations,
ITEP policy memorandum             Military operations after        CPMS, and Component             the appropriate official
was signed on August 31st.         September 11, 2001, rein-        representatives. This Work      listed below may authorize
                                   forced the Department’s          Group provides input,           exceptions: the Principal
NATIONAL SECURITY EDU-             need for individuals skilled     frames policy, and supports     Deputy Under Secretary of
CATION PROGRAM (NSEP).             in emerging languages, dia-      roadmap deliverables.           Defense (Personnel and
NSEP aims at developing            lects, and regional expertise,                                   Readiness); Assistant Secre-
the national capacity to edu-      as well as the capacity to       Detailed information about      taries (Manpower and Re-
cate United States citizens        expand these capabilities on     the Defense language initia-    serve Affairs) of the Army,
to understand foreign cul-         short notice. In 2005, the       tive will be furnished in a     Navy, or Air Force; Direc-
tures, thus strengthening our      DoD Language Roadmap             future article.                 tor, Administration and
economic competitiveness           was approved in order to:                                        Management; or Director of
and enhancing international                                         W ORKFORCE DIVERSITY.
                                   ♦   Create foundational                                          a Defense Agency or DoD
cooperation and security.                                           Persons with targeted dis-
                                       language and cultural                                        Field Activity with inde-
The Secretary of Defense, in                                        abilities were less than one
                                       expertise in the officer                                     pendent appointing author-
consultation with the Na-                                           percent of the permanent
                                       and enlisted ranks for                                       ity.
tional Security Education                                           Federal workforce in fiscal
                                       both Active and Re-
Board, provides program                                             year 2005, according to a       Exceptions shall be limited.
                                       serve Components, plus
direction. NSEP’s statutory                                         recent report by the Equal      Approval may be given only
                                       the civilian workforce;
basis is the National Secu-                                         Employment Opportunity          when the adverse effect on
rity Education Act of 1991         ♦   Create the capacity to       Commission (EEOC). The          employees would be signifi-
(Public Law 102-183), De-              surge language and           Rehabilitation Act of 1973      cantly increased if a particu-
cember 4, 1991, as amended.            cultural resources be-       (Public Law 93-112), Sep-       lar exception were not
                                       yond foundational and        tember 26, 1973, as             granted.
NSEP awards scholarships               in-house capabilities;       amended, requires agencies
and fellowships to under-          ♦   Establish a cadre of         to take proactive steps to      The above requirements are
graduate and graduate stu-             language specialists         provide equal employment        contained in the Civilian
dents nationwide who desire            with a level 3/3/3 abil-     opportunities for individuals   Personnel Manual, DoD
public service careers. Re-            ity in reading, listening,   with disabilities.              1400.25-M, Subchapter
cipients incur a service re-           and speaking; and                                            (SC) 1701, Section
quirement to work for a                                             REASONABLE ACCOMMODA-           SC1701.3, “Prohibited No-
Federal agency or office           ♦   Establish a process to                                       tice Period.”
                                                                    TION FOR PERSONS WITH
with national security re-             track accession, separa-
                                                                    DISABILITIES. During June,
                                       tion, and promotion
sponsibilities. All NSEP
                                       rates of language pro-
                                                                    t h e D o D C o mp u t e r /    CPMS Employment
award recipients can be                                             Electronic Accommodations
                                       fessionals and Foreign
hired using the Schedule A
appointing authority under 5
CFR 213.3102(r). This au-
                                       Area Officers.
                                                                    Program was honored with
                                                                    one of EEOC’s annual Free-
                                                                    dom to Compete Awards.
                                                                                                    C     PMS vacancies are
                                                                                                          posted on USAJOBS.
                                                                                                    Click here for status candi-
                                   The Defense Language Of-
thority enables agencies to                                         The Department is the first     date employment opportuni-
                                   fice is the operational arm
hire when traditional, com-                                         Federal agency to receive       ties; for other vacancies,
                                   for the Office of the Under
petitive-service hiring pro-                                        this award.                     click here.
                                       CPMS Expres s                                                     Page 6
                                      Number 2006-7, November 2006

CPMS Personnel-ity Profile
 IRD’s Marie Robichau Adopts a “Work Hard, Play Hard” Philosophy

“I     ’ve been a Discrimi-
       nation Complaints
Investigator for more than
                                  for all of IRD. Their stan-
                                  dardized processing helps
                                  ensure that, for most cases,
                                                                  “The annual conference for
                                                                  IRD investigators and me-
                                                                  diators also helps us stay in
                                                                                                   ally taken over several trel-
                                                                                                   lises in our back yard. It’s
                                                                                                   now almost roof-high.
20 years now,” says Marie         investigators have all neces-   sync. It’s usually held dur-
Robichau (pronounced              sary documents on hand          ing May at the DoD Execu-        “My motto is, ‘Work hard
“ROBE-a-show”) of the             before we start investigating   tive Training Center in          and play hard.’ Life is very
Investigations and Resolu-        a case. As an investigator, I   Southbridge, MA.                 good, and I just appreciate
tions Division (IRD), which       certainly appreciate Sacra-                                      every day. When I want to
until recently was called the     mento’s intake service!                                          stop and smell the roses—
Office of Complaint Investi-                                                                       well, all I have to do is go
gations. “After all these         “Other IRD offices are or-                                       out in the back yard!”
years, I still love what I do,”   ganized by Component. For
Marie says.                       example, I conduct investi-                                            CAREER BRIEF
                                  gations primarily for the
                                                                                                   1972-7: Worked in the HR
“IRD managers offered us          DoD Agencies, and the IRD
the option to be remote-site      Component Director for                                           clerical field. 1977-1981:
investigators. That’s why,        these is located in Dayton.                                      Personnel Assistant; subse-
                                                                                                   quently promoted as Person-
even though I’m officially        The Navy Component Di-
assigned to the IRD office        rector is also in Dayton, and                                    nel Management Specialist,
in Dayton, OH, I actually         the Air Force and Army                                           GS-9, Golden Gate National
                                                                                                   Recreation Area, National
operate out of my telework        Component Directors are in
office at home in Fairfield,                                                                       Park Service. 1981-2: Per-
                                  San Antonio.
CA. I believe telework im-                                                                         sonnel Staffing and Classifi-
proves my ability to focus        “During my tenure as an                                          cation Specialist, GS-11,
and concentrate on my             investigator, I have also                                        Health and Human Services,
                                  been assigned Army, Navy,                                        San Francisco. 1982-3: Per-
cases. Doing investigations
requires close reading and        and Air Force, cases, and I                                      sonnel Staffing Specialist,
                                                                  Home, sweet home . . . office!   GS-11, Army, North Atlan-
analysis, so telework can         have mediated cases, which      (Above) Marie with family pet.
                                  gives me the opportunity to                                      tic Treaty Organization,
help by eliminating distrac-
                                  interact with other IRD         “On a personal note, my          Supreme Headquarters, Al-
                                  management.                     husband Charles enjoys           lied Powers Europe Support
“Our work has a certain                                                                            Group, Mons, Belgium.
                                                                  helping people through his
flow to it; we must finalize      “The IRD ombudsman and          work as assistant manager        1983-4: Chief of Staffing
current cases even as new         in-house training functions     of a local motor home park.      and Placement, GS-12,
ones hit our “In” basket.         are assigned to the Dayton                                       Army, Mannheim, Germany.
                                                                  My daughter works with a
The bottom line is that IRD       office. The ADR—                faith-based organization in      1984-9: Discrimination
investigators must manage         alternative dispute resolu-     St. Louis, and my son is         Complaints Investigator,
our time and workload             tion—Director is located in                                      GS-12, Navy, Walnut
                                                                  employed with the Kendall-
effectively in order to get       Atlanta. The Atlanta office     Jackson winery in Sonoma         Creek, CA. 1989-1991:
a handle on our assign-           is also the focal point for     County. Being nearby, he         Equal Employment Man-
ments. A good thing about         IRD quality reviews, so all                                      ager (Complaints Process-
                                                                  and my daughter-in-law and
IRD is that I am not micro-       investigators receive assess-   grandson are able to visit us    ing Manager), GS-12, Mare
managed. I’m very self-           ments from Atlanta on how                                        Island Naval Shipyard,
motivated, I enjoy having         we are doing—the quality                                         Vallejo, CA. 1991-3: Dis-
the ability to schedule my        of our investigations and of    “When not at work, my hus-       crimination Complaints
investigations, and I take        the analysis contained in our   band and I enjoy traveling       Investigator, Navy. 1993 to
pride in the quality of my        written reports. This means     for pleasure. I also love gar-   date: Discrimination Com-
work.                             that IRD investigators are      dening, and Northern Cali-       plaints Investigator/
                                  well positioned to produce      fornia has very favorable        Certified Mediator, GS-13,
“With the IRD reorganiza-         consistent work products,       growing conditions. One          IRD.
tion, the Sacramento office       regardless of our geographic    amazing rose bush has liter-
now performs case intake          locations.