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									               COURTYARDS AT QUAIL LAKE

                      2009 SPRING NEWSLETTER


This newsletter contains important         the other neighbors in his or her building
information for all our owners as well     and put together a phone tree list in the
as our tenants.                            event of an emergency.
The Board of Directors and Z&R
Management wish all of you a safe and      Congratulations! To new Board
enjoyable summer and many thanks for       member Kathy Achenbach. Kathy was
your support in keeping Courtyards at      appointed at the April Board meeting to
Quail Lake a great place to live.          replace Rachael Bernard. We’ll miss you
                                           Rachael but look forward to your
Very Important: Please fill out and        continued participation      with the
return the enclosed contact information    landscaping committee.
form to Z&R as soon as possible. One of
the biggest problems the Association is    Construction Update: Stucco repairs
faced with is not having a current phone   will be commencing in the near future.
number to contact an owner in the event    Watch for fliers indicating the schedule
of an emergency (frozen pipes, roof        for your building. Concrete repairs are
repairs, etc.), so please make sure to     scheduled for June (separate notices will
include your phone number on the           be provided according to the schedule of
contact form, even if you live out of      work to be completed) and sealcoat in
state. Likewise, please make sure to       the July/August timeframe (separate
include any related management             notices will be provided).
company contact information and tenant
information (if applicable). Owners and    Church Yard Sale: Stratmoor Hills
residents are also encouraged to contact   United Methodist Church (directly
                                           across the street) is having a yard sale

Saturday, May 16th from 10:00 A.M. to        scheduled for June 20th beginning at
2:00 PM. You can donate items, sell          6:00 P.M. (separate notices will be
them yourself by renting a “booth” or        provided). All owners and residents are
come over to buy that item you need.         invited to come and meet your neighbors
Booths cost $10 or $15 depending on the      and enjoy some delicious food and
size. Please pick up your registration       beverage!
form from the church on any Tuesday or
Thursday from 9:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M.        Community Website: Log on to
or call Marilyn White @ 633-6463 or          www.courtyardsatquaillake.org to check
Manuel Pedraza @ 360-9396.                   out our website. It includes all kinds of
                                             community related information and
Fire Safety: Due to the extreme fire         schedules, as well as the Board meeting
hazard, please do not discard your           minutes and Rules and Regulations.
cigarettes into the Common Area. As          Thanks much to Doug Martin for
this is considered a covenant violation,     maintaining this crucial link! If you
please make sure your cigarettes are         would like to be included on the email
properly extinguished and disposed of        distribution list for monthly meeting
properly.                                    minutes, contact Board member Doug
                                             Martin                                 at
Board Meeting Schedule: Board                doug@courtyardsatquaillake.org.
Meetings are held on the third
Wednesday each month at 6:00 P.M. in         Landscaping Committee: Thanks to the
the Stratmoor Hills United Methodist         following owners for taking the time to
Church (the church across from The           help beautify your community: Steve
Courtyards). The General Membership          Mosher (Chairperson), Lannie Jurgens
meeting is held in November and there is     and Rachael Bernard. Please contact Jim
no meeting in December. Board meeting        Stroman if you are interested in serving
dates and times are posted at the bulletin   your community as a Landscape
board at building #1 and on the              Committee member or spearheading a
Courtyards at Quail Lake website. All        new committee.
meetings are open to attendance by
owners.                                      Rules and Regulations: Many owners
                                             do not read the Association’s Covenants,
Annual Garage Sale: The annual               Bylaws or Rules and Regulations.
community garage sale is tentatively         Before they know it, they have
scheduled for June 27th and 28th (notices    unwittingly violated some rules. In
will be provided). Signage for your          addition, owners routinely fail to notify
garage sale is permitted to be placed        their renters and guests of the rules. Pets
around the property Friday evening and       and parking are usually the main areas of
is to be taken down no later than Sunday     concern. If you receive a notice that you
evening.                                     are in violation of our rules, take the
                                             time to call the management company
Annual Barbecue/picnic: The annual           and follow-up in writing to discuss the
community     barbecue/picnic,    with       issue and try to find a resolution. The
catering services provided by the            Board of Directors dictates the Rules and
Homeowners Association, is tentatively       Regulations and it is the job of the

management company to enforce them            toter inside your garage during non-trash
along with the Covenants, Conditions          days.
and Restrictions (CC&R’s) and Bylaws.
Log on to the website to obtain the           Pets: Pursuant to the Rules and
Association’s governing documents or          Regulations, owners are permitted a
call Z&R if you need a copy.                  maximum of two (2) household pets
                                              (dogs and cats) and are required to
                                              immediately pick up after them when
Parking Permits: All owners and               they defecate in the Common Area. In
residents are required to have a              addition, all pets are required to be
designated parking permit in his or her       leashed when outside. Pets are not
vehicle when parked outside within The        permitted to be left outside in the patio
Courtyards at Quail Lake property.            area unattended. The Landscape
Contact Jim Stroman via email at:             Committee is also investigating options
jfstroman@courtyardsatquaillake.org to        for placing dog cleanup stations around
obtain your permits. Owner and resident       the property to help facilitate the ease of
vehicles without a proper parking permit      cleaning up after your pet.
are subject to being tagged and towed at
the vehicle owner’s/ unit owner’s             Lights Out: Periodic walkthroughs are
expense. Guest/visitor vehicles should        conducted to identify Common Area
have a note visibly displayed on their        lights that are out. In addition, owners
dashboard indicating which unit they are      and residents are also encouraged to
visiting.                                     report Common Area lights outages to Z
                                              & R in writing or call them at (719) 594-
Homeowner Maintenance: Owners are
responsible for the maintenance and           The following are a few reminders for
upkeep of all doors and windows at his        all of us to follow in order to enjoy
or her unit, including the garage door        living at The Courtyards at Quail
and patio area. Please make sure to           Lake.
service your garage door so that it
operates smoothly and quietly. In             1.      The speed limit within the
addition, owners are required to properly     community is 10 miles per hour. Please
maintain all landscaping within his or        slow down as we have pets and children
her Limited Common Area (patio area),         in the area.
including trees, shrubs, turf and all other
landscaping. Owners are also required to      2. All pets must be leashed when
have at least a minimal amount of             outside and owners and residents are
landscaping to prevent erosion and/or         required to immediately pick up after his
drainage problems.                            or her pet when it defecates outside,
                                              including in the Common Area and
Trash and Recycling Procedures:               Limited Common Area (enclosed patio
Monday is trash and recycling day, so         area).
please make sure to put your trash toter
out early (7:00 A.M.) for pick-up. Also,      3. Vehicles may not be stored in any of
please make sure you store your trash         the open parking areas.

                                              emergency, such as a flat tire or a
4. Parking in designated Fire Lanes is        jumpstart.
prohibited except for immediate
loading/unloading of vehicles. Vehicles       8. If your window blinds or coverings
parked illegally are subject to immediate     are in disrepair please replace them. The
tow without warning at the vehicle            Covenants state all window coverings
owner’s/ unit owner’s expense.                need to be white/neutral when viewed
                                              from the outside.
5. No excessive noise is permitted after
10:00 pm pursuant to Colorado Springs         9. Do not throw unwanted mail on the
city noise ordinance.                         ground in the mailbox area. Dispose of
                                              it in a trashcan or take it home with you.
6. No objects may be hung on the
building exterior stucco and wood trim        10. Please lock your vehicles to prevent
of the condominium units including            them from being stolen or broken into.
patio and front entrance locations.           Do not leave your vehicle unattended
Holiday decorations are allowed but may       while “warming up”.
not be attached to the stucco or trim.
Homeowners will be held responsible           11. Owners and residents are required to
for all repairs to the stucco and trim as a   keep their garage doors closed at all
result of such actions.        Remember,      times except during periods of
owners that rent their units are              ingress/egress and when you are actively
responsible for ensuring their tenants        present (loading and loading, etc.).
and guests abide by all Courtyards at
Quail Lake Rules and Regulations.

7. No mechanical work of any kind can
be done on vehicles, except in an

Your Board members are: Jim Stroman, Doug Martin and Kathy Achenbach. The
Management Company is: Z&R Property Management, 6015 Lehman Drive, Suite 205,
Colorado Springs, CO 80918. Phone (719) 594-0506, Fax: (719) 594-0473. Email your
property manager at: bob@zandrmgmt.com.



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