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									Leave Reporting Form
                                          This form allows for 23 days. If you require additional days, please attach an additional form.

DEPARTMENT NAME                                                                                                                               DEPT ID

Person ID:                                          Surname:                                                                        First Name:

Employee Status:                Full Time           Part Time          Hours Worked Per Week                                                 Fund Source:              Trust        Operating















CASUAL/GENERAL ILLNESS                             A medical note is required for all absences due to illness greater than 3 days







Authorization Signature:                                                                                                                               Phone #:

Printed Name:                                                                                                                                          Date:
If this is charged to a research project/trust account, I certify that all expenditures charged to my research project/trust account are for purposes for which the grant/donation was awarded.
These expenditures comply with the sponsor spending/donor terms guidelines/restrictions and, (where applicable) the expenditures conform to the budget submitted to the sponsor. These
expenditures are in support of the research project/trust account named in the award/donation and there is supporting documentation to satisfy the relevance to research requirement.

The personal information on this form is collected for the purpose of managing personnel under the Employment Standards Code, Section 14(4) and in accordance with the Alberta Freedom of
Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Section 33c. Certain personal information will be made available to federal and provincial departments and agencies under appropriate legislative authority.
For further information regarding the collection of the personal information, contact the Human Resource Services, 2-60 University Terrace, University of Alberta. Phone: 492-4555.

DISTRIBUTION:            Original: Human Resource Services                Copy: Department
Contact Human Resource Services for help on completing this form: 492-4555                                                                                                                         March 11, 2009
                                          Human Resource Services
                                         Leave Reporting Instructions

The leave reporting form is used for reporting Support Staff absences in accordance with the Collective Agreement.
The following is being provided to assist you in assuring the absence is coded properly:

                 For each type of Leave, enter the month and day. The form allows for 23 days.

Vacation (accrual based on fiscal year)
Code 800 - Vacation - do not report hours for statutory holidays or regular scheduled rest days.
Code 816 - Anniversary Day Off - maximum 1 time day off after completion of 25 years of service.

Consult the Collective Agreement: Operating - Article 24 Annual Vacation Leave / Trust - Article 13 Vacation

Special Leave - Operating (renews on fiscal year)
Code 820 - Birth or Adoption - maximum 1 day to attend birth or adoption proceedings of employee's child.
Code 822 - Bereavement - maximum 1 day to attend the funeral of a friend, aunt, uncle, cousin
Code 825 - Citizenship Hearing - maximum 1 day to attend formal Canadian Citizenship Hearing to become a
Canadian citizen
Code 827 - Change of Domicile - maximum 1 moving day per fiscal year (Change of Address must be submitted)
Code 830 - Compassionate Leave - maximum 3 days to attend the funeral of immediate family members, additional
two days may be granted for travel
Code 832 - Family Illness - maximum 2 days per episode will be allowed for sudden or serious illness within the
immediate family
Code 835 - Emergency or Disaster Conditions - maximum 1 day will be allowed for emergencies demanding the
employee's immediate attention
Code 837 - Witness or Jury Duty - Unlimited leave with pay when required by law to serve jury duty (must supply
document requesting appearance)

Special Leave - Trust (renews on fiscal year)
Code 830 - Compassionate Leave - maximum 5 days may be granted for compassionate reasons (additional 5 days
at the discretion of the Trustholder)

Consult the Collective Agreement: Operating - Article 27 Special Leave, Article 28 Witness or Jury Duty / Trust -
Article 15 Compassionate Leave

Casual/General Illness (renews on employee's service date)
Code 855 - Casual Illness - Consecutive absence of 3 days or less for which a medical note is not required
Code 865 - General Illness - Consecutive absence of greater than 3 days duration, for which a medical note must be
Proof of illness - Article 17.10 - Operating / Article 9.10 - Trust

Illness and Proof of iIlness:

Consult the Collective Agreement: Operating - Article 17 / Trust - Article 9

If you require additional information regarding the coding of absences, please contact Terms &
Conditions at 492-4555.

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