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					                         Market-based Rates Cancellation List

                 Note: Changes made since last posting are shown in red.
  Docket No.    Date Terminated
ER98-3809-000     2005-11-03
ER07-1061-000     2007-08-31
ER08-0057-000     2007-12-14
ER08-0059-000     2007-12-14
ER98-4240-002     2004-09-20
ER97-2867-000     2005-11-03
ER11-2355-000     2010-12-14
ER11-2357-000     2010-12-14
ER98-0952-000     1998-02-06
ER98-4685-000     2005-11-03
ER07-0080-000     2006-10-27
ER05-1176-000     2005-06-01
ER04-0637-000     2004-04-14
ER09-1512-000     2009-10-01
ER03-1087-000     2003-07-18
ER04-0860-000     2004-05-22
ER08-0838-000     2010-05-01
ER04-0283-001     2003-12-23
ER04-0284-000     2003-12-23
ER00-0105-000     2005-11-03
ER09-0634-000     2009-02-09
ER01-1113-000     2001-03-09
ER11-2884-000     2011-02-14
ER02-0767-000     2002-01-07
ER03-1286-000     2003-12-30
ER07-0325-000     2006-12-16
ER06-0712-000     2006-03-10
ER03-0610-000     2003-06-11
ER05-1429-000     2005-09-03
ER02-2383-000     2001-06-01
ER03-1334-000     2003-09-16
ER04-1037-000     2004-09-24
ER01-2424-000     2001-10-04
ER05-1206-000     2005-07-15
ER95-1381-000     2003-11-17
ER00-2363-001     2004-09-20
ER97-0512-000     2005-11-03
ER09-1365-000     2009-06-30
ER05-0963-000     2005-05-27
ER99-3219-000   1999-08-15
ER08-0648-000   2008-04-22
ER00-0861-000   2005-11-03
ER08-0381-000   2008-02-28
ER09-0677-000   2009-01-08
ER04-0532-000   2004-03-23
ER02-2601-000   2002-11-22
ER09-0540-000   2009-03-15
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER04-0590-000   2004-03-30
ER98-2458-000   1996-11-13
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER98-3451-000   2003-11-17
ER07-0542-000   2007-04-16
ER05-1198-000   2005-06-27
ER05-1170-000   2005-06-27
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER98-1908-000   1998-02-18
ER11-2162-000   2010-11-23
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER07-0739-000   2007-06-11
ER07-0860-000   2007-07-04
ER06-0975-000   2006-07-07
ER11-3150-000   2011-05-17
ER05-1147-000   2005-07-15
ER09-1217-000   2009-06-01
ER94-1246-000   2003-11-17
ER98-3378-000   2005-11-03
ER04-1214-000   2004-10-19
ER97-2132-000   2005-11-03
ER96-2251-000   1997-03-14
ER05-1254-000   2005-07-27
ER04-1211-000   2004-10-19
ER06-0754-000   2006-04-14
ER95-0878-000   2003-11-17
ER03-1084-000   2003-04-24
ER04-0556-000   2004-04-15
ER07-1355-000   2007-09-08
ER11-3076-000   2011-03-16
ER05-0181-000   2004-01-01
ER04-0336-000   2003-12-25
ER02-1598-000   2002-06-13
ER04-0326-000   2004-02-21
ER09-1371-000   2009-06-30
ER09-1607-000   2009-08-28
ER04-1189-000   2004-10-19
ER09-1451-000   2009-07-15
ER01-2355-000   2005-11-03
ER06-0659-000   2006-04-21
ER03-1322-000   2003-11-03
ER11-3357-000   2011-04-15
ER97-1676-000   2003-11-17
ER04-0476-000   2004-01-30
ER00-0679-000   2005-11-03
ER07-0007-000   2006-11-27
ER11-2627-000   2011-03-04
ER06-0885-001   2010-10-07
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER02-2088-000   2002-07-12
ER11-2673-000   2011-01-13
ER02-2062-000   2002-08-20
ER06-0453-000   2005-12-16
ER04-0292-000   2006-02-17
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER01-1257-000   2004-04-17
ER02-2407-000   2008-10-15
ER05-1428-000   2005-09-30
ER11-2163-000   2010-11-22
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER03-1266-000   2003-09-30
ER99-0581-000   2003-11-17
ER10-0633-000   2010-03-23
ER11-2274-000   2010-12-02
ER02-2304-000   2002-07-19
ER07-0637-000   2008-03-31
ER07-0414-000   2007-01-06
ER98-0701-000   2005-11-03
ER01-1701-000   2005-11-03
ER10-0163-000   2010-01-10
ER10-0164-000   2010-01-10
ER10-0165-000   2010-01-10
ER06-1283-000   2006-09-19
ER07-0997-000   2006-10-11
ER07-1189-000   2007-09-21
ER09-0354-000   2008-12-02
ER08-0442-000   2008-03-14
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER03-0251-000   2003-02-03
ER03-0595-000   2003-05-04
ER00-2945-000   2005-11-03
ER09-0773-000   2009-02-27
ER04-0684-000   2004-03-30
ER01-2138-000   2005-11-03
ER03-0622-000   2006-04-20
ER94-1181-000   1999-11-12
ER09-0602-000   2009-03-09
ER05-1277-000   2005-07-29
ER05-1064-001   2005-06-23
ER07-1295-000   2007-08-21
ER03-0924-000   2002-05-31
ER06-0539-000   2006-03-24
ER06-1490-000   2006-09-15
ER00-2188-000   1998-09-01
ER09-0602-000   2009-03-31
ER06-892-000    2006-04-28
ER90-0225-000   2005-11-03
ER08-0984-000   2008-07-19
ER99-0964-000   2005-11-03
ER03-0595-000   2003-05-04
EC02-0113-000   2003-02-05
ER06-0938-000   2006-05-05
ER08-1148-000   2008-06-24
ER09-1129-000   2009-05-13
ER89-0401-000   1998-12-31
ER05-0056-000   2004-11-16
ER07-1281-000   2007-10-13
ER09-0042-000   2007-12-11
ER96-2652-000   2003-02-10
ER08-1219-000   2008-09-01
ER08-0039-000   2007-12-10
ER07-0309-000   2006-12-11
ER97-4434-000   2003-11-17
ER06-0357-000   2006-12-23
ER00-3382-000   2000-09-25
ER98-3934-000   2003-11-17
ER08-0407-000   2008-03-14
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER11-3358-000   2011-04-15
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER02-2502-000   2002-09-24
ER00-2189-000   2002-04-12
ER05-1301-000   2005-08-09
ER05-0630-000   2005-02-23
ER05-0832-000   2005-06-14
ER04-0762-000   2004-06-02
ER97-1968-000   2005-11-03
ER97-1968-000   2005-11-03
ER98-1694-000   1998-01-31
ER97-3667-000   2002-03-10
ER97-2732-000   1997-09-09
ER05-0737-000   2005-11-03
ER99-1890-000   2003-11-17
ER99-1890-000   2003-11-17
ER05-1157-000   2004-11-30
ER08-0442-000   2008-03-14
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER06-0715-000   2006-03-31
ER98-1970-000   2005-11-03
ER05-0632-000   2005-04-22
ER98-3551-000   1998-07-01
ER08-0803-000   2008-04-09
ER11-2271-000   2010-12-02
ER05-1301-000   2005-08-09
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER99-1357-000   1999-01-19
ER96-2083-000   1997-03-14
ER98-4191-000   1998-10-15
ER05-0998-000   2005-05-21
ER05-0998-000   2005-05-21
ER05-0997-000   2005-05-21
ER05-0533-000   2005-03-31
ER08-1071-000   2008-06-01
ER04-0646-000   2006-02-17
ER11-2347-000   2010-12-14
ER03-1058-000   2003-07-10
ER04-1211-000   2004-10-19
ER01-1369-000   2001-03-02
ER03-0110-000   2002-12-03
ER03-0107-000   2002-12-03
ER03-0109-000   2002-12-03
ER03-0108-000   2002-12-03
ER07-0998-000   2007-08-03
ER05-0726-000   2005-03-25
ER10-0915-000   2010-03-18
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER05-0327-000   2005-01-25
ER96-2624-000   2005-11-03
ER98-0102-000   2003-11-17
ER99-1858-000   1996-10-16
ER09-0968-000   2009-04-09
ER09-0969-000   2009-04-09
ER03-0880-000   2010-07-31
ER10-2069-000   2010-07-31
ER03-0879-000   2010-07-31
ER06-0029-000   2005-10-13
ER06-0300-000   2006-12-09
ER02-1725-000   2002-08-23
ER04-1222-000   2004-10-14
ER04-0105-000   2003-12-09
ER03-0750-000   2010-07-31
ER02-1597-000   2002-04-19
ER98-0793-000   1997-11-24
ER99-2970-000   2003-11-17
ER02-2371-000   2002-12-16
ER00-3446-002   2000-10-31
ER08-0368-000   2008-02-15
ER05-1174-000   2005-06-30
ER06-0234-000   2010-12-03
ER07-0455-000   2007-03-25
ER96-0924-000   2003-11-17
ER94-1161-000   2005-11-03
ER05-0322-000   2005-02-09
ER04-0289-000   2010-10-07
EC04-0020-000   2004-05-01
ER04-0189-001   2004-05-01
ER06-0778-000   2006-07-01
ER02-2503-000   2002-10-28
ER02-0893-000   2003-11-17
ER07-1046-000   2007-06-19
ER05-0362-000   2004-12-21
ER08-038-000    2007-07-24
ER00-0252-000   1999-12-25
ER06-0935-000   2006-04-10
ER05-0418-000   2004-12-31
ER06-0938-000   2006-04-10
ER06-0940-000   2006-04-10
EC06-0037-000   2006-11-01
ER03-0514-000   2003-02-11
ER02-0038-000   2001-10-04
ER05-0059-000   2004-10-21
ER02-2464-000   2002-08-22
ER09-1358-000   2009-08-26
ER06-0648-000   2006-02-18
ER03-0643-000   2003-03-25
EC06-0037-000   2006-11-01
ER03-0591-000   2003-03-06
ER06-0936-000   2006-04-10
ER06-0937-000   2006-04-10
ER03-1233-000   2003-08-22
ER03-0468-000   2003-01-31
ER02-1920-000   2002-03-30
ER07-0430-000   2008-05-28
ER03-0999-000   2003-06-30
ER03-1319-000   2003-09-01
ER96-1503-000   2003-01-01
ER05-0808-000   2005-04-12
ER05-0831-000   2005-04-13
ER09-0847-000   2009-05-12
ER94-1099-000   2005-11-03
ER06-0177-000   2006-01-05
ER03-1336-000   2003-12-16
ER11-2253-000   2010-12-02
ER11-2258-000   2010-12-02
ER11-2252-000   2010-12-02
ER04-0857-000   2004-07-01
ER02-1749-000   2002-05-07
ER96-2150-000   2002-12-16
ER99-3098-000   2005-11-03
ER01-1613-000   2001-08-01
ER11-2590-000   2010-12-31
ER00-1624-000   2000-02-14
ER95-1399-000   2003-11-17
ER01-2397-000   2001-08-08
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER01-1612-000   2001-08-01
ER03-1388-000   2003-10-01
ER09-1420-000   2009-07-08
ER04-0504-000   2004-02-01
ER02-0920-000   2002-01-31
ER02-0911-000   2002-03-11
ER99-3344-000   1999-06-24
ER03-0957-000     2003-06-30
ER03-0201-000     2002-11-22
ER03-0201-000     2002-11-22
ER08-0642-000     2008-03-05
ER03-1343-000     2003-09-09
ER00-1530-000     2003-11-17
ER02-2001-000     2003-11-17
ER97-2771-000     1997-12-09
ER02-2001-013     2009-08-25
ER05-0596-000     2005-04-18
ER98-2020-000     2005-11-03
ER99-3345-000     2006-04-21
ER08-0076-000     2007-10-23
ER11-3355-000     2011-04-15
ER02-2338-000     2006-04-20
ER96-0734-000     2003-11-17
ER98-2918-000     2005-11-03
ER96-0358-000     2005-11-03
ER02-2001-003     2004-09-20
ER99-2233-000     1999-03-31
ER95-1021-000     2002-07-01
ER08-1336-000   2010-11-01
ER02-2001-003     2004-09-20
ER02-2001-003     2004-09-20
ER01-2221-000     2005-11-03
ER02-2001-003     2004-09-20
ER98-4380-000     1998-08-27
ER08-1173-000     2008-06-28
ER02-2001-003     2004-09-20
ER99-2188-000     1997-12-13
ER02-0976-000     2002-01-31
ER96-0138-000     2005-11-03
ER96-0138-000     2005-11-03
ER96-1781-000     2003-11-17
ER11-3404-000     2011-04-20
ER03-1356-000     2000-01-31
ER05-0422-000     2005-01-06
ER96-0182-000     2002-09-25
ER00-3658-000     2002-01-31
ER04-0811-000     2004-06-02
ER94-1690-000     2000-09-14
ER96-1731-000     2003-11-17
ER99-0254-000     2005-11-03
ER95-1752-000     2003-11-17
EL03-0077-000   2003-06-25
ER01-1394-000   2001-04-27
ER01-1396-000   2001-04-27
ER05-1246-000   2005-09-12
ER05-1177-000   2005-06-30
ER09-1311-001   2009-08-31
ER01-2787-000   2001-08-01
ER11-2583-000   2010-12-31
ER06-1460-000   2006-09-01
ER06-1384-000   2006-08-22
ER01-2059-000   2003-11-17
ER98-3233-000   2005-11-03
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER10-0427-000   2009-12-31
ER07-1380-000   2007-11-13
ER10-1164-000   2010-05-03
ER10-1162-000   2010-05-03
ER10-1163-000   2010-05-03
ER10-1165-000   2010-05-03
ER10-1167-000   2010-05-03
ER10-1166-000   2010-05-03
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER98-2367-000   1999-05-20
EL01-0118-000   2002-01-16
ER05-1125-000   2005-06-16
ER99-1800-000   1997-05-27
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER01-0666-000   2005-11-03
ER97-0382-000   2005-11-03
ER99-2666-000   1999-05-03
ER07-0591-000   2008-05-23
ER06-0971-000   2006-05-09
ER96-1631-000   2003-11-17
ER04-0311-000   2003-12-19
ER11-2959-000   2011-03-01
ER96-0918-000   2005-11-03
ER00-1529-000   2000-02-01
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER11-2407-000   2011-02-17
ER00-1258-000   2005-11-03
ER97-3580-000   2005-11-03
ER08-1026-000   2008-07-29
ER02-2001-009   2009-01-02
ER05-1223-000   2005-06-12
ER02-0687-000   2005-11-03
ER04-1085-000   2004-10-01
ER11-2671-000   2011-01-13
ER02-2001-013   2009-08-25
ER99-1875-000   2010-10-01
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER06-1138-000   2006-08-23
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER04-0168-000   2004-01-22
ER05-0291-000   2004-12-03
EC04-0007-000   2003-12-19
ER04-0732-000   2004-06-13
ER04-0167-000   2004-01-22
ER03-0846-000   2003-05-15
ER04-0523-000   2004-02-10
ER97-3815-000   2003-11-17
ER04-0163-000   2003-12-08
ER11-3020-000   2011-05-03
ER99-2540-000   2003-11-17
ER02-2001-014   2010-04-08
ER95-1049-000   1999-04-24
ER06-0891-000   2006-04-28
ER95-1583-000   1999-05-27
ER96-1933-000   2005-11-03
ER97-4335-000   2005-08-08
ER08-1143-000   2008-07-01
ER02-2434-000   2002-09-27
ER06-0536-000   2006-03-31
ER01-1078-000   2005-11-03
ER03-1403-000   2003-10-31
ER03-0698-000   2003-04-01
ER03-1314-000   2003-12-30
ER08-1004-000   2008-05-28
ER01-1893-000   2001-06-27
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER09-0461-000   2008-12-31
ER97-1177-000   2001-04-20
ER01-2405-000   2005-11-03
ER98-4334-000   2005-11-03
ER07-0996-000   2007-08-03
ER11-3356-000   2011-04-15
ER04-0343-000   2003-12-31
ER09-1339-000   2009-08-25
ER09-1340-000   2009-08-25
ER09-1341-000   2009-08-25
ER09-1342-000   2009-08-25
ER09-0851-000   2003-07-23
ER03-0196-000   2003-01-01
ER00-2921-000   2000-08-24
ER05-1441-000   2005-10-21
ER99-4494-000   2003-09-05
ER11-2963-000   2011-03-01
ER04-0153-001   2004-02-05
ER04-0218-000   2003-11-30
ER96-1774-000   2003-11-17
ER04-0164-000   2003-12-19
ER04-1213-000   2004-10-19
ER02-2050-000   2002-07-31
ER10-0551-000   2010-01-05
ER05-0180-000   2005-01-15
ER02-0388-000   2006-02-17
ER10-0552-000   2010-01-05
ER09-1189-000   2009-07-21
ER05-1092-000   2005-06-13
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER10-0212-000   2009-11-05
ER09-0772-000   2009-02-27
ER95-1314-000   2005-11-03
ER09-1232-000   2009-05-29
ER01-2129-000   2005-11-03
ER09-0880-000   2009-05-22
ER09-0880-000   2009-05-22
ER01-1919-000   2002-04-01
ER05-1255-000   2010-08-01
ER04-0299-000   2004-01-30
ER99-1449-000   1998-12-31
ER94-0178-000   1998-04-28
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER08-1166-000   2008-06-27
ER06-0711-000   2006-03-10
ER04-1136-000   2004-10-15
ER08-1202-000   2010-09-30
ER96-1819-000   2005-11-03
ER03-865-000    2003-04-29
ER05-1144-000   2005-07-25
ER95-0802-000   2005-11-03
ER00-3466-000   2000-08-23
ER97-0742-000   1996-09-30
ER03-1000-000   2003-06-30
ER03-0876-000   2007-03-01
ER05-0789-000   2005-04-07
ER99-1477-000   1999-01-01
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER98-3478-000   2005-11-03
ER04-0705-000   2004-04-13
ER00-1519-000   2005-11-03
ER09-1459-000   2009-06-16
ER05-1224-000   2005-07-18
ER03-1163-000   2003-09-05
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER03-1035-000   2003-07-15
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER09-0522-000   2009-01-01
ER09-0522-000   2009-01-06
ER03-0513-000   2003-02-10
ER08-1180-000   2008-06-30
ER00-2306-000   2005-11-03
ER95-0784-000   2005-11-03
ER03-0758-000   2003-04-21
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER98-4585-000   1998-09-18
ER09-1500-000   2009-08-01
ER95-1261-000   2005-05-22
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER95-1421-000   2001-09-17
ER09-0406-000   2008-12-31
ER07-288-000    2006-12-05
ER10-1023-000   2010-03-31
ER10-1026-000   2010-03-31
ER10-1025-000   2010-03-31
ER10-1022-000   2010-03-31
ER98-3006-000   2003-11-17
ER95-0869-000   1996-11-21
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER07-0987-000   2007-06-01
ER05-0496-000   2005-03-28
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER10-0472-000   2010-03-15
ER95-0295-000   2005-11-03
ER95-0208-009   1997-03-31
ER11-0036-000   2010-10-07
ER08-0954-000   2008-03-01
ER10-2684-000   2010-09-30
ER09-0151-000   2008-11-30
ER97-3053-000   2003-11-17
ER11-2266-000   2010-12-02
ER07-0561-000   2007-02-22
ER07-0560-000   2007-02-22
ER11-3356-000   2011-04-13
ER11-3335-000   2007-07-18
ER07-0916-000   2007-07-18
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER95-0232-000   2005-11-03
ER00-0660-000   1999-11-22
ER04-0312-000   2003-12-19
ER03-1259-000   2005-11-03
ER99-1762-000   1999-04-09
ER02-1002-011   2009-06-29
ER01-2786-000   2001-08-03
ER05-0268-000   2004-12-29
ER01-1251-000   2001-02-16
ER02-0104-000   2001-12-14
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER03-0874-000   2003-05-28
ER94-1672-000   2005-11-03
ER04-0307-000   2004-01-30
ER10-1039-000   2010-06-11
ER10-1038-000   2010-06-11
ER07-0288-000   2006-12-05
ER09-1426-000   2009-09-30
ER03-1387-000   2002-05-29
ER03-1387-000   2003-10-01
ER04-0999-000   2004-09-07
ER04-0336-000   2003-12-15
ER10-0599-000   2010-01-15
ER10-0599-000   2010-01-15
ER10-0599-000   2010-01-15
ER10-0599-000   2010-01-15
ER10-0599-000   2010-01-15
ER10-0599-000   2010-01-15
ER10-0599-000   2010-01-15
ER10-0599-000   2010-01-15
ER10-0599-000   2010-01-15
ER10-0599-000   2010-01-15
ER10-0599-000   2010-01-15
ER10-0599-000   2010-01-15
ER10-0599-000   2010-01-15
ER10-0599-000   2010-01-15
ER10-0599-000   2010-01-15
ER10-0599-000   2010-01-15
ER11-2015-000   2010-12-01
ER96-1406-000   1997-07-14
ER03-0195-000   2003-01-01
ER07-0303-000   2006-12-07
ER05-1158-000   2005-07-18
ER02-0030-000   2005-11-03
ER07-0895-000   2007-05-15
ER05-1355-000   2005-08-17
ER05-1105-000   2020-11-01
ER08-0253-000   2007-12-16
ER06-0076-000   2005-10-29
ER04-0404-000   2004-02-24
ER09-1419-000   2009-07-08
ER02-2368-000   2003-12-12
ER05-1251-000   2005-08-25
ER10-0632-000   2010-03-23
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER05-0321-000   2005-02-09
ER00-1781-000   2005-11-03
ER03-0827-000   2006-02-17
ER03-1185-000   2003-07-17
ER10-0668-000   2010-01-29
ER02-2368-000   2002-07-23
ER03-1096-000   2003-07-15
ER07-0802-000   2007-06-27
ER06-0974-000   2006-07-07
ER06-0179-000   2005-11-30
ER07-0999-000   2007-08-03
ER06-0180-000   2005-11-30
ER04-0852-000   2004-05-19
ER99-0830-000   2006-01-11
ER11-3031-000   2011-03-09
ER99-0801-000   2005-11-03
ER09-1500-000   2009-08-01
ER03-1076-000   2003-07-18
ER05-1135-000   2005-06-24
ER98-1221-000   2003-11-17
ER99-1156-000   2005-11-03
ER09-0826-000   2010-07-23
ER95-1423-000   2001-12-31
ER95-0078-000   2005-11-03
AC04-0063-000   2005-08-08
ER10-3225-000   2010-09-30
ER05-1133-000   2005-08-19
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER05-0800-000   2005-04-09
ER06-1003-000   2006-07-14
ER08-1578-000   2008-11-25
ER08-1013-000   2008-07-28
ER06-0521-000   2006-03-21
ER06-0515-000   2006-01-19
ER05-1460-000   2005-08-08
ER10-0262-000   2010-01-12
ER10-0263-000   2010-01-12
ER10-0264-000   2010-01-12
ER04-0330-000   2004-01-29
ER04-0750-000   2004-04-30
ER98-4588-000   1998-11-15
ER06-0016-000   2005-10-07
ER09-1226-000   2009-07-27
EC09-0110-000   2008-10-28
ER11-3338-000   2011-04-01
ER02-1185-000   2002-02-28
ER00-1629-000   2000-05-01
ER01-2509-000   2005-11-03
ER06-1169-000   2006-06-24
ER99-0572-000   1998-10-27
ER05-1115-000   2005-06-14
ER98-4301-000   2006-02-17
ER09-0567-000   2009-02-23
ER02-1238-000   2005-11-03
ER02-1324-000   2006-02-17
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER04-0872-000   2004-06-28
ER05-1130-000   2005-06-20
ER08-0013-000   2007-10-03
ER11-2674-000   2011-01-13
ER11-2672-000   2011-01-13
ER10-0912-000   2010-08-12
ER10-0914-000   2010-08-12
ER95-1374-000   2010-08-01
ER94-1593-000   2005-11-03
ER95-0192-000   2005-11-03
ER03-1073-000   2002-01-01
ER01-0352-000   2005-11-03
ER98-2618-000   2005-11-03
ER99-2537-000   2005-11-03
ER02-2001-014   2010-04-08
ER03-0866-000   2007-03-01
ER04-1225-000   2004-11-14
ER06-0702-000   2006-03-06
ER03-1203-000   2003-08-01
ER97-0841-000   2001-06-30
ER01-0505-000   2000-11-22
ER01-0506-000   2000-11-23
ER01-0508-000   2000-11-22
ER03-0909-000   2003-07-01
ER06-0287-000   2005-08-08
ER01-1258-000   2001-04-18
ER04-0683-000   2006-04-20
ER97-2681-000   2005-11-03
ER05-0090-000   2004-08-16
ER06-0335-000   2005-12-16
ER08-0338-000   2010-08-12
ER96-2892-000   2005-11-03
ER03-1179-000   2003-09-09
ER03-1180-000   2003-09-09
ER04-0017-000   2003-12-02
ER04-0427-000   2004-01-28
ER98-1915-000   2005-11-03
ER99-1874-000   1999-04-22
ER05-0996-000   2005-05-21
ER03-0892-000   2003-06-27
ER08-0170-000   2007-11-20
ER08-0171-000   2007-11-20
ER08-0172-000   2007-11-20
ER06-1503-000   2006-09-15
ER06-1504-000   2006-09-15
ER97-4347-000   2002-01-22
ER02-2001-013   2009-08-25
ER94-0152-000   2005-11-03
ER10-0806-000   2010-02-27
ER10-0808-000   2010-02-27
ER10-0807-000   2010-02-27
ER02-0245-000   2006-07-07
ER97-1716-000   2005-11-03
ER01-0904-000   2005-11-03
ER98-0622-000    2005-11-03
ER02-0041-000    2005-11-03
ER98-3048-000    2005-11-03
ER98-1125-000    2005-11-03
ER01-1414-000    2003-11-17
ER09-1298-000    2009-06-30
ER04-0102-000    2003-10-29
ER01-0176-000    2000-09-28
ER02-0740-000    2002-01-10
ER01-1479-000    2005-11-03
10-2505-000      2010-09-21
ER02-0845-000    2005-11-03
ER04-0438-000    2004-01-21
ER97-1315-000    2002-05-01
ER04-0402-000    2004-02-11
ER06-0870-000    2006-06-13
ER01-1259-000    2001-11-20
ER06-0294-000    2005-12-05
ER04-0405-000    2004-02-11
ER06-0815-000    2006-04-03
ER06-0075-000    2005-10-29
ER00-1690-000    2000-04-25
ER04-0406-000    2004-02-11
ER08-0666-000    2010-09-08
ER04-0536\-000   2004-02-10
ER02-2001-003    2004-09-20
ER04-0637-000    2004-04-14
ER02-0196-000    2003-01-17
ER03-0695-000    2003-03-24
ER97-0181-000    2005-11-03
ER97-4345-000    2010-10-13
ER02-2001-013    2009-08-29
ER04-0336-000    2003-12-25
ER08-0822-000    2008-04-14
ER99-2883-000    2005-11-03
ER02-2001-003    2004-09-20
ER08-1347-000    2008-08-04
ER09-0647-000    2009-04-06
ER99-1832-000    1999-02-16
ER03-0354-000    2010-07-01
ER96-1196-002    2000-09-21
ER02-2001-003    2004-09-20
ER05-0317-000    2004-12-09
ER03-0803-000    2003-05-01
ER04-0995-000   2004-08-12
ER04-0996-000   2004-08-12
ER04-0997-000   2004-08-12
ER04-1086-000   2004-10-02
ER03-0190-000   2002-12-24
ER07-1410-000   2007-10-01
ER09-0464-000   2008-12-31
ER95-0379-000   2005-11-03
ER05-1391-000   2005-08-26
ER00-0035-000   2002-10-12
ER09-1360-000   2009-07-26
ER03-1265-000   2003-09-30
ER04-0473-000   2004-02-27
ER98-3719-000   2006-06-28
ER08-0156-000   2007-12-31
ER98-2232-000   2003-11-17
ER07-0718-000   2007-04-06
ER11-2233-000   2010-12-02
ER05-1274-000   2005-09-26
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER03-0960-000   2003-07-31
ER03-0961-000   2003-07-22
ER03-0960-000   2003-07-31
ER03-0960-000   2003-07-31
ER03-0960-000   2003-07-31
ER05-0693-000   2005-03-11
ER03-0960-000   2003-07-31
ER03-0960-000   2003-07-31
ER03-0960-000   2003-07-31
ER03-0960-000   2003-07-31
ER03-0961-000   2003-07-22
ER03-0960-000   2003-07-31
ER00-0745-000   2000-02-18
ER09-1046-000   2009-04-30
ER09-1046-000   2009-04-30
ER09-1464-000   2009-09-15
ER03-1225-000   2003-10-14
ER03-0182-000   2006-02-17
ER08-0305-000   2007-12-15
ER04-0818-000   2004-06-22
EC06-0165-000   2007-02-01
ER06-0535-000   2006-03-31
ER09-0338-000   2008-12-31
ER06-0181-000   2005-11-30
ER00-1971-000   2000-03-24
ER00-1972-000   2000-03-24
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER08-1437-000   2008-08-23
ER04-0947-000   2010-06-30
ER03-1186-000   2003-07-01
ER05-1090-000   2005-08-01
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER02-1485-000   2010-09-21
ER05-1189-000   2005-06-13
ER01-1821-000   2005-11-03
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER08-0410-000   2008-01-29
ER99-3275-000   2005-11-03
ER07-0389-000   2006-12-30
ER96-2303-000   2005-11-03
ER03-0213-000   2003-11-23
ER97-3187-000   2005-11-03
ER97-4364-000   2003-11-17
ER95-0751-000   2003-11-17
ER07-1250-000   2009-07-16
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER04-0145-000   2003-12-08
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER06-0074-000   2006-10-03
ER03-0761-000   2003-04-03
ER98-3052-000   2003-11-17
ER96-0001-000   2005-11-03
ER01-0357-000   2001-02-02
ER04-0671-000   2004-08-02
ER10-0927-000   2010-05-23
ER04-1114-000   2005-08-12
ER02-1358-000   2002-03-21
ER03-1017-000   1999-12-29
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER00-2659-000   2000-07-23
ER05-0929-000   2005-05-03
ER05-1365-000   2005-08-31
ER07-1207-000   2006-04-20
ER99-2926-000   1999-05-12
ER02-2001-014   2010-04-08
ER09-1698-000   2009-09-15
ER01-2463-000   2005-11-03
ER95-0968-000   2005-11-03
ER01-2929-000   2002-01-18
ER03-0966-000   2003-06-18
ER08-1479-000   2008-08-31
ER08-0701-000   2008-05-25
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER99-1876-000   2005-11-03
ER03-0740-000   2003-04-11
ER07-1206-000   2007-09-25
ER06-0176-000   2006-01-06
ER07-1148-000   2007-09-11
ER09-1477-000   2009-08-21
ER01-2430-000   2001-06-15
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER07-0055-000   2006-10-23
ER96-0404-018   2005-11-03
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER09-1205-000   2009-05-21
ER02-2607-000   2003-03-11
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER03-1224-000   2003-09-25
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER02-1696-000   2002-05-01
ER05-1275-000   2005-07-28
ER07-0247-000   2010-06-20
ER00-0023-000   2005-08-08
ER05-0234-000   2004-12-22
ER08-1502-000   2008-08-29
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER05-0772-000   2005-04-01
ER05-0137-000   2004-10-01
ER05-0139-000   2004-10-01
ER04-0946-000   2004-06-22
ER03-0382-000   2010-09-28
ER05-0143-000   2004-10-01
ER05-0209-000   2005-01-11
ER05-1359-000   2005-10-17
EG00-0023-000   2008-08-01
ER05-0140-000   2004-10-01
ER06-1272-000   2009-05-01
ER09-0664-000   2008-12-01
ER05-0773-000   2005-04-01
ER09-0822-000   2009-05-05
ER02-0809-000   2005-11-03
ER97-0828-000   1999-05-27
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER07-0449-000   2007-01-23
ER03-0966-000   2003-06-18
ER99-0823-000   2003-11-17
ER03-0904-000   2003-05-30
ER04-0313-000   2003-12-19
ER11-2816-000   2011-04-22
ER07-0292-000   2007-02-06
ER11-3354-000   2011-04-15
ER11-2629-000   2011-03-04
ER03-1055-000   2003-07-01
ER07-0535-000   2007-04-13
ER03-1137-000   2003-08-27
ER07-0009-000   2006-12-01
ER99-2082-000   2010-07-26
ER09-1518-000   2009-09-28
ER99-2081-000   2010-07-26
ER98-0930-000   2010-07-26
ER99-2080-000   2010-07-26
ER10-0894-000   2010-05-15
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER06-1196-000   2006-08-29
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER04-0661-000   2004-04-19
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER03-1063-000   2003-08-12
ER04-0651-000   2004-03-31
ER99-1960-000   1999-04-27
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER03-1067-000   2003-07-15
ER09-1288-000   2009-06-10
ER08-1086-000   2008-08-05
ER09-1289-000   2009-06-10
ER10-0880-000   2010-03-13
ER01-2635-000   2001-07-20
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER00-0572-000   1999-11-25
ER11-2394-000   2011-02-14
ER99-0870-000   1998-12-30
ER96-1516-000   2005-11-03
ER01-1193-000   2001-03-09
ER09-1128-000   2009-05-18
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER05-1132-000   2005-08-19
ER03-1237-000   2003-08-31
ER10-0020-000   2009-10-03
ER10-0213-000   2009-11-05
ER04-0728-000   2004-05-30
ER02-1350-000   2002-03-20
ER97-4145-000   2003-11-17
ER11-3359-000   2011-04-15
ER11-3151-000   2011-05-17
ER11-3152-000   2011-03-31
ER04-0637-000   2004-04-14
ER08-0336-000   2008-02-13
ER01-2272-000   2001-06-08
ER99-0972-000   2002-03-31
ER03-1006-000   2003-07-31
ER01-1703-000   2002-01-16
ER03-0752-000   2010-07-23
ER09-1476-000   2009-08-21
ER08-0076-000   2007-10-23
ER09-0675-000   2009-01-01
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER02-0001-000   2001-10-02
ER02-2438-000   2002-08-06
ER10-0447-000   2009-12-31
ER10-0577-000   2010-01-15
ER03-0432-001   2003-05-16
ER01-0008-000   2001-12-31
ER07-1339-000   2007-11-01
ER06-0704-000   2006-01-01
ER03-1352-000   2003-12-08
ER97-4680-000   2003-11-17
ER06-0621-000   2006-03-30
ER02-1039-000   2002-02-20
ER00-0167-000   2010-07-23
ER05-0948-000   2005-07-08
ER06-0081-000   2005-12-28
ER06-0079-000   2005-12-28
ER08-1311-000   2008-07-29
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER03-0929-000   2003-06-04
ER01-2217-002   2005-11-03
ER03-1289-000   2003-11-01
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER04-0547-000   2004-03-30
ER96-2524-000   2005-11-03
ER09-0741-000   2009-02-28
ER06-0628-000   2006-02-13
ER02-2001-000   2008-10-23
ER03-0495-000   2003-05-21
ER97-1117-000   2003-11-17
ER06-0281-000   2005-05-14
ER97-2679-000   1997-12-01
ER06-0991-000   2006-07-14
ER05-1160-000   2005-06-30
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER94-1362-000   1999-05-27
ER03-1219-000   2003-08-08
ER09-0775-000   2009-02-27
ER08-1105-000   2008-06-30
ER07-0309-000   2006-12-11
ER06-1421-000   2007-07-02
ER01-2694-000   2005-11-03
ER98-2423-000   2003-11-17
ER02-2001-000   2003-11-17
ER97-3888-000   1999-06-22
ER04-0083-000   2003-12-26
EC02-0054-000   2002-03-27
ER07-1215-000   2010-11-06
ER95-1382-000   1998-11-24
ER06-0860-000   2006-04-14
ER01-0373-000   2005-11-03
ER03-1106-000   2003-07-22
ER06-1197-000   2006-08-29
ER06-0669-000   2006-04-20
ER08-1533-000   2008-09-16
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER03-1205-000   2002-12-31
ER04-0915-000   2004-06-05
ER04-0914-000   2004-06-05
ER05-1164-000   2005-09-28
ER05-1240-000   2005-09-28
ER00-0494-000   2005-11-03
ER05-1017-000   2005-07-22
ER98-1055-000   2005-11-03
ER01-3148-000   2005-11-03
ER95-0692-000   2007-05-03
ER09-1742-000   2009-09-30
ER98-1297-000   2003-11-17
ER01-2234-000   2005-11-03
ER03-1040-000   2003-07-20
ER02-2545-000   2002-10-08
ER03-1056-000   2003-07-01
ER09-0293-000   2008-11-17
ER05-1239-000   2005-09-28
ER04-0360-000   2004-01-01
ER09-1720-000   2009-09-19
ER08-1583-000   2009-09-19
ER99-3755-000   1998-12-31
ER06-0720-000   2006-03-14
ER04-957-000    2005-11-03
ER05-1227-000   2005-07-20
ER05-0779-000   2005-06-03
ER06-0178-000   2005-12-23
ER04-0104-000   2003-12-17
ER05-1269-000   2005-08-01
ER99-0445-000   1998-12-29
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER04-0319-000   2003-12-23
ER97-0262-000   2003-07-02
ER96-2879-000   2003-11-17
ER10-0313-000   2010-01-26
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER96-0105-000   2005-11-03
ER06-1220-000   2010-06-01
ER05-0954-000   2005-05-11
ER03-0261-000   2006-02-17
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER98-4673-000   1998-11-24
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER04-0030-000   2003-10-21
ER06-0985-000   2006-07-14
ER03-0884-000   2003-05-23
ER96-0552-002   1996-07-25
ER95-1685-003   1996-09-13
ER06-0461-000   2010-07-22
ER06-0959-000   2006-07-26
ER01-1709-000   2005-11-03
ER09-0553-000   2010-07-03
ER02-2358-000   2010-08-06
ER94-0155-000   1996-04-26
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER02-1046-000   2005-11-03
ER04-0637-000   2004-04-14
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER99-4571-000   1999-09-29
ER02-2001-014   2010-04-08
ER04-0098-000   2003-10-23
ER06-0302-000   2005-08-08
EL07-0051-000   2007-10-30
ER10-0634-000   2010-03-23
ER10-0543-000   2010-01-01
ER05-0486-000   2005-03-24
ER08-1091-000   2008-06-10
ER98-0680-000   1997-11-14
ER02-1002-011   2009-06-29
ER01-0092-000   2001-01-10
ER98-0537-000   2005-11-03
ER10-0265-000   2010-01-10
ER06-0893-000   2006-05-01
ER05-0738-000   2005-05-27
ER99-2418-000   1999-06-07
ER09-0260-000   2009-01-01
ER06-1484-000   2006-08-28
ER05-1503-000   2005-10-01
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER99-3597-000   1999-07-15
ER11-2676-000   2011-03-13
ER11-2675-000   2011-03-13
ER03-0762-000   2010-07-01
ER99-1755-000   1999-02-04
ER04-0314-000   2003-12-19
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER04-0045-000   2003-10-15
ER10-0928-000   2010-03-21
ER09-1176-000   2009-06-30
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER02-2001-003   2004-09-20
ER04-0917-000   2004-07-16
ER04-0912-000   2004-07-16
ER00-0721-000   2000-01-31
ER05-0739-000   2006-02-09
ER07-1139-000   2007-10-01
ER04-0306-000   2003-12-19
ER01-1899-000   2001-05-03
  Market-based Rates Cancellation List
                                                        As of 2011-04-29
Changes made since last posting are shown in red.
                            Current Public Utility Name
        3E Technologies Inc
        AB Energy Inc
        AB Energy NE Pty Ltd
        AB Energy NY Pty Ltd
        Abacus Group Ltd
        AC Power Corporation
        Accent Energy Midwest LLC
        Accent Energy New Jersey LLC
        Acme Power Marketing Inc
        ACN Power Inc
        ACN Utility Services Inc
        Adirondack Hydro Development Corporation
        Adirondack Hydro Fourth Branch
        AEP Power Marketing Inc
        AES Mohave LLC
        AES Power Inc
        Affordable Power L.P.
        Agway Energy Services Inc
        Agway Energy Services-PA
        AI Energy Inc
        AIG Energy Inc
        Alcoa Power Generating Inc
        Alex Energy LLC
        Allegheny Energy Global Markets
        Allegheny Energy Supply Conemaugh LLC
        Allegheny Energy Supply Gleason Generating Facility LLC
        Allegheny Energy Supply Hunlock Creek LLC
        Allegheny Energy Supply Units 3 4 & 5 LLC
        Allegheny Energy Supply Wheatland Generating Facility LLC
        Allegheny Energy Unit 1 and Unit 2 LLC
        Allegheny Trading Finance Company
        AllEnergy Marketing Company LLC
        Alliance Energy Services Partnership
        Alliance Power Marketing Inc
        Alliance Strategies
        Allied Companies LLC
        A'Lones Group Inc
        Alpena Power Generation LLC
        Alpena Power Marketing LLC
Alpha Energy Corporation
Alpha Energy Master Ltd
Alrus Consulting LLC
Ameren Energy Development Company
AmerenGen Energy LLC
AmerGen Vermont LLC
American Atlas #1 Ltd LLP
American Cooperative Services Inc f/k/a Competitive Utility Services Corp
American Energy Savings Inc
American Energy Trading Inc
American Home Energy Corporation
American Hunter Energy Inc
American Power Reserve Marketing
American Premier Energy Corporation
AmPro Energy Wholesale LP
Amvest Coal Sales Inc
Amvest Power Inc
Anker Power Services Inc
ANP Energy Direct Company
AP Holdings Southaven LLC
Applied Resources Intergrated Service Inc
APRA Energy Group Inc
Aquila Long Term Inc
Aquila Merchant Services Inc f/k/a Aquila Energy Marketing Corp
Aquila Piatt County Power LLC
Aquilon Power Ltd.
Archer Daniels Midland Company
Argo Navis Fundamental Power Fund LP
Ashton Energy Corporation
Astra Power LLC
Athens Generating Company LP
Atlantic Energy Technologies Inc
Atmos Energy Services Inc
Attala Energy Company LLC
Attala Generating Company LLC
Auburndale Power Partners
Audit Pro Incorporated
Aurora Power Resources Inc
Automated Power Exchange
Avista Energy Inc
Avista Turbine Power, Inc.
AYP Energy LLC
Badger Generating Company LLC
BAL England Power LLC
Bangor Energy Resale Inc
Bank of America N A
Barton Windpower II
Bay State GPE Inc
Bayside Power L.P.
Beacon Generating LLC
Bellows Falls Power Company LLC
Bethlehem Steel Corporation
Big Bog Energy LP
Black Brook Energy Company
Black Hills Energy Resources Inc f/k/a Wickford Energy Marketing LC
Black River Power LLC
Black Rock Group LLC
Blue Spruce Energy Center, LLC
Bonneville Fuels Management Corporation
Bonnie Mine Energy LLC
Boston Generating, LLC
BP West Coast Products LLC
Brascan Power St Lawrence River f/k/a Orion Power New York GP II Inc
Bravo Energy Resources LLC
Brennan Power Inc
Bridgeport Harbor Power LLC
Brookfield Energy Marketing Inc
Brookhaven Energy Limited Partnership
BTEC New Albany, LLC
BTU Power Corporation
Burlington Resources Trading Inc
Business Discount Plan Inc
Butler Ridge LLC
C.P. Crane Power, LLC
Cal Peak Power - Mission LLC
Calcasieu Power LLC
Caledonia Power I LLC
California Polar Power Broker LLC
Callaway Golf Company
CalPeak Power - Border LLC
CalPeak Power - El Cajon LLC
CalPeak Power - Enterprise LLC
CalPeak Power - Midway LLC
Calpine Fox LLC
Calpine Parlin LLC
CAM Energy Trading LLC
Cambridge Electric Light Company
Canal Emirates Power International Inc
Cancan IX LLC
Cancan Madison LLC
Candela Energy Corporation
Cantor Fitzgerald Brokerage LP
Capital Center Generating Company LLC
Capital Energy Inc
Capital Power Inc
CC Pace Energy Services
Celeren Corporation
Celerity Energy of Colorado LLC
Celerity Energy of New Mexico LLC
Centenial Power LLC
Central Hudson Enterprises Corporation
Central Mississippi Generating Company LLC
CET Marketing LP
Chehalis Power Generating LP
CHI Power Marketing Inc
Chicago Electric Trading LLC
Chien Energy LLC
Cielo Power Market LP
CinCap Madison LLC
Cincinnati Gas and Electric Company
Citadel Energy Investments Ltd
Citadel Energy Products LLC
Citizens Power & Light Corporation
CL Power Sales Nine LLC
CL Power Sales One LLC
CL Power Sales Seven LLC
CL Power Sales Six OK
CL Power Sales Ten LLC
CL Power Sales Two LLC
Clark Fork and Blackfoot LLC
Clean Air Capital Markets Corporation
Cleco Marketing & Trading LLC
CLEO Energy OK
Clinton Energy Management Services Inc
CNB/Olympic Gas Services
Coaltrain Energy LP
Coast Energy Group
COG Power Services Corporation
Cogent Energy Technologies LP
Cogentrix Energy Power Marketing Inc
Cogentrix Lawrence County LLC
Cokinos Power Trading Company
Cold Springs Creek LLC
Colonial Energy Inc
Colonial Energy Inc
Colt Electric Corporation
Columbia Energy Power Marketing Corp
Columbia Energy Service Corporation
Commerce Energy Inc
Commodore Electric
Commodore Gas & Electric f/k/a Commodore Gas Company
Commonwealth Atlantic Limited Partnership
Commonwealth Electric Company
Community Electric Power Corporation
Community Energy Inc
Competisys LLC
Complete Energy Service Inc
Conagra Energy Services inc
ConAgra Trade Group Inc
Conemaugh Generatoin, LLC
Congentrix Energy Power Marketing Inc
Connecticut Energy Cooperative Inc
Constellation Energy Services LLC
Conti Metals Inc
Continental Energy Services LLC
Cook Inlet Energy Supply Limited Partnership
Cook Inlet Energy Supply LLC
Cook Inlet Power LP
Coral Canada US Inc
Coral Energy Management LLC
Core Equities Inc
CornerStone Power Development, LLC
Covanta Hennepin Energy Resources Co
Covert Generating Company LLC
Coyote Springs 2 LLC
CP Power Sales Fifteen LLC
CP Power Sales Five LLC
CP Power Sales Fourteen LLC
CP Power Sales Thirteen LLC
CPN Pleasant Hill LLC
CPN Pleasant Hill Operating LLC
CPN Pryor Funding Corporation
CPS Capital Limited
Credit Suisse First Boston International
Cumberland Power Inc
Current Energy Inc
CXY Energy Marketing (USA) Inc
Cygnus Energy Futures LLC
Cygnus Energy Partners LLC
D E Shaw & Company Energy LLC
D E Shaw Plasma Power LLC
D E Shaw Plasma Trading LLC
Dartmouth Power Associates LP
Dartmouth PPA Holdings LLC
David Sholk
DB Energy Trading LLC Cayman Islands
DC Tie Inc
DE Shaw Plasma Power LLC
Deepwater Power LLC
Delhi Energy Services Inc
Delta Energy Group
DePere Energy LLC
DePere Energy Marketing Inc
Desert Power LP
Desert Southwest Power LLC
Deutsche Bank AG
Dighton Power Associates LP
Direct Access Management LP
Direct Electric Inc
Dispersed Generating Company LLC
Dominion Nuclear Marketing I Inc
Dominion Nuclear Marketing II Inc
Dominion Nuclear Marketing III Inc
Dominion Retail Inc
Dorman Materials Inc
Dresden Energy
DTE Energy Marketing Inc
DTE Georgetown LLC
DTE-CoEnergy LLC
Duke Energy Fayette LLC
Duke Energy Grays Harbor LLC
Duke Energy Hanging Rock LLC
Duke Energy Lee LLC
Duke Energy Marketing America LLC
Duke Energy Marketing Corporation
Duke Energy Merchants LLC
Duke Energy Moapa LLC
Duke Energy New Smyrna Beach Power Company Ltd LLP
Duke Energy Ohio Inc
Duke Energy St Francis LLC
Duke Energy St Lucie LLC
Duke Energy Trading And Marketing LLC
Duke Energy Trenton LLC
Duke Energy Vermillion LLC
Duke Energy Washington LLC
Duke Energy Washoe LLC
Duke/Louis Dreyfus LLC
DukeSolutions Inc
Dunhill Power LP
Dynegy Power Services Inc
e prime inc
Eagle Gas Marketing Company
Eagle Point Cogeneration Partnership
East Texas Electric Cooperative
Eastern Desert Power LLC
Eclipse Energy Inc
Econnergy Energy Company Inc
ECONnergy PA Inc
EDF Inc.
EDFD-Handsome Lake
EDFD-West Valley
Edgar Electric Cooperative Association dba EnerStar Power Corp
Edgewood Energy LLC
Edison Source
EGC 1999 Holding Company LP
El Cap I LLC
El Cap II, LLC
El Paso SPM Company
Electech Inc
Electric City Energy Producers LLC
Electric Lite Inc
Electrical Associates Power Marketing Inc
Electricity Capital LLC
Elizabethtown Power LLC
Elkem Metals Company
Elwood Energy II LLC
Elwood Energy III LLC
EMC Gas Transmission Company
Emmett Power Company
EnCana Energy Services Inc
Encana Energy Services Inc f/k/a PanCanadian Energy Services LP
Endeavor Power Partners LLC
EnerConnect Inc
Energy & Steam Company Inc
Energy & Steam Company Inc f/k/a Niagara Energy & Steam Company Inc
Energy 2000 Incorporated
Energy Algorithms LLC
Energy Atlantic LLC
Energy Clearinghouse Corporation
Energy Dynamics Inc
Energy East South Glens Falls LLC
Energy Endeavors LP
Energy Investments Management Inc
Energy Marketing Services Inc
Energy PM Inc
Energy Resource Management Corp
Energy Resource Marketing Inc
Energy Sales Network
Energy Services Inc
Energy Systems North East LLC
Energy Trading Company Inc
Energy Transfer Group LLC
Energy Transfer-Hanover Ventures LP
Energy Unlimited Inc
Energy West Power Company LLC
Energy West Resources Inc
Energy2 Inc
EnergyChoice LLC
Energycom Corporation
EnergyOnline Inc
EnergyOnline Inc
EnergyTek Inc
EnergyUSA- TPC Corporation
Enermetrix.com f/k/a North American Power Brokers Inc
EnerNOC Inc
Enerserve LC
EnerZ Corporation
Engage Energy America LLC
Engelhard Power Marketing Inc
Engineered Energy Systems Corporation
ENMAR Corporation
Enpower Inc
Enron Energy Marketing Corp
Enron Energy Services Inc
Enron Power Marketing Inc
Enron Sandhill Limited Partnership
Enserco Energy Inc
Entergy Arkansas Inc - service agreement no. 38
Entergy Power Marketing Corp
Entergy Power Ventures, LP
Entergy Solutions Supply Ltd
Entergy-Koch Trading LP f/k/a Axia Energy LP
Entrust Energy LLC
Environmental Resources Trust Inc
EOPT Power Group Nevada Inc
EPCOR Merchant and Capital US Inc
Epcor Power Development Inc
EPIC Merchant Energy CA LLC
EPIC Merchant Energy LP
EPIC Merchant Energy Midwest LP
EPIC Merchant Energy NE LP
EPIC Merchant Energy NJ/PA LP
EPIC Merchant Energy NY LP
Equinox Energy LLC
Equitable Energy LLC
Equitable Power Services Corporation
Equitec Power LLC
ERI Services Inc
Essential Utility Resources LLC
EWO Marketing LP
Exact Power Co Inc
Excel Energy Services Company
Excel Power Sources LLC
Exelon Edgar LLC
Family Fiber Connection Inc
Feather River Energy Center LLC
February Futures, LLC
Federal Energy Sales Inc
Fibertek Energy LLC
FINA Energy Services Company
First Commodities Ltd
First Electric Cooperative Corporation
First Power LLC
FirstEnergy Service Company
Flat Earth Energy LLC
Florida Keys Electric Cooperative Association Inc
FMF Energy Inc
Foothills Generating LLC
Fore River Development, LLC
Forest Energy Parners LLC
FortisOntario Inc
Fortistar Power Marketing LLC
Fox Energy Company LLC
FPH Electric LLC
FPL Energy 251 Wind LLC
FPL Energy AVEC LLC f/k/a AVEC Holdings
FPL Energy Cabazon Wind LLC
FPL Energy Mason LLC
FPL Energy VG Repower Wind LLC
FPL Energy Wisconsin Wind LLC
Franklin Electric Light Company
Friendly Power Company LLC
Front Range Energy Associates
Front Range Power Company, LLC
Full Power Corporation
G&G Energy Inc
Gateway Energy Inc
Gauley River Power Partners LP
Ged Gas Services LLC
Gelber Group Inc
Gen~SYS Energy
Geneva Energy LLC
Genstar Energy LLC
GenWest LLC
George Colliers Inc
Georgia Natural Gas
Georgia Pacific Corportion
Geothermal Properties Inc
Global Advisors Power Marketing LP f/k/a GA Power Marketing LP
Global Companies LLC f/k/a Global Petroleum Corporation
Global Energy & Technology Inc
Global Energy Investments Group LLCP
Global Energy Service LLC
GNA Energy LLC
Golden Valley Power Company
Goldendale Energy Center LLC
Gotham Energy Marketing LP
GPU Advanced Resources Inc
Grand Ridge Energy II LLC
Grand Ridge Energy III LLC
Grand Ridge Energy IV LLC
Grand Ridge Energy V LLC
Granger Energy LLC
Great Bay Power Corporation
Great Lakes Energy Trading LLC
Great Plains Power Inc
Great Western Power Cooperatives Company
Green Mountain Energy Company
Green Power Partners I LLC
Griffin Energy Marketing LLC
Growth Unlimited Investments Inc
Gulfstream Energy LLC
Harquahala Generating Company LLC
Hartford Power Sales LLC
Hartwell Energy Limited Partnership
Hatfield's Ferry LLC
HC Power Marketing
Heard County Power LLC
Hess Energy Inc f/k/a Eastern Energy Marketing Inc; Statoil Energy Services Inc
Hess Energy Power & Gas LLC
High Island Marketing Inc
High Sierra Power Marketing LLC
Highland Energy LLC
Hinson Power Company LLC
Holland Energy LLC
Holt Company of Ohio
Holyoke Power and Electric Company
Holyoke Water Power Company
Horizon Energy Company
Horizon Power Inc
Howard Energy Marketing Inc
Howard/Avista Energy LLC
Howell Power Systems Inc
Hubbard Power & Light Inc
Hudson Bay Energy Solutions LLC
Hunlock Creek Energy Ventures
Huntington Beach Development LLC
Huntrise Energy Fund
ICC Energy Corporation
IEP Power Marketing LLC
IGI Resources Inc
Illinova Energy Partners Inc
Illumina Energy Solutions Inc
Indeck Pepperell Power Associates Inc
Industrial Energy Applications Inc
Industrial Gas & Electric Services Company
Inland Pacific Resources Inc
InPower Marketing Corporation
Integrys Energy Services Inc. f/k/a WPS Energy Services Inc
InterCoast Power Marketing Company
International Energy Consultant
International Energy Ventures Inc
International Falls Power Company
International Utility Consultants Inc
Interstate Energy Coporation dba Alliant Energy Corporate Services
Interstate Power & Light Company
Invenergy Energy Marketing LLC
IPP Energy LLC
It's Electric & Gas LLC
J Anthony & Associates Ltd
Jackson County Power LLC
JD Enterprises
JEB Corporation
JL Walker & Associates
JMF Power Marketing
Juice Energy Inc f/k/a HLM Energy LLC
Juniper Wind Power
Just Energy LLC
Just Energy New York LLC
Just Energy Ohio LLC
Just Energy Texas LP
K & K Resources Inc
K N Resources Inc
K Power Company Inc
K Road BG Management LLC
K2 Development LLC
Kamps Propane Inc
Katahdin Paper Company LLC
Kaztex Energy Ventures Inc
KCS Power Marketing Inc
KD Power Marketing Services LLC
Kelson Energy III LLC
Kentucky Utilities Co
Keystone Energy Group Inc
Keystone Energy Services Inc
Keystone Generation, LLC
KGEN Enterprise LLC
KGEN Marshall LLC f/k/a Duke Energy Marshall County LLC
KGEN Murray I and II LLC
KGEN New Albany LLC
KGEN Southhaven LLC
Kibler Energy Ltd
Kimball Power Company
KinEr-G Power Marketing Inc
King City Energy Center LLC
Kloco Corporation f/k/a GDK Corporation
KN Services Inc f/k/a KN Marketing Inc
Knedergy LLC
Koch Energy Trading Inc
KPIC North America Corporation
Lake Worth Generation LLC
Lakefield Junction LP
Lakeside Energy Services LLC
Lamar Power Partners LP
Lambda Energy Marketing Company
Lambie Energy Center LLC
Lanxess Energy Corp
Lanxess Energy LLC
Leaning Juniper Wind Power LLC
Lehman Brothers Commodity Services Inc.
LG&E Capital Corporation
LG&E Capital Trimble Corporation
LG&E Westmoreland Renssalaer
Liberty Generating Company LLC
Liberty Power Arizona LLC
Liberty Power California LLP
Liberty Power Connecticut LLP
Liberty Power Illinois LLC
Liberty Power Maine LLC
Liberty Power Massachusetts LLC
Liberty Power Michigan LLC
Liberty Power Montana LLC
Liberty Power Nevada LLC
Liberty Power New Hampshire LLC
Liberty Power New Jersey LLC
Liberty Power Ohio LLC
Liberty Power Oregon LLC
Liberty Power Pennsylvania LLC
Liberty Power Rhode Island LLC
Liberty Power Virginia LLC
Lighthouse Energy Trading Company
Lisco Inc
Little Bay Power Corporation
LMP Capital LLC
Lone Star Steel Sales Company
Longhorn Power LP
Louis Dreyfus Energy LLC
Lowell Power LLC
LP and T Energy LLC
LSF Limited
LSP-Nelson Energy LLC
LSP-Pike Energy LLC
Lumberton Power LLC
MAC Power Marketing LLC
Madison Windpower LLC
Majestic Wind Power LLC
Manner Technologies LLC
Mantua Creek Generating Company LP
Marquette Energy LLC
Maxim Energy Partners LLC
MCHC-Shared Services Inc
Medicine Bow Power Partners LLC
MEG Marketing LLC
Megawatt Marketing LLC
MEP Clarksdale Power LLC
MEP Flora Power LLC
MEP Investments LLC
MEP Pleasant Hill LLC
MEP Pleasant Hill Operating LLC
Meridan Gas Turbines LLC
Merrill Lynch Capital Services
Metro Energy, LLC
Metro Energy Group LLC
MH Partners LP
MI Energy LLC
Miami Valley Lighting LLC
Micah Tech Industries Inc
Michigan Gas Exchange LLC
Michigan Waste Energy Inc
Mid-American Natural Resources
Mid-American Resources Inc
Midwest Energy Inc
Mieco, Inc
Milford Power Limited Partnership
Millennium Energy Corporation
Minnesota Agri-Power LLC
Mirabito Gas & Electric Inc
Mirant Americas Energy Marketing LP
Mirant California LLC f/k/a Southern Energy California LLC
Mirant Lovett LLC
Mirant New England LLC
Mirant Peaker LLC
Mitchell Electric Membership Corporation
MMC Chula Vista LLC
MMC Escondidio LLC
MNS Wind Company LLC
Mobile Energy Services Company LLC
Mock Energy Services LP
Mohawk River Funding III LLC
Mohawk River Funding IV LLC
Monmouth Energy Inc
Monmouth Energy Inc
Montana Power Trading & Marketing Co
Montaup Electric Company
Morrow Power LLC
Moses Lake Generating LLC
Moulton Niguel Water District
Mountain View Power Partners II
Mountainview Power Company
Mountainview Power Company LLC
MPC Generating LLC
Mt Carmel Cogen Inc
Multi-Energies USA Inc
MultiFuels Marketing Company
Murphy Oil USA Inc
MxEnergy Electric (PA) f/k/a Total Gas & Electricity (PA)
Mystic Development, LLC
Mystic I, LLC
NASDAQ OMX Commodities Clearing - Contract Merchant LLC
NASDAQ OMX Commodities Clearing - Finance LLC
National Fuel Resources Inc
National Power Exchange Corporation
National Power Management Company
National Power Marketing Company LLC
Natural Gas Trading Corporation
Nautilus Energy Company
Navitas Inc
NCSU Energy Inc
NDR Energy Group LLC
NEGT Energy Trading-Power LLC
NEO Chester-Gen LLC
NEPA Energy LP
NESI Power Marketing Inc
NEV California LLC
NEV Midwest LLC
New Energy Partners
New Hampshire Electric Cooperative Inc
New Haven Harbor Power LLC
New Light Energy LLC
New Millennium Energy Corporation
New Millennium Power Partners LLC
New York State Electric & Gas
Nexen Marketing USA Inc
NGTS Energy Services
Nicole Energy Marketing of Illinois Inc
Nicole Energy Services
Nicor Energy LLC
Nicor Energy Management Services Company
Nine Energy Services LLC
NIPSCO Energy Services Inc
NJR Energy Services Company
NJR Natural Energy Company f/k/a New Jersey Natural Energy Company
NM Colton Genco LLC
NM Mid-Valley Genco LLC
NM Milliken Genco LLC
Nordic Marketing of Ohio LLC
Nordic Marketing of Pennsylvania LLC
Noresco LLC f/k/a Northeast Energy Services Inc
Norge Power Marketing Corporation
North American Energy Conservation Inc
North American Energy Credit and Clearing-Contract Merchant LLC
North American Energy Credit and Clearing-Delivery LLC
North American Energy Credit and Clearing-Finance LLC
North American Energy LLC
North Atlantic Utilities Inc
North Carolina Power Holdings LLC
North Star Power Marketing LLC
North Western Energy Marketing LLC
Northeast Electricity Inc
Northeast Empire LP #2
Northern Lights Power Company
Northern States Power Company
Northern/AES LLC
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Northwest Natural Gas Company
Northwest Regional Power LLC
Northwest Wind Partners LLC
Northwestern Wind Power LLC
Novarco Ltd
NP Energy Brokers Inc f/k/a HorizEn Energy Corp.
NRG Ashtabula Generating LLC
NRG Audrain Generating LLC
NRG Connecticut Power LLC
NRG Ilion LP
NRG Lakeshore Generating LLC
NRG Marketing Services LLC
NRG Northeast Power Marketing Company
NRG Northern Ohio Generating LLC
NRG Southaven LLC
NUI Energy Brokers Inc
NYSD Limited Partnership
Occidental Energy Marketing Inc
Ocean Energy Services Inc
Oceanside Energy Inc
OGE Energy Resources Inc
Ohms Energy Company LLC
Okeechobee Generating Company LLC
Old Lane Commodities LP
Old Mill Power Company
Omni Energy
Onondaga Cogeneration LP
Orange and Rockland Utilities
Origen Power Corporation
Ormet Power Marketing LLC
Oxbow Power Marketing
Pacific Energy & Development Corporation
Pajaro Energy Center LLC
Panda Guadalupe Power Marketing LLC
Panda Leesburg Power Partners LP
Panda Midway Power Partners LP
Panda Perkiomen Power LP
Panda Power Corporation
PanEnergy Lakes Charles Gen Inc
PB Financial Services Inc
PEAK Capital Management LLC
Peak Energy Inc
Peak Power Generating Company Inc
PEC Energy Marketing Inc
PECO Energy Company - RS FPC No. 47
Pelican Energy Management Inc
Penobscot Bay Energy Company LLC
People's Electric Corporation
Peoples Energy Services Corporation
People's Utility Corporation
Pepperell Realty LLC
Perrman Power, LLC
Perryville Energy Partners LLC
PG Energy PowerPlus
PG Power Sales Eight LLC
PG Power Sales Eleven LLC
PG Power Sales Five LLC
PG Power Sales Four LLC
PG Power Sales Nine LLC
PG Power Sales One LLC
PG Power Sales Seven LLC
PG Power Sales Six LLC
PG Power Sales Ten LLC
PG Power Sales Three LLC
PG Power Sales Twelve LLC
PG Power Sales Two LLC
PG&E Power Services Company
Phelps Dodge Energy Services LLC
Phelps Dodge Power Marketing LLC
Phibro LLC
Philadelphia Gas Works
Phoenix Energy Associates LLC
Phoenix Energy Trading LLC
Pierce Power LLC
Pinnacle West Capital Corporation
Pinnacle West Energy Corporation
Pinnacle West Marketing and Trading Company LLC
Pleasant Hill Marketing LLC
Poco Marketing Limited
Poco Petroleum Inc
Polaris Electric Power Company Inc
Polytop Corporation
POSDEF Power Company LP
Power Access Management
Power Choice Inc
Power Clearinghouse Inc
Power Contract Finance LLC
Power Development Company
Power Dynamics Inc
Power Fuels Inc
Power Hedging Dynamics LLC
Power Management Company LLC
Power Provider LLC
Power Providers Inc
Power Resources Group Inc
Power Systems Group Inc
PowerCom Energy & Communication Access Inc
PowerGasSmartcom Inc; f/k/a Wilson Power & Gas Smart Inc
PowerGrid Systems, Inc
Powerline Controls Inc
Power-Link Systems Ltd dba First Choice Energy
PowerMark LLC
PowerNet GP
Powerroots LLC
PowerSol Energy Marketing LLC
PowerSource Corporation
PowerTec International LLC
PP&L Colstrip III LLC
PPL Distributed Generation LLC
PPL Southwest Generation Holdings LLC
PPL Sundance Energy LLC
Prairie Winds Energy Inc
Preferred Energy Services Inc
Premcor Generating LLC
Premcor Power Marketing LLC
Premier Energy Marketing LLC
Premier Enterprises LLC
Primary Power Marketing LLC
Prime Power Sales I LLC
Pro-Energy Development LLC
Progas Power Inc
Progress Genco Ventures Inc
Progress Power Marketing Inc
Progress Ventures Inc
ProLiance Energy LLC
Proven Alternatives Inc
PS Energy Group Inc
PSEG Energy Technologies Inc
PSEG Lawrenceburg Energy Company
PSEG Waterford Energy LLC
PurEnergy Caledonia LLC
Pythagorias Global Investors, LP
QST Energy Trading Inc
Quantum Energy Resources Inc
Quark Power LLC
Questar Energy Trading Company
Quinnipiac Energy LLC
Quntum Energy LLC
Quonset Point Cogen LP
R Hadler and Company Inc
Rail Energy of Montana LLC
Rainbow Power USA LLC
Rainy River Energy Corp Taconite Harbor
Ramco Generating One Inc
Raven One LLC
Rayburn County Electric Cooperative
Rayo Energy LLC
Red Shield Environmental LLC
Reliable Energy Inc
Reliant Energy Aurora LP
Reliant Energy Bighorn LLC
Reliant Energy Choctaw County LLC
Reliant Energy Desert Basin LLC
Reliant Energy Electric Solutions LLC
Reliant Energy Florida LLC
Reliant Energy Hunterstown LLC
Reliant Energy Maryland Holdings LLC
Reliant Energy New Jersey Holdings LLC f/k/a Sithe New Jersey Holdings LLC; Reliant Energy New Jers
Reliant Energy Osceola LLC
Reliant Energy Power Supply LLC
Reliant Energy Seward LLC
Reliant Energy Shelby County LP
Reliant Energy Solutions Northeast LLC
Renewable Energy Resources LLC
Resource Energy Services Company
Revelation Energy Resources Corporation
Richie Energy Products f/k/a RAM Energy Products LLC
Richmond County Power LLC
River City Energy Inc
Riverside Canal Power Company
Riverview Energy Center LLC
Rockingham Power LLC
Rockpile Energy LP
Rocky Mountain Energy Center, LLC
Rocky Mountain Natural Gas & Electric LLC
Rolling Hills Landfill Gas LLC
Roswell Energy Inc
Rowan County Power LLC
RRI Energy Coolwater Inc
RRI Energy Electric Solutions LLC
RRI Energy Ellwood Inc
RRI Energy Etiwanda Inc
RRI Energy Mandalay Inc
RRI Energy Solutions East LLC
Ruffin Energy Services Inc
Rumford Power Associates Limited Partnership
Russell Energy Services Company
RWE Trading Americas Inc
Salem Electric Inc
Salko Energy Services Inc
San Manuel Power Company LLC
Sandia Energy Resources Company
Sandia Resources Corporation
Santa Rosa Energy LLC
Saracen Energy LP
Saracen Energy MB LP
Saracen Energy Partners LP
Saracen Merchant Energy LP
SCANA Energy Marketing Inc
SDS Petroleum Products Inc
Seagull Power Services Inc
Select Energy New York, Inc
SEMCO Energy Services Inc
Sempra Energy
SG Energy LLC
Shamrock Trading LLC
Shell Energy Services Company LLC
Sierra Pacific Energy Company
Sierra Pacific Energy LP
Sierra Power Asset Marketing LLC
Sierra Southwest Cooperative Services Inc
SIGCORP Energy Services LLC
Sigma Energy Inc
Silverado Energy LP
Silverhill Investments Corp.
Silverhill Ltd.
Sissionville Limited Partnership
Sithe Energy Marketing LP
Sithe Power Marketing Inc
Sky Gen Energy Marketing LLC
SmartEnergyCom Inc
Solar Turbines Incorporated
Solaro Energy Marketing Corporation
Solios Asset Management LLC
South Glens Falls Energy LLC
Southeast Chicago Energy Project LLC
Southeastern Energy Resources Inc
Southern Energy Retail Trading
Southwestern Power Marketers Inc
Southwood 2000 Inc
Sowega Power LLC
SP Newsprint Company
Sparc LLC
Split Rock Energy LLC
Sprague Energy Corporation
Stalwart Power Company
Starghill Alternative Energy Corporation
Starlight Energy LP
Statoil Energy Trading Inc
Strategic Energy Management Corp
StratErgy Inc
Styrka Energy Fund LLC
Styrka Energy Master Fund LLC
Sumas Cogeneration Company LP
Sundance Energy
Sunlaw Energy Partners I LP
Sunrise Power Company
Superior Electric Power Corporation
SuperSystems Inc
Symmetry Device Research Inc
SYNERGY Power Marketing Inc
Tacoma Energy Recovery Company
Take Two LLC
Talbot EMC
TC Power Solutions
TECO EnergySource Inc
TerraWatt Inc
Texas Power Marketer
Texas-New Mexico Power Company
Texas-Ohio Power Marketing Inc
Texican Energy Ventures Inc
TexPar Energy Inc
TFS Capital LLC
The Clark Fork and Blackfoot LLC
The Clearing Corporation
The Energy Group of America Inc
The FURSTS Group Inc
The Fursts Group Inc
The Green Power Connection Inc
The Mack Services Group
The New Power Company f/k/a EMW Marketing Corp
The Royal Bank of Scotland plc
The Utility-Trade Corporation
Thoroughbred Generating Company
Tiger Natural Gas Inc
Timber Energy Resources Inc
Tiverton Power Associates Limited Partnership
TME Energy Services
Tor Power LLC
Torco Energy Marketing Inc
Tosco Power Inc
Total Gas & Electricity (PA) Inc
Total Gas & Electricity Inc
TransAlta Centralia Generation LLC
TransAlta Energy Marketing (California) Inc
TransAlta Energy Marketing (US) Inc f/k/a Merchant Energy of the Americas Inc
TransAlta Energy Marketing Corp(US)
TransCanada Energy Ltd
TransCanada Energy Marketing ULC
TransCurrent LLC
Travis Energy & Environment Inc
Trident Energy Marketing Inc
Tri-State Power LLC
Tri-Valley Corporation
Tucson Electric Power Company
Tuolumne Wind Project LLC
Tuolumne Wind Project LLC
Turner Energy LLC
Twelvepole Creek LLC
TXU Electric Delivery Company
TXU Pedricktown Cogeneration Company LP
UAE Mecklenburg Cogeneration LP
Unicom Power Marketing Inc
Union Electric Development Corporation
United American Energy Corporation
United Power Technologies Inc
United Regional Energy LLC
Unitil Resources Inc
US Energy Inc
US Energy Partners LLC
US Gas & Electric
US Gas & Electric Inc
US Power & Light Inc
USGen New England Inc
USP&G (Pennsylvania) Ltd (US Power and Gas)
USPower Energy LLC
UTIL Power Marketing Inc
Utilimaxcom Inc
UtiliSource Corporation (Eastern Pacific Energy)
UtiliSys Corporation
Utility 2000 Energy Corporation
Utility Management Consulting Inc
Utility Management Corporation
Valero Power Marketing LLC
Valero Refining Company - CA
Vanpower Inc
Vastar Power Marketing Inc
Velocity Futures LP
Vermont Electric Cooperative Inc
Vista Energy Marketing LP
Visteon Systems LLC
Vitol Gas and Electric LLC f/k/a Catex Vitol Electric LLC f/k/a Catex Vitol Electric Inc
VTEC Energy Inc
Walton County Power LLC
Warrensburg Hydro Power Limited Partnership
Wasatch Energy Corporation
Wascana Energy Marketing (US) Inc
Watt Works LLC
Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative
WCW International Inc
Wessington Wind I LLC
West Georgia Generating Company LLC
West Texas Wind Energy Partners LP
West Valley Leasing Company LLC
Westar Electric Marketing Inc
Westbank Energy Capital LLC
Westcoast Power Marketing Inc
Western Energy Marketers Inc
Western Kentucky Energy Corporation
Western New York Wind Corporation
Western Power Services Inc
Western States Power Providers Inc
Weyerhaeuser Company
Wheelabrator North Andover Inc
Wheeled Electric Power Company
Wicor Energy Services Inc
Windhorse Energy, Inc
Windhorse Energy, LLC
Wisconsin Power & Light Company
WKE Station Two Inc
Wolfskill Energy Center LLC
Woodruff Energy
Working Assets Green Power Inc
Worthington Generation LLC
WPS Empire State Inc
Xcel Energy Services Inc
Xenergy Inc
XERXE Group Inc
XL Trading Partners America LLC
XL Weather and Energy Inc
Yankee Energy Marketing Company
Yoakum Electric Generating Cooperative Inc
York Haven Power Company
Yuba City Energy Center LLC
Zapco Power Marketers Inc
LC; Reliant Energy New Jersey Holdings LLC

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