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					     Issue 4
    DAY 1
February 13, 2010

                       HEAVY MEDAL
                    Apolo Anton Ohno seeks historic sixth medal
     Issue 4
    DAY 1
February 13, 2010

       Ohno gunning for gold on Day 1
       Even though his record of five Olympic                                                       “He is confident and more capable of
       medals in his first two competitions indi-                                                   handling the pressure from the media,”
       cates he could, American short track speed                                                   Chun said.
       skater Apolo Anton Ohno (Seattle, Wash.)
       isn’t taking anything for granted when it                                                    Chun said the medal-chances are available.
       comes to his chances of setting a national
       record.                                                                                      “We like the yellow color medals,” Chun
       Ohno is making his third appearance in an
       Olympic Winter Games here in Vancouver                                                       “I try not to think about it,” Ohno said of
       and to become the all-time leader in med-                                                    the potential historical part of his Olym-
       als for an American athlete in the Winter                                                    pic agenda. “My goals are a little bit dif-
       Games, he needs to reach the podium                                                          ferent than what the media would like to
       twice.                                                                                       portray, but I’m excited to be here. Our
                                                                                                    team looks good. I think we’re ready and
       If his career Olympic medal count reaches                                                    hopefully we can start off with a good
       at least seven, Ohno will surpass the six                                                    performance on Saturday. So I’m just
       medals won by speed skater Bonnie Blair.                                                     staying the course and just staying fo-
       His five Olympic medals already shares the                                                   cused.”
       lead for a male athlete in the Winter Games
       with speed skater Eric Heiden.                                                               Ohno feels at home in Vancouver.

       “Short track is not a sport where you can       Ohno has two gold, one silver and two        “I’ve skated all around Vancouver. I’m
       actually give predictions,” Ohno said at a      bronze medals from competing in Salt Lake    very comfortable here. I feel like this is a
       press conference earlier in the week.“It just   City in 2002 and Torino four years ago.      second home,” he said.“So many similari-
       doesn’t happen. Obviously I’m a competi-                                                     ties between Seattle and Vancouver. I’m
       tor and I want to do well. I want a podium.     Ohno’s coach Jae Su Chun boldly says “yes”   excited. I have a lot of family and friends
       I want to win races.”                           when asked if he thinks his pupil will win   coming up and across the border to
                                                       at least two medals.                         support me and support Team USA, so I
       While he’s not predicting anything, Ohno                                                     think we definitely have a big advantage
       isn’t shy in rating his capabilities. In ear-                                                over a lot of other countries. The Olym-
       lier interviews he said that he has a killer                                                 pic Village is beautiful and it’s kind of
       instinct inside, but he hopes to wait until                                                  everything we could ask for. So I’m very
       competition begins Saturday to unleash                                                       optimistic about our chances to do very
       the beast and see where he ends up.                                                          well at these Games both on the men’s
                                                                                                    and ladies’ side.”
       Ohno has hinted that his focus on out-
       distancing Blair’s record might not be as                                                    Over his Olympic experiences, Ohno has
       sharp as the media believes. He has talked                                                   seen his sport change.
       about the strength of his teammates and
       the overall U.S. speed skating team.                                                         “I think with our sport, everything and
                                                                                                    everybody has to evolve with it,” Ohno
       “This being my third Olympics, I’m very,                                                     said. “There’s always constant changes
       very happy with my performances up to                                                        going on every single year. I’ve been
       this point,” Ohno said. “My preparation has                                                  lucky enough to be able to change my-
       been everything I could ever ask for. I’m                                                    self -- physically, mentally, my technique,
       in the best physical shape of my life and                                                    equipment-wise -- all hopefully pro-
       mentally I feel very, very, very good. But I                                                 gressing towards a better skater.”
       think that we all would like to stand on the
       podium, absolutely.”
     Issue 4
    DAY 1
February 13, 2010

                                                   BLAIR, HEIDEN READY TO
       Feb. 13
       Feb. 14
                    Light Rain
                                      47/45 F
                                      48/39 F
                                                   WATCH RECORDS BROKEN
       Feb. 15      Cloudy            48/43 F      Short-track speedskater Apolo Anton Ohno (Salt Lake
                                                   City, Utah) is on the verge of setting not one but two U.S.
                                                   Olympic winter medal records that former U.S. speeds-
       WHISTLER FORECAST                           katers Bonnie Blair and Eric Heiden currently hold.
       Feb. 13      Rain/Snow         39/38 F
       Feb. 14      Rain              43/32 F      It’s one of the biggest storylines of the Games. Ohno is
       Feb. 15      Cloudy            43/36 F      tied with Heiden for most medals won by an American
                                                   man (five) at the Olympic Winter Games. The 27-year-old
       QUOTEABLE                                   is only one medal short of tying Blair for most medals
       “Being a mom, I’m so proud of myself        won by any American athlete at the Winter Games.
       for where I’ve come just so that my
       daughter can know never to give up          Heiden won an unprecedented five gold medals in long
       on her dreams. No matter what her           track speedskating at the 1980 Lake Placid Games. Blair
       dreams are, to keep pushing, no matter      amassed six medals during her Olympic career that in-
       who says you can’t do it, you can.”         cluded trips to four Games during the 1980s and ‘90s.                                          Bonnie Blair
       -- Noelle Pikus-Pace, Skeleton

       “It’s hard to develop a connection          So what do Blair and Heiden think of Ohno’s chances at
       when you’re 10, 11, because you’re kin-     a record-breaking performance in Vancouver?
       da grossed out by girls.”
       -- Evan Bates, Ice Dancing                  “It wouldn’t bother me if he passed me,” Heiden, 51, said.
                                                   “He’s had a stellar career as a skater. It’d be nice if he
       “It’s pretty cool to be a part of Open-     passed me. It would take the pressure off of me holding
       ing Ceremonies. It’s kind of the key fun    this record for so long.”
       part about the Olympics outside of the
       sport. In one sense I really want to do
                                                   Blair, 45, echoed Heiden’s support.
       it, but in the other sense I don’t want
       to because that means that I qualified
       for competition the next day. Regard-       “A lot of records are made to be broken,” she said.“That’s
       less, it’s great to represent the USA and   why they have them. They’re there to surpass.”
       participate in the Ceremonies. “
       -- Anders Johnson, Ski Jumping              Heiden is most impressed with how well prepared Ohno
                                                   is for his events and how dedicated he is to his training.
       THE TWEET SPOT                              Heiden and Ohno are also good friends.
       Tweets from the U.S. Olympic Team
       “Just finished training. Have a few min-
                                                   “We know each other pretty darn well. I’ve taken care                                Eric Heiden

       utes to relax before eating and head-       of his medial issues,” Heiden, who was a physician for the US Speedskating team in 2002 and
       ing to Opening Ceremonies early to          2006, said. “If something comes up, I’m always there to give him some insight. We’re good col-
       meet VP Biden, great day ahead!”            leagues.”
       -- Steve Mesler, Bobsled & Skeleton
       (@SteveMesler)                              While Blair is admittedly not “really close” with Ohno personally, she did skate short-track in
                                                   her early career and knows Ohno’s challenges.
       “If you’re watching the opening cer-
       emonies tomorrow and you happen
                                                   “When you go into a [short track] race, it’s not about one plan in front of you. In addition to
       to see one of the athletes fist pumping,
       it’s probably me :)”
                                                   Plan A, you got to have Plan B and Plan C.”
       -- Simon Cho, Short Track Speedskat-
       ing (@TheRealSimonCho)                      Blair skated short track before the event became an Olympic sport in 1992. She finished first at the
                                                   World Championships in 1986, though she said her main focus shifted to long track in the early
            Follow Team USA online at              1980s. Her admiration remains for the event that, thanks to Ohno, has become a fan-favorite.
           and on Twitter and Facebook.            “A lot of people say it’s like roller derby on ice,” Blair said.“I like to look at it as NASCAR on ice.”
         Receive breaking news via Twitter.
                                                   As far as winning medals goes, Heiden and Blair don’t necessarily think quality or quantity
       On the Cover: Apolo Anton Ohno
       Photos: Getty Images
                                                   matter to the competitors.                                                        continued...
     Issue 4
    DAY 1
February 13, 2010

       “I don’t know how much value athletes put on medals,” Heiden             Miller, a two-time Olympic silver medalist, won the 2005 World
       said.“They think about putting in their very best effort when the        Championship in the downhill at Bormio, Italy, and came within
       opportunity arises.”                                                     five points of Swiss downhill favorite Dider Cuche for the dis-
                                                                                cipline title in 2008. He led the downhill portion on his way to
       “Apolo’s goal is probably to skate and do his best,” Blair said after    a super combined victory Jan. 15 in Wengen, Switzerland, and
       noting that she didn’t think about the media and medal coun-             has two top-10s and a fourth place in World Cup downhills this
       ters when she competed. “It was more about the individualism             season.
       and the next goal or race I had in front of me.”
                                                                                Miller took eighth, Weibrecht 10th, and Nyman 27th in Thurs-
       Heiden, who tallied five gold medals in a single Games, says that        day’s men’s downhill training, the last session after Friday morn-
       medal counts for athletes aren’t really on his mind.                     ing’s training was canceled because of weather.

       “I never pay attention to who’s got all the medals. I’m impressed more   The men’s downhill begins at 11:45 a.m. local time Saturday.
       with a skater who leaves the ice after putting in his best effort.”      Weather was clearing a bit mid-day on Friday, but temperatures
                                                                                in the mid-30s with rain and possibly snow were in the 24-hour

                                                                                TEAM USA READY TO ROCK OVAL
                                                                                The first of 12 long track speedskat-
                                                                                ing events gets underway tomor-
                                                                                row at the Richmond Olympic Oval.
                                                                                The Men’s 5000m is a grueling 12.5
                                                                                lap endurance race showcasing the
                                                                                stamina and dedication of the ath-
                                                            Anders Johnson
                                                                                letes. Racing begins at noon.

                                                                                Reigning 5000m Olympic cham-
       SKI JUMPERS TAKE TO NORMAL HILL                                          pion Chad Hedrick (Spring, Texas)
       In a big step for U.S. ski jumping, each U.S. Olympic Ski Jump-          will have to defend his title against
       ing Team member qualified on the normal hill Friday at Whistler          Netherland skater Sven Kramer
       Olympic Park, landing the three 21-and-younger athletes in Sat-          who won four of the five 5000m
       urday morning’s first round. It will be the first medal event in the     events during World Cup competi-                     Chad Hedrick
       2010 Olympic Winter Games.                                               tion this year. In Torino, Hedrick was the first American to win
                                                                                the Olympic event since Heiden’s gold-medal performance in
       Seventeen-year-old Peter Frenette (Saranac Lake, N.Y.) led the           1980 at the Games in Lake Placid.
       U.S. trio in 30th, jumping 97 meters and earning a score of 115.0
       as friends, family and U.S. supporters urged him on. Nick Alex-          “This is a race I haven’t competed in at a very high level for a
       ander (Lebanon, N.H.) was 35th, and Anders Johnson (Park City,           while,” Hedrick said.“The ice will really test everybody. The ice will
       Utah) was 40th to earn the final qualification spot.                     wear you down. It’s going to feel a little longer than it really is.”

       On Saturday, the action starts at 8:30 a.m. with the NH individual       Racing with Hedrick for Team USA will be Chicago native Shani
       trial for competiton. The first round of Saturday’s medal compe-         Davis and Trevor Marsicano (Ballston Spa, N.Y.) who won a
       tition begins at 9:45 a.m. local time, with the final round starting     bronze in the 5000m during the 2009 World Single Distance
       at 10:45.                                                                Championships.

       MEN’S DOWNHILL FIRST ON SLOPES                                           “I’m feeling pretty good about it,” Marsicano said.“I’m just trying to
       The four downhill starters for the men’s U.S. Olympic Alpine Ski         prepare mentally as much as I can to go through 12 laps of pain.”
       Team were named on Friday, giving Bode Miller (Franconia, N.H.),
       Andrew Weibrecht (Lake Placid, N.Y.), Marco Sullivan (Squaw              BIATHON BEGINS
       Valley, Calif.) and Steven Nyman (Sundance, Utah) a chance at a          The first gold medal event in Biathlon will take place Satur-
       medal run Saturday morning on the Dave Murray course.                    day, Feb. 13 at the Whistler Olympic Park in Whistler, B.C. The
                                                                                women’s 7.5 km Sprint event will feature U.S. biathletes Hayley
       Miller and Weibrecht had already secured their starts through            Johnson (Lake Placid, N.Y.), Laura Spector (Lenox, Mass.) and
       this season’s World Cup results, while Sullivan and Nyman were           Sara Studebaker (Boise, Idaho). All three women are first-time
       selected by U.S. Ski Team coaches.                                       Olympians.
     Issue 4
    DAY 1
February 13, 2010

       NEED FOR SPEED                                                         Women’s moguls is the first event for the 2010 U.S. Olympic Free-
       The Ladies 500m event will open Olympic competition for the            style Team, beginning with qualifications Saturday afternoon at
       US Short Track Speedskating Team. Katherine Reutter (Cham-             4:30 p.m. local time and finals at 7:30 p.m. The top 16 women will
       paign, Ill.) and Alyson Dudek (Hales Corners, Wis.) will make their    qualify for the finals.
       Olympic debut in tomorrow’s race. Reutter, (currently ranked 8th
       in the 500m distance) will start in the first heat. Dudek (ranked      For Team USA, three Olympic veterans will be on the hill. Mi-
       11th in the 500m) won this event at the Olympic Trails in Sep-         chelle Roark (Denver, Colo.) is the current U.S. National Cham-
       tember 2009.                                                           pion. Hannah Kearney (Norwich, Vt.) is the current World Cup
                                                                              Champion and was crowned World Champion in 2005. Shan-
       Competition continues with the Ladies 3000m Relay Semi-Final.          non Bahrke (Tahoe City, Calif.) won a silver medal in 2002 and
       The U.S. Team -- Allison Baver (Sinking Spring, Pa.), Kimberly         is competing in her third Games. Heather McPhie’s (Park City,
       Derrick (Memphis, Tenn.), Dudek, Lana Gehring (Glenview, Ill.)         Utah) succeses this year include one World Cup win and two
       and Reutter -- is currently ranked third in World Cup standings.       more podiums, and she is the lone “rookie” member of the team
       With the Ladies Relay finals on Wednesday, Feb. 24, the team will      as she competes in her first Olympic Winter Games.
       have a good chance between events to work on their technique
       and exchanges. Four athletes will compete in the relay with the         WOMEN’S ALPINE UPDATES
       final roster confirmed 30 minutes prior to the race.                    Saturday’s women’s downhill training has been canceled. The
       Opening day of competition concludes with the Men’s 1500m                • The third scheduled downhill training run orginally set for 9
       medal event. First time Olympians Jordan Malone (Denton, Tex-              a.m. Saturday will be canceled to focus all efforts on prepar-
       as) --14th in the distance’s World Cup standings, and J.R. Celski          ing the men’s downhill track for the opening alpine medal
       (Federal Way, Wash.) will join three-time Olympian Apolo Anton             event.
       Ohno (currently 5th in World Cup standings) in tomorrow’s race.          • The training run will be rescheduled for Sunday, therefore
                                                                                  forcing the postponemtnt of Sunday’s super combined
       All eyes will be on Ohno who is poised to become the most                  medal event.
       decorated male U.S. Winter Olympian with just one more medal             • The exact times have not yet been set and a decision for the
       performance.                                                               super combined reschedule will be made after a training
                                                                                  run is complete.
       The race will also mark Celski’s return to international competi-
       tion following an injury sustained at the Olympic Trails in Sep-        SNOWBOARD PRACTICE UPDATE
       tember. Celski finished third in the 1500m at the 2008-09 World         The first official snowboard practice on Friday was greeted by
       Championships.                                                          a mix of rain and snow. The athletes inspected the course and
                                                                               trained from 10 am -12 pm, then hurried to a shuttle to get to
                                                                               the Athletes Village for the Opening Ceremony. The Team was
                                                                               excited to get in Vancouver for the Ceremony.
                                                                               On Saturday, the Team will inspect and train again from 10:20
                                                                               am - 2:15 pm.

       The Ladies Moguls competition kicks off Saturday with Ladies
       Qualifications followed by Finals. This will be a one-run qualifica-
       tion, one-run final format.
     Issue 4
    DAY 1
February 13, 2010

       TEAM USA GETS VILLAGE WELCOME                                        Two of the three Vancouver Olympic mascots, Quatchi and Miga,
       A final piece of the Olympic puzzle was put into place for Team      also made an appearance. Team USA athletes took advantage
       USA late Thursday afternoon, as the athletes were formally wel-      and posed for pictures with the life-sized creatures.
       comed into the Olympic Village at the United States’ flag raising
       ceremony.                                                            Immediately before Team USA was welcomed into the Village,
                                                                            Team Norway, Team Ethiopia, Team Australia, Team Iceland and
       Despite rainy conditions, the athletes’ spirits were not dampened    Team Portugal also enjoyed their own inductions.
       as co-Olympic Village Mayors Trisha Smith and Rick Hansen wel-
       comed Team USA along with Team Ukraine into their home for
       the duration of the Games.

       “This is a place where people from all over the world come to-
       gether and share stories and experiences,” Hansen said. “This is
       about you. Enjoy it.”

       Decked out in their best Team USA gear, the athletes entered the
       west end of the village to Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mine.”

       Canada native and star of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Sandra Oh, emceed
       the ceremony and reminded everyone that “the whole world will        ALLSTATE HALL OF FAME TRIBUTE UNVEILED
       be watching.” She introduced a “Welcome to Vancouver” video          Allstate unveiled the three-dimensional portrait of winter Olym-
       that featured the sights and sounds of the city and its people.      pians who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame Thursday
                                                                            at USA House in Vancouver. The portrait, a wall-sized mural, will
       “You are no longer the best at your schools. You are no longer the   be completed throughout the duration of the Games by mural
       best in your countries. You are the best in the world,” said Oh.     artist Tracy Lee Stum. Present at the mural’s introduction were
                                                                            Hall of Famers Picabo Street (alpine skiing) and Dan Jansen
                                                             Sandra Oh

                                                                            “Its amazing for me to be in the hall of fame and to be a part of
                                                                            this is really special,” Jansen said. “I’m in Vancouver throughout
                                                                            the Games so I’ll definitely be back [to see the mural]. My daugh-
                                                                            ters are only going to be here until the 16th [16 and 14] so I’m
                                                                            going to bring them back here.”

                                                                            OMEGA PARTNERS WITH OHNO
                                                                            OMEGA announced a new
                                                                            relationship with U.S. speed-
                                                                            skating star and three-time
                                                                            Olympian Apolo Anton
       Underneath a steady rain, the teams stood and watched as their
                                                                            Ohno. As an Ambassador,
       respective flags were raised and national anthems were played.
                                                                            Ohno will join OMEGA to
                                                                            celebrate great Olympic
       The ceremony also included a performance from aboriginal
                                                                            moments in time at the
       drummers who displayed examples of Vancouver’s rich culture
                                                                            Vancouver Games, where
       and heritage. To brighten up the atmosphere, the athletes were
                                                                            he has qualified for three
       given musical shaker instruments to shake along with the drum-
                                                                            individual and one relay
       mers’ beats.
                                                                            short-track events and is
                                                                            poised to make history. As
       More drummers took the stage at the end of the ceremony and
                                                                            the newest member of the
       members from both Team USA and Team Ukraine gradually be-
                                                                            OMEGA family, Ohno will
       gan to dance together on stage, celebrating their new home for
                                                                            wear the OMEGA Seamas-
       the next 18 days.
                                                                            ter Planet Ocean Olympic
                                                                            Timeless Collection Chro-
     Issue 4
    DAY 1
February 13, 2010

       Welcome to Vancouver and the                 MEDIA ZONE
       USOC’s exclusive coverage of Team
                                                    PRESS CONFERENCE SCHEDULE
       USA throughout the 2010 Olympic
       Winter Games. There are now two
                                                    Date          Sport                              Time          Room
       options to receive Breaking News
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       alerts from the USOC -- via email
                                                    February 13   Figure Skating - Women             12:00         Gabriola
       and/or by following us on Twitter at
                                                    February 14   Ice Hockey - Men                   16:00         Gabriola
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                                                    February 18   Ski Cross                          13:00         Saturna
       The USOC’s Breaking News Bureau
                                                    February 22   Snowboard PGS                      TBD           TBD
       keeps the media and the U.S. delega-
                                                    February 27   USA Wrap-up                        10:00         Gabriola
       tion up to the moment with break-
       ing news about U.S. athletes and
       team results, advisories and updates.         VICE PRESIDENT VISIT
       The Bureau editor sends e-mails               Delegation to the Opening Ceremony of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games:
       to members of the media and del-                  • Vice President Joe Biden, Head of Delegation
       egation staff on breaking news and                • Dr. Jill Biden
       advisories and also posts this infor-             • David Jacobson, U.S. Ambassador to Canada
       mation on the USOC media website                  • Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the President
       (www.usocpressbox.org). Visit the                 • Mike Eruzione, 1980 Olympic gold medalist, U.S. Men’s Hockey Team
       USA Media Services office to sign                 • Peggy Fleming, 1968 Olympic gold medalist, Ladies Figure Skating
       up to receive the Breaking                        • Vonetta Flowers, 2002 Olympic gold medalist, Women’s Bobsled
       News alerts during the Games.
                                                     Saturday, February 13, 2010
                                                     Vice President Biden and the U.S. Delegation will travel to Whistler to attend the follow-
       VISITNG USA HOUSE                             ing Olympic events:
       The USA House in Vancouver will
       have a limited media services opera-          Ski jumping
       tion. Journalists interested in gaining       Location: Whistler Olympic Park, Whistler, BC
       access and/or setting up interviews
       at Vancouver USA House should re-             Alpine skiing - men’s downhill
       quest a media day pass 24 hours in            Location: Whistler Creekside, Whistler, BC
       advance by sending an email to:
       USAHouseMedia@usoc.org. The facil-
       ity will have a small workroom and will       THIS DAY IN OLYMPIC HISTORY
       provide some interview opportunities          February 13, 1976
       with U.S. athletes and officials. In addi-    U.S. figure skater Dorothy Hamill captures figure skating gold and inspired the popular
       tion, USA House will be an evening            “wedge” haircut at the 1976 Olympic Winter Games in Innsbruck, Austria
       stop in the Managing Victory tour for
       U.S. medal-winning athletes. Due to
       size constraints, USA House in Whis-
       tler is not open to the press.

       Visit the USOC media website, www.
       usocpressbox.org, for up-to-date and
       daily coverage of Team USA. Available
       on the site: headshots of the 2010 U.S.
       Olympic Team, releases, media annouce-
       ments, press conference transcripts, bios,
       athlete Tweets and more.
     Issue 4
    DAY 1
February 13, 2010

       TIME   SPORT                  EVENT                                                                                                           VENUE
       09:45  Ski Jumping            NH Individual 1st Round                                                                          Whistler Olympic Park
       	      	                      U.S.	Athletes:	Nicholas	Alexander,	Peter,	Frenette,	Anders	Johnson	
       10:45* Ski Jumping            NH Individual Final Round                                                                       Whistler Olympic Park
       11:45  Alpine Skiing          Men’s Downhill                                                                                     Whistler Creekside
       	      	                      U.S.	Athletes:	Bode	Miller,	Steve	Nyman,	Andrew	Weinbrecht,	Marco	Sullivan
       12:00  Ice Hockey             Women’s Preliminary Round - Group A Game 1                                                      UBC Thunderbird Arena
                                     Sweden vs Switzerland
       12:00        Speedskating     Men’s 5000 m                                                                                 Richmond Olympic Oval
       	            	                US	Athletes:	Shani	Davis,	Chad	Hendrick,	Trevor	Marsicano	
       13:00        Biathlon         Women’s 7.5 km Sprint                                                                           Whistler Olympic Park
       	            	                US	Athletes:	Lanny	Barnes,	Haley	Johnson,	Laura	Spector,	Sara	Studebaker
       16:30        Freestyle Skiing Ladies’ Moguls Qualification                                                                         Cypress Mountain
       	            	                US	Athletes:	Shannon	Bahrke,	Hannah	Kearney	Heather	McPhie,	Michelle	Roark
       17:00        Ice Hockey       Women’s Preliminary Round - Group A Game 2                                                        Canada Hockey Place
       	            	                Canada	vs	Slovakia
       17:00        Luge             Men’s Singles Run 1                                                                         The Whistler Sliding Centre
       	            	                US	Athletes:	Tony	Benshoof,	Chris	Mazdzer,	Bengt	Walden
       17:00        Short Track      Men’s 1500 m Heats                                                                                     Pacific Coliseum
       	            	                US	Athletes:	J.R.	Celski	,	Travis	Jayner,	Jordan	Malone,	Apolo	Anton	Ohno
       17:42        Short Track      Ladies’ 500 m Heats                                                                                    Pacific Coliseum
       	            	                US	Athlete:	Katherine	Reutter
       18:18        Short Track      Men’s 1500 m Semifinals                                                                                Pacific Coliseum
       	            	                Qualifyers	TBD:	(US	Athletes:	J.R.	Celski	,	Travis	Jayner,	Jordan	Malone,	Apolo	Anton	Ohno)
       18:50        Short Track      Ladies’ 3000 m Relay Semifinals                                                                        Pacific Coliseum
       	            	                US	Athletes	TBD	(Allison	Baver,	Kimberly	Derrick,	Alyson	Dudek,	Lana	Gehring,	Katherine	Ruetter)
       19:10*       Luge             Men’s Singles Run 2                                                                         The Whistler Sliding Centre
       	            	                US	Athletes:	Tony	Benshoof,	Chris	Mazdzer,	Bengt	Walden
       19:18        Short Track      Men’s 1500 m Finals                                                                                   Pacific Coliseum
       	            	                Qualifiers	TBD	(US	Athletes:	J.R.	Celski	,	Travis	Jayner,	Jordan	Malone,	Apolo	Anton	Ohno)
       19:30        Freestyle Skiing Ladies’ Moguls Final                                                                                Cypress Mountain
                                     Qualifiers	TBD	(US	Athletes:	Shannon	Bahrke,	Heather	McPhie,	Michelle	Roark,	Hannah	Kearney)

       bold denotes medal round
       *estimated start time