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                                               Production of

                       Presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International

                       Music by                                           Lyrics by
                  Alan Menken                                  Howard Ashman & TimRice

                                                    Book by
                                             Linda Woolverton

                         Originally Directed on Broadway by Robert Jesse Roth

                                           Director & Vocals
                                             EDDIE ALLEN

                             Assistant Director & Choreographer
                                             DENISE ALLEN
  Scenic Design                                                                  Orchestra Conductor
SUSAN ADELIZZI                                                                       MATT PHILLIPS

Production Assistant                Stage Crew Assistant Moderator                       Production Assistant
FRAN CARRERAS                             STEVE LANGLEY                                  VALERIE SZELIGA
                                           THE CAST

                     Belle                               KRISTA PAOLELLA
                     Beast                               ANTHONY CONNELL
                     Gaston                              SEAN HILL
                     Lefou                               DAVE CAVANAUGH
                     Maurice                             TED CHANEY-MIADZINIAN
                     Lumiere                             ANDREW KEOUGH
                     Cogsworth                           JACK RAYMOND
                     Mrs. Potts                          MARY HAGENBACH
                     Babbette                            MEGHAN SHERRY
                     Madame de la Grand Bouche           ANNAMARIE FRATTAROLA
                     Monsieur D’Arque                    SEAN MALLOY
                     Silly Girls                         JAMIE LYNN CARTLIDGE
                                                         ALEX DIGIUSEPPE
                                                         AMANDA ELSER
                                                         MARIA SAMOHOD
                     Enchantress                         HOLLY ALLEN
                     Young Prince                        OWEN PELESH
                     Chip                                THOMAS DEMPSEY
                     Narrator                            MR. JOSEPH JAWOROWSKI

                                        Principal Players
  Lauren Arata, Jeffrey Braconnier, Dolores Brough, Jessa Casner, David Dempsey, Michael Gaudini,
       Caroline Gadonas, Kate McGarrigle, Owen Pelesh, Ginamaria Powell, Michelle Riches,
                                          Mike Szkudlapski

                            Senior Dance Captain         Holly Allen
                            Junior Dance Captain         Renee Ziegler
     Erica Boland, Aimee Kate Braconnier, Ann Marie Catania, Christina Congdon, Tricia Crouse,
       David Dempsey, Andrew Dippel, Justina Ercole, Gina Fanelli, Kerry Gilmore, Katie Hart,
            Nicole Kingsland, Shawn Lamb, Stef L'Erario, Bridget McHugh, Jenna Moran,
         Angela Oulouhojian, Deandra Patterson, Owen Pelesh, Stephen Powell, Brendan Sack,
          Sarah Toborowski, Anthony Torres, Nicole Vassallo, Natalie Vietro, Simone Waters

      Colleen Arnold, Meghan Belamorich, Caitlyn Boylan, Brenton Cannon, Anthony Christina,
   Lauren Conley, Lucy Debevec, Beth Ann Downey, Danielle Ercole, Kenneth Fite, Ricky Jackson,
   Alexia Krajewski, Shawn Lamb, Christina Magee, Shaun Mahan, Ryan Mattson, Patrick Moiani,
Derek O'Neill, Frank Ottey, Rachel Randazzo, Danielle Roma, Ashley Scaricaciottoli, Bernadette Smith,
                                    Michael Szeliga, Kieran Walsh
                 ACT 1                                                         ACT 2
Prolouge—Outside the Castle                                 Scene 1—The Forest
Scene 1—The Town/Belle’s Cottage                            Scene 2—The Castle Interior
Scene 2—The Forest                                          Scene 3—The Tavern
Scene 3—The Castle Interior                                 Scene 4—The West Wing/Castle Interior
Scene 4—Belle’s Cottage                                     Scene 5—Belle’s Cottage
Scene 5—The Castle Interior                                 Scene 6—The Town/The Forest
Scene 6—Belle’s Room in the Castle                          Scene 7—The Castle Interior
Scene 7—The Tavern                                          Scene 8—The Castle Tower
Scene 8—The Castle Interior                                 Scene 9—The West Wing
Scene 9—Belle’s Room in the Castle                          Scene 10—The Castle Interior
Scene 10—The West Wing
Scene 11—The Castle Interior
Scene 12—The Castle Dining Room
Scene 13—The Castle Interior
Scene 14—The West Wing

                                               The Band
        Keyboards:      Monica Dougherty, Gina Di Camillo, Gabrielle Frattarola, Bill Keast,
                        Julia Quindlan
        Reed 1:         Julie Menold, Lauren Rossi
        Reed 2:         Eric Lebrun, Mary Beth Reusche, Kayla Rossi, Kelly Tait
        Bass:           Theresa Belczyk
        Trumpet:        Gabbi Soussan, Stephen Ruzzo, Barnave Thanis
        Violin:         Brendan Barker, Brie Humphreys
        Oboe:           Ms. Kristin Bray
        Trombone:       Kathleen Shea, Kim Trasatti, Mr. Bob Tokonitz
        Drums:          Brian Dempsey
        Percussion:     Anthony Angelina, Gina Baglia, Frannie Fortunato, Trish Markert

                                              Stage Crew
    STAGE MANAGERS   Anthony Angelozzi, Christina McGeehan, Robert Racine,
                     Jessica Weyhmuller
    PROJECT MANAGERS Amy Connelly, Dan Kelly, Kelly McGeehan
    TECH CHIEFS      Anthony Angelozzi, Brandon Spratt
    PROPS            Laura O’Donnell

Christine Alizzi, Richard Balsama, Simon Beech, Brendan Bonner, Elizabeth Brennan, Patrick Brennan,
  Kristen Burke, Kristina Carney, Laura Cialini, Rosemary Clark, Alexander Coffey, Tara Connolly,
         Meaghan Conroy, Michael Coughlan, Mary Crispin, Mark DiCarlo, Ashley DiTomaso
      Mary Dolan, Kevin Downs, Katherine Erikson, Elaine Fail, Maria Ferrante, Stephanie Foltz
  Catherine Gaffney, Caitlin Galvin, Michael Gaudini, Samuel Giacomucci, Jacqueline Guillemette
    Ann Harrison, Carolyn Haynes, Stacey Ikonomou, Lewis Johnson, Allison Jones, Stephen Kane
       Caitlin Keenan, Kenneth Kellar, Brian Kelly, Andrea Leach, Joanna Leach, Danielle Little,
     Jacqueline Loro, Bernadette Marone, Lara Massuto, Michael McBreen, Matthew McLaughlin,
   Cristina Menna, Daniel Menold, Elizabeth Menold, Jessica Menold, Julia Menold, Trevor Nacey,
   Michael O'Malley, Kevin Oswald, Eileen Pardini, Jason Pardini, Kelli Prandeski, Kelly Protesto,
               Christina Sharkey, Stephanie Thompson, Kieran Walsh, Jennifer Wingood
                                                  Costume Club
                             Moderators: Fran Carreras & Denise Allen
      Kristina Carney, Jamie Lynn Cartlidge, Ann Marie Catania, Anthony Connell, Tricia Crouse,
        Liz Fail, Bridget France, Caroline Gadonas, Betsy Joyce, Joanna Leach, Danielle Little,
    Jacqueline Loro, Caroline O'Neill, Krista Paolella, Amanda Past, Eileen Pardini, Teresa Patrizio,
    Ashley Scaricaciottoli. Bernadette Smith, Stephanie Thompson, Christine Vietro, Jen Wingood,
                                    Amanda Ziegler, Renee Ziegler

                                                    Additional Staff
Costume Execution                                   Fran Carerras (coordinator), Roseann Ahern, Ruth O’Connor Gauzza,
                                                    Irene Hart, Barbara Keohane, Janice Platt, Pat Roche, Dawn Royer
Belle’s Gown Designed and Executed by               Msgr. Louis A. D’Addezio
Enchanted Objects Designed and Executed by          Fran Carreras
Creative Consultant                                 Rich Matkevich
Technical Consultant                                Mark Allen
Refreshments Coordinator                            Tammi Vassallo
Flying by Foy

The Company and Creative Team of DISNEY’S BEAUTY AND THE BEAST wish to thank our President,
Dr. William J. McCusker, our Principal, Mr. William Miles and the entire faculty and staff of Cardinal O’Hara High School
for their support. To the PARENTS, our deepest and sincere thanks for your constant patience and understanding. We
would like to extend special thanks to: Mrs. Carol Connelly, Ms. Anna Budiwsky, Fr. John Flanagan, Sister Joyce,
Sister Lucy and the NHS, Mr. James Coyne and the Student Council, Mr. Sal Scinto, Carl Bader and Ray Legnini of Aviom
Distributed Audio Networks, Fralinger String Band, Jim May of James May Costumes, Iacobucci’s Formal Wear of Morton,
Mark Elser, Rusty Procopio, Fred Contino, Ed Carreras, John Keevil, Tony Albano of Naaman’s Creek Audio,
Mr. Greg McLaughlin, Ms. Mildred Schneider, Mr. Frank Colella, Mr. Charles Fredericks, Mr. Bud Piper, all of our
chaperones, box office personnel, house management personnel, and ushers who donated their time, and all of our family and
friends who helped to publicize our show. THANK YOU!

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