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     An independent supplement produced by Lyonsdown Media Group                                                  the ultimate wedding guide 003

                                                   Thinking differently
The recession has been a mixed experience
for the wedding industry. While the average
amount spent on weddings has reportedly
gone down, many venues have seen a dramatic
increase in bookings as people apparently
crave the security of marriage in the face of an
uncertain future.
     Whatever the situation is, one advantage of
the economic strife is to make couples consider    to use their passports.
new options. The traditional summer blowout        On the other hand, if your dream involves a
followed by two weeks in the Caribbean may         Tuscan villa or miles of gleaming sand, there are
not be so feasible any more, or even desirable.    increasingly personalised experiences available
In this guide we look at some of the smaller       abroad. Boutique hotels and major resorts are
details that can make a big difference.            all striving to offer more affordable packages
One noticeable trend in the past few years         which are well worth researching.
has been the steady improvement of the all-in           Weddings should always be an opportunity
services provided by UK venues. Companies          to make dreams come true. As the average age
such as Country House Weddings and                 of marriage continues to rise, it can be a time
Wedding Venues offer a surprising range of         for people to take stock of their lives, and even
stunning and unusual locations, complete           make big changes. We hope this guide proves
with all the necessary arrangements. Similarly,    helpful in making those important decisions,
when considering their honeymoon, couples          and if you’re already planning your big day -

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have a wealth of luxurious and unique              good luck!
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                                                                             front cover image by Ian Stuart Ltd,

                                                                             P004 Stylish venues:
                                                                             Location is everything

                                                                             P006 How did they do it?
                                                                             A look at three real life weddings

                                                                             P010 Wish list:
                                                                             Some bright ideas for your special day

                                                                             P014 Creative mix:
                                                                             Peggy Porschen on the fine art of cake making

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                                                    Stylish Venues
                                                    WASINg PArK, ALdermASTON, BerKSHIre
                                                    Wasing Park is a stylish barn wedding venue at the heart of the 4,000 acre Wasing Estate.
                                                    It offers a choice of contemporary civil ceremony barn or parish church, a separate wedding
                                                    reception barn, penthouse suite and further en suite guest bedrooms, which include breakfast.

                                                    Contact Wasing Park on 0118 907 0199, visit; or go to
                                          , or call 01244 571208

ST AudrIeS PArK, SOmerSeT                    TuSCAN dreAmS                                                         BAHAmAS
Situated within 100 acres of tranquil deer   Villa Gambassi is located in an ancient hamlet close to San           Unfolding like a grand estate,
park, overlooking the rolling Quantock       Gimignano, surrounded by beautiful countryside. This completely       Sandals Emerald Bay is a new
Hills and the Bristol Channel beyond,        renovated luxury villa is ideal for small to medium sized weddings.   500-acre resort set along a
this fairytale manor house was recently      It has a choice of spaces inside and outside for the reception, its   one-mile stretch of white sand
nominated as ‘Best Wedding Venue’            own pool and sleeps 16, with a further 14 apartments available on     beach on Emerald Bay, Great
by Wedding Ideas Magazine. It offers a       the estate. All arrangements can be taken care of by Erica Bellini    Exuma, Bahamas. This all-suite
Georgian Orangery for the ceremony,          who has planned more than a hundred Tuscan weddings.                  resort offers “magnificently-
banqueting hall for 130 guests, 31 luxury                                                                          appointed”, oceanfront, luxury
bedrooms and a hidden cottage.               Contact Tuscan dreams on 01626 360 336,                               accommodation and a 17-acre,
                                             email or                                      stand-alone Emerald Bay Marina
Contact Country House Weddings on            visit                                           and an 18-hole Greg Norman-
01984 633633 or visit                                                                                              designed golf course.
                                                                                                                   Contact Sandals on
                                                                                                                   0800 022 3331 or visit

                                                            THe rOyAL SOCIeTy Of ArTS, LONdON
                                                            Located in the heart of London, RSA House offers Georgian grandeur, contemporary
                                                            style and inspiring spaces, all under one roof in the heart of London. The RSA has
                                                            launched an all inclusive London Wedding Experience, providing complete planning
                                                            services and a choice of sightseeing activities for guests. They can also ensure ethical
                                                            responsibility with everything from fair-trade wines and sustainably sourced ingredients,
                                                            to recycling its waste and reduced energy consumption.

                                                            Contact Amanda mellet on 020 7451 6815 or visit
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                                                      Jessica and Rob Thompson got married in Bicester,
                                                      Oxfordshire, in December with a classic English country theme.

                                                      wore chocolate brown Prince Edward suits
                                                      with a faint stripe with ivory shirts and
                                                      matt ivory ribbed waistcoats. The groomsmen
                                                      wore sage green silk ties and Rob wore a
                                                      champagne silk tie.

                                                      THe VeNue: Jess and Rob chose to hold the
                                                      whole occasion under one roof at a specialist
                                                      wedding venue, the Tythe Barn in Bicester.
                                                      Most importantly, the venue helped them
                                                      choose from what can seem like a bewildering
                                                      array of suppliers, advising them on florists,
                     lowers form a central            catering and photography.
part of most weddings, but for an English
country wedding they can become a theme
in themselves. The first step is to choose a
single flower around which not only to base
the other flowers, but the whole style of the
occasion. To create the vintage look, Jess chose
the Old Dutch Rose as her focal point, with its
distinctive antique pink colouring tinted with
green. From there she added avalanche roses,
astrantia, astilbe, ranununculus and eucalyptus
leaves. With such a collection, Jess saw little
reason for restraint. The bouquets were placed
in beam arrangements, table centre pieces,
individual posies for each guest, milk churns
and vases.

dreSS: “You’ll never get the first dress you
think you’ll get,” Jess says, “and my dress
was a bit of a fluke.” With her wedding in
December, Jess was advised not to start looking
until September. But she knew the designer
she wanted – Sassi Holford – and following a
sale at Holford’s London store, she went to a
stockist near to her home and found one she
wanted in June. The dress she chose is called         CAKe: The cake design, by Petit Gateau, was
Hayley and it features an ivory lace bodice with      integrated with the overall theme in a number
crystal detailing and a full chiffon skirt finished   of ways. Ivory tiers were dressed with pink and
off with a wide satin sash tied into a bow. The       green centered ‘Old Dutch’ sugar roses. A lace
dress also came with a lace bolero.                   design from the Bride’s gown was hand piped
                                                      on the raised middle tier, with the top tier
BrIdeSmAIdS ANd grOOm:                                wrapped in a delicate green leaf design taken
The bridesmaid dresses were by Kelsey Rose            from the Bride’s invitation. The bottom tier was
and were sage green, full-length, strapless,          finished off with a giant sugar bow.
chiffon dresses. The groom and groomsmen
     An independent supplement produced by Lyonsdown Media Group                                            the ultimate wedding guide 007

Babley and Mustaque Ahmed had a summer
wedding at Shoreditch Town Hall in a
traditional Bengali Muslim ceremony.

deCOrATION: The decoration of the bride’s skin is the first ceremonial
part of the Bengali wedding. A day or two before the wedding itself,
the bride gathers with her family for the Mehndi, when abstract henna
designs are applied to her skin. Babley says it’s a bit like a hen do, in
that it is a time for the bride to celebrate and anticipate the approaching
ceremony, except only family are invited. The bride is fed sweets and the
decorative fruit Thaal, or offering, is prepared, often in the shapes of
animals, as a show of peace. Turmeric powder is also often applied to
the bride’s skin to make it glow, though Babley only had henna patterns.
It is one of several features of Bengali weddings that can be found in
both the Muslim and Hindu ceremonies, including the giving of gifts by         Above: Babley arrives wearing a lengha and dupatta with red
the bride’s family to the groom.                                               roses. Photo: rob gillespie,

dreSS: Babley chose to wear a red lengha for her wedding, a popular
type of skirt originating from the Moghul period in India, made from
silk and net. A lengha can be worn in several cuts, and Babley chose
the tight-fitting ‘fish cut’. It was worn with a fitted top, or choli, and a
heavily embroidered brocade shawl, or dupatta. It was worn with gold
jewellery, including forehead pendant, accompanied by an array of velvet
bindis studded with diamonds across Babley’s forehead. With it, Babley
carried a bouquet of red roses, which is kept by the bride after the
     All the gold and outfits are provided by the groom’s family, and
this includes nine further saris to be worn at various occasions after the
wedding. Babley’s husband wore a pale sherwani, which consists of a
long coat, like a doublet, made from heavily decorated soft fabric with
tight trousers. He also wore a red pagri, or turban, a garland of white
flowers, and Aladdin style shoes with a curled point.

fOOd: The bride and groom remain separate for their formal pledges to
each other with the imam, and during the meal that follows, which at
Babley’s wedding consisted of several curry dishes, rice, chicken tikka and
samosas, followed by mishti, a type of sweet Bengali yoghurt made from
milk, sugar, yoghurt and curd. The couple then feed each other mishti
when they first meet on the platform in the main hall of the ceremony.
The next major food event takes place the next day, when the groom
goes out to buy a large fish, which is then brought back for the bride to
descale and cut. Fish forms a major part of the Bengali diet, so the fish
cutting is seen as symbolic initiation of the couple’s diet.

right: Babley and mustaque feed each other mishti.
Photo: rob gillespie,
                                                    Italian style
008 the ultimate wedding guide                                                          An independent supplement produced by Lyonsdown Media Group

                                                    Katherine and Giovanni had a summer
                                                    wedding on Lake Garda in Lombardy,
                                                    northern Italy.

                                                    have lots of smelly flowers, which is difficult

                                                    in summer,” Katherine says, “but I decided on
                                                    liliums and roses, and for the bouquet, white
                                                    orchids and orange blossom.”

                                                    fOOd ANd drINK: Italian weddings
                                                    traditionally have twelve courses, but Katherine
                                                    and Giovanni decided to be more restrained.
                                                    The first part of the reception, held at the
                                                    Palace Hotel Villa Cortine, was a lengthy
                                                    outdoor aperitivo. For the sit down meal, the
                                                    primi was pasta with tomatoes and rocket,
                                                    followed by veal for the secondi. The desert
                      atherine and Giovanni’s       was bavarese - custard thickened with cream,
wedding could have followed any of a number         a popular summer Italian dessert, particularly
of traditions, she being half Indian and half       when flavoured with wild berries. The wedding
Australian, and he being Italian. But in the end    cake was a millefoglie – puff pastry layered
the ancient spa town of Sirmione, stretching        with chantilly cream and chocolate. Not
out along a promontory on the stunning Lake         surprisingly, the wine was sourced directly from
Garda, not far from where Giovanni was born,        the surrounding Lombardy vineyards.
was too good to resist.

CLASSIC CuT: But was it difficult uniting these
cultural differences? “Not really,” Katherine
says. “In Italy they don’t really do speeches, or
dance. They just like to eat and drink, which
suits Australians.” Italian weddings also don’t
go in for best men or long trains of bridesmaids
with matching clothes. The bride and groom
each have a ‘testimone’, or witness, who
supports them through the ceremony.
     The dress code is relatively simple and
classic, for both men and women, at an Italian
wedding. “The morning suit is not a big thing
in Italy,” she says “which is ok by me because
I always think it looks like a funeral. So it was
three-piece suit with a tie for Giovanni.” With
Italian tailoring on offer, why look any further?
     When choosing her dress, Katherine
wanted as few layers and as little lace as
possible. The temperature is usually around
30 degrees at Lake Garda in mid summer, and
one of the pleasures of marrying in a small,
beautiful town was to be able to walk to the
Palazzo Callas (town hall) where the ceremony
was held. So she opted for an ivory, silk dress
with a draped cowl neck and low cut back.
Decorations were also simple and classic,
focusing around white flowers: “I wanted to
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                                                      For your Uniquely Tailored Italian Wedding call: 01424 728901
                                                      E: • W:
                                                                           Wish list..
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                                                                               Some bright ideas to give your wedding that
                                                                               little bit extra.

                                                                           mOderN CLASSIC
                                                                           A-line corseted couture gown in ivory zibeline. Features lace underskirt,
                                                                           cathedral train and Swarovski brooches on sleeves and bodice.
                                                                           Style KB 0401

                                                                           Contact Kosibah on 0207 424 8832 or visit

                                                                                                                    PerfeCT CuT
                                                                                                                    A stunning diamond and
                                                                                                                    platinum engagement ring
                                                                                                                    with a brilliant cut centre stone
                                                                                                                    weighing 0.70cts with diamond
                                    HIre A PHOTO BOOTH!                                                             pear shaped shoulders. Retailing
                                    Create memories and entertain your guests with                                  at £2950
                                    your own retro-style digital photo booth.
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                                                  gIVe yOur mArrIAge A
                                                  HeALTHy STArT
A CHArLeSTON AffAIr                               Many people want to look good
Confetti’s ‘Charleston Affair’ place setting,     on their wedding day, but it could
featuring: glass cards (£6.99 for 10), cupcake    be an opportunity to reform your
wraps (£5.99 for 10); glasses (£39.99 for set     lifestyle more fundamentally by
of 6 red wine glasses and £37.49 for set of 6     becoming physically and mentally
white wine glasses); favour boxes (£7.99 for      stronger through exercises and
10); menu cards (£6.99 for 10)                    nutritional advice.

Contact Confetti on 0870 840 6060 or visit        Contact ultimate Bootcamp                                on 0845 680 1621/0845                       INTImATe INVITeS
                                                  680 1631, email enquiries@                  Imbali Design’s Blushing Bride pocket fold day invitation,
                                         or visit             £6.75 each, and Blushing Bride flat evening invitation,
                                                          £5.25 each.

                                                                                              Contact Imbali design on 07504 079 315 or visit
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   Jemma Williams                                                                                                Anne Brassier
   Wedding Advisor
   Country House Wedding Venues                                                                                  Anne Brassier Photography

Q: HOW CAN We uSe AN INfOrmAL WeddINg VeNue BuT STILL                       Q: HOW WOuLd yOu defINe yOur STyLe?
CreATe THe WOW fACTOr?                                                      A: I have a photojournalistic-reportage style, but I mix this with
A: A barn venue would be the ideal solution. Many contemporary barns        traditional posed shots to give a contemporary look to the photos. I want
combine natural materials, like traditional feature stonework or timber     to tell the story of your day whilst making sure I don’t get in the way.
beams, with cutting-edge design and modern facilities to create the best    And I’m happy to hear your ideas; if you have something in mind, I’ll
of both worlds. Usually set in stunning grounds, barn venues can offer      work with you to achieve it.
wonderful photo opportunities and tranquil gardens for you and your
guests to enjoy at your leisure.                                            Q: HOW CAN I Be Sure yOu’LL Be ANy gOOd ANd THAT
                                                                            We’LL geT ALONg?
Q: my WeddINg VeNue ONLy HAS ONe CATerer. I WANT                            A: It’s a good question to ask. I like to meet for a ‘chemistry’ meeting
TO HAVe SOmeTHINg A BIT dIffereNT fOr my WeddINg                            initially, to discuss how I work and what your expectations are – you can
BreAKfAST, ANd I’m WOrrIed THey WON’T HAVe mANy                             usually tell after that if we’re a good match. My website shows the kind
CHOICeS.                                                                    of work I produce and you can view a whole wedding on it, in order to
A: Start by contacting the venue to ask for a copy of their menus - you     see how I cover the day from start to finish, rather than just the best
may be surprised to find exactly what you are looking for! Wedding          images from a selection of weddings.
catering has come a long way in recent years, and many venues are
now able to offer a wide variety of top restaurant-quality food beyond      Q: WHeN dO We geT TO See THe PHOTOS?
the traditional three-course wedding breakfast, including options such      A: I aim to have your images ready for you by the time you return from
as hog roasts and barbecues. If your caterers don’t have what you are       honeymoon, usually two weeks. Once you’ve lived with them a while,
looking for as part of their set menu options, contact them and discuss     you can come back to me to talk about books or albums.
your plans. Most caterers are more than happy to work with you to
create a specially tailored menu to suit your requirements.                 Q: WHAT HAPPeNS If IT rAINS?
                                                                            A: We all might get a bit wet and those emergency wellies you
Q: I HAVe A SmALL BudgeT fOr my WeddINg BuT I WOuLd                         bought might have to come out the box. As British summers can be
reALLy LIKe TO HAVe A BeAuTIfuL, exCLuSIVe VeNue. HOW                       unpredictable, we would already have a ‘plan B’ in place, discussed and
CAN I CuT COSTS?                                                            agreed before the big day; I want to ensure you’ll have photos of the day
A: Have you considered a midweek wedding Monday to Thursday,                that you will love to look at for a long time to come.
or perhaps a Sunday? Many couples start their search for a wedding
venue with the idea that they have to book a Friday or Saturday in the      Q: WHAT If We’re geTTINg mArrIed ABrOAd?
summer, but it’s really worth considering other days or months, as there    A: Fantastic, I love to travel! Plus I am bilingual English / French and
are substantial discounts available. Remember, it’s a special day for the   have shot weddings from the USA to the Middle East, including a GMTV
people close to you too and they won’t mind taking time off work to         wedding in Cyprus.
enjoy themselves in a gorgeous venue!

for more information:                                                       for more information:
e:                                                e:
t: 01244 571208                                                             t: 0794 635 4308
w:                                                 w:
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014 the ultimate wedding guide                                                         An independent supplement produced by Lyonsdown Media Group

            The creative mix
    Today’s wedding cakes can not only look spectacular, but have guests coming back for more.
         Celebrated cake designer Peggy Porschen provides a glimpse into this increasingly

                          specialised art and explains the current trends.

                                                  to which flavours work best for your cake in         stunning wedding favours as they can be
                                                  terms of structure and stability. Not every type     taken home as gifts or served as a dessert. Cup
                                                  of cake filling is suitable for a tiered cake. For   cakes are great fun for a more relaxed summer
                                                  example a fruit cake or sponge layered with          garden party as they look cute and delicious
                                                  buttercream and preserves is ideal for a tiered      and you can almost guarantee that everyone
                                                  cake as it will support the weight and has a         will eat them.
                                                  long enough shelf life that allows the cake
                       he wedding cake has        maker to decorate it elaborately. But if you are     CreATIVe mIx
come a long way since the days of white iced      looking for a more patisserie style option, such     When it comes to design, wedding cakes have
tiers of fruit cake with crimped and frilled      as a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting      become so unique and bespoke that in recent
edges, pillars and plastic bride and groom        or a filling with fresh berries then you might       years they have reached a level equivalent to
cake toppers. Many of us will still remember      want to opt for individual cup cakes or desserts     couture wedding dresses or designer shoes.
returning home from weddings to find a            arranged on a tiered cake stand.                     A whole new generation of cake designers
lump of dry, crumbly and flavourless fruit cake        In terms of style there is now a huge array     has emerged from all sorts of different
wrapped in a napkin at the bottom of your         of options available, from classic white tiers to    backgrounds such as floristry, art, graphic
handbag. The perception of the wedding            individually iced miniature cakes and cup cakes.     design, sculpturing, architecture and fashion.
cake has changed enormously since then, and       The stacked style - also called ‘American style’ -   Cake designers have become hugely creative,
the world of sugarcraft has experienced an        cake has almost completely replaced the classic      finding inspiration in areas such as fashion,
unprecedented transformation.                     pillared version. Round tiers with sharper edges     lifestyle and nature, and a wide range of
Finding the right cake maker can be a tricky      that are slightly deeper than the standard 3”        cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
(but tasty!) task. My advice is to pick someone   depth look clean, elegant and contemporary                And just as cake styles have changed
whose collection and style instantly appeals to   whilst still maintaining a beautiful traditional     so have the cake expectations of the
you. Commissioning a bespoke wedding cake         look.                                                modern bride. In recent years I have noticed
is a very personal affair and finding a cake           The preferred icing of today is sugar paste.    an increasing demand for high-quality
designer who is capable of translating your       If professionally handled, sugar paste creates       craftsmanship, intricate detail and more
ideas and requirements into a design that is      a perfectly smooth and pristine finish that          personal, custom-tailored designs. As with
ideal for you is key.                             provides an ideal base for applying decorations      cakes, so weddings too have become highly
                                                  and embellishments such as appliqué blossoms         bespoke, and when it comes to trends and
LAyer By LAyer                                    or sugar lace. Iced miniature cakes are a            styles, ‘Vintage’ and ‘Contemporary Chic’ are
When it comes to flavours most cake designers     fabulous option for a contemporary and               on top of our brides’ wish list this year.
offer tasting samples and will advise you as      sophisticated wedding, and they also make
An independent supplement produced by Lyonsdown Media Group                                                the ultimate wedding guide 015

fuLL BLOOm                                          perfectly tie in with a chic white wedding and
Lush, frilly David Austin roses, peonies and        floral scheme. Falling petals will add drama and
hydrangeas in blush faded colours are fantastic     softness that will underline the romantic nature
flowers that create a vintage look. Using the       of the occasion.
real flowers as inspiration they can be recreated        Whichever style or design you will chose,
out of sugar to decorate the cake. Making           don’t forget that your wedding cake will be the
sugar flowers requires incredible skill, patience   focal point at your reception and its crowning
and an extensive set of specialist tools. Our       moment is the all-important cutting of the
most elaborate sugar rose consists of over 40       first slice. This is a fantastic photo opportunity
petals and takes about one and a half hours to      and you want to make sure that your cake will
make from start to finish.                          look as picture perfect as you do. As such it
     To achieve the most realistic-looking sugar    is important that the cake highlights the style
flowers and blossoms we use petal dust, which       of your venue, your flower and colour scheme
we apply with artist brushes. Once dusted, we       and the overall look of your celebration. First
steam the flower for a very short moment over       and foremost, however, it should reflect your
simmering water which will bring the colours        personality and taste absolutely delicious as this
to life. It may sound very technical but the        is what you and your guests will remember the
difference between steamed and non-steamed          most.
sugar flowers is incredible. I continue to be
fascinated by this beautiful craft and how
authentic it can make the flowers look. In some           fLOrAL AVALANCHe
weeks during the summer season our kitchen                A breathtaking display of hand-crafted
turns into a whole garden of sugar flowers, so            sugar flowers featuring opulent blush pink
much so that at times we even attract bumble              roses, vintage green hydrangea clusters,
bees.                                                     stephanotis blossoms and pale pink spray
                                                          roses. As shown, serves 450. By Peggy
LACe WOrK                                                 Porschen:
Another fabulous source of inspiration to        Photo:
create a vintage wedding cake is the bridal               georgia glynn Smith; stylist: Vicky
lace of a wedding dress. The techniques I use             Sullivan
to achieve this look are called ‘Appliqué’ and
‘Brush Embroidery’. One of my most popular                PArIS CAKe
designs reflecting this technique is the ‘Couture         Dusky Pink tall tiers of 6” make this a
Lace’ wedding cake, inspired by the most                  tubular style stacked cake. Pastel coloured
beautiful Oscar de la Renta Bridal Gown which             hand made sugar hydrangeas fall down
was specially commissioned for an ODLR trunk              the tiers with a bouquet of hydrangeas
show at Browns Brides.                                    surrounding a large avalanche rose. Piped
     I used special lace sugar moulds to form             dots finish off the tiers with a satab ribbon.
the individual lace segments, which I then                By Petit gateau:
brushed with a hint of pearl lustre to create   
a satin sheen. I then over piped the outlines
of individual lace blossoms with royal icing              LVCC AzAeLeA
to recreate a fine satin cord effect that looks           White iced 4” depth tiers are strikingly
like Alencon lace - a heavier weight lace that            hand piped with purple Little Venice Lace
is considered particularly fine. For a lighter            design and blocked with hand moulded
Chantilly lace effect I would brush-embroider             sugar azalea. Deep purple fresh anemones
the lace design onto the cake using royal icing           dress the top tier.
and a fine paint brush. The brush-embroidery              By Little Venice Cake Company:
technique allows me to recreate a lace design   
of a wedding dress completely free-hand,
making it an entirely bespoke creation for the            PINK SugAr rOSe
bride.                                                    Vanilla and lemon cupcakes have been iced
                                                          in white fondant icing with white rosebuds
fOCAL POINT                                               and green leaves. The top cake features a
For brides who are looking to achieve a chic              display of handcrafted sugar roses created
and contemporary look with less frill but                 to match the bride’s bouquet and is shaped
still with feminine touches, piped strings of             in a teardrop spray with sugar rose leaves
sugar pearls painted with pearl lustre draped             and beargrass. By Cakes 4 fun:
around the sides of the cake tiers will look    
sophisticated and elegant. Keeping the colour
scheme to a clean ivory and white palette will
        An independent supplement produced by Lyonsdown Media Group

Your Nuptials
  in Style
M                             eticulously crafted by hand, utilising only
the finest materials, imbali design’s wedding stationery exudes a sense
of delicacy, intimacy, romance and unadulterated luxury. “I invest a
great deal of time, effort and thought in perfecting each and every one
of my designs,” says designer and owner, Dorette Nolte. “I strive not
only to create unique stationery, but works of art which can be kept as
lasting mementos of such a memorable occasion.”

Her love of using pearls, ribbon and lace all add to the vintage charm
of her designs, making it the perfect choice for setting the tone for
your vintage-inspired wedding and announcing your nuptials in style.

Understanding the importance of celebrating the individuality of
each bride, imbali design offers a bespoke service which provides the
opportunity for the designer and the bride-to-be to combine their
creative forces and create wedding stationery which will not only give
life to the bride’s ideas, but stationery which is truly unique.

imbali design’s attention to detail and its focus on customer satisfaction
makes it the ultimate choice for the discerning bride who wants to
create a lasting impression with wedding invitations which radiate
elegance and romance; invitations which are bound to get guests
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                        New Moons
           Anthony Wilks looks at why honeymoons have changed so much in recent years.

                                                                              on. And even then many couples may not want to risk committing
                                                                              to one ‘type’ of holiday. “A popular option would be a ‘two centre’
                                                                              honeymoon,” Anderson says, “in which you may go on safari for a week
                                                                              then lie on a beach. A popular combination is to start in Sri Lanka then
                                                                              go to the Maldives.”
                                                                              For Anderson, a noticeable improvement in recent years has been the
              f sociologists want to look for a measure of how                standard of accommodation in the UK. There are now plenty of unusual
relationships and society have changed in the past 20 years or so, they       and luxurious options available within these shores that can be gentler
could do worse than look at honeymoons. The rise in the average age                                                               on both your pocket
that people get married, the increased earning power of couples and                                                               and the environment.
cheaper, more available flights have created an extraordinarily diverse                                                           “Whatever you’re
and specialised market.                                                                                                           planning, it’s a good
     “When people get married they are often pretty well                                                                          idea to consider the
travelled already,” says Jane Anderson, travel writer and editor of                                                               weather,” Drew says. “Many still want to lie on the beach in                                                                       “It’s surprising the
the Maldives or the Caribbean, but often people have something more                                                               number of couples
unique in mind.”                                                                                                                  who get married
     “While couples often want adventure, they want to do it in style,”                                                           in July, and then
Anderson says. “They may want to go camping in the desert, for                                                                    wonder why their
example, but decide to go to Oman for a luxury experience. Or as people                                                           dream honeymoon in
marry later in life, it can be an opportunity for people to take stock, and                                                       South Africa is spent
for honeymoons to mark a new beginning.”                                                                                          peering through
     Keith Drew, co-author of The Rough Guide to Weddings, says,              rain-lashed windows,” he warns. “A summer wedding in the UK means
“There’s definitely been a recent trend for longer honeymoons and,            honeymooning in the southern hemisphere winter.” Mind you, some
perhaps alongside this, greener ones, with more couples honeymooning          people like nothing better than a bit of wild weather. If you really want
closer to home, choosing eco-hotels and operators over package tours,         a tempestuous honeymoon, tour companies such as Storm Chasing and
or even factoring some local volunteer work into their trips.” A company      Violent Skies allow you to chase tornados across the US Deep South
called Hands Up can send you to do volunteer teaching work abroad, for        from May to the end of June.
     On the other hand, busy work schedules have led to a trend for
‘mini-moons’. Newlyweds take a short break just after their wedding,
perhaps just a weekend trip, and then plan something longer later

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